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Vanessa Bertram DoCS Lakemba is Pure Evil Corrupt

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on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 12:57



Vanessa Bertam DoCS Lakemba is Pure Evil Corrupt

Vanessa Bertram DoCS Lakemba is Pure Evil Corrupt
If you cant cope with the coruption in that Lakemba DOCS office you just get out. As a case worker at the frontline of service dealing with the children, parents and carers it was difficult enough, but when you write reports and assessments up only to have corrupt managers delete anything they don't like, then write lies into court affidavits??? and I have even see Vanessa Bertram rewrite entire paragraphs with untrue allegations she just makes up, especially if she decides she does not like a parent.

She just goes all out and destroys them, takes their children and uses her power to stop contact. Not because the parent or children deserve this, just because she does what she wants and no one will stand up to her because she will make your life hell.

She even culls the files on your casework destroying anything that might be showing the parent in a better light than she wants the courts to see them in. After she rewrites whatever she wants in our Affidavits she then files them in court in our name and we have to cop the fallout from the parents and children, and we cop the flack as liars.

The entire office needs to be shut, it is too corrupt to fix and I hope that the children and parents who have been separated by this office that makes up its own rules every day will be given back to their families where they belong, and can cope with all the trauma they have been through.

I dodn't have any answers or solutions but bring on a Royal Commission and keep going Michael. They know what you are doing...just watch your back mate.


I used to be a probation officer

They do think they know whats best for our kids but who the hell are they. I.ll tell you , there just a bunch of numpties who in reality haven,t got a clue whats best for our kids. I used to be a probation officer ( keep telling people am not as thick as i look lol ) which means i,m social worker trained myself. All i did when i worked there was argue with P.O,s and S.W,s cos in reality they dont have a clue. You cant get life out of a book i believe , you need the life experience and knowledge 2 go with the education and these clowns haven,t and that is why they are clueless .


DoCS Lakemba and SDN Child Care Centre Terrorise Families

It took me a few hours of cooling off before I could sit down and write this blog. I have been having a number of conversations regarding the day care centre where somebody I know sends his grand daughter.

This day care centre is attached to the Petersham TAFE College and owned by a company called SDN. My friend tells me that at this day care centre the sicko director deems that if your child is acting in what she considers in her sick adult mind as out of the normal behaviour for a child, there must be a problem with the parents and the family environment, so she will write a report to DoCS Lakemba, this has happened to a number of parents from the day care center.

From one such report, he tells me that DoCS Lakemba and the Police turned up one day to interview the parents of a child that goes to the day care centre. This all came about because the guy got kicked in the crotch by one of the children at the day care centre and the man rushed out of the day care centre in pain.

Now he is subject to blood tests for drugs and alcohol which is done at random by DoCS Lakemba. These people that take their children to the day care centre are normal every day people from what I can understand from this person I know. Does this sick bitch have any degree's in psychiatry or psychology I do not think so, as she would not be working at a day care centre.

I have been enlightened today why this gentleman that got kicked in the crotch by a child at the day care and subsequently had DoCS Lakemba and the police turn up at his house. The reason was because the gentleman rushed out of the day care centre doubled up in pain, the physco Director assumed he was drunk. This man does not drink alcohol. What is really dangerous is that someone that shows the symptoms of being drunk can also be the pre-curser to having an epileptic fit or cerebral hemmorage. This goes for DoCS Lakemba / Police and the Director of the day care centre - do not assume ( it can make an ass out of you and me ).

Now this is a real kicker, the gentelman that sends his grand daughter to this day care centre was told not to associate with this above gentleman because the director consided there was something of a sexual nature going on with his child (of the supposedly drunk man). Before all this happened the grandfather went to this guy's child's birthday party, now DoCS Lakemba have tied the two together as associates, thinking they are sexual preditors!

The thing that rattles my cage about this sitution is that DoCS Lakemba have children known to them that are deemed to be in harms way, and end up dying or being physically abused from a toxic enviroment. Funny DoCS Lakemba are aware of these situations but the child pays the ulitmate price, do DoCS Lakemba remove these children from this kind of environment, NO. DoCS Lakemba would rather spend their time hassling soft targets to look like they are doing something useful. I also wander how DoCS Lakemba would handle the Lebanese in a situation like this, I bet there told to piss off.

To bring you up to present day, this person I know that sends his grand child to this day care centre received a phone call from DoCS Lakemba requesting an interview (because of one of these so called reports from this physco Director at this day care centre). DoCS Lakemba accused him of not giving the child enough food, just because she wants eat everything she see's. Now he is subject to random blood test's for drugs and alcohol. What I can't understand, is what does the drug and alcohol testing have to do with the childs behaviour. Children will emulate what they see on television. From what I understand once DoCS Lakemba have their hooks in you, they never leave you alone. This child is in no way subject to a dangerous toxic environment.

Also what gives DoCS Lakemba the right to interveiw a four year old child without a guardian present, after the interveiw they came out asking the grandfather where does he touch the child. They play a game were she can touch him but he cannot touch her, DoCS Lakemba also implied that the grand daughter had not had lunch which she had.

Now the neighbours are weary of him because they do not want DoCS Lakemba hassling them. The trouble is if DoCS Lakemba throw enough shit at someone, some of it is bound to stick. Instead of DoCS Lakemba looking to blame the grandfather for the childs behaviour, maybe if they had half a brain they would work out, when she is watching music video's with her mother, she is just emulating what she see on the music video's.

What really concerns me about these two situation's is that they are both male's, would DoCS Lakemba be carrying on if these situations were women or someone from an ethnic background. It seems if your a male your instantly considered a sexual preditator by DoCS Lakemba and day care workers!

