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on Sat, 03/10/2012 - 01:04


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I fully support you Michael and am saddened incredibly so by the loss of Luke. You have given him to all of us so we may appreciate the bond between parent and child.....

to be thankful for any time we have the with the children we are blessed enough to bring into the world. Myself and fiance attend church on a regular basis and you......are not willing to sit back and say.."Oh well, that is sad" and sigh ....thankgod it is not happening to me. This is the very complacency that allows the corruption to continue. We as parents need to be very worried.....

.what happened in your situtation, what happened in my can can happen to anyone. You are wrong though Michael, you are special because you care about all children. You are not beaten down by the system and nor am I. Many many people ask me how I cope......

.I tell them that I am no good to my children if I fall in a heap and I am never going to write wrongs and make changes if I only fight for myself....I have to fight for each and every child so they do not can't be done takes people like yourself, myself, J4C ...

.the more of us that don't bow down and are willing to stand up for the rights of the child and all parents to parent their children without undue interference....the better we collectivley all will be.

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Spend some time and listen to the online radio program. Might open your eyes.

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If you are able to contact me, I have information about corrupt DoCS workers and would not hesistate to share this with you.

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i would love to talk to you about corruption and docs because my family are suffering right right at the hands of docs. We can prove it but docs have the judge in there pockets and we have not been allowed to present the evidence. 

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Please post the evidence on the site Toni, or emaito me

It would be much apreciated.l

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You can also contact us at, file official cpmplaints and have your articles published there if you choose. There's also name and shame register for the docs workers, the lawyers, court psychs and coming up very soon is one for yhose magistrates who we all lnow are either very stupid or plain corrupt. :-$

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Hi Jaqueline,

this is what I live for. I promised Luke the last time I spoke time I spoke to him as he as he lay there in his coffin I would do something about the people who did this to him and fix this system. Please email me on or post on the site.

Thankyou so much

Michael Borusiewicz

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3 of my kids had bean mis treted by the things thay gave my kids to thay got a tablespoon of chilly sauce if thay had bean nauty i got them back but thay have taken them agane i am diying in side i have 9kids thay have taken the 6 under 16 i dont now where to go from hear thay told me im neglectfull and i cant look after them on my owne i love them and do whot i can its hard where do i go 



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I have had dealings with the department of child protection wa. My four children, (isn't it funny how large families are targeted..) were taken in 2007, without a warrant, on an immediate order. It was alleged that the children were exposed to emotional harm. (Note - no physical allegations, no neglect allegations, no sexual abuse allegations, just bogus emotional harm allegations). A DCP worker busted into my home at 7am in the morning with two police officers. They did not identify themselves, merely started scooping up my children (still in their pyjamas eating their breakfast) and took them. The childen's father tried to stop this abduction, (remember these people had not identified themselves to us) and was subsequently tasered by the police in front of our children. (I would call that exposing the children to some serious psychological trauma right there.)

We were left, shellshocked, with an empty house and no clue where to start or what to do. We were handed no documents and could not get hold of anyone by phone or in person.  

Four months of hell followed. The twisted, devious manner in which DCP operates was more than I could comprehend, how could this be happening?


I got my children back in 2007, they were in the Department's custody for 4 months. The department wanted me to agree to a 2 year supervision order. I said no. They knocked it down to a 6 month supervision order. Not once in the 6 months, did I hear or see any department workers. 

Bit of a jump wouldn't you say...? To go from things being allegedly so bad they had to be removed immediately, to being back in my care... doesn't quite make sense to me.

I know the truth. I know my children were at risk of nothing except unconditional love and care whilst in my custody.  I know the department are corrupt. I know the entire system is severely flawed.  As many of you that have had dealings with the department will know, no matter what hoop I jumped through, what requirement I met, what list I completed for them, it was never enough.

They were always waiting for ANOTHER assessment... ANOTHER course...ANOTHER report. WHY? I did what you required... just because it came back and didn't support your case you need another?  EXACTLY!

Reports required... from who? PSYCHOLOGISTS THAT ARE ON THE DCP PAYROLL! COUNSELLORS ON THE DCP PAYROLL! And even they turned up clear. But still there was "cause for concern".  Not that we were privvy to what this cause was. Probably because there wasn't one.

