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Message to Michael Coutts-Trotter Director General FACS NSW

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on Thu, 03/20/2014 - 17:52
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Message to Michael Coutts-Trotter Director General FACS NSW

Had to send everywhere everybody read it. He still wants to play illegally, unjustly unlawfully I have over 25 criminal activities very serious ones which still after 27 months are being ignored and he is still pushing.

The department is lawless and have a law of there own it's inhumane I've got values and ethics and principles that I discipline my character on and il let you all know Michael Coutts-Trotter the Director General FACS NSW has picked on the wrong boy, big mistake.

When is one of you government beings going to show some decency you can't all be this corrupt de sensitised to the people of our country the law is equality if not 1 all will be held accountable who ever is not taking the onus to let this continue for this long who ever you are I give you my word with what I have in evidence I'm going to turn this department upside down it's time to crush this outdated farce and rebuild with humanity and love.

I'm going nowhere put yourself in my shoes and tell me how would you feel if somebody stole your child for 27 months, ripped your family apart discriminated defamed me as a person a father a partner a member of society and shunned me with total ignorance with a pack of created and generated lies.

I have all the proof every phone call every text message every complaint every letter but most importantly I have all the original documentation before somebody we all know who created and generated a total fabrication of my character the lies deciept perjury it's beyond comprehension you people must be mad nobody can ignore what I have UNDEFENDABLE.

Emailed to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
 The Premier of NSW <>

Could the district court pls place this email on judge **** sc file ***
Judge **** I kept my word, I didn't let you down but Lakemba DoCS are ignoring your orders... what do I do sir ???
You know what they are doing, so does the whole of parliament this is bullying at its worst, how much can one tolerate? I've been quiet for 2 years other than my emails. I've done everything asked, you were in charge of these proceedings.
Michael Coutts-Trotter ignored you and his delegates have ignored you, this means this man thinks he can do what ever he wants ,he is totally oblivious. I won't tolerate his ignorance no more, somebody has to step in and fix it.
Judge ****, they should have more respect for you sir. What would you suggest I do now, who can get coutts trotter and his department to act appropriately under the scrutiny of the public eye, is it really up to me do?
I really have to do it on my own? Do we have one decent honest member of parliament who has the authority and dignity to get this department in order? I've abided by the law to a lawless imposter for 27 months, how much more does this government want.
The whole government knows what I have yet they keep letting this man destroy my life and ignore equality, justice and fair play. How can one do this? This man has never acknowledged me, never done nothing yet he is throwing around his weight like a bully. I'm going to tell everybody that receives this email, tell him to stop... no more. It is beyond comprehension, no man has to suffer this heinous behaviour, it's callous, cruel, it's done with disregard to any feeling or emotion, it's dictatorship.
it's a cult and they have shunned me. Michael Coutts-Trotter, your picking on the wrong boy. Sit down with me and tell me what my problem is if your going to ignore judges, courthouses, morals, human rights and damage me and my son anymore. Michael Coutts-Trotter, pull your head in.
I don't know if I can come across any clearer, you have an issue... lets sort it out.
Why you hiding? Be responsible. I want to apply for your position. I would be more empathetic, more responsible. I would be a people's person. This is child welfare, is this how you take care of our future. I must vent my emotions, people have to know what is happening, it's scandalous and a total abuse of government power, people won't stand for it... wrong boy Michael Coutts-Trotter.
I'm not stopping till you and the department are reformed and Trotter... I'm a man of my word. Keep pushing, Im still standing and raring to go... LEGALLY.
The criminal evidence I have on your department and your delegates and independent lawyer are world news. I've only showed court half, they wouldn't let me open blue folder in district court but when it's opened it will never be closed and I want to be in same court room as you.
*** ***

Loving caring adoring father of *** ***



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I have a folder of facts proof truth at least 10 inches thick have a read of this criminals ethics he has lost the plot have you all are you all this oblivious to the fact blatant corruption in our government what you did to me on Friday was spineless like who are you to me your nobody just somebody that has decided I want to pick on this man and destroy his life trotter do you have any idea on what you are doing I do you pushed now your shoving because of your political position do you ever go to sleep or think on how I'm feeling how would you feel if somebody did to you what your doing to me trotter what you have done to me is words can't describe this is dangerous pull your head in do the correct thing I mean how far do you want to go I've got you covered legally your in serious trouble the problem is your harming my son you coward so anybody reading this would know how I'm feeling my son taken away from me illegally 62 weeks of classes personal growth his delegate have been unlawful ive never had a issue with children in my life I'm a loving caring doting father of four ready visits that should never had happened I was bullied yet I abided by judge elkaim sc and you still want to push the boundaries what happened last week was horrendous to my partner my son