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The Luke's Army Talk Back Radio Show With Luke's Dad

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on Sun, 05/05/2013 - 18:42
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
The Luke's Army Talk Back Radio Show With Luke's Dad

This week's episode of the Luke's Army Talk Back Radio Show was hacked half way through whilst discussing the rights of parents with new born babies in hospital, which we will resume with our panel of experts next week.

We still had time for many guests who called in to talk about issues with child protection, like Natalie (below) a mother who has had three children stolen. Press the play button below to listen to this week's episode of the show.

Please tune in again next week when we continue our discussion with our panel of child protection and medical experts about what are the rights of parents with new born babies in hospitals.

Tune in live Sunday 19/5/13 8pm-10 pm


Show No. 1 Sunday 5th May 2013

Show No. 2 Sunday 12th May 2013

Luke's Army now has it's own radio show. Come and join us every Sunday evening from 8.00 pm - 10.00 pm (UTC + 10:00 Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra time).

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Join your regular host Michael Borusiewicz (Luke's Dad) as he hosts live talk back interviews and callers on the show as well as guest appearances. The show will revolve around child protection in Australia, and world wide. Please ring in with your questions, or email them in advance to

Please call in and share your story.

DoCS Qld Complaints Unit Manager

Our regular guest on the show will be a DoCS manager from FACS NSW who must be remain anonymous to avoid the backlash, bullying and victimisation they would undoubtedly receive from other FACS NSW staff for appearing on the show. We welcome any other whistleblowers from within the child protection to come forward and speak out on the show.

Mental Health Expert

Have you been falsely accused of mental health issues by child protection authorities? This victim of child protection in Australia has seen it all, having been right through the child protection system, and the courts, and proved without a doubt the corruption used to steal her child. In fact, she has released a book about her dealings with child protection, and wishes to help others who also stand falsely accused. Ask your questions about what you need to know to deal with abuse from DoCS, FACS, FAmilies SA, Child Safety, Department of Human Services in Australia and she will do her best to give you advice to hold those responsible accountable and help you to regain custody of your stolen children, and expose the system which has falsely labelled you as a mental case.

Mental Health Expert: I am willing to talk to anyone – just tell them to call up the Luke's Army talk back show. I get it. People are getting onto your website asking you for help.To help them I need to talk to them and ask questions to get a clearer picture. They certainly sounds like they are in the thick of it. Poor parents.
I will tell you who *** is – **** CSO from *****. She is a fat bull dyke looking type. She is a first class cow.
***** is ******. He is a trained social worker who once worked for (The Organisation) and they now feed him their client for ‘social assessment’ as he is in private practice.
Now the book is finalised I really want to get the warning about (The Organisation) out more. I think I have a bit of credibility as I am a **** and (The Organisation) were adamant that I was too insane to have my child in my care. I have quite a few taped telephone conversations from that time and you can hear me over the phone – I just sound like I am now. How do we ‘leak’ these taped phone calls onto the net? I am asking ***** team leader, ***** telling me that ‘No, reunification is not the goal”.
I have ***** telling me that I ‘am progressing worse and worse’ and that ‘thoughts are enough for them’ and me saying “but I am not suicidal”. I have this tape too.

As a bonus, this accredited mental health expert has agreed to present you with a free chapter of her book....

"The Last Word."

