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"Oh My God! They're letting my child see his father! The police are helping him! Please help me? Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

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on Sun, 01/05/2014 - 10:41
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
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Kristie Harnish: You know a lot of powerful people. If you could share w any one that can help me make this video hit national news please send. This is a complete horrible display of system. Thank you sooo much.

I am absolutely disgusted with the woman who made this video.  I have  reached out to her on Facebook for comment and would give her the opportunity to tell her story right here on Legally Kidnapped if she chooses to respond and I will offer the father the same opportunity except I don't know who he is.  I have not yet heard back.

This video has now been shared going on 53,000 times.  It has officially gone viral.

I have watched this video several times now.  I do not know what led to this.  I just know what I see. Although many on Facebook who saw this are jumping to the conclusion that dad here is an abuser, I am not going to do that.  I'm sure there's a lot more to this story than this totally out of context video.

I personally am simply responding to the video itself. I see a mother making a bad situation worse and a father forced into a position where I'm sure he doesn't want to be. If there was prior abuse as so many on Facebook are claiming, obviously the mother was not able to prove her case, therefore it is possible that she lied about it.  The fact that the police were helping the father to restrain the out of control child and not the mother should add weight to this.  If the mother and children were in fact abused, then I will retract this statement.  But I'll need a little more than the assumptions of the mothers rights groups on Facebook to come to that conclusion.

Some are saying that the father hit the child.  I disagree, this was a father and several cops trying to physically restrain an out of control child.  Shit happens.  Out of control children often end up with bumps and bruises.  This is what we refer to as REALITY.

What I do see is mom here playing into the child's behavior and escalating it rather than trying to sooth the child and assure him that all will work out for the best. That's what both parents should have been doing. Instead, dad was forced into a position where the cops had to help him restrain an out of control child, the mother is screaming out against the injustice and taking video. I do not know why the kid was out of control to that level except for the fact that MOM WAS ENCOURAGING THE BEHAVIOR.

So I don't know the details that led up to this point. Nor do I claim to. But I know how divorce works. I know the hate, the head games, the alienation, and this is a classic case.  I wish these kids the best and hope that for their sake the parents are able to work it all out sooner rather than later.

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