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Ten dirty tricks used by child protection to steal your children

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on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 14:12
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Ten dirty tricks used by child protection to steal your children

1. Your child protection caseworker, visit supervisor, manager etc may befriend youFACS NSW case worker child protection...

Janis Says: They definitely lie and as my grandsons said..."They tricked us with lies and lollies, but we didnt get the lollies. Bearing in mind, that there was over 8yrs (2002) when the bastards kidnapped the boys in very traumatic scenes ...with the eldest running away from the dept...unfortunately for them, those boys are now 17 and 14yrs ....and the stories they tell of child protection dept, police dept,  justice dept etc are horrendous...These boys are a total mess.

By all means if you are unfortunate enough to have child protection officers come into your life, try to get off on the right foot, befriend them, patronise them, do whatever it takes for them to not hate you from the start. Sometimes however this may not be possible, but no matter what the situation, and no matter how much you may come to think of them as your friend, remember that every conversation is a fact finding mission, they are not calling you because they are desperate for friends.

Do not believe that everything you say will be transcribed word for word, or relayed to a judge when the battle for your children between you and those who have legally kidnapped your children is at it's most crucial.

Child protection officers will try to get you to talk. SHUT UP!! Everything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law to take and keep your children.

No matter how well you think you know your social worker, or how well you get along, remember they take children from parents for a living, and they will think nothing of removing your children or preventing their return to the family home, should they take offense to anything you may say, your values, you name it. They have come to your home to act as judge, jury and executioner.

Advice: Always Record.

This way there can be no dispute about what has been said by yourself or the child protection authorities. Keep a diary recording all conversations, details of phone numbers, the time, who you spoke to and follow up every conversation whether in person or by phone with an email to that person outlining what has been discussed so they confirm it by email leaving a paper trail of evidence.

Record every conversation and meeting with solicitors, psychiatrists, child protection staff, medical staff... everyone. You can bet that the one time you do not record will be the once when you wish you did.

Find out more about recording laws in Australia

2. False Accusations and Derogatory Assumptions Meant to Degrade Parents

When child protection officers become friends...

Photo: In the best interest of the child

Sinbad Says: Social workers breaking a court order, continually failing to give the information and access to the process that a person with PR has a right to and so on. This is all UK stuff, but it seems the pattern is the same everywhere.

Trying to get your child back after having the "experts" decide you are a failure as a parent is a David V Goliath battle. Your children can be taken without proof of any abuse, without ever having even met the child, the parents or ever having been to your home,

The most common underhanded accusations are that there are "Anger Management" issues. This may blamed upon simply raising one's voice, and still works even if you have never had a fight with your partner, never displayed uncontrolled anger in the past. If these people want to stall you in the return of your children they will throw this one at you and it will prolong the reunification protest for approximately three months.

Jo Woodburn Toowoomba Docs Lying scum Child abuser

They will accuse the parents of domestic violence concerns if one or both of the parents have previously been in volatile relationships, even if there has never been domestic violence in the present relationship between the parents.

For example, if you admit to having trouble with your spouse, the child protection agent may force you to get a restraining order, and throw the "abuser" out. You will have to write out a statement under oath about the "abuse". Then, they have their case against your family, using your own words to prove there is "domestic violence".

If you talk, you will destroy your family by your own words. You may have merely complained about some minor thing about your spouse or partner, but you just made their case for them. You may never see your children again. So, SHUT UP! I cannot say it too forcefully, or enough.

Parents are routinely ordered to terminate their marriages or partnerships when child protection takes a disliking of either or both parents, but usually it is the father who is vilified due to the majority of child protection staff being female, and many of those having been involved with a violent relationship which has left a deep seeded hatred of men. A large proportion of these child protection staff, in my experience, are lesbians who also harbor a biased and discriminatory distrust of men.

They will accuse you of mental health issues, even though they have no qualifications or training as a psychiatrist or and type of medical position.

3. Fake Reports

This is probably the most common and the dirtiest trick in the Arsenal against families child protection authorities use to take children. A fake report may come from a disgruntled neighbor, someone with mental health issues, or worst of all, the child may be related to a child protection worker, or the friend of a child protection worker.

