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Media Release: DoCS NSW Attempted Abduction of Children Due to Too Many Toys

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on Mon, 08/20/2012 - 10:01
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Help! DoCS and Police are at my Door to Steal my Babies

DoCS Baby Stealers Caught on Camera Abducting Children Because of Too Many Toys

This week the following post was made in the Luke's Army group on facebook by a distraught father....

I have just had DOCS at my door with the police. They want to take my children based on an argument I had with the car pool guy my Ex has picking up my daughter from school.
I refused them entry and now they are going for a court order. Because of toys scattered about the yard by active children they claim the place is "filthy". I corrected them by pointing out they were toys being used by spoiled children who have so many toys I cant keep them packed up!
These f*****s are after me.

Luke's Army is a support and information group for parents dealing with the heavy hand of child protection, world wide. Luke's Army is named after Luke Borusiewicz who died in suspicious circumstances in foster care aged two. As well as the Luke's Army group on facebook ther is also a Luke's Army website.

A plethora of victims of DoCS came forward with advice for this father, the first being to record everything especially on video when they inevitably returned. As the story has unfolded it is obvious that this was a typical DoCS lynch mob, where the fact that the children have never been abused or neglected does not come into the equation. What the DoCS feminazis say... Goes.

To hell with the children, the parents, the judges, police, politicians... these animals are a breed of their own, ask anyone who has had the misfortune to deal with them. They hold no accountability for their actions, they are not required to show proof of their decision to remove children, they are protected by stringent media laws that they use to their full advantage to hide their acts of terrorism, and this is all backed up by an unlimited budget for legal representation.

Like so many government departments, rather than admit they are at fault, they will embark upon a prolonged legal battle, in the hope of draining every last penny these parents have, the children's inheritance, all gone trying to get them back out of the clutches of this pure evil which is DoCS NSW, and just about every other department falsely portraying itself as a protector of children in Australia.

These vile creatures have no respect for parental rights, or parents full stop. What makes me so knowledgeable to be considered qualified to capacitate such judgements on this failing system? My experience is not equivalent to the majority of these DoCS minions who enter into family homes en masse daily and unleash devastation armed only with a short uni course, no children of their own and no life skills. No, I am Luke's Dad.

These animals kidnapped and murdered my baby boy and swept it under the carpet, or tried to. I have the police now trying to incarcerate me on false charges to shut me up and to stop me exposing all the corruption rife throughout child protection departments in Australia.

I have witnessed first hand how these hateful entities treat children, parents.... families.

Anyway, here is another one. A father, trapped, with nowhere to turn, nowhere to run from this monster of destruction that feeds upon the souls of children. To read more about this father's story, and catch up on daily updates, please visit his blog on the Luke's Army website.


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They are already saying the house is unfit and the other child will not be coming on access day.So of course they are going to take the other children!My point where do they draw the line at how clean the house has to be?Everyone has their own idea of what they think is clean.Some of these workers are not that clean in their own homes to my standard so do I take their children?

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Even if he cleaned the house spotless, he would be lucky to get them off his back. They are a pack of vultures.

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This woman needs to get her head out of the sand or out of her ***


Second Action Plan: National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children

17 August 2012
Joint Media Release with: 

Julie Collins MP

Minister for Community Services
Minister for Indigenous Employment and Economic Development
Minister for the Status of Women

Australia’s Community and Disability Services Ministers today endorsed the Second Action Plan 2012-15 of the National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020.

All children deserve a safe, healthy and happy childhood. The protection and safeguarding of children is our number one priority and is the responsibility of all governments.

The Second Action Plan is a significant milestone in the life of the National Framework and is the result of strong collaboration between the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments, and the Coalition of Organisations Committed to the Safety and Wellbeing of Australia’s Children.

The First Action Plan 2009-2012 established a firm foundation for the National Framework. The Australian Government provided over $60 million to improve outcomes for vulnerable children under the First Action Plan. This investment has helped deliver significant achievements, including the establishment of the first National Children’s Commissioner position and the development of National Standards for Out-Of-Home care.

Building on the success of the First Action Plan, the Second Action Plan is focussed on close collaboration between governments, the non-government sector and the community to reduce child abuse and neglect.

Key areas of focus include building stronger partnerships with service sectors such as domestic and family violence and mental health to support vulnerable children and families, as well as continued work to improve outcomes for Indigenous children.

It emphasises the need for local partnerships to deliver local solutions, recognising that a one size fits all approach does not work across Australia’s diverse communities.

Importantly, a survey of the demographics and support needs of out-of-home carers will be undertaken to help us learn more about the carer population, and how they could be further assisted in their vital role.

The Gillard Government has invested more than $5.7 million in 2011‑12 under the Child Aware Approaches initiative, as an early commitment to the Second Action Plan. This funding will help 43 organisations across Australia to build a better understanding of the links between child abuse and neglect and domestic and family violence, mental illness and sexual abuse. The Government will also provide Families Australia with $200,000 in funding to host a Child Aware Approaches conference.

