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List of Lawyers To Use

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on Mon, 07/08/2013 - 19:55

Hi, New on here. Thanks for having a site like this where the victims of corruption can ask questions. It may be a little ways away, but wondering if anyone on here knows of lawyers that have expereince and are willing to take on DoCS. I am in NSW. Any from Newcastle to Sydney. Greatly appreciated.

Note: Please check the page for legal contacts for parents dealing with child protection in Australia for more information regarding lawyers dealing with child protection matters in Australia.


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Don't think there are too many out there that are trustworthy, but I got to believe that there are. Most people on here use legal aid becasue they qualify for it, and I am guessing that is not the case with you. Will keep my ears open though.

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hi needing a lawyer in newcastle who is good. i have a legal aid lawyer whom i dont want to use but i dont know anyone else. would prefer a christian lawyer who has got a bit of fight in them!!! appreciate any help, court is next week



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Conditisis Lawyers Gosford.

SAMAR SINGH-PANWAR Managing Lawyer Advocate.Samar is one of the few Law Society of NSW Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law on the Central Coast. He is also a Specialist in Building and Construction Law. Samar has an extensive practise and has appeared in many high profile cases. He has the experience and credentials to get you the best possible result, whether it be in or out of the Courtroom.


Abby is an enthusiastic and results driven lawyer, with an eye to detail. Abby practises and is experienced in Family Law, Children’s matters and Criminal Law.

E -mail: Phone: (02) 4324 5688 Fax: (02) 4323 2184 Conditsis & Associates Level 3 Conditsis & Associates Level 3 Street Address Suite 305, Level 3 Kensmen Building 131-133 Donnison Street Gosford NSW 2250