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Parents without rights can still fight Help to Fight CPS United States

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on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 17:00

Parents without rights can still fight Help to Fight CPS United States

Welcome to parents without rights can still fight!

This website was birthed out of my very own experience with the court system
and Child Protective Services. I found myself in a very unique situation and I
couldn't find any services or support groups that catered to my needs. I had alot
of obstacles and hurdles to overcome but with God's grace and mercy I
overcame them.

I had been separated from my one and only son for five years. During those 5
years my parental rights were taken away, but my drive and determination never
went away. I decided to relocated to Texas to continue my fight and a good fight
it was. I am happy to say that after 5 long years I have been reunited with my
son. I did it without a lawyer! Speaking of a lawyer I was even told by a lawyer
that I do not have a leg to stand on, but I had the word of God to stand on!

Some people say that this is nothing short of a miracle that I was able to navigate
through the court system and CPS system without my parental rights and without
a lawyer. I agree!
Others say that there were some systematic problems and no one was working
with me prior to me losing my rights. Once again I agree!

What ever the real reason is I know that I have a powerful testimony and I am
sharing it with other parents and whomever need inspiration. I want to show
other parents that through prayer, advocacy, determination and courage you can
get through anything.

CPS a national disgrace

Yes CPS is indeed a national disgrace, but they have so much force behind them, from the many who haven’t been victimized YET and who roll like stupid cattle and say MOO when their neighbor is foreclosed, or the household de-patriarched, or their progeny swindled away, to the dedicated and modestly paid court system hacks who are in spirit so alien to true community and family, that one could almost imagine viewing them through special sunglasses as an alien species altogether.
Take a HARD LOOK at your family circles, friends, neighbors, associates, and community at large. TELL THEM that NO GOVERNMENT EVER made ANY country great. WE THE PEOPLE made this country great, and that government only controls, regulates, polices and stifles creativity. If they then shrug you off for disrupting their morning buzz, or if they scramble to find some hotline to report you to, THEN THEY ARE AMONG THE MULTITUDES of parasite bureaucrats or their lackeys who put on a mask and make careers of gutting their fellow man.


So so so many people work against what is right. The tremendous division in our people has become unignorably staggering. Napoleon CHOPPED THE HEADS OFF OF AN ENTIRE CLASS of controlling elitist bourgeoise pigs, cohorts and all; and notice TODAY that France isn’t mentioned much in the ‘CPS’ blitzkrieg across the west. So no kids stolen in France? They purged that elitist body politic long ago. The motto of the revolution was ‘fraternity, brotherhood and equality’ thus French so-called socialism differs from OUR ELITIST Kennedy Clinton-esque American royalty Socialism.

YEAH ! When they killed the king, they REALLY killed the kingship for the centuries and the queen too! Back then, if you weren’t of the bourgeoise elite, then you were probably of the servant class. Regardless of race, servants were all “house niggas.” The ‘master’ of the house or business could have their way with your spouse or children and you had no recourse, because you were just too poor or stupid in their eyes. WOW ! Just like today with the elitist Socialists who menace us.

So think about THAT you foster parents, you useful idiots of the scheme. You pay for your margin financed McMansions with government perks to convert into owner operated orphanages with children STOLEN from parents who simply can’t afford to fight your corrupt elitist system.

And if you aren’t the ‘useful idiots’ then we can assume you to be willing participants in the crime. Perhaps you drive by trailer parks, or a humble cottage or non-conforming architecture and you SCOFF saying ”how can any kids live like that”. You look for something wrong with the place to report – trying to bag some more kids to pay for your noisy group home.

LIKE I SAID – THE LINE IN THE SAND HAS BEEN DRAWN! And it doesn’t matter if I’ve known you for years, neighbor. The Gestapo I.R.S. of the 70s and 80s employed you elitist bureaucrat parasites to terrorize main street small businessmen for the big box 90s. But that was just the independents vs Wal-Mart. But to STEAL OUR CHILDREN ? ! Now we the people are JUST PLAIN MAD!

There is no statute of limitations on kidnapping and we will REMEMBER YOU ALL FOREVER; from the mamas boy cops who makes dates of providing armed escort to the angry feminist CPS workers on their child grabs – raising the bar to AGGRAVATED kidnapping – to the robo-Judges and prosecutors – to the elitist brand ‘graduated dependency’ socialist work preachers and mentors in our local ecstasy rave party state teachers colleges – OUR EYES ARE ON YOU ! ! PEOPLE WAKE YOUR NEIGHBOR ! ! Everybody RISE UP ! ! HELLO ! ! THIS IS OUR DAY people. RISE AND SHINE . . .