The children and parent's are not the problem here, it is the sick Director at this day care centre and DoCS Lakemba trying to justify their jobs without the correct accessment of the situation. This is another example of how Australia is becoming like Russia.

The continuation of this debacle is, the father that got kicked in the crotch, has a son that is going to school. The child has to go to a 5 day orientation introduction at the school. The child missed a day during this situation that has occured with DoCS Lakemba, then the day care centre notified DoCS Lakemba that the child did not attend the orientation. Apprently DoCS Lakemba went ballistic at the parents. Why does DoCS Lakemba adopt this intimidating mentality. I suppose they try and make the parents think they can take the child away.

Now DoCS Lakemba are getting really dirty, they are digging up dirt on the grandfather of the four year old child (mind you they gave him control of the granddaughter when his daughter (the mother) was deemed unfit by DoCS Lakemba) they have said that he used to pay his daughter $20 to sleep with him (this is untrue - some supposed friend of the mother of the child made the outrageous claim).

This claim is completely unfounded. When he had an issue with his daughter over a moblie phone DoCS Lakemba placed her with another family and that family DoCS Lakemba placed her with, the mother was a prostitute and a drug user. So much for a safe environment - go figure!

Written by JOHN CANDY Wednesday, 02 November 2011 07:21

SDN Lakemba Funded by DOCS

SDN Childcare Lakemba in partly funded by DOCS NSW for millions of dollars under the "Better Futures" program so is it is no surprise they work closely together to steal children from innocent and unsuspecting families because that creates even more money for SDN childcare Lakemba and Lakemba DOCS. SDN Lakemba and Lakemba DOCS work togeter to steal children and destroy their lives and the lives of their parents and get paid extra for doing so. Does Pru Goward know about this?? Yes she does as she sanctions the funding. What is pru Goward doing to iradicate the corruption at DOCS Lakemba and St Mary's offices that is well known to her head office at Ashfield to the degree that they tell distraught parents when they call that both these offices are well known for corruption and making up their own rules as they go along.? Absolutly NOTHING SO FAR...


DOCS Lakemba took my children

DOCS Lakemba took my children a few years ago and I have had no contact ever since. Lakemba Docs are really corrupt in particular one manager Vanessa Bertram is pure evil.

Check out the number of complaints at Alecomm for DOCS Lakemba and how many times Vanessa Bertram is named. If she and her team of case workers have taken your children you will never see them again. She will try her best to destoy you and your children at every opportunity she gets. She will lie and make up false allegations and the corrupt Care Court will continue to believe her lies and you and your childrens lives will be damaged forever.

This manager is well known for stealing children on false allegations, abusing her power, file tampering, outright lies, bullying parents, stealing children's gifts and works hard to destroy lives for the power trip she gets off on.

Your call shows clearly that the head office, CEO and the Minister Pru Goward know how corrupt Lakemba is yet they do NOTHING but coverup all the corruption despite absolute evidence from parents Pru Goward fails to return the new generation of children stolen by DOCS Lakemba.

Lakemba DOCS are the Atherton of QLD. Vanessa Bertram needs to be in jail for her crimes and the lives she has intentionally destroyed but she is not accountable to anyone and the CEO and Minister know all about her illegal tactics and brutality and do NOTHING despite their election promises they allow such evil to exist, prosper and destory more children and parents on a daily basis.

I challenge all those children stolen by DOCS Lakemba and Parents destroyed by them to start to come forward and tell your stories on this site. Micheal will stand up for you with the courage of his son Luke murdered in care.

Alone you have no chance of winning against the corruption of DOCS Lakemba but if you come forward in great numbers their is a better chance of saving your children and exposing the reality that the new Minister Pru Goward is not prioritising the restoration of children stolen by DOCS NSW especially those stolen on false allegations by the corrupt Lakemba office.

Foster carer then severely sexually and physically abused the tw

My partner had a bit of a douche for an ex who got her black listed on the rental scene. She had her two boys but was moving in between friends places (took her 18 months or more to find a place to live). DoCS convinced her to put her sons in TEMPORARY care whilst she sort accommodation. Their foster carer then severely sexually and physically abused the two boys. The children were removed from the foster carer and from there were placed into FULL care of the state until they are 18.That was almost 10 years ago. They have NOTHING on my partner, as she has done nothing, yet after begging and scraping we manage maybe 2-3 visits a year. The Boys are skin and bone, whilst their "carer" and her daughter are revolting tubs of lard.


DoCS waste money because it's not theirs and don't listen

While undergoing intensive training to be a foster carer we had it rammed down our throats to make the kids feel like part of our family- however once I became a carer DoCS would spend small fortunes on the kids after we got them, buying them $1200 laptops each plus accesories when computers were available in my home for them to use freely,Top of the range iphones , ipods, $500 clothes vouchers for Target for all the latest fashion gear as each season changed, $400 to buy top of the range school equipment at the start of each new school term. Trips to the easter show in Sydney, trips to major football games, concert events etc etc. I was given an allowance which I thought was to provide all these things for the kids. Dont get me wrong the kids were not in care as a punishment and should get a treat now and again but how can they integrate into a working class family when my biological kids have been raised to earn privilidges and they dont get top of the range anything unless they have a part time job and help buy it themselves. I knocked back so many many treats and gifts from DoCS for the teenagers I had because i tried telling DoCS they are learning no life skills. Plus this is coming out of the budget they get to spend which at the end of the day is funded by the tax payer am I correct. If they didnt do this type of thing and let me raise them in the real world then the money saved would pay for more staff. I know its swings and roundabouts but its very frustrating to hear whinging about underfunding etc. Some of my foster kids had it down pat. They would rock up at the office after school without my knowledge and DoCS would hand out to them!!!!! They would come home with a pair of $200 sneakers or a $50 pair of sunnies!!!!!! One day I had a furniture delivery turn up with a complete bedroom suite!!!!! the child didnt like my brown furniture in her room so DoCS ordered her a white one.Imagine how my own kids felt - there was a lot of resentment I can tell you. My house was so full of double standards....
Dont even try telling me they are underfunded have you seen the bloody company cars they all drive?????????? far out I would never be able to afford one of them in my lifetime. LOL Just sayin. (sorry about my rant)



