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Michael Buckley Tweed Heads DoCS Manager Under Investigation

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on Mon, 10/21/2013 - 15:57
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Michael Buckley Tweed Heads DoCS Manager Under Investigation

This is the video I have warrants out in NSW for me over.

I walked into the Tweed Heads DoCS office and got the Manager Michael Buckley to admit he had intentionally falsely accused many of the parents whose children he had taken of being peodophiles, as well as foster carers, and their children.

Not one of the parents, foster carers or their children that I spoke to had these allegations proven against them, yet all the children involved were never returned.

For more information on this story go to the blog below...

Interview with Michael Buckley Manager DoCS Tweed Heads

Do you work at Tweed Heads DoCS and need a fake psychiatrist's report???? John Trendennick is your man. No one is allowed to speak of this, or they will be investigated by the police. There is no chance of John Trendennick being investigated and going to jail for what he has and is doing, only those who expose his atrocities risk being jailed.

This man has become extremely wealthy on money that was meant to be used to help children and families, instead it paid for his lies. I gladly accept any request for evidence of this. Numerous members of Tweed Heads and the surrounding region are victims of this evil man, all of them have complained in every channel available, as they have also complained about the lies and false accusations leveled at this region's most vulnerable children and families by the Manager of Tweed heads DoCS, Michael Buckley.

Time for DoCS to take a step into the criminal courts. I have people with evidence on corrupt judges, police, barristers..... any of them come near me and they will have their corruption sent out to thousands of people, and politicians, by email, and every social media. This is where it ends. Bring it on.

And so it begins....

ATT:, "ICAC" <>,,

I have just recorded an interview regarding Tweed Heads manager Michael Buckley. He was informed last Friday about an illegal brothel which had children as young as 13 working as sex slaves in Murwillumbah. He refused to acknowledge or investigate even after the person returned a second time to give the details of where this brothel could be found. The person told another source and the brothel in Isle of Capri in Surfer's Paradise was raided on Saturday with numerous other girls found at this address.

One of the girls has identified Michael Buckley as some who was on the premises frequently. According to my sources Michael Buckley was the only one he informed of this brothel's existence. He went to the police the next day who raided several other premises which had been tipped off and shut down.

I demand a full investigation be made into Michael Buckley and the Tweed Heads DoCS office immediately, including how many times he has rung this brothel and the owners, and if he has been supplying children to the brothel or pedophile foster carers.

It takes a ruthless person to run a ruthless organisation. I have met a few families now since investigating Tweed Heads DoCS and it's manager, Michael Buckley. In fact, after doing this interview I went and met a grandmother trying to retrieve her grand child from the clutches of these animals. Yep, you guessed it..... allegations of sexual abuse had been thrown at her. Since I have arrived I have come across over ten people who have had allegations of sexually interfering with these docs hostages.

These include foster carers, foster children, parents, children accused of abusing their own siblings. These people throw everything they can at parents unfortunate enough to be dealing with docs Tweed Heads, and if that doesn't work they don't hesitate to come up with false allegations of sexual abuse. The informant is never known.

So why would anybody do this, it just doesn't make sense, does it..... We need to look at who is making money from what is going on here, and if anybody in Tweed Heads docs is receiving kickbacks from the millions of dollars given by the governments towards the care of these so called abused children. Children who plainly state they are happy in their homes, but are ignored by docs case workers, judges, politicians, Life Without Barriers case workers and the Manager in this region, Peter Moore whose office receives more money than anyone for these stolen children.

to be continued....


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Janine Ann Mireylees Cooper
First twelve seconds into this and u say try to uncover.... Your on my home turff and have lots of people who have dealt with tweed heads docs.... Terri lowes, was grafton docs now physiologist for courts.... Does he do circuit like John linden??? They all know and hate me..... P.s Terri your wife draped dead cause of all the corruption she was covering out of grafton and you know and are apart of it all... Gunna get John readers mob to knock me off????
He ran back and called all his corrupt mates within the system.... Buckley? Must check mountains of documents that name.... Should have asked him about magistrate John linden or Terri lowes. Is the docs solicitor for tweed office making false incorrect chronologies for courts Peter marr, grafton I have soooo much solid evidence against you and nowI have courage. P.s. Pru goward has copies of all of it only a matter of time and some decent professionals to have u charged and convicted.
Also Michael, 15 reports to docs lismore 2004-2006 from neglect, sexual abuse and a 13 year old(my daughter) suicide attempt at school cause she didn't want to go home to dad. ALL reports " competing priorities case closed". My ex is a convicted sexual assault it's, convicted indecent assault it's and convicted child physical assault it's...
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These folks would not know real child abuse, child sexual assault, or domestic violence if it was presented to them on a platter, nor it seems do those in our protection and prevention systems.

New definition this week of domestic violence, having an arguement with your spouse in front of the kids. What is this stupidity coming too?  Show an emotion at all and you will be accussed of something?

Interestingly, the Australian Institute of Family Studies gets the funding to research all these issues, but are they listened to and do they do anything to help except refer you on to the next person?


Does anybody do anything in the organisations and corporations to help the abused or the persecuted.

NO, instead you get labelled and further victimised. This is called VICARIOUS TRAUMA.

You can tell your story to people until you are raving and totally RETRAUMATISED to them, this is when they will really stick you with their knives, they will claim you have this disorder or even that you THINK they are conspiring against you?????

Well what the hell is it if multiple organisations are passing the buck because the ISSUES are too hard to deal with????

I would say a CONSPIRACY beyond any individual person, and one that is embedded and entrenched far more than singly (when being accussed of something akin to being in a  psychosis) any of us as individuals could have imagined.

Who are the VICTIMS?

Well obviously, coming from a simpleton like me, with a minor autism, anyone can begin to see that the VICTIMS are CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS.

How low can it get that all the children being taken are being sexually molested?

This makes a laughing stock of people who are being sexally abused or have been in childhood. It makes agencies like the police not be bothered to follow up on claims of abuse because who is going to believe it?

This is why many kids never tell. Also what is the point when you will be labelled like you just stepped off NCIS SVU, as some deranged individual who hurts children yourself???? by agencies like DoCS????

