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Let’s Talk About Sex With Foster Youth

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on Sun, 11/10/2013 - 09:07
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Let’s Talk About Sex With Foster Youth

Whether extended family or foster parents, there is no uniformity in training on how caretakers should address sex with youth who grow up in foster care. No one is responsible for teaching these teens about safe sex practices, healthy relationships, and the value of love.  This lack of comprehensive sexual education for youth in foster care has a significant correlation with high pregnancy rates and contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, among many other negative outcomes.

In response to this, Fostering Media Connections presents, “Let’s Talk About Sex with Foster Youth,” a series of “webisodes” aimed at improving the sexual education of foster youth. Each webisode consists of interviews with foster youth, the adults in their lives and experts on a range of topics covering sexual health, family planning and the psychological issues associated with sexuality.


Episode One: Why We Need The Talk

To watch segment 1, “Why We Need the Talk,” click here.

To watch segment 2, “The Sex Talk,” click here.

To watch segment 3, “The Talk in Action,” click here.


Teen Sexual Health Resources

1. Planned Parenthood

Services: Reproductive healthcare, counseling services, consultation


2. National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Services: Fact sheets, teen pregnancy prevention materials


3. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Services: Health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats


4. Stay Teen

Services: Information on relationships, waiting and contraception, facts and viewpoints on teen moms and dads, latest on sexual health in the media and you can even post your own Stay teen Ad!


5. Answer

Services: Provides and promotes access to comprehensive sexuality education for young people and the adults who teach them


6. Sex, etc.

Services: Information regarding sexual health, resources for teen advocacy and communication


7. It’s My Life

Services: Cover issues of friends, family, school, body, emotions and money


8. SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States)

Services: Education and information about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health


9. MTV It’s your (SEX) Life

Services: MTV includes tons of sexual health information that is posted in the media today


10. Love Is Respect

Services: Information to foster healthy dating attitudes and relationships


1. First Five LA

Services: Programs for low-income families with children ages 0-5


2. ACLU of Northern California

Services: Sexual and reproductive health rights of youth under the law


3. Family PACT

Services: Reproductive health services for low-income women, men and teens to health information, counseling, and family planning services


4. Asian Health Services

Services: Chlamydia testing, conventional HIV blood and oral testing, free HIV testing, gonorrhea testing, herpes testing, rapid HIV blood and oral testing, syphilis testing


5. Children’s Law Center of California

Services: Sexual & Reproductive Health Project, Advocacy for teen sexual health


1. The Family Tree

Services: Support services, education, and resources for families



1. The society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH)

Services: Up-to-date research and information on sexual addition and compulsion


1. Youth Outreach Drop-in Center & Teen Clinic-Waikiki-WHC

Services: Primary care, family planning services, sexually transmitted diseases (STD) testing and treatment, HIV/AIDS treatment,


2. West Hawaii Community Health Clinic

Services: Behavioral health assessment, treatment, and/or referral, teen clinic, STD testing, and treatment and counseling. (No one is denied service because of income or lack of insurance)



1. Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic-Champaign Urbana Public Health District

Services: Information on health, safety, and well-being of the community through prevention, education, collaboration and regulation


2. University of Chicago, Chapin Hall

Services: Sexual health research and data about the child welfare system


1. Young Women’s Health

Services: Educational guides for young women of normal health and development, diseases and conditions


2. Young Men’s Health

Services: Provides careful researched health information to teenage boys and young men


1. Aid for AIDS of Nevada

Services: Provide information about resources and opportunities available HIV+ individuals and affective families, transportation, housing and emergency financial assistance, and make referrals


2. Baby Ur Mine

Services: Free and low-cost resources in Nevada for a safe and health pregnancy. Resources for help after your baby arrives, food and nutrition counseling, health care coverage and much more


3. Huntridge Teen Clinic

Services: Free or low cost and dental services for teens from 12-18 including treatment of minor illnesses, physical exams, sports physical, health education, family planning, sexually transmitted disease testing, pregnancy testing


New York

1. South Bronx Health Center & Center for Child Health and Resiliency

Services: Primary care for children, adolescents and adults, HIV testing, counseling, and mental health counseling


2. Public Health Solutions

Services: Provide reproductive health care, free walk-in pregnancy testing, birth control, prenatal care, GYN exams and services, Plan B, STI/STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and treatment, mental health services and health education


3. Project Stay

Services: HIV counseling and testing, comprehensive medical, psychosocial, and case management services to adolescents and young adults at risk for or living with HIV


4. Go Ask Alice!

Services: Health information, information sheets, links to health stories from the news, health alerts and recalls


5. Reproductive Health Access Project

Services: Fact sheets, teaching and training tools on contraceptive care, medical abortion, and miscarriage management etc.


6. Public Education Project

Services: Fact sheets, inform organizations, young women,, transgender and gender non-conforming young people in spaces where sexual and reproductive health and rights are addressed


North Carolina

1. American Sexual Health Association

Services: Information on sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases/infections


2. I wanna know!

Services: Sexual health for teens and young adults, facts, support, referrals and in depth information about sexual health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), healthy relationships and more


1. Know Sex PDX

Services: Facts sheets about sex and STDS, aimed toward African-American youth


Washington, DC

1. Latin America Youth Center

Services: Educational enhancement, social services, workforce investment, community wellness, and art and media,

1a. The Counseling, Treatment, Referral and Linkage (CTRL) Program

Services: HIV, STD, and pregnancy testing, risk reduction counseling, pregnancy options counseling, services is free of charge to youth ages 11 to 24


2. Advocates for Youth

Services: Information on adolescent reproductive and sexual health, and resources for professionals


3. My Sistahs

Services: Provide information and offer support on sexual and reproductive health issues through education and advocacy

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