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their a law within themselves

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on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 16:51

After stumbling across your page on facebook, it showed me that i'm not alone in fighting this horrific battle against DoCS. I had the horrible knock on my door back in 2008 just months after my 5th child was born. The case worker stated they were just following up on a report that was made when I was pregnant due to my stress levels. After telling them I was concerned as my daughter was born 8-weeks premature and had breathing difficulties they said they would get me linked with the right services. After 6 months they said they were closing my case as they couldn't find any evidence to the allogations made. When I closed that door I was thinking that was the end of it.....oh how I was so wrong.

3-weeks after my last visit I was laying on my sofa with my then 3 yr old after doing a night shift as a nurse, when my partner woke me saying that DoCS and 2 police cars were out the front of the house. I instantly got that gut feeling it wasn't going to be pleasant. They came up to the door and stated they were here to remove my children. They took my 3 yr old and my 9 month old there and then. They asked where my 4 yr old was. I had to ring my sister to return her. They police stated that if she wasn't there within 20mins they were charging my partner and me with kidnapping. I was shocked. As I was putting my children into the car the case worker informed us that they had already picked my older 2 children up from school.

I have been going back an forth to court doing courses constantly keeping in contact with the department anything possible to have my children returned to me. Not long after my youngest being in care she was admitted into hospital after she stopped breathing I was informed 4 days later.

When we finally got a hearing DoCS acussed my partner of DV, me of being on drugs (even after they took me for test that came back clean), that I lacked parenting skills as I had been a rape victim. It was ludicrious the lengths they were going to just to keep my children.

A judge ordered my children to be in the care of the minister till they obtain the age 18. I used my anger to get even I have reached out to anyone who was willing to listen to me, when finally my local member caught hold of my case and is looking into why my children have suffered so much abuse since being in care.

My children have come to a visit with bruises, black eyes, broken nose, missing tooth and it's root, they have also had soap put in their mouth, yelled at, smacked to the point of bruising, even on one occassion my 6yr old was slapped across the face by her foster father.

I have had AAE investigations done, the carers even admitted to most of the abuse but that's where it stopped. My new case worker is picking and choosing when she wants to comply with our court orders. It's hard enough only seeing them every 12-weeks now they want to take my phone contact away.

I am due back at court very soon I do have the support of my local member who is taking some of my work load and investigating why nothing has been done to these carers. I was relieved to finally find a government body who is willing to get their hands dirty and not pass the buck off to someone else. When are these people finally going to be held accountable for their actions. I fear everytime my phone rings. As a parent you never stop worrying about your children and I believe I am more scared since they entered care.

It's comforting knowing I can turn to hear to get help or just some friendly support it's ashame it had to take such a traumatic event for this to be formed. Michael your a massive inspiration on no matter how hard things are you can turn it around to a possitive your one amazing dad.