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Support for parents dealing with CPS in the US

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on Thu, 04/03/2014 - 12:13

I am documenting every part of this journey, so I at least have documentation of the "Process" as well. I am also keeping timeframe as well as building SOLID phone support.

I do believe there are still a FEW in our corrupt system, who actually go to work everyday to try and make a difference. The Ad Litem that we have, as well as the Assistant District Attorney, these WOMEN, are definately sent by GOD!

I have worked in Fire & Emergency Medical Service and Flight Trauma for almost 28 years. I have seen all, done all, worked with Police, courtrooms, just countless venues. The ONE CONSISTENT thing that has NEVER changed in almost 28 YEARS (this is a DISGUSTING statement) is the fact that Child Protective Services is the most HORRID, the most HIGHLY FAILED, most DISGUSTING branch of ANY legal service I have EVER been involved in, CONSISTENTLY across the US.

That shit is about to change! I will go down KICKING & SCREAMING, but one things for sure..... I AIN'T SCARED!!!! This is ALL GOD'S DOING, NOT MINE! When he speaks, my job is to be obedient!

I have created an email address for anyone who may need some suggestions. The email address is