The amount of recorded interview and transcripts I have of these people repeatedly contradicting themselves and their own unlawful "legislation" is immense. The perfect description is CRIMINAL!!

In 2008 my ex partner and I separated. I began a relationship with a new partner, and in 2009 became pregnant with my 5th child. Flash forward, In 2010, my son being 5 months old. One morning as I got him out of his cot I noticed that there was a soft spot on his head. I found this concerning, although he did not seem out of sorts, just the same as always, happy alert.

I was concerned so I asked my father for his opinion on this soft spot as he had come to deliver some milk to my house. My father suggested I take my son to the hospital er and I agreed.

My son was xrayed, and I was told I could take him home as the xray had shown up no problems, but to come back for a follow up appointment in a few days, and that the soft spot would most likely be small pocket of fluid which would reabsorb itself.

The next day about 5pm, I was contacted by phone, by DCP ordering me to bring my son into Princess Margaret Hospital as the xray had not been assessed properly and infact, my child had a fractured skull. At this time my son was still behaving as normal, no sign of anything untoward. I explained i would not be able to just come drop everything and needed at least an hour to organise supervision for my other four children, and contact my sister to come and pick up her child (my neice) which I had been minding that day.

I was told this was not good enough, and threatened with action if I did not appear with my son by a certain time.

I got the hospital as quick as I could. As soon as I arrived, I was set upon by DCP workers. I dared to ask questions as to what was happening with my son, regarding the hospitals proposed treatment of this issue, and was constantly blocked and run in circles, nevet given any answers.

When i initially objected to my son being put under general anesthetic, (was really just needing someone to explain to me why this was happening as my understanding was general anesthetic was not a favoured option for babies), I was slapped with a 48 hour order on my son. Finally, a kindly nurse actually bothered to listen to my concerns, and explained why they needed to resort to this measure, that in order for the hospital to carry out the mri, they needed my son to remain still, and using a general anesthetic is the only way babies would remain still, I was more than willing to allow this to happen). 

As a result of this order, I was not allowed to remove my son from the room to which he was admitted. I stayed with him in hospital the entire time he was there, but could not leave the ward with him. The DCP sent workers to speak to my other children at their school. My children have stated that the workers did not identify themselves, and asked leading questions, such as, have you seen mummy hurt your baby brother? Who has hurt your baby brother?

The DCP Workers told my 9 year old daughter that they were people that were there to talk about any of the things that might worry children. When my daughter told them that she was sad about the passing of my brother's dog, they were not interested and tried to lead her. Is this not a complete disgusting betrayal and abuse of children?? My daughter was extremely attached to that dog, and extremely upset when it died, THIS WAS AN ISSUE THAT WAS UPSETTING FOR HER! These DCP workers dredged up the worries of a child, but as those worries had nothing to do with making their case, they dismissed these worries as if they were nothing and left my child once again in a state of distress about the passing of a beloved pet. 

Once they had interviewed my children, (without my knowledge),  they interviewed me at the hospital. They said that my son's injury was not accidental and that someone had perpertrated this upon him. I asked who they thought that was. They said they did not think it was my children, and that I was to blame. I told them that once they realised they were wrong, I would be requiring an apology for the abuses they had perpertrated upon my children, the abuses they had perpertrated upon me and an apology for wasting EVERYONE'S TIME.

Meanwhile, the hospital was conducting a variety of tests.

- MRI (not sure what this does.. but I know it was to assess his actual injury)

- Complete skeletal xray (to check for any prior breaks or fractures, indicating abuse)

- Optical scan (to check for trauma at the back of the eyes that may have been caused by systematic abuse)

Suprise suprise all came up clear. 

Please keep in mind that at all times, my son was behaving completely his usual self, the doctors all commented that they would not have picked that he had the injury he did as he was not showing any signs of distress or malaise. In the four nights he was in that hospital, he learned to push himself up onto his hands and knees and rock back and forth, (the prescursor to crawling).

I was then asked to be interviewed by the police at the hospital. They arrived with two DCP workers. I was led into a room just off the ward, where two officers were sitting at a table. The DCP workers did not come into the room and had to stay outside with the door closed on them.

