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Stolen Generation, Forgotten Australians, Stolen Migrant Children, Forced Adoption Single Mothers

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 09:55
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Stolen Generation, Forgotten Australians, Stolen Migrant Children, Forced Adoption Single Mothers


Below are articles relating to whole generations of children who have been stolen by the Australian government in the past. First were the stolen generation, the aboriginals of Australia who were victims of ethnic cleansing.

Then the stolen migrant children, some stolen from overseas and shipped here, and many taken from their parents on arrival in Australia and institutiolnalised in orphanages and group homes.

Next we have the children who were taken by the Australian government off their mothers for no other reason than they were not married at the time of birth, and the babies were adopted out. These are called the children of forced adoptions.

The forgotten Australians are children who were either orphans or removed from their parents and institutionalised, with abuse and neglect prevalant in these institutions.

The government keeps these sorries coming, but they continue to steal children from their loving parents, stripping the parents of any rights, and the children are stripped of family and a loving, safe upbringing. This is called the new stolen generation by DoCS, which Luke Borusiewicz was one of. The Australian government can stick their sorries for Luke, they have not changed a thing, and continue to cover for the state child protection authorities.


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Their so-called justifiable reasons as to why all unwed mothers must have their children removed (kidnapped) for economic purposes.

From the handbook, "unmarried mothers"- the problems of social & economic indifference (from the 70's).

Unbelievably, still happening today- just in a different form.

This has been a continuing problem throughout history, & once the mass's realise their justifications for kidnapping innocent peoples children were wrong, they come up with a new way of doing things, manipulate the mass's again & allow for them to see justification in the child removals..

All these were acceptable in the past:

The Stolen generation,
The lost generation,
Unwed mothers forcible adoptions in the 60's, 70's, 80's.


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You'll want to check this out mate.
Are they still using these kids as medical lab rats?

I cannot imagine they aren't, given NSW harvests their organs after they kill the kids. NSW is the only jurisdiction in the world that allows anyone in the child welfare sector, ngo or govt: to 'donate' foster kids organs.

See this great article about medical experiments on kids in "care".

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There are no grounds for the government to apologise to parents and children separated by forced adoption in Britain between the 50s and 70s, Children's Minister Tim Loughton says.

This follows an early day motion supporting calls for an apology signed by 62 MPs.

Phil Frampton, who was given up by his mother in 1954, says he feels "very strongly" about an apology.

"The government had a responsibility at the time to protect all of its citizens... these women had broken no laws," he told the Today programme.

Lyn Rodden who gave up her son Mark when she was 19, also believes an apology is needed.

"Surely one government follows another government... they take on the responsibilities of the previous government," she said.

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Caroline Carroll remembers being given meals furred with mould during a childhood spent in state care after she was given up as a baby.

The memory haunts the woman who grew up in institutions and foster homes in NSW in the 1950s and 60s, leaving her with a horror of some foods.

Ms Carroll was one of half a million children put in orphanages and state care across Australia last century.

She spent a hellish childhood in six institutions and five foster homes.

"I had one meal given to me for about a week till it had fur on it. Nothing else was given to you. The same meal put in front of you every day," she told AAP on Friday.

"I had real issues with food. I still do."

The little girl was called by a number, put in a cell for days with nothing but a pot and mattress, and suffered sexual abuse in her first foster home.

It's an experience she still struggles to reconcile.

"How does anyone think that teaches you anything but anger or humiliation?" she asks, now the chairwoman of the Alliance for Forgotten Australians.

A new website launched on Friday by Families Minister Jenny Macklin will offer counselling and support services for people who lived as children in state care and want to piece together their past.

The find-and-connect service was promised by the federal government after former prime minister Kevin Rudd made his 2009 apology to the so-called Forgotten Australians.

"You live in this world not knowing who you are, where you belong, where you come from, why it all happened," Ms Carroll said.

"Records and family tracing ... it just gives you a sense of self."

Ms Carroll is one of eight siblings, of whom all but one were put in separate homes.

She has met three of them but says counselling is important because reconnecting can be a struggle.

From her sister she discovered she'd had an unemployed, drinking father and an unstable mother.

Although she went on to marry and have two children, Ms Carroll says it's pure luck she survived after being kicked out of care at 15.

"A lot of girls I grew up with ended up in jail and prostitution."

The website address is

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Qld adoption victims welcome apology