My point is that those in protective services who really should be "getting it" and fully understanding the correct information/reseach, and interviewing the VICTIMS who do choose to come forward, is that they probably watch a lot of crap on TV rather than study the proper research channels themselves with due diligence.

and that this behaviour by DoCS is making a mockery of honest people who have VICTIMISED and TRAUMATISED in their lives.

I know for a fact that DoCS do not act in the best interests of FAMILIES, they operate on an individualised basis, ie: this child, that child. Not this sibling group who are related to these parents.

DoCS have NO CONCERN about geneological groupings or biological heritage or the value of this on a persons life. Siblings are treated as "separate cases". I was told constantly that what was happening in my teenagers life, had nothing to do with her little sister who they took, that they were separate cases. I have so many letters some even written to my son full of lies, who I realise now also became "a case" but who kept telling DoCS and the police to leave us alone and go and arrest the real abusers. In the end the letters for all my 3 youngest children (the eldest being an adult by this stage) all say the same that "the Department of Community Services" has now closed its files/finshed working with your family/ closed the files on your child ......(bla bla)... they did nothing to protect ANY of us from ANYTHING that was/had occurred, in fact they inflamed the problems and got the coppers to help them.


and meanwhile back at the SAFEHOUSE the kids are being sexually molested????? got to go vomit now!!!!!

and..... case closed... kid taken..... thank you very much for your input into our organisation and for giving us a free ride in our lives on the backs of you and your children... we really appreciate that you provided us ALL  with jobs based on your life of being abused, we are happy to have abused you all some more...











ANY ONE WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER as I am sure I have left out some of the people I (in a helpless state but still desperate for someone to see what was going on) tried to contact.

It is all to surreal to be real, any day now someone is going to pinch me and it will all be a dream, and I will wake up and my children and I will all feel like we live safely and in a world where honesty exists.

I have to ask where is the honesty in any of this????

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I believe something sinister is occurring with in the child protection unit and parents children.  As a parent to seven of these at least four of them have been abused and 3 livibg with a know sexual predator.  One was sexually abused at 8 and the guy is now finally in prison his ister has now dislclosed watching pornagraphic movies in a caravan.  Whose I have no idea because they have not even begun to investigate this and another daughter was referred to the sexual assault counsellor not long after a new placement and these foster carers were well known to teh sexual assault counsellor yet my child had no need to attend such a s service.  So what is happenning to our children?  I want answers and why they have knowledge of this nad yet continue to let tehse criminal perpetrators continue fostering and teh caseworkers supervising.  Inquiry now! 

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perhaps the Northern Region is part of a wider problem, Tweed, Lismore, Grafton, Coffs, Kempsey, Taree????

no doubt they get together for socials and what they try to claim is "training".

as I read your comment I had two names spring to mind (I sometimes have images or names or ideas that just pop into my head) but I get two names and a town, Sandra ..... and Justine (however it is probably personally related. If you read this perhaps you can let me know if those names mean anything.

there is definitely something wrong with how sexual assault is investigated by the police and JIRT, from what I have experienced in dealing with them since 2001 (where the other child victim in the case committed suicide after police contact and the pedophile is still walking the streets without charges) then in response to concerns from 2007, basically I was called a liar or third party informant - even though a magestrate sent my youngest child home after seeing the images. DoCS, police, JIRT disagreed with the magestrate and took the law into their own hands.


rather they wont investigate my information on any level due to the fact I got upset after DoCS took my baby after I got beaten up by kids who bullied my children for not having sex with them or taking drugs and drinking with them on weekends. Seems my kids were "snobs" therefore I deserved all this DoCS mess.

Seems that this is just what kids do these days, and to quote the JIRT officer who kicked me out of the room to speak to my child "alone" yet with a DoCS officer present, "drugs are everywhere, they are just a fact of life and you should just get used to that". so????? If that is true and the cops believe it then why are they still classed as illegal substances. I guess they also believe that " child sexual assault is just a fact of life and us mums and dads should just get used to that too" along with them pinching our kids never to be seen again unless we have the money to pay for it and "when things do change" you too can go on a waiting list to visit with your kid for a couple of hours at a cost to you, like seriously you have to pay to see your kid for a contact visit and wait six months to do attend and then you get a whole what hour?, Here is where folks who think they are better than you (the abusive/mental case parent) can watch your every move and listen to your every word and of course make sure you dont "touch" your own child... when they are the perveted ones putting them "at risk" with strangers and even family members who are really abusers????

Its just sick and the corruption is rampant throughout the whole of the Australian government systems... the whole of government needs to be investigated because these "issues" sitting in the TOO HARD BASKET are weaved through multiple agencies within the corporate government environment.

IT IS TIME!!!!!!! 








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I was an integeral member involved in the founding of NSGBD. I authored the majority of the site and was subsequently punished for speaking out against the corruption of Tweed DoCS.

They did this by severely minimising my access, increasing the access of known abusers in my and my childrens lives and by treating me with complete and utter disregard.

To see my youngest two children I had to be 'interigated' by Tweed's senior Psychiatrist John Trendinnick. At one of these 'interigations' I was repetitively told that I was a victim. I threw this cruel judgement back at John stating 'I am no victim. I am asurvivor, though if I look at it fromyour perspective, I am your victim. You will not allow me to move into the next stage of being a thriver.'

Access with these children was in a 'contained area' with no outdoor view, minimal space to move, no fresh air and baby toys with which I was expected to entertain two highly active,intelligent children.

I once requested that I see my son do a cartwheel and other acrobatics. He is naturally gifted and was doing break dancing moves at theage of one. John told me that I was selfish and that  the access was 'for the children, not me.' Reluctantly, John permitted me to watch my son do a cartwheel in the front office. how ridiculous! Children love to show off their talent....

My daughter continually requested that they have access with me at 'the DoCS house, just like with sty everybody else'. She gets upset at the termination of every visit because the time is not adequate and the interaction limited due to the regimented style.

 I am not permitted to give the children presents at every visit. I am only allowed to give them presents at Christmas and Birthday time. Every present to be affirmed as appropriate by DoCS. At Christmas 2009 I ran into the children at the Tweed Aldis store. The male foster carer permitted that I give the children their presents. The exchange was pleasant. The children were delighted. Sandy Pillon promptly sent me a letter stating that I had breached their code of conduct.

