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parents rights fight

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Parents without rights can still fight Help to Fight CPS United States

on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 17:00

Parents without rights can still fight Help to Fight CPS United States

Welcome to parents without rights can still fight!

This website was birthed out of my very own experience with the court system
and Child Protective Services. I found myself in a very unique situation and I
couldn't find any services or support groups that catered to my needs. I had alot
of obstacles and hurdles to overcome but with God's grace and mercy I
overcame them.

I had been separated from my one and only son for five years. During those 5
years my parental rights were taken away, but my drive and determination never

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Parents United US for Help in the United States Dealing with CPS

on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 16:57

Parents United US



We are parents who came into existence because our parental rights have been violated.  After
many court proceedings, we decided to organize and partner with other
organizations to bring about awareness and education to parents who have
gone thru the similar issues. 

We named this organization Guernsey County Parebecause it truly explains what and who we are.  We are parents that are united with a common purpose and goal.

Purpose Statement

United seeks to be a support organization to parents by educating,
advocating, and proactively seeking