Chapter Sixteen
There must be so many parents who have a similar story to
mine, about their experiences with co-parenting, child support,
family law and the organisation we encountered. We have to
speak up and be accounted for. It is time for women like me to
stop being ashamed and I need to own this as part of my
personal story. Nothing changes really in my life. It is hard to be
a single parent who has to co-parent, in a situation where you
are the one who has the responsibility of raising the child and
you are the one who has to make the sacrifices in life. Most
single parent households are headed by women and it is easy for
society to point at and dislike single mothers. Deadbeat fathers
seem to be excused by society and yet single mothers are
stereotypically branded. I know this for a personal fact. Between
working full-time and having the sole custody of a child and the
house I get very little ‘time out’.
And while my story has burned within my soul and I wanted
to get it published, the lack of time kept pushing it to the
backburner in my life. I used to think it would be my biggest
regret in life if it was left. Finally, I have been given a ‘gift of
time’, in which I have got leave without pay from my job to
finalise this book. The time was intended for me to go into
private practice, but when that didn’t go to plan I just knew what
I had to do – write! Some people will read this and hate me.
Some people will be challenged that I went back and had a fling
with a perpetrator. Some will be disgusted that I attempted
suicide when my son was younger – what sort of mother suicides
and leaves their child? Some people will ask why I write this
book, as they may argue it may cause emotional problems for
Joseph. I reason that it is my story and Joseph remembers he
was in foster care. Some people on reading this story will think I
should not have spoken out but rather just bury my shame and
remain silent. But I feel I need to speak up. Surely what I went
through with the organisation cannot be ignored, especially
considering my professional training and the fact I was working
in this area the whole time when they were fixated on crucifying
me and saying I was too mentally ill to have my child in my care.
Something didn’t seem right about our dealings with them.
This book encapsulated what many women experience but
don’t speak out about. At present, the statistics are out 28% of
all children in Queensland have had child protection concerns
and it is higher for indigenous Australians, at 62.5%. There are
more children removed from their homes at this present time
than people in the jail system! I read recently about the changes
and increased funding going into the organisation, at a time
where just about every other sector is having budget cuts. This
epidemic is way bigger than any stolen generation in history.
Over the years I have read so much information about child
abuse. I have searched the internet and collected newspaper
articles. While I am so passionate about my personal quest for
knowledge on this matter, very few people know this fact about
me. Caroline Overington from The Australian wrote about how
the “knee-jerk use of foster care as a response to child abuse can
harm those children it’s mean to protect.” But isn’t this harmful
for young children in regards to attachment? Why isn’t there
more spending on prevention, rather than using foster care as a
solution for child abuse matters? In the health sector, we know
that preventative health plays a vital part. It is obvious the same
approach should be used in these matters. And preventative
measures would be having agencies that assist the parents and
children to obtain more meaningful lives. There are some
organisations out there already with this function, but very few
in the wider scope of things. The current system of crucifying
parents (that is what it felt like to me) can’t be achieving much
except statistics. It looks like one contemporary thought is for
children to be permanently adopted to new parents. Thinking
about what could have happened to my son if he was
permanently adopted makes me shudder – especially if it was
with Andrew (the man who my son claims smacked him).
The present system is ‘shrouded in secrecy’ according to
journalists from The Australian, Chris Goddard and Joe Tucci,
write “child protection systems avoid accountability says a great
deal about how little we value the most vulnerable children.” My
experiences echo their sentiments.
Considering it takes only around ten hours of interviewing
and assessment process to appoint a foster carer, it is all too
easy to remove children and put them in foster situations. But it
is being acknowledged that many of these children are then
placed in a worse situation than the one they came out of.
Some time ago, I came across an Aboriginal woman who was
beside herself when she found out her three children had been
extensively sexually abused while in foster care. She said the
children were placed with an indigenous family from another
country (not Aboriginal) and the organisation told her “this is as
close to being with indigenous Australians, so the kids can stay
there.” There looks to me like there are big problems that are
swept under the carpet.
More recently a friend pointed me to an article in The
Courier Mail written by Natasha Bita (March 8, 2013). Part of the
article reads “Commissioner Tim Carmody is set to recommend
every one of the state’s 8000 children in care be individually
checked to see if they can return to their families. He accused
some child protection officers of ‘over-reacting’ by taking
children away from dysfunctional parents, instead of giving
families the help they need”. The article records Commissioner
Tim Carmody as stating “Removing a child at any age from a
loved environment – even if it is inadequate or even risky – can
give long term problems to that child” “The impact on some
children will be the same as the stolen generation”.
Wow, and all this is said by the man who is behind the
current Queensland’s child protection inquiry!
Next time you hear about abused children and imagine all
those poor children suffering from neglect and living in squalor,
and you see agencies portraying the children as having very little
love, nurturing or opportunities in life, and likely being the type
of children who come from welfare-dependent households with
parents who drink, smoke and gamble away the money that
should be spent on their kids – I want you to think about my
story. I want my personal experiences to help you and everybody
else to wake up to what is happening behind the scenes.


