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More Corruption with the family court & familes SA!

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on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 08:51

Here is a journalist who is not affraid to report on another shocking case in the family court & the inability of families SA to protect even more children from serious abuse!

This story was only run yesterday (13th January 2012). Please show your support for this type of gutsy reporting by sending a message/e-mail etc to the reporter, Ken McGregor.

This story allures to the corruption in the family court & the 'so called' child protection services.

I strongly urge this mother to write a letter to the Federal Attorney General & cc it to the Chief Justice & the Governor General Ms Quentin Bryce ( with the full story of her case & the link to this news report so that they are aware that the public now knows!!

In her letter she should demand that a full investigation be made into the way the family court has handled this case & demand that the judge be permanently stood down & all others involved in the case who have acted improperly (including the legal profession) be fully investigated.

That they be fully investigated & prosecuted because this is not why the family court was set up. It was originally set up to protect children NOT place them in abusive situations. (Same with CPS).

I will be doing the same. The more people who bombard them in this way the better.

Remember that policians are affraid of public opinion as it means votes which keep them in their cushy jobs! This is why we need the sheer numbers of people to keep bombarding them constantly about these issues.

We, the people WILL fight back!

I think that it is well past the time for civil disobedience to rule!

What about if we ALL boycotted the next Federal election until the politicians listen to the people & stop the "rot" in the Family Courts & CPS in Australia?

What we do is show up to the polling booths & write on our voting paper that "we are not casting a valid vote until the government takes seriously all of our complaints against the family courts & CPS across Australia & investigates the corruption that is causing severe child abuses".

This will have a twofold effect of 1/ bringing the government to its knees & thus holding them to ransom (especially if we get millions of people do this) & 2/ they will have definite numbers of just how many people are unhappy about these institutions.

Do you think that will get their attention??


Lies, lies, and more lies

This is very interesting stuff. Here is my main objective. I live for the truth when it comes to what we call here in America 'the system' You probably use the same term there too. The 'system' is full of holes, and the 'system' lies. It is the same thing as the 'establishment'! Same dog..different bark. Lies, lies, and more lies whilst they commit the worst atrocities themselves and get away with it. @#$%$

Mother loses custody of 4yr old over sex abuse in family court

I read this mothers story and it is almost exactly the same as my own with my four year old daughter who disclosed sex abuse to police and is contained on a police video still held at the court house for a new trial to be heard, I had an appeal accepted on the 27th of August 2010.

My advice to this mother is to start lying, get a private psychiatrist for her own defence and tell this psychatirst that there are other reasons that could explain your sons disclosure and actions, that you took protective measures because it was highly likely that your son was sexually abused but since the family court has made a decsion that it never happened you also MUST ACCEPT this as well, if you dont and stay fixed in your belief (which is exactly what I did because you know its true), this will be seen as a false fixed belief and diagnosed as delusional.

Then this is used to prevent a mother gaining custody, she will be seen as not capable of promoting a relationship with the childs father accused of emotional damage because of a false beleif she will be found guility of PAS. The fathers are told to promote the relationship with the child and mother, to gain custody. Its all a game and has nothing to do with the truth, so this mother please take my advice with your appeal, start promoting your sons relationship with his father write it in your affidavits and I know this will make you sick but pretend your still in love with the father of your child that there could possibly be even a reconciliation its only for court, once you get your child back you make your own rules.

Also you only have twenty eight days to lodge an apppeal, I doubt that this judge will have given written reasons for his judgement, all you need to do for this appeal is to say that the judge has not given reasons for his judgement and get this in before the 28 days. When the judge then gives written reasons you have to find an error of law to have the appeal accepted and will have an extra 28 days to achieve this.

The judge I had never gave reasons for his judgemnt and my appeal was accepted on these grounds,and he was made resign when I handed in the appeals index to my appeal, the childrens lawyer resigned the day my appeal was accepted. I beleive that this judge knows this father is guilty and the father has signed his child over to the govenment for secret mind control programming, in exchange for not being prosecuted.

I would not ever alledge this unless I had concrete evidence of this happening and I do it has happened with my two youngest daughters, when a judge makes a rulling that makes no sense and this one makes no sense, something evil is in operation and the childrens lawyer is totally involved as well, if the childrens lawyer wasnt involved this mother would still have custody.

Also a word of warning be on guard against your own legal reps, do you remember seeing any hand signalling going on and coughing (this is a signal as well), this is what the freemasons do in court and I have no doubt that this is the freemasons at work I think all solicitors and barristers are freemasons, which means you cant trust your own legal reps because they have to be loyal to another freemason.

I pray for divine intervention for this mother and that she will be successful with her appeal and get her child back very soon where he belongs, in Jesus name, K