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My daughter & autistic son abused and molested by DoCS & the Police

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on Wed, 08/27/2014 - 06:45
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
My daughter & autistic son abused and molested by DoCS & the Police
In 2007 I had a stroke I lived over 300km from Rockhampton and had no way of getting my autistic son and daughter back to my home. I WAS GIVEN ROCKHAMPTON DOCS telephone number because their webpage advertised that they provided support for family s in need of help.

Foolishly I reached out for help as I was desperate to get back to the farm and my autistic son was ready to implode

docs said because of my sons disabilities it was disability services responsibility and they passed the buck back to DOCS.

This went on for months and finally my son snapped and the police had to come and get him.

Instead of accepting that they had dropped the ball and offer to apologize and actually help us DOCS sunk the boot in to cover up their failure of duty of care

The next morning DOCS literally kicked in my back door and threatened me they said if I didn't take my son back (without any supports in place) that they would take my daughter and I would never see her again.

They had unbenown to me stolen my daughter from school


This is a violation of procedural law!!!

In the 6 weeks they had her my daughter was sexually abused

I reported it to QLD police who wouldn't even take my complaint I reported it to the crime and misconduct commision again I was ignored

the qld police are dogs who will do whatever it takes to protect their mates we found out that the docs officer in charge of my daughters case was a police officers lover

another of her case workers was working at a strip club called the zodiac

I have no criminal record and my only crime was having a stroke and asking DOCS for help.

I fought for three years to get my son back and docs used delaying tactics in court so that my alocation of legal aid money was quickly used up .

this meant no legal help after three years my son ran away from care when I saw him he was malnourished, dirty and stank I reported the abuse to the police and again they did nothing to help. I had to put in an official complaint about the police before they even did any investigation which was slapshod to say the least

I had two healthy children and although we had the usual squabbles that family's have we were basically happy

What I got back from DOCS was a daughter who was so frightened of loosing me that she would not leave my side for even a moment I couldn't even go to the toilet without her clinging to my leg. She wet the bed and had to undergo psychiatric treatment for years.

My son was a b, c student with the occasional a who was positive about school despite being autistic and had a part time job at Coles. What I got back was a suicidal child who self harms and will never be employed again he has never gotten over the abuse he suffered at his carers hands.

I gave evidence to the carmody report and am going to give evidence for the royal commision into sexual abuse of children and the obstacles in place of reporting or getting help for your child if you have similar stories please let the commisiom know

The child safety act says you cant sue an agent of the act ie DOCS workers but I think ive found a loophole

To be employed by DOCS as an agent of DOCS you must first be a public servant. As such you have to be subjected to the public servants act. There are very strict behavioural guidelines under this act. You must be a fit and proper person . You must follow procedural law. Any report you write must be fair and balanced and without lies.

You are not allowed to purger yourself or lie to the courts

I'm thinking of starting a class action whereby we can sue not only DOCS but the gov as well as ministers who have knowingly covered up the death and abuse of our children by the pedophiles playground (DOCS)