Everything you say will show up in a report, in a twisted version you will not recognize. If you say you argue with your husband, the report will say, "Husband is verbally abusive". If you say that you discipline your children by spanking them, the report will say, "Parents physically abuse children." If you tell them you are depressed, the report will say, "Parent has severe mental health issues." If you say your partner drinks a beer after work, he will become an "alcoholic" in the report.

Then they will send you to their approved therapist to obtain further admissions, who they can count on to secretly report to them every word you say, in violation of the patient confidentiality law. Don't go to therapy unless you are absolutely certain that the therapist despises the child protection department you are dealing with.

So what should you do? Act like a prisoner of war, which you are. Give them your name, rank and serial number, and nothing more, while learning how to chat them up very pleasantly about everything BUT your family. Get a Lawyer!

4. Stalling by refusing to answer phone calls, organise or attend meetings or pass on information

Julie Says: I had 2 baby boys stolen by docs NSW at 3 days of age before even leaving the hospital for one, and as soon as I got home with the other.

"They are in a meeting", "Hang on I will see if they are at their desk. Sorry they are not in can I take a message", "The are not in today... They are on leave."

These are standard replies when trying to contact your child protection worker, sometimes this may continue for weeks, or indefinitely.

TOOWOOMBA DOCS HAVE TO BE EXPOSED - Kylie Henry told me it was only respite

Child protection staff often leave it until the last thing on a Friday afternoon to provide you with important information, such as there is a meeting Monday morning, an appointment, or perhaps a contact visit with your child which was scheduled for the weekend has been cancelled, it could be anything but the point is you will know when it happens. Every inconvenience or act of sabotage possible is unleashed upon you in every way possible.

Your visit is scheduled to coincide with your court  case, and you are advised by child protection that your presence at the courts is not required, and you are advised to attend your visit and forget about the courts. You later find that you needed to be at that court hearing, but now it is too late. This I have found to be a fairly common occurrence.

5. Fabricated Evidence by Child Protection Officers

Pauline writes: Department of Human Services (DHS Victoria) Fabricated fake phone numbers for my children's school to contact me on. The school tried to ring me and then contacted child protection to have me charged with medical neglect when I couldn't be contacted on the fabricated number. This was due to my child having a medical condition.

DHS set up a phone number for a mobile and said it was my contact number, I was horrified when I was informed by the principal that they had to call DHS because they could not contact me on the number provided. I asked for the number, I got someone to call it... Omfg!!! Straight to voicemail with a message, hi you have called Pauline, then it went onto a singing song, I'm going shopping for my man, I'm going shopping cause I can, you have called Pauline, please leave a message and I will get back to you when I've finished my shopping..


I informed the school it wasn't my number and I had no idea where they got it from... I've had my mobile number for 13 years now and I've never ever had voicemail as I can't hear who called or what they wanted!! It was proven in court that the principal knew my number as she had signed paperwork with my number on it..

They will, without a pang of conscience, traumatize your children by prying their little fingers off your legs, as they wail and cry, and sticking them in their car, maybe never to be seen by you again. Or rip your children, screaming and panicked, from your arms, while sneering about what an abuser you are. Paul the Apostle nailed them when he called such people, "senseless, faithless, heartless, ruthless." (Romans 1:31).

6. Common Lies Used by Child Protection officers

Amiee Says: Yeah they lie. I have recordings of a bunch of them lying.

You threatened me. You raised your voice. You abused your child. You appear aggravated. You have a drug problem. You have mental health problems.

Many people panic, feeling that they nothing to hide, so they talk. However, if you do, you may never see your children again. Why? Because these are trained interrogators, and you are no match for them.

Many child protection agents do not have children of their own, and do not understand that families go through some bad patches once in a while, and just have to be given some room to work it out. The child protection agent, upon hearing from one of their police-state snitches, can swoop in like a vulture, and steal your children. No mercy. No explanations.

The tactics used by these fake therapists are akin to those used by interrogators in war. The strategies work with children, because they are frightened, traumatized, taken out of the security of their home, and are often being abused by their foster parents. Under these circumstances, your own children may say the most amazing and untrue things about you after a few months in captivity. In Soviet Russia, prisoners would eventually admit to most anything.

One technique they use is repeatedly suggesting to the child that mommy and daddy abused them. They implant the idea in the frightened child's head until the child "recovers memories" of the past abuse. They repeatedly ask, "Did Daddy touch you there?" If the answer is no, they ask the same question more insistently, use doll therapy, or find some other way to make the child feel "comfortable" about making admissions.

