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Leonard Henderson - Founder of Oregon Family Rights and Co-Founder of American Family Rights Association

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on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 13:48
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Leonard Henderson - Founder of Oregon Family Rights and Co-Founder of American Family Rights Association

The Henderson Family in 1997

Interview with Leonard Henderson

Founder of Oregon Family Rights and Co-Founder of American Family Rights Association

Introduction: When we talk about "Child Protection Reform Warriors", Leonard Henderson is someone who is known as one of the original and most respected. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Leonard some questions about his views on where child protection reform is at in the United States at the moment and which direction Mr Henderson believes it is headed in. Although a man of few words and little respect for the system, Leonard has, does and continues to help many victims of CPS in the United States. Michael Borusiewicz.

Leonard Henderson - His own tragic story of victimisation by CPS in the United States

Welcome Leonard and thankyou for honoring me with an interview.

1. I would like to start with something positive about child protection. Can you tell us of anything Child Protection Services (CPS) are getting right and maybe they should be capitalising on?

Leonard Henderson - Throughout history, the child has always been the most vulnerable member of society. Ideally, the adults of society would not starve, rape, beat children.  In the real world, some people never grow up and behave badly against others, including children.  Originally, the morals, ethics, and expected behaviors of adult actions with children came from religious tenets. In the Westernized world, that would be from Christianity. The concept that government and laws can be a substitute for morality and ethics has never worked and is never going to work.

2. Do you believe the United States is leading the way in child protection reform, if not, who is? Which country would you say is doing the most wrong by it's children with it's child protection laws at the moment?

Leonard Henderson - No, I don't see the US as leading the way in child protection reform.  That would imply that at some time, child protection had been something the government had done well.  Government cannot parent.

3. Focusing on the United States now, which state do you believe is the worst and why? Which country is leading the way and why? In your experience, which is the worst CPS office in the United States and why?

Leonard Henderson - Off the cuff, I think Colorado is probably the worst of the worst.  It's like looking at a pile of cow turds with maggots crawling around in it.  Which one is the worst?  It's the same thing everywhere in the US with the total injustice.  CPS cases are in civil court.  No appointed lawyers. People who can't afford a lawyer have to defend themselves Pro Se.  Good luck with that. People are making a living by being bug mashers.   Nobody is fixing anything.

4. What about foster care Leonard, how can they improve the foster care system do you think? Do you think paying more money would bring in a better class of people prepared to offer children their homes?

Leonard Henderson - Paying more money just attracts a greedy bunch of nasty people. The only people who could do foster care are the same people who remarry and take good care of step kids.  Come to think of it, that's what I did and the results were an absolute disaster for my life.

5. The legal system in the US, what part has it played in the failure of child protection?

Leonard Henderson - The legal system is just the Swastika that "child protection" operates under.

6. For those parents in the United States who have had their children legally kidnapped, Is there any hope for them? What else should they be doing, do you have any good links or info you could share with us here?

Leonard Henderson - In a perfect world, people would be wealthy enough to hire a GOOD lawyer. Otherwise, I stick to the old advice I got from Will and Pamela Gaston - Get the Truth on the Record.

The link to my original What are my rights with CPS?

7. Can you share some figures relating to child protection that you think are important with us please Leonard? What do these figures tell us?

Leonard Henderson - There are gobs of figures.  All of them are significant.  I put them on the news often.  They tell us we have a huge problem that offers to do nothing but get worse as society has been dumbed down and made more helpless and miserable.

8. Where can you see things heading in child protection in the United States? Is there a way to change this outcome?

Leonard Henderson - With about 60 percent of all births now occurring to single mothers, I see nothing but collectivization.  Lucifer is winning.  America is dumb as a rock and low info voters rule.

9. Nancy Schaefer and Bill Bowen, two of our fallen warriors, can we take a moment to remember them. What can you tell us about them Leonard?

Leonard Henderson - They battled until the battle was taken from them.  Same with Pamela Gaston.

10. Can you tell us a particular case you are dealing with right now that is an obvious injustice?

Leonard Henderson - Right now, I have been dealing with being sued by AFRa co-founder Suzanne Shell.  She says I stole her ideas.

(Note: More on Suzanne Shell: A Suzanne Shell Story) Michael Borusiewicz.

11. Why will the politicians not do anything to stop the obvious child stealing that is happening? Are there any like nancy Schaefer that are at least trying to?

Leonard Henderson - There aren't many politicians who care.  Ron and Rand Paul and a few of their friends do.

12. What is your organisation doing at the moment to try to end this tyrany?

Leonard Henderson - AFRa as an association is dead.  The only things still operating is the website, the AFRa facebook-

-which is being operated by AFRa Director Roz McAllister

And my facebook that I turned into an AFRa News site-

13. What can others do?

Leonard Henderson - Others can take up the task to learn as much as they can and help in the fight.  I definitely recommend people to get a law degree, or at least learn enough to really know how to fight in court.  JurisDictionary might be a good place to look-

14. You have been doing this for many years Leonard. What would you view as your greatest achievement?

Leonard Henderson - Educating so many people.

15. What is your greatest disappointment?

Leonard Henderson - Getting sued.

16. What do you WISH you had done differently

Leonard Henderson -  Give up on that criminally insane kid a lot sooner.  Absolutely hopeless waste of human flesh that ended up utterly destroying me.  I owned a 400 acre ranch.  I lost everything, including my health.  I am now living on Social Security and likely to eventually be kicked out of my home.