This makes me feel seriously sick to my stomach. My kids and I miss my youngest daughter so much, we got kicked into the street homeless. I've lost all my life possessions, and I will never own a home now to have for them let alone to allow the youngest one into, not that I am even allowed to see her but at least she is still on the planet, not in the country but on the planet.

Not only do these civil servants drive the best brand new vehicles, they have the best government buildings, which area all totally secured (and the places in these areas which I've seen are all new buildings). While our police and courts are operating in run down ancient buildings full of lead and aspestos, our hospitals are filthy sespools that harbour golden staph and which you cant get into for years and die in the meantime.

Clearly these state and federal governments have their priorities all wrong, they are creating a country that is not safe to live in and you only have to look at all the shootings in Sydney to see that this is true. Our issues regarding our children have a much wider systemic failure that has and continues to cause intense problems within our world.

There is so much money but those responsible for it are misappropriating it. It is really good that you have the courage to talk about it. We need to support families.


DoCS Corruption Goes Unchecked

Yes, the money they waste, on legal representation against parents who love their kids, because the docs worker has a personal vendetta. If the manager had to pay for it they wouldn't be takin so many kids

hi Michael glad you didn't

hi Michael glad you didn't take offence at what i had to say,in hindsight i'd have gone to a caravan park,rented a room in a boarding house i'd never have approached dept of housing at burwood,nadia sly and robbie octavia? are well known housing workers who colloberate with lakemba docs,after thomas's injury and i believe this was a deliberate mockery by housing i was offered a 3 bdrm house,i refused as it was in punchbowl and on conditions any pregnancies i may have i must inform nadia and robbie by name, st james court have ruled any child to be removed within 48 hours of birth,i'm unsure if this is legal and binding as when i told the magistrate of the re-unification offer regarding thomas he said i was undoubtedly the coldest mother he'd ever had the misfortune to see.Michael i'm sorry you lost your son,do you think in my shoes you'd have done differently?i think death would have been kinder,however as thomas is alive it is easy for me to say such a despicable thing,perhaps had your little one survived you'd be wishing he hadn't,not a nice thought but i'm plagued by the shadow of this over new relationships,future kids.


Shocking how DoCS treat parents

Your story is so sad Tania. That is what the doctors at the hospital said to me. If Luke lived he would be a vegetable stuck in bed. I said I didn't care, I would sit with him forever. I wish they could have cut out my brain and given it to him, I am sure you feel the same.

The most clicked on photo of Luke on this site is when he was in hospital. I think that's what the public needs to make them aware of the shocking truth. If you ever get sick of being walked over, I would gladly take up your story and help you get it out there, or if you need anything my friend. So sorry this had to happen to you and your son.


As a mother who, like Michael, watched their child fade and become an angel, I can honestly say - as he does - that no matter how severe Samantha's condition may have left her, I would still have fought for her life and loved her as is.

It had taken so long to rescue Samantha and she had come so far. I would never give up on her. One of the hardest things to live with since her loss is the wondering of who she might have been, how much further she could have gone, all the might-have-beens.


thanks Michael i am not

thanks Michael i am not allowed to take photos of thomas and have none of when he was in hospital as even seeing him there i was under constant supervision,i'd love to go public however i know if i do thomas will be left with me,and i've no way of affording his treatments,botox for his neck is 1:100 per shot three times a week,feeding tube and special feeding mixture 70 a week,breathing machine rented at 110 a week or outright buy2;890,i believe they don't want photos because they're trying to obliterate his identity,his very existence,i work 2 jobs so i can offer his new carers a little something,they are beautiful and i've no complaints with them,they've both cut down their working hours,his carers give me photos when they can and tell me about his little improvements,it was bitter-sweet that today he was able to take 1 step while bound to an old persons walker the 4 wheeler thingy with a fold- up seat


Help with disabled foster kids

You need to talk to this woman on facebook my friend. She has just brought a law in in Canada for her daughter, she has been through much of what you are going through and has crusaded against this type of treatment by the system for years.

Velvet Martin shared a link.

Martin fatality inquiry comes to an end

Martin fatality inquiry comes to an end

Judge will compile results into report

Saturday, Nov 05, 2011 06:00 am | By Ryan Tumilty | St. Albert Gazette

FILE PHOTO/St. Albert Gazette

Velvet Martin of St. Albert holds a portrait of her daughter Samantha who died in 2006 of heart failure after being in foster care. An inquiry into Samantha's death wrapped up this week.
view all photos (1)
The fatality inquiry looking into the death of a 13-year-old St. Albert girl ended Friday and will now await a judge report to prevent future deaths.

The inquiry, which ran over several weeks in the spring and sat for three more days this week, was meant to determine what caused the death of Samantha Martin.

Martin was 13 when she collapsed and died from an apparent heart attack in December 2006. While the cardiac arrest was not in dispute, the inquiry is supposed to determine what caused the girl’s cardiac arrest, as well as make recommendations on how to prevent future deaths.

Martin lived in foster care for most of her life. She was born with a rare chromosomal disorder and the government insisted the Martins place her in foster care to receive the necessary medical supports.