These sessions can go on weekly for months, or even a year. After that amount of coercion, it is not surprising that they get admissions. The kids don't even know what is reality and what is imagination after repeated interviews of this sort.

The best thing you can do to counter this dirty trick is to make sure, in advance, that your child knows that you only talk to mommy and daddy about things going on in the family, never outsiders. If your children have the inner strength to resist their predatory tactics, and don't make disclosures to the interrogators, you will likely get them back.

They always believe a child's "disclosures", but never his denials.

7. Withholding of Information by Child Protection Officers

Martine Recalls: To hide the fact that my ex his parents were foster parents so they hide the abuse and they wanted me to stay maried to him so no ones ever knows as long as I was with him everything was fine but as soon as I left them I became a threat to them I was uncovering their hidden abuse tey been tryig to cover up and making all of us with what would be true make it look like we made it all up and like they do to parents make them look like they are insane too like we are the parents fighting fr our chldren rights !!

If you foolishly think that child protection will play by the rules, then they will exploit your weakness, and take your children. If you play by the rules, they will exploit that, and take your children. But if you know how the game is played, you may have a chance to keep your children, or get them back after they are taken. The secret police can be outsmarted.

It is a well documented fact that child protection departments play dirty tricks with their records, in many ways. They alter and falsify them, in order to make you look worse or themselves better. They ‘lose' ones that are helpful to you. They withhold or delay giving you records when you ask for them, in order to keep important information out of your hands. They ‘redact', or black out, key parts, so you can't see their dirty tricks.

Case has been mishandled and I have been ignored throughout

While you are dealing with child protection staff, do not expect them to come forward freely with information. Some of these child protection staff have been in child protection for years, and could help you in many ways such as your legal rights, what you need to do to help bring your children home sooner, how your children are behaving or how they are reacting to being removed from their family, situations which may have arrived due to them being in foster care or injuries sustained whilst under the care of the minister in charge of child protection... There are many areas in which you will be purposely withheld information by those who have stolen or are attempting to steal your children.

Walk into any government office and you will find whole walls full of pamphlets with helpful information and organisations, but not with child protection. They will have information available for people who would like to become a foster carer to cater for the child stealing machine they belong to.

8. Child Protection Stealing Your Baby From the Hospital

Jodie Says: I had both my babies taken at birth, the first being my little girl on the 13th Feb 2012 and I then had little boy this year who was also taken at birth.My little girl was taken because of several untrue allegations and other reasons like housing which were corrected a few months before birth. The fact that my baby was born 4 or 5 weeks early due to stress surrounding moving into a new home and also the stress of being beaten and robbed a few months earlier was ignored and DoCS NSW tried to blame the early arrival of my baby on my medications, which was also proven by my doctor to be wrong.

Finally my son's removal was mainly based on the result of the court proceedings with my daughter. Once they get their first baby off you they are in for the kill at every birth after that. I'm still currently fighting in the courts to get one, if not both of them back but its getting harder and harder to fight DoCS because they keep coming up with new allegations and problems that don't really exist.

Even though your baby has just been born and you have never abused your baby nor do you ever have any intention of abusing them, child protection authorities may quite easily come to your hospital bedside soon after birth and issue an "Assumption of Care Order" (AOC).

Child protection authorities have limited rights inside of a hospital, this is what they do not tell parents, and what they don't you to know. They cannot deny you the right to have a support person or solicitor present when they are in the room. They have no authority to order anyone from the room either, but much of the time when child protection officers attend a hospital to legally kidnap a new born baby they will be accompanied by police who are authorised to carry out more aggressive means of stealing your baby.

If you would like to know more about children removed at birth from hospitals or if you have a story about your baby being subject to an Assumption of Care Order issued in a NSW hospital we are Seeking people involved in the assumption of care (AOC) process where newborn babies are removed by FACS NSW.

9. Child Protection Staff Referring You to their own Complaints Unit or Legal Assistance From Lawyers They Favor

Your Enemy, the Lawyer - Don't Get One of Theirs

CG Says: Making mental illness allegations to Police, threat of arrest, jail & $10,000 fine, tapping phones, hacking email & FB, hiring private investigators to track you for over a year, moving child to another city AFTER failing to return child at end of wardship period, multiple counts of perjury in protection application -- gee I could on another 10 pages

Not only will the child protection department try to divide and conquer you, your partner, and your children, but they will try to compromise your lawyer, as well. This is especially true if each partner has a court appointed lawyer, along with a different one for the kids.

