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NSW DOCs head charged with domestic abuse

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on Sat, 06/08/2013 - 18:18
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
NSW DOCs head charged with domestic abuse

The head of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services has stood down after he was charged with domestic violence.

So he bashed a woman. Now how many families has this hypocrite ruined because of domestic violence where a man hit a woman. This man is a predator. Will they give back all the children he authorised to be taken because of domestic violence? This man will simply get a fine and walk away leaving all the damage he has caused intact.

Jim Moore, 52, was arrested in the early hours of Saturday after police were called to an alleged domestic dispute at a home in Paddington, in eastern Sydney.

Police say they heard a woman screaming for help when they arrived at the address.

Moore allegedly assaulted a 44-year-old woman following an argument before refusing to let her leave the apartment.

He was charged with assault and intimidation, and a provisional domestic violence order was granted.

Community Services Minister Pru Goward says Moore has done the right thing by stepping down.

"Mr Moore has chosen to stand aside without pay while the charges are pending," Ms Goward said in a statement.

"I support and agree with Mr Moore's decision."

Jim Longley, chief executive of the Office of Ageing, Disability and Home Care, will replace Moore as director-general.

Ms Goward said there would be no further comment while the matter was before the courts.

Moore was given strict bail conditions to appear at Waverley Local Court on June 13.

THE Director-General tasked with cracking down on domestic violence has been charged by police after allegedly drunkenly assaulting his partner.

Jim Moore, 52, was arrested and charged with assault and intimidation after officers from Rose Bay Local Area Command arrived at his Paddington apartment, known as "The Stables", and heard a woman screaming for help.

Police allege Moore got into a loud and violent argument with the 44-year-old and, after striking her, refused to let the woman leave the Jersey Rd unit.

He was arrested at the scene and taken in a police car back to Waverley Police Station where he was charged - a provisional domestic violence order was also taken out against him.

NSW Community Services Minister Pru Goward, who is also the Minister for Women, yesterday said she had referred the matter to the Director-General of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Ms Goward said Moore had chosen to stand aside without pay while the charges were pending. He will appear in court on June 13 and was granted strict conditional bail until that time.

"Mr Moore has chosen to stand aside without pay while the charges are pending. I support and agree with Mr Moore's decision," Ms Goward said in a statement.

Domestic violence has been a key priority for the NSW Government with Ms Goward recently saying that with 125,000 incidents each year, the current laws were failing women.

As Director-General of Family and Community Services (FACS), Mr Moore - who earned $422,801 a year - was responsible for overseeing the care of some of the state's most vulnerable.

Among the eight departments that made up FACS was included Women NSW, a special agency charged with tackling domestic violence.

He was appointed by Ms Goward to head up the department in December 2011 and was previously a career bureaucrat with experience working both in Canberra and the state government.

It's understood the alleged altercation between the pair was so loud that neighbours reported varying accounts of the incident to police.

However only one neighbour, who was awake around the time of the alleged incident, chose to speak, but claimed not to have heard anything.

"I think he left early this morning - I was awake last night at 12.15 and I didn't hear anything, but their unit is up the back."

Ms Goward's office is in the process of spearheading a raft of reforms around domestic violence, including on-the-spot apprehended violence orders to tackle the problem of domestic violence.

Moore's replacement, Jim Longley - who is presently the Chief Executive of the Office of Ageing, Disability and Home Care - was yesterday immediately appointed into his role.

In welcoming Moore to the job in 2011, Ms Goward noted his strong record in delivering reforms to improve the lives of the State's most vulnerable, making him the ideal candidate for the job.

"Jim's 28-year career in Commonwealth and NSW governments, as well as his strong record in successfully delivering reforms to improve the lives of vulnerable people makes him an excellent choice," she said.


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Dear pru
Just wanted to say I can NOT believe what you said last week
You have seen tonnes of evidence from various families of the illegal criminal misconduct that some of your staff at docs do on a regular basis because they breech their policies and procedures.....

Look at your domestic violence minister another joke you all except the public to respect and look at what he has done.....

If I steal your wallet you expect me to be charged
But the ppl who are so called child protection breaks the laws and in danger children by their criminal activities and yet you do nothing but hide it and make excuses for them
As a minister you should have known your own policies and procedures and that the ombudsman only deals with current cases instead of referring me to him who could do nothing except reference back to the ministers, who have done nothing except be as evil as the Catholic Church by your lies and cover's not fair on families
My ex docs was an alcoholic and dope smoker and yet still works for you probably supplying children to that brothel that was raided earlier in the year and had underage children in it that one of your docs managers is a regular client....

How can you deceive the public like this and then think your protecting children
Your department of workers abuse them worse than the majority of parents

Must be all about the money and reputation well that got the Catholic Church along way it still came out in the end..

Would you be liable for criminal charges knowing all this corruption existed and did nothing as to your job requirements?