As soon as the door closed and I sat down at the table, the police officers stated to me that they had absolutely no interest in pursuing the matter brought by the DCP as as far as they were concerned I had done nothing wrong, the medical reports from the hospital backed up my protests of innocence, and they were actually somewhat confused as to why they had been called in by the DCP to investigate my case, and that they would be advising the DCP workers upon termination of the interview that they would not be proceeding with the matter.  I was in that room for around half an hour. The first 5 minutes was spent by these two police officers explaining the above to me. The next 25 minutes was spent casually chatting about the ins and outs of serving court document on another party and the possible avenues of how to make the process of identifying the whereabouts of a person to be served, a lot easier. The interview finished off with the police officers giving me the address of a person I had been searching for in order that I might serve some documents. (They are not allowed to do this) 

I then left that room, the police officers left the hospital and the DCP workers went with them.

A day later, my son was discharged from the hospital and I took him home. He healed fantasically, though he had never shown any signs of distress in the first place.

The DCP tried to infiltrate my life through this in the weeks after my son's discharge date/ I decided not to agree to anything. No signs of safety meeting. No people coming to support, (spy on) me, no action plans. The DCP tried to threaten me, they said if I did not agree to enter into an agreement with them, that they would be forced to make their own departmental decisions regarding the matter, which could include removal. I stood my ground and refused to agree to anything. I was worried, I already knew what the department were capable of, but I also knew where agreeing to cooperate with the Department got me last time, further and further into jumping through their hoops, which I did not want.

After my complete refusal to agree to anything they proposed, things were quiet for a while. About two months later I recieved a letter stating that the outcome of their investigation was that they had substantiated medical neglect of the grounds that I had hesitated when I took my son to the hospital( not true) that I had withheld medical attention from him by questioning the general anesthetic (not true)  and also supervisional neglect in that my son had sustained an injury to which I had no acceptable explanation for. They also lumped my other children into that category of supervisional neglect.

I was named as the perpertrator of harm to all my children and I am listed on their records still today as the perpetrator of harm even though I DID NOT do these things.

I contested this outcome, and the case was subject to investigation by a different team of departmental officers, (I did not have to have interviews or meetings this time, the "evidence" was reviewed by the department) and the out come was again substantiated. I made sure to advise that I did not agree to this outcome. I could have taken it to the ombudsman, (and still could), but at tha point in time, I was quite weary of the whole experience. I did not, and do not accept their outcome and made it known continually. After that about the end NOVEMBER 2010, I did not hear from the DCP again...... until about a week ago. 

I recieved a letter stating that the department had some concerns about the wellbeing of my children, and it requested that I call to make an appointment for an interview to address these concerns. I WILL NOT BE DOING THIS.

I have been researching a lot. This is my third time around with these people. I'm not an idiot, I'm not uneducated. I work, I study and I LOOK AFTER MY CHILDREN. I don't have a criminal record, I don't even have a speeding ticket. I am being vilified. I'm not taking it anymore. 

From my experiences last time I have learned;
- do not agree to anything the Department says, any statement it makes and offer it gives. They threatened me and I called their bluff last time, they couldn't do anything, except put me down as perpetrator of harm in their records, (As if I care, people close to me know that is not the truth. The only reason I would care is if it prevented me from gaining employment in an area of work I wanted. Aside from that they can write whatever they like in their private records as long as they stay away from my family and I).

- avoid all contact if possible.


So people, this is round three. I will document my fight, and update as much as I can, hopefully it will help some of you out there, even if it is just to know that you are NOT CRAZY, THESE DEPARTMENTS ARE CORRUPT AND THEY ARE TWISTING YOUR WORDS/ACTIONS/ANYTHING! 

And hopefully we can find some kind of legitimate defence against this unlawful industry of child abusers.


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On wednesday morning I posted my two letters. A copy of the one to the DIrector General Terry Murphy is available on this site. I also posted the same letter to the Minister Robyn Mcsweeney.  I sent them registered post.

Mid Wednesday morning, two department workers arrived at my door. I opened to the door, (I have a mesh security door between the workers and I, if you don't have one, don't even bother opening the door. Talk through your door, as it's best to keep something between them entering your property.)

They said they were from the depart ment of child protection. I directed their attention to my "No trespass" sign and told them they must leave.

They didn't leave immediately. They asked me if I would like to step outside for a chat. I refused and again stated they were trespassing and must leave. I stated that I did not give consent for any contract with their corporation.

