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Would like another child after having my youngest forced adopted and my second in long term fostering

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on Tue, 08/14/2012 - 08:07
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Both myself and my partner have been through hell these last four years with the Gastapo (Social). Our youngest son was adopted through the courts (he was only 2.5 then) although this had been forced and the SS did nothing but lie along with the guardian we had absolutely no say in anything whatsoever. Alot of everything that was done was done behind our backs. They tried in hell to break us and split us both apart but they never suceeded in that score to which they hate.

The stress had made me so ill I started having seizures which I had to start taking strong medicaction for to keep the levels down but they did not give a toss. They made a real meal out of it. They twisted everything around had no interest in what we had to say, we were always in the wrong the review meetings were like being in a kangaroo court - Guilty before proven innocent.

The social worker could not even look you in the face and all you seem to get back was "I didn't say this, I didn't say that, and then when things did not go his way he would spit his dummy out and go running to his manager saying all sorts of complete bull and she was taken in by it. But there again she was just as bad he was, a two faced lier.

My eldest son (now nearly 5) has gone to long term fostering as Social Services were saying he has behavioural problems and tried to blame us for it along with other things.

I do not know how I got through the courts although I did have a seizure in one session to which the social worker just walked and left everyone else to pick up the pieces.

This hurts like hell, they have also forced us to move away as I can not be anywhere near them and they were around everywhere you went and I coud not handle it anymore as they laughed in both myself and partners face after it was all over and walked away without a care in the world. Couldn't even be bothered to phone to see how we both were that just goes to show the sort of people we have to deal with just throw you on the scrap heap.

I would love to have another baby but am scared and I couldn't go through this all again. The thought of having to deal with these evil social workers again scares the life out of me.

I would appreciate any views/thoughts to put my mind at rest.