She moved back to live with her biological family in the last six months of her life. Velvet Martin, Samantha’s mother, represented herself at the inquiry after several attempts to get government funding for legal counsel were unsuccessful.

Martin argued throughout the inquiry that more needed to be done for children in provincial foster care. In her closing submissions she suggested that Judge M. Carminati include 41 recommendations in her final report.

Those included suggestions of more training for social workers, lower caseloads and accountability measures that would see social workers dismissed if they failed to act on abuse.

She also argued for legislation ensuring children aren’t placed in foster care simply because they have complex medical needs. She said while the department has policies in place that are supposed to protect children, they are not being closely followed.

“The reality is the policies are not being adhered to, with tragic consequences,” Martin said.

Martin argued repeatedly during the inquiry that her daughter’s death was the result of a seizure disorder that went untreated in the foster home, even though it had been highlighted.

She asked Carminati to prohibit the foster family from continuing to care for children and asked to have her daughter’s social worker dismissed. She also asked the judge to require Children’s Services to write a letter of apology and pay for funeral costs when a child dies in care.

Cherisse Killick, who represented the department of Children’s Services, asked only that the judge remember the scope of the inquiry and not attempt to expand it.

“This is not a fatality inquiry into the child welfare system,” Killick argued.

Tom Engel, a lawyer representing the foster family, argued that the medical evidence made it clear the foster family had not contributed to the girl’s death.

“It is clear that the manner and cause of death of Samantha Martin had nothing to with the care she received in the [foster] family,” he said.

Engel’s proposed recommendations include making sure child welfare workers tell guardians about a child’s medical conditions and about treatments that might be necessary.

He also argued that children with Samantha’s rare condition not be left in the care of anyone who is not well educated about the risks of that condition, that in the event of a medical issue with such a child, 911 be called immediately and that eyewitnesses to a death in future fatality inquiries be interviewed.

Samantha’s brother was with her when she stopped breathing, but the medical examiner did not interview him during his review of the file.

Medical mystery

When the inquiry resumed Wednesday it heard testimony from the medical examiner and doctors that treated Samantha in the last days of her life.

Medical examiner Dr. Graeme Dowling said he left the girl’s cause of death as undetermined, because he simply could not conclusively say what caused her death.

“At the end of the day there just wasn’t enough information to say,” he said.

He said the cardiac arrest could have been caused by a seizure disorder or an infection brought about by the girl’s slightly impacted colon.

Dowling said it is rare, but it is possible for a seizure to lead to cardiac arrest.

“It is a medical mystery,” he said. “We don’t know why it happens, but it does happen and we recognize it.”

The court also heard from Dr. Allan De Caen, who first treated Samantha at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. After she initially collapsed, the family brought her to the Sturgeon Community Hospital, but she was quickly transferred to the Stollery.

De Caen said from the moment she arrived it was clear she had undergone significant brain damage.

“Many of the very basic brain reflexes were not present at the time,” she said.

De Caen also had trouble identifying her cause of death. He said he had theories but really no understanding why the young girl died.

“There are many possibilities as to why she became sick and died,” he said.

With the inquiry now concluded, the judge will compile her final report, which will be released publicly. There is no set release date.


Thankyou for coming Velvet, this is Tania

Tania Velvet is the lady from the link I sent you who could probably relate to what you are going through a lot.

Michael i hadn't fully read

Michael i hadn't fully read your story i only had the bare bones, My God Michael i must have seemed very glib,apologies for any hurt or ill feelings luv tania xxx :)


Shocking DoCS Stories All of Us

That is ok Tania, NP. I really appreciate you posting your story on the site. People need to see the real DoCS.

hi Michael, i'm tania not my

Hi Michael, I'm Tania (not my real name), I need to protect my son. My story is... Thomas (again a fake name) and I were referred to docs by dept of housing. The manager at that time was Barry Wart (Ward), my case worker was Nada Coorey, there is now a new manager.

On hearing from the hospital, not docs, of Thomas's admittance, I went to Randwick only to find (DRUM ROLL HERE), a SECURITY GUARD. Maybe they thought thomas would run away???

Nada & Barry then (& i thank God I have this on tape) said they'd recommed re-unification & $50:000 if i signed an agreement not to go public.

However Thomas's therapies would see that money gone in a month or i could agree to say nothing & Thomas would receive all his medical care at their cost. I have not & would not take 1 cent from them, but i have had to ask how high when they said jump.

Many people say I've sold thomas out. Michael forgive me but I'd rather be in your place, thomas is the living embodiment of the living dead. He's 12 but has the height of a 4 year old, he's blind,deaf, mute, needs botox to relax his muscles otherwise they lock up in spasms.

On barry's retirement he said it would be up to the new manager to decide whether or not docs would continue with Thomas's care. I'm sorry Michael & I don't say this lightly but every access with Thomas is a funeral visit. The death of all he should have been, could have been.

I love my son, I love my son, I really really love my thomas but this shell is not my son he has my son's face, his name, but he's not the child nada stole.


Thankyou for sharing your tragic DoCS story

Hi Tania, so sorry to hear what they did to your little boy. And they call themselves child protection, all they protect is their own asses after they ruin people's lives.

What would you have done differently in hindsight I wonder after this tragedy? Should you have screamed as loud as you can? Is it too late, is there nothing more you can do? Do you need any help?

