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Tiffani's Grandmother - Forced Adoption and The Colorado Case Worker

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on Sat, 09/15/2012 - 09:54
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Tiffani's Grandmother - Forced Adoption and The Colorado Case Worker

This is the story of my grand daughter Tiffani's Forced Adoption and how I am treated by Colorado CPS Case Workers

A few day’s after posting Tiffani's forced adoption story to the Adoption site in Arapahoe County Colorado, I got a call from Tiffani’s “NEW” case worker, this is the third case worker that I know of! First the case worker said we seen the Face Book Forced Adoption page you made for Tiffani, “my reply: GOOD!” Hello???

Then the Colorado Case Worker goes on to say my phone calls to Tiffani caused her to be so upset that the “Foster Mom” could not calm her down, Grrrr.. Tiffani Soooo loves me and would never get upset talking to me! One of many lies.

Quote from foster mom: She thanked me for being a Positive Influence in Tiffani’s life! Hmmm? Then the Colorado case worker said that I stopped calling Tiffani so they thought I gave up! GAVE UP? I will never give up! Anyhoo, my reply: I have copies of e-mails and can get a copy of phone calls to your Colorado office because I never stopped calling her! Then I reminded her that the prior Colorado case worker told me, they decided to put Tiffani up for forced adoption and I had NO RIGHTS and I could do nothing to stop them!

The Colorado case worker said that maybe I could say good bye to Tiffani before the forced adoption but it would be up to the adoptive parents and the new case worker from Colorado and said she would let me know who the new Colorado case worker was..(No one called me until I posted this to face book), that was months ago!

No Reason For Tiffani's Forced Adoption Given by Colorado Case Worker

The ONLY reason they could give me for not letting Tiffani live with me was that Tiffani’s Mother had told them she herself was abused by her uncle and I never did anything about it…Whooo I just about lost it because I spent over Eight Years trying to bring my daughters abuser to justice by calling Texas Police, CPS, and the Nation wide hot line for abused children, all of them told me NOTHING can be done because the abuser lives out of State, letting the abuser go free to molest 6 (that I know of) other children! I had to March into a COLORADO Court Room, after the abuser was caught and make the Prosecuting Attorney (because he would not return my calls) listen to me, they were treating it like he had never done this before but he was arrested in TEXAS for the same thing and did not know about his charges or that he was ordered to keep away from kids, (Deep breath!)

Colorado CPS you failed me more than once, more than twice in my life but that is a whole other story! I tried to explain that to the Colorado case worker as I did to the prior case worker telling them I could prove every word! Then she goes on to say well you tried to buy Tiffani’s love by sending her presents, OMG isn’t that what Grand Mothers do? I sent her things for her birthday, Christmas and clothes for School and made her a Memory Book with all her family in it!

Colorado Case Worker tells me I have no rights as a grand mother

Then the colorado case worker goes on to say I have no rights to Tiffani’s name or pictures and that they contacted face book to have Tiffani’s "Forced Adoption" page removed BUT wanted a copy of the video I made for Tiff because they could not copy it from face book stating she was going to show it to Tiffani along with the post I made to Tiffani! \

The Colorado case worker told me Tiffani was removed from the last foster home (one of many) because the Foster Mother could not deal with Tiffani…WOW those of you who know Tiff know she is such a happy (or was) little girl with such a sweet soul. She was always a good little girl and no way in hell is she hard to deal with unless she is being Hurt by someone!

Sooo the case worker told me over a week ago I would be able to speak with Tiffani but there is Nothing I can do about the forced adoption, Tiffani is placed in a home where she will be adopted! I have had no calls or emails from either Tiffani or the Colorado case worker! I will not stand down! I will not give up the fight for my Granddaughter. I have done nothing in my life to ever hurt a child and as most of you know would never stand by and let one be hurt and I will not stop posting her pictures, talking about her or forget her! She is MY Granddaughter and they can never take that away no matter what they do….Granny Virg. 2012


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Do not let them take your kids for anything you will never see them again!!!!
Do not answer any questions with out witness! They will twist it! Band people together, call the News, do what ever it takes to keep them from your children!
God forsake don’t raise your voice or you are yelling at them.
The only way I have had any help with my case is to post it every where I can, tell everyone the truth about the laws and our children…
Yes some children need to be taken out of the home as my Granddaughter did but for no reason should she be kept from myself or family, CPS took her and put her up for adoption and told me I have NO RIGHTS to stop them!
I have been a child advocate against child abuse for over 40 years, I’m a Medical Assistant- Phlebotomist, No criminal history, and live for peace, there is no just reason that my Granddaughter can not live with me. Stand Strong and do not Stand Down! Granny Virg. 

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Just wanted to document the latest call to CPS.. Tiffani's case worker informed me that she allowed her Step Brother to visit with Tiff in her new placement! I have on many occasions told CPS, and every case worker on the case including the Ad Litem Attorney, that her Step Brother Zach locked Tiffani in closets, beat her up and tried to molest her! The new case worker said she did not know about it and said Tiffani seemed happy to see him…I’m sure she was happy to see anyone from her family at this point… The case worker did not seem to care and said because of my FaceBook page , I now have to write a letter to the adoptive parents and pretty much beg them to let me speak with Tiffani. Telling me again I have no rights as a Grand Mother! 
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Well, still no word from CPS or the people who have my Tiffani Marie Johnson!!! I will never stop looking for you Tiffani and I will see you, hold you and talk to you again! I don't know if the letter I got was some kind of sick joke or if the people are to BUSY! But our lives stand still, our hearts still break and the worry of not knowing still lingers as long as we go on not knowing how she is!