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Protest against children protective services in san jose california

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on Mon, 01/07/2013 - 10:15
hi micheal thannx 4 accepting my friendship. I came across ur page a few months ago when some friendz and i started a protest against children protective services in san jose california as we call our group ANEELAS ANGELAS.
After my daughter who remain in the care of these idiots My daughter herself has suffered abuse such as not reciving 3 corse meals. the phone calls sayin she was hungry made me cry, it too me 4 months to have her removed from that hm but it was a hard battle, she is still not with me and still contue 2 fight the 4 her and other kids
.the worker wants 2 keep her in the system cause of her special needs. the foster parents lost their lincese but went through another ageancy and r now fosterin more kids. what is wrong with that? my frieend induce duce to a wed called cps is killin my teen and found urs there.
when i read bout Luke i cried what a handsome lil man. iam sorryn 4 the loss and hope that we can stop this, the system know they have bad homes but refuse 2 do anything and it all about the money,THIS NEED 2 STOP NOW. IAM WITH U MICHEAL ALL THE WAY,