Michael after reading yours &

Michael after reading yours & Luke's full story,i'm really awestruck by your lack of bitterness &
really am surprised you weren't pissed off with my comment regarding Luke's death as a better alternative to a life like thomas's,are Luke's sisters your daughters or Luke's mum's & does she have custody? it seems of all concerned she'd be screaming loudest,you've been remarkably honest about yourself and the choices and decisions youvé made,if thomas's father had even a 3rd of your strength & integrity maybe thomas wouldn't be entombed in a useless body,craig was a tafe lecturer,i was a student,& i was unaware he was married,he didn't wear a ring,& when i told of the pregnancy he wanted me to terminate,when i learnt of his marriage i walked away,i didn't ask for 1 cent,but i could't afford to move,& that's when the harrassement started,not by his wife but him & his brother,rocks through my window,car tyres slashed,he'd ring & tell me he'd kill me because he loved me, i never told him to leave his wife i told him to leave me alone,i wasn't asking for child support,he's 2 kids with his wife.your story is beautiful because you've never once hidden your own mistakes, you share so much,do you feel that if you could you would swap places with me,i was so idealistic, it didn't matter what happened thomas was still my baby, but as the years pass i feel more & more that if thomas died today my grief would be more acceptable because all i hear is well at least he's still alive,it could be worse,but really death would be a release for thomas,he's on pethadine,morphine,botox,feeding mixture, he has a breathing tube,feeding tube,to get him as as tall as he is 3feet 2 inches he was laid on a rack like medieval torture device & stretched 7 or 8 times a day, his spine is an s shape,the top of his head is concave & he has to wear a surgical helmet,i went to dept of housing when thomas was 17 months old,5 days later 7 cops & 4 docs workers just invade & take my boy,he was sleeping & they pulled him out of bed no warning,put him in a car,i was 20 & had no freaking idea,of what i was supposed to do where to go,my stupidity has caused a beautiful child such irrepairable harm.


Luke will be happy in God's Paradise for Eternity

Hi Tania,
I was brought up a Christian by my grandmother, which doesn't make me perfect. But I believe in God, and when Luke was born, I held him for a few seconds, but couldn't wait to race out to the waiting room, drop to my knees and thank God.
I told him "Thankyou God, he's yours."
I had prayed for a son for twenty years, Luke is what God gave me. Hatred is not going to get me to heaven, and I have someone waiting there for me.

As for Luke's mum, all I will say is she hasn't even joined Luke's Army.

I wouldn't wish either of our tragedies on anyone Tania, but there is no burden to great for Jesus to bare for us, that is what I believe. That is what gets me through, my faith. My faith that no matter what, Luke was an innocent baby, and he will spend eternity in paradise, like your little innocent one.

You can't blame yourself for this, your life is already tough enough. You have docs to lay the boot into you, you don't need to do it.

So what happened after they took him from you Tania?

Michael do you believe in a

Michael do you believe in a sick kind of wishes coming true,i've said often enough thatdeath would be kinder for thomas and yes selfishly for me too,but now it seems death is around the corner for thomas and i've been banned from randwick childrens hospital,thomas has started having seizures and has just been diagnosed with botulism poisoning from botox,i can't even be with him,right now i'm feeling the need to hold him especially if he's leaving me,i'm so sorry,so scared i don't really want him to die,i need him to live, maybe not today or tomorrow but one day he'll recover,Michael when you knew you were losing Luke what stopped you from going mental,i'm in a real dark place and helplines are all bullshit and offer no real support or understanding so please don't suggest lifeline,salvos they're absolutely useless,Michael my phones are ringing mobil e and home and i can't answer them i can't hear them deliver this to me as though delivering a weather report,i'll use our real names now my boy is Baden,i am zoe,my phones won't stop ringing if i don't answer the phones i can delay knowing baden's dead.


God i wish i had your faith

God i wish i had your faith Michael,maybe i'll learn to have someone or something to hold on to,is your grandmother still alive,maybe your Luke is with her.i had no idea what to do,nad coorey didn't inform me of court procedure,nothing,1 month later,i was posted an affadavit saying i'd missed two court hearings and hadn't engaged legal aid or representation,so on this basis st james court terminated my parental rights,through out all that month i'd been on docs doorstep every week day,barry wart would shrug his shoulders,i actually called the federal police to report lkidnapping because that day thomas was taken,i rung and nada said she hadn't been out that day and had no child by thomas's name on her file,i really thought it was genuine kidnapping,however the feds decided i was mentally ill,dr chris lenninngs psychiatrist said i was too bohemian to raise a child as thomas and i had no real set routine,i had extremely regimented childhood,my grandmother was raised during the wartime and was very very strict and i hated her and wanted thomas to have a childhood of freedom,and fun,so my rights were terminated but not once during visits with thomas was i informed i needed to be going to court,nada would say she was doing her best with dept of housing then i'd get thomas back


hi MICHAEL,i hadn't fully

hi MICHAEL,i hadn't fully read your story,have just finished now,LUKE is beyond all badness,but no parent wants to outlive their child,LUKE'S DAD our words & sympathy i think belie our true feelings,gladness it isn't us and ours,and hope we never have to see our child and know we'll hold them until someone comes and says sorry he's gone,MICHAEL unsure why anyone would not see that you were responsible and caring,i'm sure pity is nut what you seek but justice for LUKE will be a life-long crusade for you,i worry that you won't share this heaviest of heavy burdens and will burn yourself out,these holidays and LUKE'S BIRTHDAY,how will you do it,do you think of LUKE as a 2 year old or do you think of him as he would/could have been today.on FATHER'S DAY do you say"i was a father" or do you say "i am a father". love and warm blessings leigh


Justice for Luke

Doing the website and everything else is how I keep Luke in my life. He was all I lived for, and always will be.I try not to think about Christmas, or fathers day, but Luke's anniversary will be hard I know.Three years, every night I think "Luke never got to see this beautiful sunset, or the rain, so many things, but most of all my continuous adoration of him.

