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Parental Rights Ohio and United States National Organisation Parental Equality

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on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 16:53
National Organisation for Parental Equality NOPE

Help fighting Parental Alienation Ohio and United States National Organisation Parental Equality.

This website is a group formed in Ohio but covers the United States, campaigning for changes to legislature regarding parental rights.

This group recently introduced new custody reforms for the State of Ohio, the most comprehensive ever introduced in any state legislature in the nation and a model for future legislation.

In the Ohio Senate on April 7, 2011 as SB144 it was introduced by Senators Timothy Grendell and Michael Skindell who brought the legislation before the Senate of Ohio.

This legislation was also introduced in the House of Representatives on June 8th, 2011 as HB253 by representatives Carlton Weddington and Ron Young. This is another first for the Nation. Not only “equal legal and physical custody” legislation but introduced in both halves of the Statehouse with bi-partisan support.

The founders of NOPE have over 60 combined years of experience in dealing with custody issues for divorcing and single parents.

Parental rights and Legal Kidnapping

There are no parental rights or childrens rights in the Family Legal System in our country. Some states are worse than others. The Family Legal System only destroys lifes of children and their parents--especially the one that gets crucified in the court system. Usually, the Father--sorry, but how true. We have a very biased, greedy and incompetent system that takes children from their good and fit parents everyday. This is what you call Legal Kidnapping a form of child abuse--by the system. These so-called experts do not consider what is in the childs best interest--nor do they care... However, you also have these very narcissistic parents that are as bad. But, the problem is, there is NO equal justice in our court system involving child custody cases. Apparently, close, consistent
and frequent contact with both parents is in the child's best interest, but that went in one ear and out the other real fast. Children thrive with both good parents in their lives no matter what the marital status is--this is proven. The profound negative emotional impact this puts on children is life long. The child evaluators are so bad and biased themselves and the Judges are so biased they have "B"s stamped in their foreheads--if you don't have a superior attorney (hard to find)--Dad's you might as well forget it!!! You will lose and big time. If you have a narcissistic spouse and she wants to move with that child thousands of miles away--you can say goodbye... I am a woman and this is pathetic, but it happens more than you know. The Family Legal System is egregious to the relationships childern have with their bonded and loving parents. The US Government needs to step in now.

Parental Rights

When is the US Government and State Governments going to wake up to the pleas of the thousands of people that get unfairly treated in the Family Court System. This has been going on for years and years...There is NO EQUAL justice in the Family system--only extreme biases, greed and incompetents. The major problem, is that, they are only fracturing lives of the children in this country--you're destroying their futures. We have a whole new group of one parent households in this country--do you think this is in the child's best interest. NOT! To take a child away from a good,loving,fit parent is the worse thing you can do to a child and it happens everyday. The profound emotional negative impact this has on a child is life long... And the parent left behind is devastated--let alone exhausted of all their life long savings to save their children from these so called experts in the system. My intent is not to start a gender war here, but is always the fathers that get crucified in the Family Legal System. Now, I am talking about good fit fathers and the majority are...Yes, there are a few bad seeds in every group--but we forget, the bad mothers too...........I could name several right now. There are alot of very narcissistic mothers out there, that do not take into consideration what is best for the child. This is a form of abuse by the mothers and the infamous experts,i.e., attorneys, child evaluators, psychologists and the judges. You DON'T take children away from a good fit and loving parent--this is what you call Legal Kidnapping, and this is egregious to the relationships children have with their parents. I still hear the screams of one little girl after year and half was able to leave with her mother 3,000 miles away--only because the mother fell out of love with the father and she wanted to run off with her lover
of three years. The little girl misses her Daddy so--the horror stories that I have seen and heard about good fit parents losing their child for inane reasons is absolutely insidious. And to all involved you should be ashamed.

Again, when is this insanity and injustice going to stop...What's it going to take you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!