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My life of hell with DoCS NSW (FACS - Family and Community Services New South Wales)

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on Sun, 03/31/2013 - 20:49
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
My life of hell with DoCS NSW (FACS - Family and Community Services New South Wales)

I have been the victim of docs NSW since I was 16 yrs old, while I was in foster care I was raped by my own brother in law and one of his mates.

I tried telling my foster sister, foster mother but they both called me a liar so I kept the pain of it to myself for a very long time. In august 1987 my ex defacto John Macko assaulted my 2 and a half yr old son James, who ended up in hospital with swelling to the brain.

The Dr told me if my son does recover he will be brain damaged, blind for life. Instead of the Maitland police locking John up for this they let him out on self bail. They didn't help me or my daughter Jessica who was only 3 and a half yrs old or my unborn baby.

DoCS from Maitland came to my home, took Jessica away from me, it broke my heart. Even on the day in court my daughter wanted to come to me but docs held her arms very tightly.

On the 31st of Jan 1988 my son Shawn was born. I started breastfeeding him but when he was 2 days old the Dr told me I had to stop because DoCS had put a removal order on him.

That night my ex defacto John decided to kidnap Shawn from the hospital, I only went along to protect Shawn from John since he already hurt my other son. We were arrested in Victoria, taken to court, docs told me if you let us fly back to NSW with Shawn you wouldn't be charged, but that was a lie because I was charged by Mayfield police as soon as I arrived back into NSW.

My daughter Jessica, sons James and Shawn were all made wards of the state in 1989. DoCS of NSW have treated me like a criminal while all my ex's get treated like they're the victims.

I was married in Nov 1988 and had 2 kids to this marriage but I lost custody of them to their druggy father in June 1996.

I had my 6th child in June 1994, then I met my 4 boys' dad in may 1995, and had 4 boys to him. On the 17th of Nov 2006 I lost my daughter Katie who was 12, my son Anthony 9 yrs, my son Travis 7 yrs, my son Nathan 5 yrs, my son lee 4 yrs to foster care till they turn 18.

The final orders were made in June 2007, I have been fighting ever since to get my kids home. My daughter was sent to live with her father in ACT. After 3 months in care she ran away from him in august 2009 at the age of 15, she has been living with me ever since. DoCS did nothing about it at all.

I am scared for my 4 boys because they are being mistreated by their foster carers to the point my sons have had enough, they are going to run away.

Please help us. from a loving, caring mum who just wants to be happy again.