I have been continually told that my interaction with the children was 'not adequate'. I repetitively told DoCS caseworker Rebecca Chaffer and John Trendinnick that the access would not be productive or constructive whilst I was 'locked' in a tiny room with two active children.

I have recently been permitted access at the Tweed access house,but this only came about because I informed DoCS case manager Sandy Pillon that I would decline further access if I was required to have it in their regimented space with their evil psychiatrist John Trendinnick.

I received correspondence from DoCS today. I do not have an increase of access but can now play inthe sunshine with my children. No longer do I have to try to interact with my children playing with baby toys.

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Sounds like jail and they are trying to wreck whats left of a relationship rather than reunit or support parents and children.

Sounds like victimisation and absolute abuse of children and a parent to me.

Sounds like all DoCS want to do to families is separate and destroy them.


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It's time Pru,

There are too many children being damaged by what can only be described as a system of child abuse in your hands. Time to stop. 18,000 too many in fact. What are you really protecting, the child protection industry more so than the children? Shameful.

I will be very loud about DOCS with your constituency unless I see a turn around soon. No threats, just politics my dear. Altruism mixed with money so often has a lasting effect.

When graphic facts are laid on their table, you will have to answer them, not me or Michael Borusiewicz, but the people who have voted for you. It will not be pretty.

Get a load of the manager of DOCS Tweed Heads, hopeless. Her is is corrupting and industrialising Child Protection. So many false reports of sexual assault, none proven. Do you question that? We of intelligence do.

Once again, yours sincerely,

Markus Fitzhenry.

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I wish to lodge a formal complaint with regards to Michael Buckley, manager of DoCS Tweed Heads, NSW. I view this as relating to the CMC and the ICAC as although he is a corrupt manager in NSW, I have information that he is involved in the cover up of a brothel which was raided last friday at the Isle of Capri where numerous girls were found aged from thirteen to nineteen. I also do not trust the ICAC after having lodged numerous complaints of corruption and witnessing other blatant cases of corruption, and being told they were simply poor operating standards as well as other poor excuses made for DoCS in NSW.

This man has made countless accusations of sexual abuse in Tweed Heads region against foster parents, foster children, parents and children, as well as grand parents, every single family I have spoken to that he has dealt with, yet I have information that one of the underage girls who worked at this brothel recognised him as a regular at this illegal international pedeophile ring.

I also have evidence that he failed to act on a three year old girl who showed obvious signs of being molested by her foster carer, even telling DoCS staff this. The result was less access by the parent to help cover up this heinous atrocity. John Trendinnick the psychiatrist who dealt with this case also showed little empathy or concern and helped to cover up this criminal activity.

I would ask that these two men's picture, as well as Peter Moore, manager of Life Without Barriers and also in the Ballina Shire Council is shown to these girls, to either verify my accusations, or discredit them.

I have more evidence, should you request it,
Kind Regards,
Michael Borusiewicz.
Life's misfortunes fall disproportionately  upon the young

Luke's Army Website
Luke's Army on Facebook
Luke's Army on Youtube


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Hey Michael, yeah I'm aware that You Tube has removed  the Buckley Video
Welcome to the Tweed mate, Carl Williams would be alive and well  today if only he directed his interest away from drug trafficking to child trafficking
Public awareness is the only way mate
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NSW Special Branch disbanded By Francesca Davidson + Special Branch Spied on 60,000

Corrupt Police Protected Pedophile Judge
NSW Special Branch disbanded
By Francesca Davidson

SYDNEY -- For 49 years the NSW Police Special Branch has been monitoring the activities of left activists in NSW. After the NSW Royal Commission into Police Corruption heard evidence in February of Special Branch's involvement in covering up the paedophilic activities of Judge David Yeldham, the branch was officially disbanded on March 12.

Special Branch has a squalid history involving fabrication of evidence, false arrest, perjury by its members and implication in at least two frame-ups, including the infamous Ananda Marga case of 1978-1985.

Special branches were set up as a supplement to the Australian Security and Intelligence Organization in the early 1940s amidst anticommunist hysteria and the Cold War. Their role was to provide security for politicians and to collect "dirt files'' on political activists.

Tim Anderson was one of Special Branch's victims, wrongfully imprisoned in both the Ananda Marga frame-up and for the 1978 Hilton bombing. With groups such as Justice Action, he has campaigned for the abolition of Special Branch for years.

Anderson told Green Left Weekly, "The last time an outsider had a chance to look at the files, in 1978, they found that there were at least 50,000 inactive files, 20,000 active and around 8000 dossiers. They contain mostly irrelevant gossip and some political information.''

Anderson points out that Special Branch used its access to privileged information in a selective and manipulative fashion "to protect a very conservative and pro-police judge'' such as Yeldham, while it monitored, arrested and framed "people such as myself who are critical of police operations''.

Special Branch focused on collecting information on particular trade union, community and migrant groups. "I've seen demonstrations where Special Branch would take a placard out of someone's hands and trample it into the ground with venom. These people were vetted for their political ideas'', says Anderson.

Anderson comments that the Special Branch was notably inactive in the 1980s when anti-apartheid activists' lives were being threatened by right-wing groups like National Action. Only when there was a murder in the National Action office did it begin making arrests, "because many of these extreme right-wingers were police informers''.

Special Branch always had access to people in positions of power, states Anderson, "hanging out at police functions, looking out for police hierarchy, hanging out with politicians and providing security for judges''.

NSW is the last state to have a special security force. According to Anderson, after the South Australian Special Branch was abolished in 1978 for misuse of information, NSW Labor Premier Neville Wran announced an inquiry into NSW Special Branch. When the Hilton bombing occurred in February 1978, Wran called off the inquiry. Anderson said, "Wran and the newspapers at the time defended the Special Branch, saying 'Stay away form our political police because they're protecting us from world terrorism'.''

What should happen to the existing files remains a debate. While Anderson agrees there is a case for handing over particular files, like Yeldham's, to the Police Integrity Commission, he believes the "dirt files'' should be made available to the people concerned and then destroyed.