The complaints unit, for when the child protection office have had enough of wasting your time, then the complaints section can waste your time, unless you have a legitimate complaint. Should you alert them of maltreatment of your child by their staff more than likely it will be investigated and found to be unsubstantiated. These people twist the system to their own liking for years, and know every sly slip of the tongue to slide their slimy asses out of any situation, even if their neglect has caused the death of a child or children.

10. Child Protection Staff Moving the Goal Posts, Creating Obstacles, Ignoring Court Orders and Prolonging the Return of Your Children

Lorrilee Says: Some people don't realize FSA don't work with evidence, they work on probability. If they get enough calls about something and people are saying the same stuff then they look at it as probability that child/children are being abused or neglected so they act on that assumption even if you can prove different.....

Some child protection agents want to help families, and some don't. However, the system itself is the core problem and rarely does. Most child protection agents don't know or respect the restrictions in the law against taking children, and no one holds them accountable. Even judges cannot reign them in. So they do as they please, not what the law allows or requires. They have managed to form their own secret police, just like in Communist countries.

At first they will promise you that you will have your children back soon, "back by Christmas."

Then when they have you agreeing to a custody order, or consenting to the orders they are trying to push through in court, they will extend their deadline for when your children were supposed to be home.

Whether or not they can get one parent to rat out the other, they will go to work on the children to make ‘disclosures' about the parents. This is one of their dirtiest of tricks, and one of the many reasons why I believe that child protection agents are themselves abusers. They will manipulate your frightened children into saying almost anything that they want to hear. They have several tactics, described below:

First and foremost, EVERY child they steal goes into therapy, not to help the child, but to obtain disclosures against you. Obviously, every child they take cannot be mentally ill, but that does not matter- therapy is the order of the day. They must get the admissions from the child to make the case against you and prove you are unfit.

If the "therapist" can obtain any scrap of information from the child about you that may hint of abuse, she will breathlessly run to the child protection department and excitedly tell the child protection agent. High fives all around. They now have a case!

Toowoomba DoCS - A Prime Example of Bullying, Mismanagement and Failure to Assist

Toowoomba DoCS -  Note: I have tried to highlight the corruption from one office with the links used in this blog. This is just a few stories from Toowoomba DoCS, but I have my own to tell.... That's a whole other blog. The point is that this is just one office, and this is just the little that has been exposed on this site. These things go on in every office, many of which have been named and shamed on this site. Here is another corrupt office, with the manager having since removed after a whole community came to this website and compained. Atherton DoCS....

Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continues

With thanks also to


Help Fight Child Protection's picture

I am a 23 year old mum with a beautiful little girl who turns one next week.

She was taken April 17th this year due to my mental health declining. Since then it seems like child protection have been working against me! Everything that was stated in the affidavit has not happened! I was supposed to get fifty hours of free in home child care with my daughter. I was supposed to get a reunification plan.

None of this happened yet we are six months into the order. I am still on supervised visits and about one in five of these visits are cancelled due to lack of staffing!

Recently I have started questioning things and communicating with managers, lawyers and trying to get things moving! Child protection have turned completely nasty about all this! They have started making threats! I've been told my daughter is going to live with her dad (even though he has domestic violence and has threatened to kill her) if I didnt do what they have said.

I've been instructed by them not to get a lawyer as I will just loose and not to bother fighting them or getting upset. They are making judgements on my mental health without consulting my gp or my psychologist. They frequently tell me the reason why I am starting to stand up for my rights is because I'm so sick that I apparently don't even realise how unwell I am.

Today I emailed them about my access visit tomorrow when I had no reply I followed it up with a phone call. Cps stated I was harassing them and therefore proving that I was unstable! They threatened if I contacted them again I would never see my little girl again!!

I'm obviously feeling scared and upset! Just wondering if anybody else has had threats like this and had problems with cps abusing thier power like this? I'm not really sure how to handle it!!

Help Fight Child Protection's picture

There are more than Child Protection that need exposing here in Toowoomba a few solicitors are the same now that Alison Glanville is working for ATILS and some of them at TASC it is all about money not the truth