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Woman 'like wild animal' in attack on social worker

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on Wed, 07/18/2012 - 12:10
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A WOMAN who repeatedly punched, butted and kneed her social worker in a violent attack was "like a wild animal," a court has heard.

Magistrates were told how she jumped on the man's back as he lay senseless on the floor and, grabbing hold of his hair, banged his face into the ground three times.

The incident happened in the car park of Carmarthenshire Council's offices at Lime Grove House in Carmarthen.

Jessica Karoline Gisela Woods, of Bro Myrddin, Johnstown, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm against the social worker Kamal Vivian Ray.

Prosecutor Ellie Morgan said the attack took place after a regular session with the worker last November.

As they left the building to return to their cars, Woods asked Mr Ray see some files relating to the case.

When Mr Ray said he did not know if she could see them, Woods said: "Well, you should know, you're a qualified social worker," added Ms Morgan.

"She became aggressive and was inches from his face."

She said Mr Ray backed away but was grabbed by the collar and punched to the chest by Woods.

He lost his balance and Woods was seen butting him and then kneeing him to the face.

Ms Morgan said Woods kicked him a number of times to the face before grabbing his hair and smashing his head into the ground.

A witness, who was with his family in a nearby car, said Woods acted "like a wild animal."

Another member of staff called 999 and with a member of the public pulled Woods away, the court head.

Mr Ray was left deeply shocked and covered in blood. He suffered cuts and bruises to his face, hands, knees and chest.

Defence solicitor Aled Owen told the magistrates that Woods had mental health issues.

He said: "While clearly this is an offence that does her no credit, I think it has to be seen in the context of someone who has been diagnosed with an illness."

Mr Owen added: "My client's perception is that Mr Ray has been harassing her.

"The prosecution will deny it, but that is my client's perception."

The sitting magistrates decided that the case was too serious for their sentencing powers and referred the matter to the crown court.

In the meantime, a pre-sentence report will be prepared and Woods will appear at Swansea Crown Court on August 17.