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Meaning behind facebook photos: DoCS Cairns North Terrorists

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on Mon, 12/03/2012 - 10:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Meaning behind facebook photos: DoCS Cairns North Terrorists

I am sorry if people got the wrong idea about my facebook wall photo and profile avatar. Someone said that they will come back and use this photo against me, so just to clarify the meaning behind the wallpaper on my profile page....

 We are dealing with people who kidnap and murder children. Who refuse to step in and help a baby who is in obvious danger, letting them die instead. They then appear at the inquest of this child, insisting the father leave the inquest of his son while they give evidence, which shows how fair the judge is, and what sort of inquest it is. They then proceed to tell the inquest how good they looked after this child, an echo of what the minister for this scum bag department Phil Reeves had stated in the past. They then proceed to call upon a foster care "expert" to portry to the inquest what a perfect system they have, and finish it up with a barrister stating how good a job they did with this baby who they threw into hell at two hears old and left him to die. It doesn't matter what I do, or anyone else. This photo does not depict me, I am sorry you have misconstrued it's intended meaning Michael. What I see, when I look at this picture, is the manager Pat Anderson, her office, her department and it's minister, Tracy Davis. They come into your home looking like this, ravage your family, devastate your children forever, and then walk into the next stranger's home. This is a picture representing Pat the Rat Anderson, and her kronies.... nothing else.

It would be an ugly site with Pat's face all over it, wouldn't it?