Beautiful LUKE'S DAD, I'm sure

Beautiful LUKE'S DAD, I'm sure you'd be a wonderful daddy if you ever take that step, & what a lucky child, but this is a fool's government. I'm incredibly in awe of your determination to push into public concience and awareness about LUKE'S BATTLES, YOUR BATTLES, too many people, myself included don't tell too many people outside of our immediate circle what's happened.

I feel ashamed & embarrassed almost stigmatised because this doesn't happen to good parents who make bad choices, but it does & I've since engaged stephen hopper (mahmoud habibi) & he is saying we can't publicly name these soulless child sellers nor can we lose them their jobs, there seems to be no accountability.

There's been no domestic violence, no drugs, alcohol, faachsia states jayden has been neglected but because he's over 6 they won't help with therapy funding. I've been to dr after dr seeking answers to jayden's behaviours, & got nothing til now. He looks homeless cos he hates changing clothes, won't brush his hair, all common with autism. Did you ever feel stigmatised by the public?


The first time they took Luke because I called the police

The first time they took Luke because I called the police. Child safety leaked it to the Cairns Post who printed lie after lie, and people believed it. Now they won't say anything about Lukey.

I receive letter after letter from the public saying I have opened their eyes. Everyone feels like you do, because of the public perception instilled by media and government. The parent is always at fault, but now people are coming to Luke's site to see the real picture.

LUKE'S DAD i'm so thankful

LUKE'S DAD i'm so thankful that the evil that you'vé endured hasn't pulled you into it's darkness. My question to docs is this, had Luke died in your care you'd be in gaol? I accept kids shouldn't be put in gaol & neither should frail old people, but surely Luke's placement officer faces disciplinary charges.

Just learnt in Lakemba approx 10 years ago a baby was put in care and was shaken then left in his cot for 2 days. The hospital thought he'd been in a car accident. He survived but endures botox injections for his legs he'd be un able to walk without these injections, as without physical aid he'll flop on the floor in the fetal position.

He's blind, deaf, only grunts, no action was taken. Tania (the mother), was told if she went public they'd leave Thomas with her & even working 2 jobs & the carers pension she'd never be able to afford the many therapies Thomas needs, so she visits her boy, cries because they've stolen his future as a contributing member of society, but has to dance to their tune for her boy's care.

Seems to me that these 1 off incidents are more harmful. LUKE'S DAD do you think you'll ever have more kids? I ask because even though Tania went to court,she's been told the minute a pregnancy is confirmed she'll be admitted to hospital for the whole 9 months & on delivery the baby'll be taken, is this legal?


Will Luke's Dad Ever Have Kids Again

It would be a brave and suicidal government department that ever laid a finger on a child of mine.

I would like to talk to Tania. Her story is tragic, and typical of how they sweep their vile acts under the carpet, and leave a trail of destruction then move onto the next unsuspecting family.

thanks LUKE'S DAD, i,leigh

Thanks LUKE'S DAD, I will be seeing my boys for 30 minutes christmas eve but no gifts as the carers are muslim, & don't celebrate christmas, nor do they perceive autism as anything more than spoilt brat syndrome.

The woman is an aussie convert, whose husband (saudi) will not let her work outside of the home, she has now 5 care kids. I've never seen her face as she wears a burqa,& only comes into the office with her brother-in law.

Her husband is working 7 days to supoort his polygamous marriage. When I informed kylie I didn't like what their famiily life was teaching my boys she laughed.

You are probably wondering why they took my kids (i am too), Jayden wanders & sleepwalks so I put a lock on the outside of his bedroom door. This was deemed a fire hazard, so I installed locks on the front door, I also put Jayden into my room, I slept on a duvan near the door so had Jayden gotten up, he'd have woken me up.

So an aussie woman who supplements the wife pension with her husbands money receives money for other peoples kids.

She'll only converse in arabic and has told my boys santa's a lie spread by evil western propoganda. Any way Michael i am blessed to have a short time with my kiddies, my heart & thoughts are with you,

Half hour with children for Christmas

That is disgusting Leigh. These people have no respect for parental right's, children's rights, anything is better than a child with their parents. They need to start accepting the damage it does to a child when they are taken away from their parents. People make mistakes, and if they are gonna be judged, it should be by honest people who don't lie to take people's kids off them.

thank you LUKE'S DAD you have

thank you LUKE'S DAD you have given a place where voices are heard,without prejudice as i don't have a scanner i'll type here the handwritten letter given to me by kylie. leigh schuilton (me) your uncooperative antics today are indicative of unbecoming behaviour,firstly you did not contact this office or myself to inform us the victim's whereabouts creating anguish for his sibling & carers,nor did you inform police until you sought legal advice from a lawyer,you are unaware of the legal danger you are now in,you withheld knowledge regarding the whereabouts of a missing person,interfering with the well-being of a minor,wasting police time in a search you knew to be fruitless,we can only help you as much as you will allow us too.the coppas here in campsie are corrupt,piss weak & pretty much spend their time looking the other way.LUKE'S DAD, LUKE WAS WAY LUCKIER TO HAVE YOU THAN YOU THINK,HE LOOKS LIKE HE WOULD HAVE HAD A CHEEKY SENSE OF HUMOUR,& YOU ARE AMAZING YOU ARE SURVIVING WHAT WOULD HAVE MADE A LESSER MAN FALL,WHAT WILL YOU DO THROUGH CHRISTMAS AND THE HOLIDAYS??I i know i'll see my kids again,you are an inspiration & hero,god be with you darl xxx

