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NSW Forced Adoption - Pru Goward Avoids Addressing Her Failing Department Instead Opting for More Powers

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on Sun, 06/02/2013 - 13:05
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
FACS NSW Forced Adoption - Pru Goward Avoids Addressing Her Failing Department Instead Opting for More Powers

Hurdles to adoption torn down - Pru Goward ignores the new stolen generation she has created and gives those responsible more powers.

Absolutely disgusting that the this politician who portrays herself as a protector of children should be apologising for forced adoption while at the same time bringing these laws back in, not to mention the media laws she is also seeking to enforce designed to cover up this evil.

Gagging orders such as are in force in the UK whereby any parent speaking out about the legal kidnapping of their children wil be jailed. Over 100 parents are currently in jail in the UK after speaking out about the blatant theft of their children who have become nothing more than a commodity to the UK government, and now to Pru Goward.

How wrong is this? This will automatically turn foster carers against parents who already have a department whose mode of operation is based on discrediting and belittling parents from the first contact. All rights are removed from the parents and there is little or no legal funding to ensure a fair investigation. Only 3% of parents who lose their children to these government endorsed predators are proven to have abused or neglected their children in a court of law.

When a child is placed into foster care, quite often things don't work out for one reason or another, and the child is found somewhere more suitable. Once the children are adopted they are stuck there.

This system of a quck adoption turns NSW child protection into a paedophile's paradise with children who are adopted being left to fend for themselves.. These poor kids die at a much higher rate after being stolen from their family homes than they do if they were left with their parents.

What is never mentioned by Minister of FACS NSW Pru Goward or her baby stealing henchmen is the fact that many of these children did not want to be taken in the first case, and many of them wish to be returned to their family homes. This is taking the right of the child to decide if they wish to return home or not, not to mention the devastation inflicted upon the parents of these stolen children.

To top all of this off, FACS NSW minister Goward promised that 4000 children would be returned to their families upon her winning the election, a blatant lie, one of many. Pru Goward has continued the war on Australia's families by the Australian government into the fifth generation of stolen children.

So who will decide which children are eligible for adoption? The same idiots who are running the worst child protection system in Australia, and the most corrupt!

$1 million recruitment drive for 450 new foster carers, how many families would hang onto their children if that money was used for long term accommodation or to address issues within the family. FACS NSW is not a community service, they help no one apart from those who are riding the FACS NSW money train like crooked psychologists who provide fake psych reports, solicitors who set up parents to lose their children and are making millions from the unfair system,

Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward said hundreds of NSW children needed adoption but many couples were still proceeding with overseas adoptions - scared off by red tape and long wait times.

She released a wide-ranging discussion paper last year and expressed an interest in amending the Care Act to make the process easier and quicker.

"It means that when they want to transfer from one to the other they don't have to go through years and years of assessments," Ms Goward said.

The Minister will today launch a $1 million recruitment drive for 450 new foster carers and is hoping some couples consider making the commitment permanent.

"Permanency is obviously the best result for a child," she said.

There are about 9000 foster parents in NSW and more than 18,000 children in out-of-home care.

Irene and David Barclay from Woonona, in the Illawarra, adopted twins Skye and Angus after first fostering them through Barnardos Australia. They welcomed an easing of the laws - in their case the adoption process took two years.

Mr and Mrs Barclay had tried to have children for seven years, and applied for foster care before looking into IVF.

"We were thinking about IVF when we thought 'There are kids who need help already'," Mrs Barclay said.

She said adoption, instead of long-term foster care, improved their "sense of family".

"The children felt a lot more stable when they knew they were adopted, and had our surname," she said.

Mr Barclay said Skye and Angus had "changed his life".

"It is an option we didn't think of at first. We wanted the option to have children but this way we can help another family out and help children in need," he said.

Ms Goward said there needed to be more of a mix in the age and type of care that foster parents provide.

"We are hoping to find younger people - people who perhaps don't want to go through IVF and would like to adopt. We'd like them to see the opportunities through foster care.

"It is just an opportunity to change a child's life."

Ms Goward said some children only needed crisis foster care, while others needed long-term care or adoption.


Alicia Wood


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Well i have a child who wanted to come on your radio show and tell everyone about what happened to her, didnt i at last a child who wanted to trust people and come forward.

It is a great sadness that exists in the world a very great sadness, people tell people who love them to just go away and leave them alone...

Such a sadness exists in the world, and me yes after all these years and finally the coming together of minds, great sadness, distrust and well, where is the love????

This is what I was fighting for all along, Altnews? I see you are back there posting, but those bloggs?? Thousands of hits to them, and thousands of posts here and on the other website before this?

We need to work together.... word together... everything together... everyone together... love is all there is left because everything else has been taken...

What more can I say................


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These children did nay necessity to be taken in the initial case, also numerous of them hope to be returned to their kindred houses. This is taking the correct of the minor to judge if they hope to requite house or nay, nay to name the havoc inflicted over the origins of these stolen children.