They asked if I understood why they were there. I stated that I understood nothing from them and did not consent to a contract with their corporation.

They asked why I was shouting. (I was not shouting, merely using a clear authoratative voice to inform these people of their trespass, and besides, my mother was visiting at the time but was standing out of sight and knows exactly what happened) I am more or less sure that these workers only verbalise something in order to substansiate it on their notes. be it true or not.


One worker was trying to past me and into my house. At this point I again stated that they were trespassing and that they must leave, and closed the door.


all up, about 5-8 minutes they stood, despite their knowledge that they were in the wrong, property rights wise.

Once they returned to their vehicle, I exited my front door and took a photo of the registration of the vehicle as proof that they had been to my house, and for possible further use in prosecution against them.


As of today, Sunday 24th June, I have recieved one letter from the department.

I have written two notices in return, one to the director general terry murphy and one to the minister robyn msweeney.

I have placed to no trespass signs at each entry point to my house. one on the front door and one at each side gate.

I have had one attempt by two department workers to have an interview with me at my house.

Someone at Terry Murphys office has signed for my letter. As of yet the letter to mcswweney has not been signed for.


Will continue to update as things progress.

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Such a tragedy, I too hope that Luke's untimely death will not be in vain.   There is also another little Cairns boy, he died this year, his name was Lachlan, he was 3, had cerebral palsy (I think) and got hit by 2 cars on Toogood Rd at about 9pm, somehow the carers door was left open???? and he managed to crawl his way out on the a street.  Check it out on Google.

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The sad fact is, I received a phone call at 7am the morning after this boy was hit by a car. DoCS have approached these foster carers to foster more children since, even though there is still no fence to keep the children in, the same as the old lady who was responsible for Luke and left him for 6 hours lying with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain is still a 78 year old foster carer. Pat Anderson, the manager of DoCS Cairns North still, could also have saved my son's life. too gutless to face me in court, I was made to leave the room when she gave evidence. She is still kidnapping and murdering children also. If Luke was an adult, this would have been investigated properly. No one at Luke's inquest was allowed to talk about how the old lady left Luke to die, the whole thing was a sham.

