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A parent's heartbreak - A letter from the Manager of Campbelltown DoCS

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on Sun, 12/23/2012 - 07:37
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Every parent's worst nightmare - A letter from the Manager of Campbelltown DoCS
A date has not yet been set for the transfer of case management for the children to Campbelltown CSC because there are a few tasks that still need to be completed by Parkes CSC. Due to the Christmas/New Year period it is possible that the tasks won’t be completed until mid-January at the earliest. As soon as I am able to confirm a date with you, I will let you know and invite you to the case transfer meeting.
As far as contact is concerned, the frequency will be reduced in 2013 as per the children’s Care Plan’s to 4 times per year. As the Care Plan states, contact can be reviewed annually to ascertain whether the frequency of contact is in the children’s best interest.
As part of the case transfer meeting, I will be developing a contact schedule that will outline on what dates/times contact will occur in 2013. It is in the children’s best interest that contact occurs during school holidays so as to minimise any disruption to their education. There are school holidays occurring in April, July, September and December 2013.
Could you please advise me of dates that are convenient for you to have contact with the children during these holidays. I will then liaise with Campbelltown CSC and Ana and Ron to ascertain what dates are suitable for all parties.
Gregg Hendry
A/Manager Casework
Child Protection and Out of Home Care
Community Services Condobolin
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