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Radio Rocks the Mike...

Bom Bom

We go on internet and radio station

Become the media and exclude the lies

Telling the truth and freeing the people

From the boxed in mind


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I been abused so badly by DoCS, and the NSW police force, I was forceable removed repeatedly from my home after being beaten up repeatedly.

I was taken to the mental health ward repeatedly and strapped to a bed, the whole time trying to tell them they don't understand, so they injected me with a substance and never even told me what it was.

Then after the last bashing DoCS came and took my little girl from the Kindergarten room.

All the kids were very sad because I read to them three times a week and I was teaching them to read, cut and paste.

Some of those kids still have nightmares that someone is coming to take them away from their mums and dads, like they did to my baby.

Mental Health in 2013 works with heavily with DoCS/FaCS to remove children from loving parents.


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 very powerful, i am Aboriginal women,i became a fostercarer as well as my Daughter we fostered 4 brothers between us, Not because of the money,people judge fostercarers and say its because of the money we do it, some people forget we do have a heart, after having the boys for 18 months i had them( REMOVED RISK OF HARM, CHILD ADBUSE ) .allegations about my hole family because this Aboriginal child out-of-care Designated Agency didnt like me making a complaint in about the agency, they also removed my Daughters boys with bad allegations.this agency has made it bad for all our people trying to make it better for others after 6 months waiting for my decision from the ADT i finely got it on monday and won my case the general manager- an unsatisfactory witness, lack of accuracy or some managerial incompetence and vague and evasive.we were credible witnesses, and my evidence was regard to the positive testimonials. and know we are waiting on my daughters decision which is more heart breaking then mine. this agency abused there power and the poor kids suffer and familys." JUSTICE" is being served my heart goes out to familys having false Allegations against them and what they have to go through to prove their wrong. the decision has been made to authorise me again as a fostercarer.for what i have been through and put my family through. and what people think of fostercarers has left a bad taste in my mouth.

Sue Siganto

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I will be asking listers to call in on the Luke's Army radio station talk back show to call in and tell everyone QCAT stories.

The Luke's Army Talk Back Radio Show With Luke's Dad

Please leave any comments you may have regarding QCAT on the blog I have started about their injustices Mitch.

Information: QCAT Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal


Seems like Pat the Rat Anderson has them wrapped around her finger

Manager of Cairns North DoCS Pat the rat Anderson - At it again


Sometimes us nobodies you trample all over fight back.

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With our first Luke's Army radio show happening this Sunday night, it is a precursor of things to come. It is important that we do have a large audience, as we will not get a spot on the tv until we can show that there is a large number of people interested in our cause. This was a letter I received last night, but there are other people also pushing for us to get tv time...

If I did a book Micheal it might not be until end November, but I would need to get some people willing to tell me their stories so I can transcribe etc. I'm studying at *** & I just contacted TV **** television sponsored by **** & they told me if Luke's Army could put together a programme they would air it. He gave me an email address of a guy that would help out organising it etc. so let me know what you think, it would be a great way to start media coverage for Luke's Army.

Please show your support by sharing this link and tuning into our inaugural show on Sunday Night at 8.30 Sydney time, it should be quite interesting. Please ring in on skype and talk on the show too....

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Just remembered that the Luke's Army Talkback Radio Show is on again tonight... 8pm - 10pm. Please inbox me with your phone number and come on the show.

I met someone pretty... how would you say... highly acredited in her field, anyway, met her through a member of Luke's Army who I just received this message off...

you are not gunna believe what is happeniing.. ****** dreamt about u last night and she is going to help full steam ahead... in her dream she was promoting your website... i am going to get her to do the radio with you... ok??? she will be excellent hey???