"It's in the spirit of the freedom of information legislation, which incidentally didn't exist when Special Branch was created, that individuals should be able to check personal information that the government has on them to see if it's rubbish'', he says. "Unless the files relate to some real criminal investigation, they should be destroyed.''

The NSW government has suggested that the functions of Special Branch be picked up by the existing police apparatus. "The function of collecting 'dirt files' should be abandoned altogether'', argues Anderson. "What business have they got looking at peace groups and such people? Those people are involved in legitimate activity. If they are suspected of criminal activity, there are normal police functions that can take up that role.''


Link To Original Article:


Special Branch Spied on 60,000


The Australian

(June 23 1998)

THE disbanded NSW Police Special Branch had nearly 60,000 secret index cards on organizations
The Police Integrity Commission report tabled yesterday found Special Branch was "virtually unaccountable" and had an "unacceptable overlap" between its functions of gathering information on VIPs and protecting them.

The examination of a cabinet in the Special Branch records room revealed firearms, weapons and detonators - some of which had been there for eight years and which the group's commander admitted to having no knowledge about.

In total, the commission examined 58,150 index cards contained in the records room: 26,800 related to individuals nearly 7000 focused on "terrorists'', with the remainder including organizations, publications and religious groups.

Letters to newspaper editors, attending demonstrations and parking cars near meetings, all resulted in reports. The retention of "dirt files" on MPs, significantly increased the risk of "blackmail or extortion" through leaks, the report found.

Between 1939 and 1997, Special Branch also established an additional 10,324 in-depth files however, all but 1079 had been destroyed & emdash; the report found their destruction might have been illegal. [my emphasis: this means the truth about the Hilton Bombing may never be know and shows they had a lot to hide.

The commission noted that the NSW police royal commission found that Special Branch tried to smother potentially embarrassing information relating to the late former Justice David Yeldham's sexual behavior in public toilets.

While it found no evidence of "similar incidents of protection of public officials", the report found the Yeldham example raised "the possibility that other incidents involving public figures could have occurred and been smoothed over by Special Branch, and any records destroyed".

However, the commission cautioned that the public release of some material could inflame issues and expose individuals.

Labeling Special Branch a "law unto itself", Police Minister Paul Whelan vowed yesterday to ensure as many people as possible had access to their files.

"The B-grade gunshoe, cloak-and-dagger days of the old Police Service are gone," Mr Whelan said. He said the Government would adopt the recommendations concerning the creation of a new agency and on the use of the existing files. Special Branch was disbanded in March, 1997 and its records seized.

Link To Original Article:

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New South Wales

Rex Jackson1987Labor Partyaccepting bribes10 yearsformer Minister for Corrective Services; increased from 7½ years on appeal[4]
Tony Packard1993Liberal Partyunlawful use of listening devicesconvicted, fined $1000 [5][6]
Barry Morris1996Liberal Partymaking death threats1 yeardecreased from 2½ years on appeal[7]
Milton Orkopoulos2008Labor Party33 counts, including child sex and drug offences13 years and 8 months (non-parole period 9 years)appealed March 2009[8]
Richard Face2009Labor PartyMaking a false statement to the ICACfined $2500, three-year good behaviour bond [9][10]
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Brian Austin1990National Partymisappropriating public funds15 months [11]
Leisha Harvey1990National Partymisappropriating public funds12 months7 months served in home detention[11]
Don Lane1990National Partymisappropriating public funds12 months [11]
Geoff Muntz1990National Partymisappropriating public funds12 months [11]
Keith Wright1993Labor Partychild sex offences8 years (non-parole period 4 years), paroled after 5½ yearsFormer Opposition Leader[12]
Bill D'Arcy2000Labor Partychild sex offences11 years (non-parole period 7 years) [13]
Merri Rose2005Labor Partyextortion1½ years [12]
Gordon Nuttall2009, 2011Labor PartyCorruption, receiving secret commissions, theft15 years (non-parole period 10 years) [14]
Karen Struthers2007Labor PartyDrink driving$1000 fine and loss of licence for 10 months [15]
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Brenton Best2002Labor PartyDrink driving  [16][17]
Terry Martin2011IndependentProducing child pornography and sexual penetration of a child under the age of 17suspended sentence [18]
Dr Bob Brown1983The GreensProtesting against the Franklin Dam19 Days in Risdon Prison [19]
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Carolyn Hirsh2005Labor PartyDrink driving$600 and driving ban of 6 months [20],
Andrew Olexander2005Liberal PartyDrink driving  [20],
Carolyn Hirsh2006Labor PartyDrink driving and driving whilst disqualified$600 and driving ban of 1 year [21],
Adem Somyurek2009Labor PartyDriving whilst disqualified$300 and 1 month suspended Gaol sentence [22],
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Western Australia

Brian Burke1994Labor Partymisappropriating public funds7 monthsformer state Premier[23]
Ray O'Connor1995Liberal Partystealing a Bond Corporation cheque from a parked car18 monthsformer state Premier[24][25]
David Parker1996Labor Partyperjury18 monthsformer state Deputy Premier, paroled after six months[26]
Wayde Smith1998Liberal Partyperjury18 monthsparoled after six months[27][28]
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A MAJOR investigation into an international child pornography network has resulted in the arrest of 19 Australian men including a retired Victorian QC and a NSW police officer.

Three other Australians are still under investigation.

Retired QC Neil James Williams, 74, of Newham, faces two child pornography charges, one count of using a carriage service to access child pornography and one count of knowingly possessing child pornography.

Williams was arrested by Australian Federal Police on October 22 and appeared in the Bendigo Magistrates Court shortly afterwards, where he was granted bail.

Australian Federal Police Deputy Commissioner Andrew Colvin warned yesterday that more arrests were likely and he feared this sort of activity was much more common than even these arrests indicated. Two Australian children have been removed from what Mr Colvin said were harmful situations.

Late last year Brazilian police investigating a pornography ring were shocked to find a mass of videos that veteran officers said were among the worst they had ever seen. They included film of children as young as 12 months being abused and some depicted sexual abuse of children lasting more than two hours. "We don't describe it amongst the worst for no reason," Mr Colvin said.

