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NORML Partners with The Family Law & Cannabis Alliance

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on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 03:52
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
NORML Partners with The Family Law & Cannabis Alliance

It’s no secret that there has been a proliferation government agencies across the country removing minors and infants from their home, based solely on the fact that a parent is a cannabis consumer, and the false presumption that the presence of marijuana poses a danger.  This even occurs in states with a legal medical marijuana program, or where marijuana possession is no longer a criminal offense.  Some of these experiences can be incredibly traumatic to the child, as well as the parents, as officers have a tendency to use aggressive and sometimes militaristic tactics while engaging with these families.

Lindsey, Josh & Sarah are known Cannabis Activist who are battling the Idaho Court System & Child Protective Services to regain custody of their Children

FLCAlogo_innerbottomtxt_smallNORML receives dozens of calls and emails every month from devastated parents who have lost custody of their children to state agencies, and we remain committed to providing support and resources to those forced into these unfortunate circumstances.  In light of such efforts, we are pleased to announce that NORML has recently partnered with the newly formed Family Law and Cannabis Alliance (FLCA), founded by longtime drug reform activists Jess Cochrane and Sara Arnold.  The FLCA is an informational clearinghouse that provides educational resources, advocacy information and legal referrals geared  toward reformers & affected families on the crossover of marijuana laws & the child protection system.

CPS stole my infant daughter because my husband and I choose a natural medicine over pharmaceuticals. Share and stop this injustice from happening again!

Sabrina Fendrick, Director of Women’s Outreach said, she is “looking forward to working with the Family Law and Cannabis Alliance to raise awareness about the devastating effects, and sometimes dangerous practice, of child services in removing children from their safe and loving homes for the mere fact a parent is a cannabis consumer.  It is time to end this destructive policy, and put an end to marijuana prohibition once and for all.”

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Click here for more information on the Family Law and Cannabis Alliance. - See more at:
Click here for more information on the Family Law and Cannabis Alliance. - See more at:


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I've written before about the options available to a person who uses Medical Marijuana and lives in non-medical state. These choices include breaking the law, taking prescription narcotics instead, or moving to a medical Marijuana state. Well, after waiting and risking everything for years, I've finally moved to a Medical State.

15 States & Washington D.C. have legalized Medical Marijuana.

With a new adventure comes a new blog. I will continue to write and I will record my adventures in becoming a medical Marijuana cardholder and living in a Medical state.

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