Thankyou Leigh

Thankyou Leigh for your kindness, support and for posting on the site. I don't know about Christmas, the worst time of the year for me. Guess I will throw myself into the site, keep busy and try not to think about anything. Thankyou for asking. I hope your situation with DoCS improves soon Leigh, give em heaps :)

very lucky a beautiful indian

very lucky a beautiful indian woman picked jayden up from the side of punchbowl road,jayden indicated his home & this lady knocked on the door,i called my lawyer ("sam nasti) who indicated i needed to call the police & make them pick him up,then they'd have to provide a written report (they were seriously pissed with me).kylie (docs) started yelling in front of everyone there but quickly shut up when i told every person who was coming or leaving about what had happened.after all they said i wasn't providing safety,it wasn't from his home or me that jayden was able to leave,& when i asked what they'd have had to say if jayden went the way of daniel morcombe picked up by some sicko or had been run down & killed,kylie's (sorry don't have her last name) response was a one off incident even with tragic consequences was just that a one off tragic incident.HUH???well now i've lost contact til january 31st,poor kaleb his carer told him if anything happened to jayden it was his fault,why? because she has 3 other care kids & in her own words said FOR GOD'S SAKE I CAN'T BE EVERYWHERE OR WATCH ALL OF YOU AT ONCE,AS YOUR BROTHER HE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. HUH???


DoCS Corruption Spreading to other sectors

Thankyou for posting this on the site, I have discussed this with people before. From what I have heard, Pru Goward has now stopped solicitors that represent DoCS from leeching both sides of the fence.
Don't worry about how much money foster carers are getting, they earn it. These are the real parasites, in their fancy offices, with their flash cars, overseas holidays and living in mansions, all paid for by DoCS corruption, and they know it.
Every fake psychiatrist report, false statement they help to write, deals with corrupt judges, Parramatta is known for it, that is why Barbara Holborough quit as a judge, God Bless Her.
What did Jesus say about solicitors? "Parasites of the unfortunates."
All comes down to greed for these monsters, they will traffic stolen children for the right money, then walk into a court of law, smile at a devastated parent in the face, knowing they are stabbing them in the back. With this kind of callousness, they qualify for being a DoCS manager wouldn't you say.
An update.... From what I am told, after doing this interview with the ABC, Robert McLachlan is no longer on DoCS gravy train after speaking out about how wrong they are behaving. A solicitor with a conscience, who would have thought?

So Robert had to move out of his big flash offices, but that McBrain, I have been into his office for a look, and to stir the pot, it's what I do:) You are an evil, greedy, corrupt cockroach McBrain, living the high life off children's misery. You know it, you know people say it about all of you, disgusting.

Lawyers taking a child's inheritance leaving them in foster care

These sort of evil monsters take away the family's whole inheritance knowing the full while they are not going to win, and working with the DoCS corruption. Disgusting

OMG I know exactly how you feel

I am so sorry to hear you and Jayden are going through this. I know exactly how bewildered and terrified you must feel, that is exactly how I felt when I rang and rang and rang trying to save Luke's life and the so called child safety experts.... idiots, would do nothing and didn't care about my reason for living, my little angel Lukey Pookey. I hope things improve for you soon. Thankyou for speaking out about this atrocity and exposing the truth about child protection.


Sue Kann The Newspaper is a

Sue Kann
The Newspaper is a great tool for exposing DoC's the stories end up on the Net anyway, just if your matter is in court don't use your names, and you will be OK.. if eveyone goes PUBLIC.. gee are they going to throw everyone in gaol...

No it's all scare tactics so we don'r speak up... fear tactics If everyone gets on board change will happen and the general public will start to realize just how corrupt the child stealing so called child protection BUSINESS..




lakemba docs

never ever contact faachsia the organisation for autism,they are docs with different letters,i was referred to faachsia who grant upto $12'000,in govt vouchers (not cash) for therapies needeed for autistic kids,under 6,my kid was 6 years 3 months at written diagnosis,but had been informally diagnosed.his carers had no idea,nor were they warned as is common with autism that these kids are often oppositional,often impulsive & wanderers,the police just left my home thinking my boy was here,after leaving me feeling sick & worried & out of my head with fear,i was informed i'd be arrested if i were to try & find him,lakemba has many parks,busy roads,punchbowl rd,king georges road,canterbury road,jayden has no concepts of hot,cold,hunger.thirst or self care,he'll run onto a road with no thought,lakemba docs office workers took my 2 boys only jayden has autism,kaleb is neurotypicaL.vanessa is unable to be contacted as it is after hours,i'll be up all night despite being told i'll not be informed of jayden's being found i'll find out on the 22nd of december,vanessa , where is your heart & conscience?? why is no media interested in our stories,surely jayden deserves more than vanessa the molester making decisions regarding his life,


Lakemba DoCS rogue office stole my kids without a warrant

After callng docs at Ashfield I was told by the Sydney head office to enquire at Lakemba docs. I was told they are on a par with St Marys as being a rogue office who make or break rules as they see fit. Why is this... Lakemba docs took my 2 kids without a warrant, haven't initiated court action, but i haven't seen my kids for 3 weeks.


These workers that just won't admit there wrong no matter what

There are many parents caught up in a sea of mistakes and lies by these Child Protection Units around the world.It's time to admit that mistakes are made and a investigation into them is started A.S.A.P

The parents of these children have there lives put on hold and with no fault of there own have to endure years of abuse from these workers that just won't admit there wrong no matter what the circumstances.

The children of these parents are confused and just don't understand what is going on in the family life when these people just appear and remove the children.These children end up with coping with stress at an early age and are scared for life as well as the parents.

We need to put a stop to this practice NOW before more children end up in Foster care that just shouldn't be there in the first place.