Around the world such images were rated on a scale of one to five, with five being "the worst of the worst".

"Many of these images are fours which is very high on that scale — not something we see often," Mr Colvin said.

The material was being distributed on the internet to hundreds of men in 70 countries, including Australia.

Spanish police have arrested 121 people involved in the network there.

When the Australian Federal Police launched "Operation Resistance" as their end of the investigation, they searched 28 premises and found 15,000 videos and 500,000 images of children being shared by members of the ring in Australia and abroad.

Police do not believe any of the children in the images were filmed in Australia.

The investigation in Australia has taken nearly a year and most of those arrested were picked up in the past month.

Williams is due to reappear in the Bendigo Magistrates Court on March 4. He was not at home when The Age visited his house in the Macedon ranges town of Newham yesterday.

Mr Colvin said those involved in this type of crime should be warned: "If we are not knocking on your door this morning, then it could be tomorrow."

A Sydney man charged in connection to the abuse network is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl on several occasions.

Richard Ngong Fung Lee, 24, was arrested at his Blakehurst home on Wednesday after allegedly accessing child pornography on his computer.

Lee appeared in Sydney's Central Local Court yesterday, where he faced two child pornography charges and six child sex charges.



Suicides as child porn probe widens

By John Silvester, Andrea Petrie
Brendan Nicholson
October 2, 2004

Page Tools

A Catholic primary school teacher and an Anglican minister are among hundreds of Victorians who will be investigated for possessing child pornography as Australia's biggest vice probe grows.

The minister, 58, from Mount Waverley, and the schoolteacher, 26, from Frankston, are expected to be charged on summons.

Two academics, federal public servants, defence department staff and professionals who work with children are also under scrutiny.

Four suspects - two in Victoria, one in Queensland and one in Western Australia - have committed suicide after being interviewed by police.

The body of a prison officer from Sale's Fulham prison, was found in his car near Stratford yesterday.

He was interviewed on Thursday over child pornography allegations not related to the Australia-wide raids.

The body of a Melbourne man was found in Heyfield after he was interviewed.

A 46-year-old electrician charged with child pornography offences was found dead in his West Australian home.

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Police sources said the investigation, dubbed Operation Auxin, was "becoming very ugly" and will continue for months.

While police initially estimated they had seized about 500,000 computer images in this week's raids in Victoria, further checks yesterday indicated the number was at least 1 million.

Police have so far charged and bailed five Victorian men for being in possession of child pornography while a further 63 will be charged on summons.

In Sydney, a schoolteacher who allegedly set up a video camera behind a change room mirror to film children undressing, was yesterday refused bail because he was considered such a serious danger to children.

Police who searched his home found a computer with images of young children engaged in sexual acts and videos of his female pupils.

In Western Australia, 25 men were charged including two schoolteachers, a policeman and an assistant to a state MP.

Queensland police have made 1904 charges against 58 people, including police officers.

By the time investigations by federal, state and territory police forces are completed, as many as 500 people are expected to face charges ranging from child rape to possession of pornography.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said there were likely to be many more child pornography websites than the 23 involved in this investigation.

In other developments, a Melbourne child-care centre owner, Scott Barrett Ellis Thompson, 42, of Kew, who has been charged on summons with child pornography offences, has placed the company which operates the centres into voluntary administration while he tries to sell them.

Thompson owns the Lakesfield Early Learning Centre in Ferntree Gully, East Ivanhoe Early Learning Centre, and Excel Early Learning Centre in Croydon.

Administrators James Stewart and Adrian Brown yesterday met parents and child-care centre staff to assure them Thompson would not be associated with the centres in any way.

Mr Stewart said administrators were confident of securing a quick sale.

Victorian police will check hundreds of people whose email addresses have been found on computers seized during the blitz.

Police are also concerned that some suspects may have sold their computers to people who are unaware the hard-drives still contain child pornography.

Police Assistant Commissioner Simon Overland said: "We have found that many of them have top end computers... and they have traded in their previous equipment. While attempts may have been made to clean the computers it is very difficult to remove files."

The head of the sexual crimes squad, Detective Inspector Tony Cecchin, said of the 68 suspects identified in Victoria, none had previously come under police notice.

Inspector Cecchin said the youngest victim involved was the image of an 11-month-old girl.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon said no Victorian children had been identified so far among the computer images seized.

"We're in the process of trying to work through who the images are . . . who are the children involved in those images.

"If we can find any information at all relating to Victorian children then we'll deal with that."

Director of Catholic Education at the Archdiocese of Melbourne, Susan Pascoe, yesterday said the primary teacher under investigation had been stood down on full pay.

She said the teacher had not been charged and if charged parents would be informed and staff and students offered counselling.

Police revealed yesterday that the Anglican minister who will be charged on summons was involved with local youth groups.

General manager of the Anglican diocese of Melbourne, John McKenzie, said the minister was stood down immediately after police notified the church.

Those needing assistance can reach Suicide Helpline Victoria on 1300 651 251, Lifeline on 131 114 (both 24-hour lines), SANE on 1800 688 382 or Kids Help Line on 1800 551 800.

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Att: Commissioner's Office NSW Police Force

With regards to a phone conversation with Constable Alex Said from Tweed Heads police station whereby he informed me that a warrant was to be issued for my arrest pertaining to my visit to Tweed Heads DoCS office and my conversation with the Tweed Heads DoCS manager Michael Buckley, I request information on what grounds I am to be arrested, if the warrant has been put out for an alleged offense under the "Care and Protection" Act.... or if the warrant has been put out under the "Crimes" Act and under what part of the Act has the warrant been issued.

As this man has had so many allegations of mismanagement, abuse of privilege and being a straight out liar, I recorded the interview so as to have credible evidence of our conversation.

This DoCS manager Michael Buckley is wasting police time and resources and should be brought up on charges, the police involved should be retrained as to what harassment actually is.

I am currently dealing with DoCS NSW complaints, Pru Goward, ICAC and Crime Stoppers regarding Michael Buckley.

I refer you to the advice given me by Russell Mathews

Russell Mathews has had prior actions in the Qld DC, the Qld Supreme Court, the Qld Court of Appeal. Anotherd action is expectet to commence pursuant to the Cth Judiciary Act 1903, in the Qld Supreme Court, later this year.   

