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A letter I wrote to the President of the United States for A Lukes Army member

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on Thu, 08/15/2013 - 03:46
I know this is a long shot guys but its worth a try hey???? ill resend it every day until i get a reply
Im fighting for you guys okay? Im really trying
Dear President Barack Obama,
My name is (inserted real name here) and I am writing to you from Australia. The reason I am writing to you is because I work for a group over here in Australia that has world wide members. And it is our privilege to have a member on our site called Kem Bailey.
I implore you to read this sad moving story.
Why do I ask? Because Lukes Army was founded as a Facebook group, because the Founder Michael Borusieiwicz lost his son in foster care in an unsafe environment and we as Luke's Army wish to prevent this to happening to the sweet Little Girl Mimi Bailey over there 
I am purely disgusted and feel sad inside of myself because I thought that Australia was bad and that well, the rest of the worlds children were safe. We hear all the time over here about how America is setting an example for the rest of the world... Yet here we are in a situation that's almost just as worse as our own.
And it saddens me that such a wonderful country.. a country that I look up too.. A country where I want to one day visit... Even though I am an Australian I believe that children should be with their parents who love them and want to look after them and care for them. I want your children to lIve in a free country that allows them to to be free.
A country that allows grandparents Like Carolyn Tubbs and her grandchildren to be together as they should be..
Her story can be found here
They are also in danger and she would like her children returned as well.
I not only advocate for children in my country but also yours and I'm sure you also want your children free as well
Please Read these sad stories and if there is any way you can help these wonderful American families I have the Honour to call my friends.
I would love to be on an American radio show as a speaker and am willing to call in from Australia at my own expense and address these issues... How many times have you had that offer before?
I hope to hear from you in the near future and look forward to talking about these issues with you the right people in your wonderful country
Yours Sincerely
(inserted real name here)
(email went here)
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