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Is there any help anywhere against being falsely accused?

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on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 13:47

My 3 1/2 yr old premature son suffers from chronic constipation which stems from his birth and he was released from NICU after 3 1/2 months with this problem, I left resolving the problem in the hands of his pediatrician n then a GI supposed specialist.

For 3yrs my son suffered not having a bowel movement but about every 30days he was breastfed, he has weak muscle tone so that is suspected to be the cause but the pediatrician kept having to give him an enema, would have me give him a 1/2 of a pediatric suppository for 3 yrs this has gone on until May 2012 when he was hospitalized for mild dehydration n constipation n when they released him told me n his now pediatrician both told me to open him up, buy over the counter things like magnesium citrate, chocolate ex lax, castrol oil, fletchers castoria...............

ok so after trying all natural remedies including a well balanced diet, watermelon juice, papaya, you name it i finally agreed to take their suggestion but my son wears a diaper still n after 2wks of no stool i tried to give him some of this stuff like magnesium citrate, polyethelene glycol, fletchers castoria, castrol oil n waiting 12-24hrs in between each thing i tried, i even tried the enema no luck.........

i did this for 2wks obtaining only rabbit pellets size results then i gave in n tried the chocolate ex lax a couple hours later it worked he produced one large bowel movement n 2 medium size wtih diarrhea i was relieved but this was late at nite, after changing 3 diapers of this stuff n it appeared he was done at least for then we went to bed at about 4am changing the last diaper at 2 30am...........

the next morning in a dark room i changed my son n when i tried to clean him could not understand why he didnt want me to touch his butt so in a not very well lighted bathroom i tried to clean his butt in a cool bath no luck he didnt even want to sit in the water just kept complaining of his butt, i called his pediatrician for an appt that day n he wanted to go back to sleep so we went back to sleep for about an hr when i got a phone call n saw we needed to get up n get ready for the doctors.............

when i changed my son as we were getting ready i was terrified as my son had son blistering on his butt n i didnt understand what had happened it was the water he would even put his butt in the water n the water was cool so i didnt understand freaking out n upset i cancelled the pediatrician n took him straight to the ER which is like 5 blocks from my house........................

they took a look at his butt, took us to a bed, called over a doctor, n next thing we know a nurse is taking pictures of his butt, calling cps n not treating my son just telling us its protocol.......................................the first diaper change in the morning was about 11am, second diaper change was about 12pm, arrived to ER about 1pm n seen about 1 30-2pm..................

cps n police arrive about 5pm well of course they questions me n my fiance until about 9 30pm before having my sign paper work to transfer him to another hospital for the  suspected burn.................arrive at the second hospital ER about 10 45pm n they tell us that i scalded my son n he has 2nd degree burns on his butt, testicles n perinium not legs nothing else n about 12am cps comes with police n an order to leave they were taking custody of my son n i had no say..........................never arrested just told to leave n a police officer follows us to make sure we leave.........................

we go to court a week later n they dont really tell us nothing just officialize the order to keep my son temporarily while there is an investigation.................3wks later we go to court n investigation is not completed.................judge gives them 30 more days............................go to court sept investigation is completed n it is proved to be laxative induced dermatitis caused by prolonged exposure in a diaper while he slept to the different laxatives he was given not a thermal scald..................original charges thrown out.........................changed to medical neglect due to depression saying my PTSD is affecting how i take care of my son.......................judge tells the whole court room  my mom, my attorney, me, their attorney etc that he gives them permission to give me more liberal visits then just 1 hr twice a wk with my son, unsupervised, overnites n weekends n even give him back to me n the only thing i need to do is go to their counseling which i start november.......................

come to find out the minute order only says they can give me more liberal visits n unsupervised but the over nites, weekends n returning him to me has to go through the court which could take a month..................................................ive been lied to, toyed with...............when they were granted 30more days to complete investigation the one cps worker said she would try to have him back to me within about

after this last court date the same cps worker tells me i might have him back by thanksgiving or new cps worker was on vacation until oct 9th n here it is oct 26 she still hasnt reviewed the case, barely met with me oct 24th n glanced through the case........................tells me she likes to take her time with her cases n wants to get to know me, the case n meet with me n my son to see how we interact together...............he was finally placed with my mom n dad the end of sept........................

i am disabled in a motorized wheelchair for safety reason due to a back injury to keep me from falling it doesnt keep me from taking care of or raising my son with or without help n it doesnt keep me from driving...............i have a court appointed lawyer but i feel so helpless n i dont know what to do.....................when i met iwth her she asked me if i thought i had munchausen, never diagnosed or questioned until now, asked when i planned on getting married.................nothing really releavent they dont tell me the truth just lie to me is there any hope anywhere?