Russell Mathews has set many precedents regarding this situation over the last ten years. I request you take this matter seriously, and that you would supply me with any relevant information which would bring this matter to an end.
kind regards,
Michael Borusiewicx

Mumwhererya's picture

Next you will have false allegations of sexual assault against you for exposing the truth and be sent to sweden for extradition to america......where you will join julian assange....

"were all living in america,,, america is wunderba"

as we follow the likes of them to our end.....

no one wants to tell the truth, those working in the human services departments are all trying to protect each other...

they row their boats at the peoples expense, that of taxpayers and that of ordinary people just trying to survive from day to day....

wow...... a warrent for your arrest just like my third child was threatened with by NSW police recently for not going to support the DoCS carers kid who was in the court having her sisters boyfriend charged with multiple accounts of "rape" on her.

my kid who was in DoCS care who police and DoCS would not BRIING HOME, and who was being systemically abused in every sort of way possible while being told by everyone that MUMMY WAS A CHILD ABUSER....




RESPONSE ------- SILENCE (because you the victim are mad and/or bad)


THEY dont understand they TOOK YOUR REASON TO LIVE AWAY..... All your phone calls to the complaints line....



Any government that does this to you and any country that allows that to happen to you is indeed in a very sad place, a very sad state of complete corruption...


What was on the news on Thursday, it was not the DoCS PROTEST pj organised it was the FIREMEN PROTESTING about workcover, poor old kids never got a look in....


Another protest - oh - BOAT PEOPLES BOAT SANK - sad yeah, but what about OUR KIDS MAN!!!!!!

How did this become such a bad, mad country......

MICHAEL IS A HERO YOU STUPID POLICE, HE IS EXPOSING CHILD ABUSE, HE IS EXPOSING THE HEINIOUS CRIME THAT WAS PERPETRATED ON HIS CHILD AND HIM - you accussed him of not being a good father - to us this is criminal because we love our kids and you have made us feel like criminals???????

Why are the whistleblowers victimised further and what is the definition of a BULLY???? How do you expect to have a decent society when you BULLY AND VICTIMISE THE VICTIMS????? and do nothing to the PERPETRATORS OF SEXUAL ABUSES AND MURDERS..............

DoCS MURDERED THIS MANS CHILD AND I AM REALLY ANGRY ABOUT THAT AND THAT OUR BELOVED COUNTRY JUST DOESNT SEEM TO CARE...even scarier is that there are more victims of murder by these agencies in our country and the murderers are getting away with it.....


HITLER IS LIVING IN YOUR COMMUNITIES, YES ALIVE AND WELL........and beside him the pedofiles from DoCS all protected by your honest decent hardworking police.....

So angry about the police protecting DoCS and abusing the parents on top of the abuse they are already getting from DoCS, so angry that Australia just doesnt seem to be all that interested, where is Julia Gillard or any other politician taking us as a nation, where is the national interest? Why dont Australians care about other peoples kids anymore????? Then you wonder why the kids show such disrespect and resentment......







Lukes Dad's picture

I request the employment of Michael Buckley be terminated until all investigations are complete as I have received numerous statements from people who have been victims of this man and been harrassed by police and docs workers intent on covering up his corruption and victimising any individuals who are not prepared to turn a blind eye to his corrupt and behavior. He is abusing privilege by using his position of influence to have police post a warrant for my address, and is wasting police resources by doing so. My safety is at risk while this man is not behind bars. I spoke with him once, of his own free will, and was nothing but friendly and respectful.

After the corruption and lies I have been witness to from this man continue to grow, it would be dangerous for me to speak to this evil person without recording, I am sure you would agree. Please ensure that this man is forbidden to contact me, make allegations to the police about me in retribution for exposing his corruption, and is halted from infliction irrepairable damage on families, parents and children as soon as possible,
kind regards,
Michael Borusiewicz.

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Can we all not get together our same distressing stories and go to the courts . I would love to be involved in a class action to take them on. My story is no different to all
I am reading I want to help
Take them apart . I was involved with them through lies and deceit and 100% want them to made accountable for destroying our families

Help Fight Child Protection's picture

Michael, I just read the paper of the Foster Care Tragedy & could not stop crying...It hurts my heart so much to hear of such a tragedy
I am truly sorry for your loss and everything that has happened to you before the fact as well
I cannot believe that they would even allow a 74 yr old person that obviously had problems with children to be a baby sitter much less a full time caregiver
Unfortunately we cant do anything for you guys in Australia & you can't do anything for us in the USA to change the Laws but WE can support each other & use each others stories to show the Law Enforcement/Government that CFS/DCF needs a major overhaul all across the world, not just in the US or Australia, The UK, Canada etc...
If you need anything just let me know...By the way, I posted a picture of you and Luke while you were int he Hospital & on my cover I posted the story....I hope that is OK
Lukes Dad's picture

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A former Oneida County Child Protective Services caseworker and Utica police officer admits having child pornography on his home computer in the town of Frankfort.

Stanley Dorozynski pleaded guilty in federal court in Syracuse on Wednesday. He could face a maximum of 10 years in prison when he is sentenced on Dec. 7. He was immediately taken into custody following his plea.

Dorozynski will also have to register as a sex offender and pay a fine of up to $250,000.

He was responsible for investigating child abuse cases for the county agency, where he worked from 2008 until 2010 when his girlfriend found the pornography and called police.

More than 2,400 images of child pornography were found in his possession. Some showed young girls in sexual acts with adults.

Associated Press

Robyn's picture

I have had dealings with Buckley,Linden and the rest and I believe it goes much further than is even stated here. It goes to Sydney at the very least. I thought I was the only one involved in this corruption and evil. In shock ,I read my own story in the above article. Its sad and devastatingly shocking to know that it has not just been my own life and family that has been destroyed by these creatures.I hope somehow they  will loose everything eventually. I have never seen or heard of my son a young innocent sweet child.. ,again since they took him for no reason whatsoever except having an evil Docs worker as a parent.There was no abuse or anything in my household and yet they told EXACTLY the same story as above sibling abuse sexual abuse parental abuse ect.Linden said quote you only want you son back for revenge on your ex The ex who Linden had proof of holding myself at shot gun point mutiple times and also proof that he did abuse all of the rest of the family physically and otherwise. I knew it was a setup from start to finish,I even knew almost how it was done,but how do you fight them I did for years through many courts winning and eventually lost only through Linden and Tweed Heads collarberation with all the others.