This so called proccess that the Child Proctection Units use on the parents is the most destructive tool I have ever seen.What good comes of a innocent being put through this hell for years when they shouldn't even be there in the first place.



DoCS is 'swamped' by rising numbers of less serious

Jeremy Sammut
The Drum ABC

Research findings recently splashed across the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald, which showed that one-third of NSW children aged 12 to 17 have been reported to the Department of Community Services (DoCS), confirms the old saying about lies, damned lies, and statistics.

A conga line of academics lined up to tell us that this figure is proof that DoCS is 'swamped' by rising numbers of less serious reports of suspected child abuse and neglect.

These commentators argue that mandatory reporting of child welfare concerns by police, doctors, and teachers is a failed policy. DoCS is unnecessarily being notified about too many families that should instead receive alternative support services.

These criticisms are an attempt to justify the changes to the child protection system that the NSW Government has introduced as part of the $750 million Keep Them Safe program.

Since the start of 2010, the threshold for mandatory reports has been raised so only reports involving 'risk of significant harm' are made to DoCS. Child Wellbeing Units have been established in Health, Education, and other departments to refer families in less serious cases for counselling.

The high percentage of reported children sounds significant and gives the impression that DoCS has indeed been deluged by unwarranted reports.

Turns out, though, that half of the 12 to 17 year-olds 'known' to DoCS were reported on only one occasion. Many of these reports are likely to have been trivial or based on misapprehensions, such as a child turning up to school with a black-eye after a backyard fall. But the notion that dealing with these reports has overwhelmed DoCS is fanciful when put in context.

The number of 'one off' reports received across all age groups since 1990 is just 211, 571 - a mere fraction of total reports. In 2008-09 alone, DoCS received over 310,000 risk-of-harm reports. Most importantly, 60 per cent of these notifications were re-reports of 'known' children who had been the subject of at least one previous report.

The misleading claims that made headlines are the latest attempt to distract attention from the failure to address the real problems with child protection services. The high re-report rate is the issue, because it exposes the fatal flaws in the system.

Rather than too many children being needlessly 'over-reported', too many at-risk children are being reported time after time, mostly by mandatory reporters, without DoCS properly investigating these cases and taking appropriate action to ensure that children are protected.

The number of child protection reports has tripled since the introduction of mandatory reporting in the late 1990s. But the increase has not been concentrated in less serious categories. In fact, there has been little change in the proportion of reports (around two-thirds) requiring further assessment and investigation.

Mandatory reporters make approximately three-quarters of all report. In general, these reports are based on well-founded fears for child safety among an underclass of families that have complex problems including domestic violence, drug abuse, and mental illness.

Mandatory reporting has in fact proved effective because the most at risk children have been identified and re-identified. Where the system breaks down is the abject lack of appropriate response by DoCS.

Mandatory reporters are forced to make report after report about the same welfare concerns because children are not even seen in thousands of higher risk and potentially catastrophic cases. Under-responding leading to re-reporting is the reason that approximately 2,000 repeatedly reported families account for a quarter of the reports made each year, and that nearly half of all reports concern only 7,500 families.

The 2008 Wood Special Commission established that an appallingly low 13 per cent of reports that are assessed as requiring further investigation actually receive a response that includes a home visit by a DoCS child protection caseworker. This leaves the most vulnerable children in a hard core of dysfunctional families exposed to increased likelihood of cumulative harm and extreme neglect and severe abuse due to lack of intervention or intervention that comes too late.

The implications are confronting. The way to solve the child protection crisis is to do more and better statutory investigations, and remove more children earlier and permanently, preferably by means of adoption.

Key stakeholders in the sector reject this out of hand. Academics, DoCS, and charitable organisations insist that dysfunctional families must be kept together and provided with more support. They argue that programs such as Keep Them Safe will reduce demand for statutory protection services in the long run.

Yet the evidence that this approach works is limited at best. It is based on a false optimism. Sadly, the chances that damaged people with entrenched problems can get their act together and properly parent their children are slim.

For politicians, the choices are stark. They can swallow the propaganda and wait for the next 'Ebony' and Dean Shillingsworth. Or they can respect the evidence and get serious about making sure that child protection services genuinely keep safe those children in greatest need of protection.

Jeremy Sammut is a research fellow at The Centre for Independent Studies and the author of Fatally Flawed: The Child Protection Crisis in Australia . His article, 'The Fog of Child Protection Politics', is in the latest edition of Policy magazine.


Does this person have a point of view?
Is he for or against?
Starts of seeming like for, then turns against.
Seriously here is another flaw, once someone takes your child because of a report others climb on board and have a bitch too.
The reporter obviously has no idea of dysfunctional families and the lengths some people will go to, to protect their own entrenched criminality at the expense of others and their children.
Or how a person who has committed seriously crimes would do anything to hide what they did and make someone else look like the evil person.
It is true that kids get abused, really badly sometimes but when one person who has already been through hell has a whole community turn on them, it does not always mean that they are at fault and this is meant to be why we have a judicial system.
To each his own (opinion) but people who say that given the right policy and the right behabiour by the social sector people with problems will never "get their act together" really only reflects on the person who wrote this type of opinionated piece.

The sadest thing is that this person actually is paid by our national broadcaster and allows such closed minded and discriminatory information to fill peoples minds and create a national epidemic of people who think inside the square then go home and live in the bottle themselves.

I am a damaged person with an entrenched problematic life but I am not an idiot, however I made idiotic mistakes in that I trusted docs and people employed by them, and I trusted our justic system. All this did was made me a even greater enemy to someone who already had it out for me.

Maybe I am an idiot and didnt understand what this person is saying, but I gotta say, fair go.