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Pru Goward Minister Department Community Services Child Protection Help

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 07:54

Pru Goward Minister Department Community Services Child Protection Help

SOS . Pru Goward Minister Department Community Services Child Protection Help bring them home in New South Wales.

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1. Pru Goward promised to give back 4000 children, I am yet to be aware of one? There should be a photo of the children in question on the front of every folder involving their case, the coroner, DoCS, Ministers so they all never forget who they are moving from stranger to stranger. This is the arguement for adoption, it avoids multi placements. Every move these departments make is preyed upon by the vultures of child protection, lawyers. Everything they do is leeched by the corruption which has spread to everything they touch. (Luke's Dad).

2. These fools never do what they promise

3. They send you out the usual letter of "going to look into it for you." Then probably nothing.

4. How Terrible. You know, bureaucracy is the same everywhere in the world. We need people to watch the people who handle these elements of our lives, and unfortunately, that doesn't take place. Paperwork gets piled onto paperwork, and nothing gets accomplished. And as we know, little ones don't survive, and the awful beat goes on...

5. Aren't they all when they get into office!! I would love to think I am going to get somewhere with her but after the last two idiots I am not sure if I will even get a response. I am about to send her an email about my children, give her some history and support a new court proceeding so lets see what she has to say about it....will keep you all posted.

6. Well done Michael we are all with you matey.We are here for the children,not for the do gooders, stuff you Linda Burney

Pru Goward Minister Department Community Services Child Protection Hel



thank u very much i will do that.


Pru Goward Minister NSW Human Services Community Services Help

Is there help from the NSW Community services minister Pru Goward. The NSW community Services department is now the NSW human services department with Pru Goward the minister. Should the minister for human services be contacted for help?



Now we have to pay child support to those who stole our children

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Parents to pay child support to relatives

Josephine Tovey November 24, 2011

THE parents of children who live with their grandparents or other family members will be compelled to pay child support in the same way as divorced parents under a new state government initiative.

The Community Services Minister, Pru Goward, will today announce that birth parents will be expected to make a financial contribution to the upbringing of their children who are in long-term out-of-home care with a relative.

Ms Goward says the policy will give much-needed financial assistance to relative carers and allow children to know their parents were making a contribution to their upbringing.

''We are asking no more of relinquishing parents than we are asking of other parents, including those who have been through separation and divorce,'' Ms Goward said.

But a grandparents group says some will not want to apply for child support, believing it could worsen rifts within the family.

Letters will be sent to relative carers in the coming weeks advising them to apply to the federal Child Support Agency, which calculates the payments based on the parents' income.

A parent on the Newstart allowance would pay about $14 a fortnight, while a parent on an income of $45,000 would pay $276 a fortnight.

The agency collects payments on the carers' behalf and can enforce them if necessary.

Birth parents will also receive a letter notifying them of their responsibilities.

Paul Bickford, from the Grandparents As Parents Again support group, said grandparent carers were frequently under financial strain and many would welcome the extra assistance.

But he said he knew many others who would not want to apply because of fear of causing greater rifts with their children, some whom he said already ''stood over'' their elderly parents.

''It could make life very, very nasty for some grandparents,'' he said.

But Ms Goward said she believed most grandparents would want to apply. ''I'd be very surprised if grandparents didn't recognise that this is for their grandchildren's sake. It isn't a matter for their relationship with their son or daughter, it's about making sure those children get what they can.''

The state government is also in talks with the federal government to change the laws so that birth parents whose children are in foster care with non-relatives can also be compelled to pay child support.

Ms Goward said the child support would not lessen the care allowance paid by Community Services.


Slap in the face from Pru Goward

In a perfect world, this would be a great idea. What happens when a child has been wrongly removed? Not every grandparent, aunt or uncle is the noble citizen they make out to DoCS. There are many reasons for relatives to make false reports. 1 in every 100 people has a personality disorder, probably a much higher figure for DoCS workers, but these people do their utmost to cause devastation in the lives of others. So a parent who has had their child stolen, has absolutely nowhere to turn, then must pay out money to they person given the legally kidnapped child by the corrupt government. What can a parent do? Ring the DoCS complaint line? What will she come up with next. Your election promise was to give back 4000 children Pru Goward. That will still not bring your child kidnapping figures for children in foster care in NSW in line with the national average of 7 per 1000 children in foster care. The NSW average last time I checked was 10.7, meaning that more than 6000 children in foster care in NSW would not be there if it was another state of Australia. Start giving kids back instead of stealing them, and then dipping into the victims purses. Heinous, disgusting, deplorable behaviour.

walks with personality, talks with personality

and thats what docs are looking for...... people with disordered personalities.....

personality disorders are really interesting cause everybody has the traits that are defined in one way or another and everyone has moods; good and bad....

personality disorders can really be used against you in courts, health, police situations, and certain pd's maime people for life, once an ex or a pysch labels you with a pd it gets really hard to have any credibility in a court, with police, mental health, doctors, ect. In a way it is the worst type of psych diagnosis you can be given cause of the flow on effects to your life, and because of criminal related issues that will often go hand in hand. Many pd people will not get a fair go with police or courts. Its very sad for many people because they cant stand up for themselves and often have been abused or abandoned when they were little. So it is interesting that docs contribute to this in a persons life, yet claim they are doing something to care and protect.

As for the other info about adoption instead of multiple placements, see Hugh Jackman and Debra Lee Furness, they are pushing this adgenda in Australia because they had to go overseas to adopt a child - to America where Hugh makes all his money anyway. Debra Lee Furness was on the National Press Club Luncheon recently speaking about docs and the system and the need for permanency for children. Most of the people there were, of an agenda themselves, having had the career and missed the body clock boat and now want to know why they cant just take our kids off us, more easily. She mentioned the "stigma" of the stolen generation, forced adoptions, ect, can you believe it "the stigma".... we are the ones suffering from stigma, you would think that people like them would want a better world for all but no, really just for themselves and for those wanting to adopt, we can all go to hell..... we should hand the kids over and say thankyou very much, in Debra Lee Furness eyes, apparantly she has a massive website of professional people (the rich) who feel the same way.

Once again it is this line of.... if you dont have any money then dont have any kids.... funnily enough though they teach young children in public schools, how to do just this, under the banner of NSW health. It is just all about jobs for some but not for others, and if you dont have a job then you must not have a child. So I guess this means if you had a job then have a child or something goes wrong like you loose your job, in the future in Australia docs will say, sorry you lost your job so we are taking your children.

Here are some reasons docs take children:
Been in dv
Has a pd
Has ptsd
Ex partner says is crazy

Really the list is endless.

But if Debra Lee Furness has her way she will take your baby if you dont have any money, and Julia Gillard is already on her way towards continuing to allow this situation to occur because who is not left financially drained after docs departs with our kids, courts are not free, one does have to pay.