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So sorry to hear what has happened to your family. I have collected the helpful information I come across for people in the United States, I hope there is something useful for you there. It may also help you to join the Luke's Army support group on facebook, there are many there who know what you are going through, and can offer support and advice. Please keep us updated here, I hope these animals at CPS come to their senses and stop playing God with your child.

My email is if you need to talk. Thankyou for sharing your story on Lukey's site,

kind regards,


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Alisa Cooney I know a person who lost their her kids because of an abusive boyfriend, the now ex boy friend gets home visits with both his kids while the mum gets supervised visits at the office. I read some of her court report and in the original one it say she has garbage bags of toys and clothes and in the report they used to obtain an 18 year order they said these garbage bags were rubbish. They also claim she is mentally handicap with no prof and ignored a psychologist's report that the mum suffers from social phobia........................they have changed case workers so often that no one knows the truth and they dont want to look for the truth even though its easy it find. Because if they admit the truth, they know they would have to admit the system is not working and face the possibility of people sued by families for wrongful doing.
I feel like her situation could have happened to me after the home invasion, it feels like a 'pot luck' type way of trying to 'save' kids. The guy who did the home invasion got to keep his kids while I got PTSD and was severely depressed for 2 years straight. My partner had to go casual at work and be the carer of our 4 kids 3 have aspergers (which symptoms are identical or 'mimic' the symptoms of abused children) and I have a child with childhood depression. When are they going to stop stealing white or do they only care about not stealing aboriginal children. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be racist but come on it's time to realise and admit its not the best way to protect children and families and the future generations as a whole.
I think most cases of so called child abuse or neglect are simply events taken out of context to make the child well-fair system appear to be working in a proactive manner, and when people try to fight for those who were wronged they can too easily justify not fighting for people rights to raise their own kids with the phrase "but you dont know the whole story," I've heard this so many times and it like people are wired to believe the government people whether they are wrong or right, people want and need to believe the system is working for some reason (probably for same reason they need to believe it wont happen to me' for almost any bad event eg car accident, home invasion,) if they admit the system is not working they have to admit they are at risk or loosing their kids. the other thing is the government agencies seem to have the same power as police over people if not more so, people are willing to believe that the police get ti wring often but not about other government agencies, whats that all about.
if autism and child abuse symptoms are so alike how do they know which child has been abuse or not and why are kids not being assessed before being removed from the home if the way a child is acting appears to be as if they have been abused. My kids with aspergers dont have much affection they dont hug you and you cant hug them unless they want and are ready for it. This behavior alone has caused many many people to accuse me of not raising my kids right. I cry often when I'm alone about the lack of affection from kids. Not all ASD kids lack affection the way my kids do and I even get the negative the crap from the ASD families that dont deal with this intense symptom.
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...will always keep changing and evolving as they move along the spectrum in life. Some become more high functioning and seem 'quirky' (an expression I recently heard), some cope only in known settings, and some grow up with quite debilitating social dysfunction. The old 'refrigerator mother' theory is alive and well in Australia (look up Bruno Bettelheim on the net).

Unfortunately no amount of attacking the parent will help any socially-disabled child, whether they have ASD, aspergers, or any other neurological-related condition.  The doctors do not know everything about the human mind, and neither do experts or teachers or we the parents. To blame someone for their DNA is becoming dangerously close to the dystopian society written about in so many futuristic novels.

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...either ban pregnancy and childbirth completely for the riff-raff (ie, sterilisation for those earning under, say, 100K a year), or the compulsory acquisition of every child at birth to be raised by the state. Obviously no-one can be trusted with any aspect of child-raising and every child is in complete and imminent risk of all sorts of danger the second they are born. Its obviously so much safer for the child to be raised in an institution by uninvolved strangers. At least they're considered 'safe'- nothing else seems to matter to those do-gooding buffoons.