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Parents United US for Help in the United States Dealing with CPS

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on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 16:57

Parents United US



We are parents who came into existence because our parental rights have been violated.  After
many court proceedings, we decided to organize and partner with other
organizations to bring about awareness and education to parents who have
gone thru the similar issues. 

We named this organization Guernsey County Parebecause it truly explains what and who we are.  We are parents that are united with a common purpose and goal.

Purpose Statement

United seeks to be a support organization to parents by educating,
advocating, and proactively seeking changes to promote healthy
parent-child relationships.


1. Assist in getting parents who are ordered supervised visitation time a healthy environment for such.

2. Educating parents on new legislation and laws.

3. Making an awareness of parental alienation and educating parents and the community through events and resources.

4. Seeking ways to cut down on false allegations in custody/divorce cases.

5. Partner with other organizations with like goals.

Seeks to keep children together with both parents in most cases and to
provide or assist in getting parents help that is needed to establish




you a parent who can’t see your child? Are you no longer receiving
visitation of your child? Are you suffering from parental alienation
syndrome? Do you feel there were/are major conflicts of interest in your
custody case?

This is the place for you. We are an
organization who fights for equality and fairness in the courts and
works hard at getting legislation passed that promotes such.  Let’s do what we can to support one another and do events and activities that promote our cause!

Supporting Organizations/Partnerships

United works with other agencies and organizations so to maximize our
impact for the parents in our group and in the community.  We strive to
partner with them so that we can be informed of new laws, programs, and
resources.  Some organizations are: 

Ohio Family Rights (Link coming soon) 

We The People Family Preservation Inc.

Parental Alienation Awareness Organization

National Organization for Parental Equality (N.O.P.E)