Somehow they all need to be taken down!!!!


chris's picture

hay mate you need to make a new you tube account as it looks like they have cut off your channel cant watch your vids dont give up your doing a great job just keep posting their curruption and evetually enough people will see


Melinda Bliss's picture

DOCS in QLD managed to turn a systematic abuser (convicted stalker etc) and abuser (committing 3rd degree burns, punches, kicks and broken ribs) into an 'ideal father' and allow him to physically assuault me and take my daughter. She had lived wiht me and her brother for over 2 years with no issue with my parenting (of course) but - as it shows when a women and child come against the violence and patriarchal interpretations of the idealised family how mind-numbing it can be- apparently according to DOCS I can be an excellent mother (to a child with out competing parental claim) but not one with. HOW RIDICULOUS. I WILL FIGHT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE TO REVEAL how entrenched atttitudes assisted a perpetrator of extreme violence against myself and my children - supporting him to just 'take her'....oh and after broken ribs and fleeing the state after continual stalking and no help from QLD police-they pulled the assault charge cause me and my son are safe in if I want to see my daughter,...apparently I can expect to get kicked in the ribs truly sadistic

Robyn's picture

Hi Melinda

I am sad to hear what has happened to you and your family from the Draconian Organised Crime SS as I call them.

We all will fight forever. I think it’s quite stupid really they are creating a group of super strong people that eventually once able to get back on their feet, hopefully in one joint effort ,will be able to tip over and burn the whole castle of cards these idiots have built for themselves and every corrupt inhabitant. You are one of these and so is your son and daughter eventually, Hang in there, take care of yourself and your son. Heal as best you can.


I did nothing wrong's picture

you are not alone Melinda.

the court process is just further abuse.

the police act deliberate ignorant of it, as they don't want to know about our domestic problems (this is a policemans words).

one lot of government tells you to go to the cops but when you do DoCS show up and it is not the man it is worried about, they investigate the womans background then throw it in your face, including the DV.

You get called a Borderline or PTSD (and that is the nice stuff) who is a great mum but not at the moment, please!

Even though some of us have mothered for longer than 20 years.

whiteLion's picture

There seems to be a lot of female 'competition', ie, mainly female workers saying nobody is a good enough mother/father and doubly so if you've seen/experienced trauma. The psychopathology is garnered towards revictimising the weak who are easily resolved and acknowledging 'strong' perpetrators. This rubbish of the nuclear family remaining insitu despite all evidence (eg, refuges) stating that it's not the best for the child or the parent to maintain ties. Deliberate contrary behaviour, because of statutory protection and buck-passing through tacit 'caring'. Mandatory psych tests now, not later. 

Robyn's picture

White Lion

I know what you mean about re-victimising the people they have caused to be disadvantaged, in multiple ways..

Been there had that done, to my family totally gone now.

What I have noticed about these people (the so called do gooders) is that they prior to entering the system were essentially either of weak characters through circumstances or have major very serious psychological issues.

Once they get their feet in the system they truly feel invincible.

I even had one Tweed Heads 20yr/25 yr old threaten me when out socially with taking my kids because I took a public photo of a drunken her and her illicit lover (with her permission initially) When she realised the affair could be exposed she threatened me.

What she did not know, is that she was too late. My family was destroyed by them years earlier Her workmates had already done that, by finally managing after many many court cases in taking my sheltered, naive innocent 10yr old and giving him to a foster parent then to his DoCS worker father (who is definitely a psychopath!)for no legitimate reason .I was allowed to see him once after they took him for 15 minutes supervised, just long enough for them to make up some BS story. I have now not seen or known anything about my son for 5yrs so far. I wasn’t even given access. My son was a model child top of school etc etc No evidence of anything! Yet the stock standard accusations of sexual assault and multiple attempted murder accusations neglect from me and his brothers, etc went flying around. I found in my case anyway, the Sydney Children’s Court Judges and other Court Judges, were fully aware of the game they all play with our lives and mostly did the right thing one told the workers to get lost, literally. The Northern Rivers judges however were obviously easily bought off. They absolutely work hand in hand with QLD Tweed and Grafton and likely other local DOCS at the very least

I have met them (the Nazis) when they are initially coming into the system and after they are settled.

They turn into Nazis really quickly They know they are at the moment unanswerable to anyone. They know the judges can be bought and the police are scared and mostly just lazy.

No it is not a game. They do destroy lives forever!

What we need to do is eventually create new lives so we can take them down and destroy the dens they breed in.

As much as I know all to well the feeling of being a victim I don’t like the term because it feels like I am still giving them the power.

Australia ,needs a new system first the old one needs to be brought down.

There is no point asking for them to be tested they would all pass whilst there is so much corruption in the system.

Also you will never get rid of the really serious ones like my psychopath ex (who is one of theirs) and likely Michael Buckley know how to play the system and feed a legit shrink what they want to hear anyway. For them you need checks and balances in a genuine system as well as the tests.

 Oh and my advice to everyone in their clutches is to never agree to be

psychologically tested yourself you are just giving them a blank check..They wont /cant force you.

death to docs's picture

My cousin and our family are currently in a battle with DoCS LABRADOR (goldcoast North) over the custody of her 15 month old boy who is currently in foster care.

We have been smashing it to DoCS all the way, and have put up a good fight. At the last mention the judge said to DoCS to stop prolonging the mothers trauma as she has suffered enough, that she wanted the child reunited with it's mother as soon as possible. She ordered a court conference with the hope that the 2 parties can come to an agreement of the terms in which the child will be reunited with it's mother. 

The childs solicitor then said she wanted the mother psychologically assessed first. We thought, oh that's no big deal, we will just get our own assessment (or two) to counteract anything they could throw at us. 


We are extremely worried now, especially after I've searched high and low for a psycholigist that we can trust, is more qualified than Trendinnick (not hard as he only has basic qualifications), does the specific clinical assessments we require and can fit us in in the next week or two.