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hi to lukes dad(my appoligies,im not sure of your name) firstly i would like to give you and your family my sincere sypathies and condolences for the tragic loss of your beautiful little angel luke.i cant even fathom how you are feeling and suffering in your pain.i commend you for fighting and going after cs for what they did to luke and so many more unfortunate children and babies and thier families,you are my true hero and im sure that your followers would agree with me.i have gone through and looked at and read through yours and lukes site with a fine is such a tradgity and troufisty that this is happening all over the world to so many are a true fighter and god bless you for sure your son luke is looking down upon you with true admiration and saying to you,keep fighting them daddy and dont give up until they are all brought to justice and be made to be held accountable for thier monstrous acts. :) :) :); i would like to share mine and my 8yr old daughters experience with cs.last year 22.7.2012 my daughter had a horrific accident in her private area.unfortuneatly i was horrified and in shock,and i didnt react quick enough and didnt apply medical attention to her nor did i phone a ambulance straight away.instead,i went looking for help to my nieghbours,when i found her she immideatly told me to get a towl and dial 000,so i did that.unfortuneatly still to this day i dont know how my daughter was injured because she was in the loung room and i was in the bath room drying off from my shower and she didnt tell me back then how it happened ..we got to the hospital and she was seen straight away by 2  paediatric register drs and unfortuneatly for the both of us,because i wasnt right there with her so i didnt see how it happened,when the drs asked her how it happened she said she didnt know,so when they asked me how it happened i said i did not know because i wasnt right there with her when it the drs have immideatly phoned cs and cspolice to report me of abusing daughter had to go in to surgery to have a procedure done,so when they all came over to me to question me the police arrested me there and then and took me to go down to the station,but on our way there the police got a call from a paediatric consultant who told them that her oppion was that it was a accident so they took me back to emercency and kept me in the car for a good hr questioning me.after that,they let me go back in to see my baby and was let go.under the eyes of the police and its law i was let go and was innocent but not by daughter had her procedure done and she stayed over night,the next day she was the morning the next day,cs were at our door wanting to question both me and my daughter.i said that was ok but they will have to wait till i ring my support worker and until she is able to get here.i had no idea or clue that they would come to question us after the police accepted the drs report,little did i know that our nightmare was starting from this day on when my support worker got here they asked to talk to my daughter first and i said yes to go in her bed room with her(because at the time i had no idea what was to follow and that i had absolutly nothing to hide from them.but looking back on it all now that was a grave mistake on my part)they finished interviewing my baby and then interviewed me with my support worker present.they told me of all the concerns and gave me all thier vindictive lies and accusations. they are accusing me of physicly and emotionally abusing her(over a period of 2yrs my daughter had a number of accidents wich i rang a ambulance straight away to get her to hospital asap) and again,each time she was hurt i was unfortuneatly not right there with her in the same room when each one happened and each time when i asked her what happened to her and how did she do it she told me she does not unfortunately again each time when the drs asked her and i what happened we both said we dont know and each time i explained to each dr that i was not in the same room with her when each accident acurred so because of all of these unfortunate accidents she had they are now accusing me of physicly abusing her,they are all so accusing me of neglect and insufficient supervision.there concerns are as follows-not copping with her,i was unable to cope with her and her bad,difiant and oppositional behaviours (i did admit to them that i was not coping with her at the time.just recently she has been recognised as a special needs child) my mental illness,my short term memory lapses,telling me i am not able to care for her-even though still after i have told many of the many different case workers on numerous seperate occations that in the past i was able to book her in to and completed a management of young childrens program,book her into and completed a early childhood developement program,she went through a stage for quite some time of playing with lighters and making fires so i contacted the fire brigade and told them what was happening with her,so they immediately arranged to do a home safety fire program with the both of us and we both completed that together and recieved a certificate,i had to many support net works in place over a period of time,as told by them and thier exact words to me were that it doesnt look good that i had so many in place nor was it good that i had to ask for so much help,                                on 31.7.2013 it will be 1yr since them monsters stole my daughter from me.for now,she is in her nan and pops care(who by the way,are both over thier 70s and both have medical illnesses) who i greatly have objected to,demanded to and requested to child safety to remove her from thier care because of 3 main important factors 1:years ago before my daughter was born,i was very un well and in thier care.on two seperate occations my stepfather abused me and that i have a very strong instinct and feeling that he is abusing my baby.they have rufused to not only not listen to my grave concerns but refuse to remove her from them and insist on leaving her there with him putting her in grave danger and risk.on two seperat occations i have had my daughter removed and placed in to foster care and each time cs have handed her back to her nan and pop because she has complained to the minister.2.she is a special needs child so she needs appropriate facilitys available and close by her but living with her nan and pop she doesnt get what is needed to be available for her because they live in a small community in the bush 3hrs nth of cairns.3.we only have one 2hr visit a fortnight,if she was living in cairns we would probably have at least 2 visits a wk.child safety are trying to put and are going for a 10 yr protection order.i am fighting them in court all the way to bring her back home to me permanently where she belongs untill the magistrate makes thier final decision and not giving up on my baby.before i came across your site i had my mind made up that i want her in foster care (if the magistrate doesnt give her back to me.i hope and pray every single day and night that she does return my baby back to me) and thought that she would be so much better off and safer away from my step father,but since i have come across your site and read of yours and of so many other familys terrible tragedys i am not so sure of that i see that i am in a terrible dilema of making a very important decision and the right decision of where it would be best and safest to have my baby girl placed if the magistrate decides not to return my beautiful princess back home to i leave her with her nan and pop and risk that her pop could be abusing her or do i fight to have her placed in foster care where there could be a potenial risk of abuse and harm to her or some thing even worse happening to her?i honestly dont know what i would choose  and it haunts me and causes me a lot of pain.i honestly dont know what i will do or what will happen if she is not returned to me,it really scares me but i try my hardest to stay as strong and positive as i can....   you are a wonderful coragous man so keep on fighting your fight for the good and better and i and so many others will be right behind you fighting with you for our children to make sure these monsters are stopped and they get what they deserve and whats coming to them-and that is,that they all be held accountable for thier horrific actions and miss calculated and miss judged decisions... bye for now... kind regards,karen bourke

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Hi Karen, thankyou so much for your sympathies, sharing your story on the site and for your support. I am sorry to hear you have fallen to these predators Karen. Stay strong my friend and never give up.