The Government  is also making significant additional investments to support children’s safety and wellbeing over the three years of the National Framework’s Second Action Plan, including:

  • More than $100 million to support Indigenous children, youth and community wellbeing under the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory package;
  • About $14 million for new Family Mental Health Support Services as part of the National Mental Health Reform package – target groups for the services include children in contact with the child protection system and young people leaving out-of-home care;
  • More than $165 million on participation plans for young parents and jobless families in disadvantaged locations, including a trial of income management in five locations across Australia, which will help ensure children meet their development needs, as part of the Building Australia’s Future Workforce package;
  • More than $29 million to enhance and extend Communities for Children services to support families under the Building Australia’s Future Workforce package. This includes services to help people with their parenting responsibilities through playgroups, parenting education classes, mentoring and support groups as well as early learning programs for children;
  • About $1.2 billion for the new Schoolkids Bonus to help families with children at school make ends meet; and
  • $1 billion over four years for the first stage of a National Disability Insurance Scheme, which will launch in five sites starting from mid-2013 – with a launch in South Australia focusing on young children with disability; and

We are confident the Second Action Plan will advance us towards ensuring that Australia’s children grow up safe and well.

The plan is available at

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u mean the social cleansing action plan?

the link between child abuse and neglect and domestic and family violence, mental illness and sexual abuse  = disclosure of this in your past and DoCS then saying your an abuser because you were abused - its their way of saying boo hoo for you - nobody or government entity seems to actually want to arrest the perpetrator or frankly the rock spider who bit you!!!

here is the link in DoCS eyes = Boderline Diagnosis or ptsd which WILL be used in DoCS affidavits to take your kids away in a court of law.

court of law = justice = separate to the executive and the legislative branches of power to ensure that no one person or institution should exercise more than one of these powers. ie to ensure there is no influence on justice being upheld.

the legislative branch of power makes the law (parliaments all levels)

the executive branch of power implements and administers the law (ministers)

the judicial branch of power interprets and enforces law when "disputes" arise (all the courts) = JUSTICE stands alone to make the decisions.

this brief explaination says it all and from it you can see the obvious distortion that we are all experiencing/have experienced and how we are being abused further by the courts and ministers like Jenny Macklin who does not have the best interests of families at heart at all. However, there is more than her involved in this and many others from the past.

this money is being administrated, not spent on helping poor families or enriching the lives of children. These people are so arrogant they are oblivious to the needs of normal ordinary people.

all that is left is blog comments, and soon they will stop that, the government here and in western democracy do not seem to like people exercising free thinking practices.

ordinary people do not seem to stand a chance when it comes to the SOCIAL CLEANSING ACTION PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1



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Les Poy

He just needs to do a little bit of tidy. He seems a very nice person. Some people live in their homes and do things, projects and hobbies, and get overwhelmed a little, it doesnt make them bad parents nor should their children be taken from them by armed police.

Others spend their time watching other do it and their hobby is judging, they spend the rest of their days watching TV and are not able to offer their children much of a challenge out of the school. Inside seemed a little cluttered, I threw all the crap out and still am. Its easy to accumulate these days trying to keep young kids minds busy.. I just built the kids PC's to keep their minds alert. Trust me it works well as you can fir a lot of activities on a PC monitor and typing and using a mouse offers a lot of hand eye co-ordination dexterity. They dont let them out to play in enough school IMO and children pick some very nasty antisocial behavior in schools.

He should do a bit of cleaning and show them the home after, and when this blows over, remove them from school and do home schooling, kids learn faster, turn out way better and much easier to get on with emotionally and cant wait to work when they grow up, because they aren't sick of work by the time they leave school.

Kid will have more security too, as schools can certainly add to parents problems if the kids get bullied..
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Just throwing my two cents worth in ;)

You sound like a very nice person, well-educated and well-spoken. We can't all be tidy. What we do just before every birthday and Christmas is a 'vinnies clearout' of old toys and clothes, as kids grow so quickly that many toys aren't age-appropriate anymore anyway (too young for the child etc). Then we take the toys and clothes that are still in good condition to vinnies, and bin the broken/tatty ones (or put them out if council pickup is soon). I always do this just before special ocassions so my son knows that he's soon receiving replacements and it also gives him a good feeling giving his useful old stuff to a worthy cause. If your daughter gets upset when people clear her belongings, you may find it easier to do this while she isn't there- it all depends on the age. I know quite a few  people who are a bit 'cluttered' with kids and it doesn't seem to affect them- however with the 'services' now involved it may be worth your time to have that clearout to solve the situation. I used to home school in the past too, however found that as my son grew older he needed the company of other similar kids- it all depends upon individual circumstance- though school is what works for us now. Good luck with your dealings with theses intrusive services.

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These two community orgs are great for recycling- doesn't cost you a cent and people looking for free stuff will come and collect-

freecycle Australia (click relevant state link)


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Just re-watched the vid on youtube via indymedia, and agree with the comment that the cops were the only professionals. If you look closely, one of them raises an eyebrow when the docs lady talks about tripping on a toy.

As for her statemtent that a 15 month old would be crawling amongst the toys- has she ever been around a child? Most kids are walking by 10-12 months.