We are suspicious as to why they chose to use Trendennick from Tweed area as the DoCS office is North Goldcoast, there are at least 300 psychologists between Tweed and the North Goldcoast DoCS, many of whom are more qualified than Trendinnick.

Since reading your post and others about these sick mongrels, we are even more suspicious, and extremely worried.

I managed to find a proffessor of psychology who majored in forensics, has a phd and is passionate about accurate report writing, is aware of the corruption in DoCS and would love to assess my cousin. Unfortunately his fee is $4,500. After spending almost $10000 on lawyers I just can't afford it.

I'm going to try and get DoCs to use the professor I found instead of Trendinnick. Our lawyer can send them a letter stating that due to the allegations all over the internet of John Trendinnick's questionable practice we find he has too much discredit surrounding him and we refuse to have any assessment performed by him and the only person we will allow to do an assessmernt is this professor. Paid by them.

Do you think this would be the way to go? We initially thought we'd let him do it and then get 2 of our own to counter act his bullshit report but after reading these posts I now get a good understanding of the depths of his evil and think we just smash it on the head before they even go there.

I'd appreciate your thoughts??




Lukes Dad's picture

Hello Death to DoCS. Thankyou  for being a regular blogger on the site, much appreciated.

So far as John Trendinnick goes, I have never met the man, never had dealings with him, so I cannot give a personal opinion which is accurate with this man. This information was written by a woman claiming to be is victim.

If these people had any sense of diplomacy, they would contact me, and discuss ways we could work toward fixing any wrong info that might be here or removing the blog.

Anyone who has dealt with these high and mighties runniing/rorting the system will tell you they are the most arrogant bastards you have ever met. They will not lower themselves to talk to me, so here it stays.

I met the woman who came forward with the photo and the information on John Trendinnick. She said he has many many victims, all sent to him by DoCS for a John Trendinnick special, a fake psych report.

If you have taken DoCS Labrodor on and beat them at their own game (sickening to think that for them, keeping a baby away from their parents is a win win situation), this is probably their trump card, used when all else fails.

I do actually know a woman who has been through this, and has a good psych, who absolutely hates DoCS after he witnessed what they did to this grandmother. If you inbox me at, I can send you her number to talk further on the options you have.

I think if DoCS have put obstacles in front of you every step of the way, they are not going to agree to any other psych.

The good thing is, you have posted your story up here now. John Trendinnick knows he will be under the spotlight for this one. Maybe he might go against DoCS on this one, and write a real psych report.

The grandmother I was talking of fought with the Stones Corner DoCS, a pack of hyenas, but eventually after continuous stalling, lies, incompetence... the usual DoCS behavior, whe has won in court, but not until it has gone all the way to the minister for current investigation. This lady may be able to help you with a few contacts and advice.

Thankyou once again for posting on the site Death to DoCS. I have also posted your comment in the Luke's Army support group on facebook to see what they might come up with there, hope that is ok,

kindest regards,

Michael Borusiewicz.


whiteLion's picture

The 'industry' is nothing less than the production of the quasi-Aryan 'ideal',  be that fascist/'nazi' or Marxist- the ideology is extracted from one extreme or another; the goal more or less the same of compliance with their authority alone and nobody else's, hence the attraction of an unanswerable entity, neither legally nor civilly. Aided with the statutes of seemingly overwhelming care for that which every human being holds dearest and you have an almost evangelical acceptance of the complicity with which their stance must be upheld. Throw some quick-thinking opportunistic sub-contractors into the mix with the same outwardly respectable goal and you have a recipe for disaster, the likes of which would never usually be allowed in any fair, sensible or educated critical-thinking paradigm.

Perhaps if mandatory psych tests were performed at a workers induction by an independent third party there would be less propensity for corruption (one would hope). Add to that regular random drug/alcohol tests and some would be looking at singing for their supper.

And just as most govt depts and NGOs have everyone from their stewardship downwards being liable for civil/personal criminal prosecution and claims, so should there be total disclosure and answerability from the life-changing decisions forced upon the involuntary proletariat.

Robyn's picture

Hi White Lion

I agree actually with everything you have said. Personally I don’t believe there would be a single one of the group left standing if they were honestly and genuinely tested. Now that is a good thing obviously as then only real cases of abuse would be tackled and all the now wasted resources would be focused where genuinely needed.

I think you have hit on something though, very important, to bring about a massive change if we could pull it off.

There should be no issues with insisting that they are all tested with enough pressure.

The problems would be in getting the government to use unbiased extremely competent forensic psychiatrist/ psychologist. Most of them have a vested financial interest in family law which ultimately links them with the current DOCS system. Sure there has to be some out there that can’t be bought and who are competent good luck finding them though. My extensive experience so far, is that out of the many, I have been involved with not just through the trauma I have been through with DOCS is they have all so far been bought barr one. The only one who couldn’t be bought was an international child specialist super expensive and supremely capable. She was the only one who could see through my ex psychopath. She still didn’t call him on it though or cause waves (through fear, for us and herself) but at least saw it.

I am not just saying they can easily be bought I know that for a fact. Also then you have the issue of coaching that would surely come about. I mean these test interviews can be passed if you know what you are dealing with and how to answer. Maybe that is just me being a touch to paranoid and most of the workers would not be intelligent enough to be able to be coached sufficiently. The worst would be though.

If it were done before they had anything to do with the system or their mates that worked in it, then maybe you would have a chance of getting genuine and healthy people working to protect children in real need and their families.

It sounds like a good recipe to me. There is no point doing it before the rotten nest is cleared out though.


Oh one more thing at the risk of totally damaging my credibility, on a complicated side issue, that I know sounds NUTS ( I am past caring) you mentioned evangelical, in a different context, however Tweed Heads DOCS workers ( in the past at least)I very strongly suspect ( I only have anecdotal easily discredited proof )is involved with a group from Sydney called HILLSONG who I also strongly suspect of using mind altering tactics on young children i.e. Hypnosis etc

In the case of the Tweed Heads and Gold Coast chapter that complicates things even further as this group adds far reaching powers to what DOCS already has.