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Hi, can someone tell me what will happen next....

I had a visit from DHS first time, due to an IVO, they are coming back to interview my child when he returns. There is a background with father although having no dealings directly at me with DHS I was shocked intimidated but composed myself in a very honest and naieve way answering anything they wanted to know as I have nothing to hide. I have for some time been recieving support for myself and my child(seperate issues but behavior reported). They then left for 10 mins and said they need to speak with their supervisor came back with a written safety plan(a safety plan that showed everything I already had in place) they said it was a non legal undertaking and will post a copy. After reading all these horror stories im just so frightened. Ive done nothing wrong, but the ex that has made my life as emotionally as miserable as possible, is making false allegations of substance abuse and that cant be related to my 3 litre a day orange juice fix. They did say (even though it was already in the throws to get an IVO ASAP against him as well to ensure he stops breaching the Consent Orders, which in turn will eliminate anything the child may hear. They said an IVO would be like gold. Not sure what they mean by that..........Do I need to live in fear as I have the last three days ???? Im so worried, my child is getting through enough without this on top.

Thanks for any help

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I would not be signing anything from DHS unless I had someone look at it first. How did it go?

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Lukes Dad I believe in your cause and strive for truth and righteousness. I've been spreading your cause amidst my own in my home town Ipswich Qld where docs are running rampant before the new amendments come in bout June .

Please help myself and others be aware of the truth. And may God pray for us all as they steal our blessed and hearts. my home town. Ipswich Qld. Where are ur kids town.

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Hi Cassie and thankyou for posting on the site and helping to expose the corrupt child stealing agency known as "D0CS."


I dealt with Townsville DoCS and Cairns North, just as evil as the rest of them. I know that Ipswich DoCS also steal many children from loving homes, they are not in the business of helping families, only keeping themselves in a job at the cost of the future generation.

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Hi Lukes dad, Im so sorry for the loss of your gorgeous little boy. I have been involved with dhs child protection workers in Victoria for the last 4 months, and its been the worst 4 months of my life. My children's dad has a weekend visit with the kids aged 3 & 4 years old on Sunday when I went to collect my children he refused to hand the kids back to me. On the Monday I applied for a recovery order, my application was granted and papers were served on the kids dad early the following Saturday morning and court date was for the Monday. I had legal representation but on the morning of court I was told ill be meeting a barrister at court for the first time. As soon as I met him I didn't like him, it was like he was against me and was on the kids dads side. When I arrived at court my barrister told me he was on the phone speaking with Dhs, mind you I had dhs arrive at my front door about 2 days after the kids dad wouldn't return the kids back to me. The dhs worker told me they had a complaint from somebody who was concerned about my drug use while the kids were in my care which is a lie as I was a recovering drug addict at that time. I told her the truth which was since my children hadn't been returned to me by there dad that I had relapsed and had used drugs twice which I absolutely regret telling her that information everyday. I had a 10 minute conversation with this worker I had a little cry about missing my kids and she left that was it. Back to my day court, my barrister got off the phone to dhs and told me they had stated to him that the morning the dhs worker came and seen me I apparently signed a piece of paper stating I was happy with my children to stay with there father while they do some more investigations into the allegations complains, which is a 100% lie on there behalf, why would I agree to this when im in courts fighting for the return of my children they also told my barrister if the judge granted the return of my children that they would be taking me back to court to have them removed from my care. At the end of court I walked away with my children being placed in there dad's care who is a drug user and his parents are alcoholics and drug dealers I got 1 supervised visit per week have to do supervised drug urine test and I only get to speak to the kids on the phone Monday Wednesday Friday between 6-7 pm, how is this possible when I have been there for both my beautiful children from day 1 they have never been neglected abused in any way whatsoever. There dad wad never there for them, he was suppose to have them Tuesday and Thursdays for 2 hours which he never did bother doing and now he wants to act like his a loving father who cares so much for this children when he really is doing all this to get back at me for leaving him. Dhs has since closed the case because I put a complaint in about them, but that's not good enough I want them to take responsibility for the pain and headache they have caused my kids and myself is there anyway in Victoria you know of where I can do something about dhs child protection workers vic? Anything would be so appreciated. Thanks and again im so sorry for your loss xx