17. Skeptics would say that parents who have had their children taken have done something wrong. The government doesn't take your children for no reason. What would you say to this Leonard?

Leonard Henderson -  I got into the CPS meat grinder because of the criminally insane behaviors of my wife's second son.  He was in juvenile lockup, the most secure place in the state.  The state decided to blame me for his behaviors.  Never mind that I was running a business and taking care of a large family.

18. I think I know the answer to this question, but I want to hear your take on it. How do you feel about the government stealing children from Christian families, or any family and handing them to lesbian, gay or transgender foster parents?

Leonard Henderson - That's the subject of a couple news stories I put on the last day or two.  About the government helping heal the problem with childless gays and such.

Michael - Yes, admittedly I was referring to the articles on your facebook wall. I was wondering what your view are when it comes to gays adopting and fostering children?

Leonard Henderson - I am not allowed to express my actual views.  There's nothing down that path but haters wanting to destroy me.

19. Adoption and foster care, institutions, are these ever a viable and necessary option. What should happen when a child undoubtedly found to be abused?

Leonard Henderson - I honestly believe that there were so few a long time ago that it was a problem the LAW took care of.  Now, it's about standard stuff with the 60% birth rate to unmarried girls.

20. Dealing daily with all the misery and tragedy when hearing story after story after story of heartbroken parents and children, is there some way you unwind or get away from it all to clear your head sometimes?

Leonard Henderson - I enjoy being a news hound.  At my stage of illness and immobility, I don't have a lot of options.

21. Parents dealing with CPS, what are some of the unexpected hurdles you would like to warn them about?

Leonard Henderson - The officials making up LIES and bull s**t stories.

22. What was it like to start up Oregon Family Rights and American Family Rights association? Looking back at where you were when you started this journey, where did you think it was going to lead you?

Leonard Henderson - The plan was to assemble a large number of voices to holler together to get serious attention from news agencies and politicians.

23. Why do you do what you do? What motivates you Leonard?

Leonard Henderson - I do this now because it's what I do.  I haven't got enough brains to just quit.

24. Looking around Leonard, so many beautiful people who you would never believe would be accused of hurting their children, and who we just know have been falsely accused. Now when I say beautiful, I don't just mean beautiful souls. What do you think about my idea of some of these beautiful women getting together to do a pinup calander of "Child Protection Reform Warriors?"

Leonard Henderson - People coming up with new concepts is always a good way to keep fresh things happening.  We had several great actions dreamed up by several people over the years and they were quite effective.

Michael - Can you tell me some of those things you are talking about?

Leonard Henderson - Wow.  THat was so long ago, it took quite a while for me to even remember it.  I remember the Shock & Awe an there were several more.  All invented by Suzy Nickle in Washington State.  I cannot remember WHAT the Shock & Awe was or did.  And I can't find much of anything about it even in the web archives.

25. What are the main points you would like to get across by doing this interview?

Leonard Henderson - I don't have any points any more.  I am just a tired old man.  I guess my current wish is "Warn young couples about CPS and the many ways you can find yourself in the CPS crosshairs."

26. With your illness... can you share with us how you are doing?

Leonard Henderson - The illness-

I have a chronic illness.  It is slowly getting worse.  But between the medications to keep as much water out of my body as possible and the fact that the VPAP does seem to be cleaning my lungs up a little bit, I have been improving.  This lawsuit tore me up so badly that I couldn't sleep, and that really took me down very badly.  Things were really grim for me a month ago.

27. We all make mistakes, but that is what CPS capitalizes on. What is the main mistake parents are making when dealing with CPS do you think?

Leonard Henderson - The biggest mistake is not knowing how CPS operates and stupidly believing CPS is there to help them.

28. This war against families is disguised under the label of "In the best interest of the child." What part do the children actually play in this world of CPS?

Leonard Henderson - Oh, I think some of the young new CPS people actually care about children.  They have no clue what is actually good for children, but they think they care.  But it doesn't take long working for CPS for it to just become a job.  And like any job, it soon boils down to a formula that involves the least amount of effort or creativity necessary.  So they just become robots herding the crop through the operation and collecting for the time spent at it.

29. In your view, once a child's life has been taken over by CPS, what is the most likely result?

Leonard Henderson - Used to be, some fosters were good Christian people, so some kids had some hope of building a future for themselves.  But usually, it just boils down to accepting the position of being a helpless victim.  So they stay there until being dumped on the street when they age out.

30, What should be done when someone discovers a child is being abused?

Leonard Henderson - I have seen people doing things that were going to get them in deep trouble, and I warned them what was about to happen to them if they didn't wise up really fast.

Is there anything you would like to add finally please Leonard. Can you give me something to quote you on?

Leonard Henderson -I ran into a great quote today that I came up with several years ago.  But I sure can't remember what it was. Getting Old Sucks.

The old Leonard quote I couldn't remember-

Never spank a spoiled rotten princess-
She will grow up to be a fine
CPS worker, judge, psychiatrist,
Democrat, or prostitute some day.

--Advice from your AFRA webguy


I would like to send Leonard Henderson my sincerest thanks for giving me the honour of interviewing him, may God Bless Him and may his health continue to improve. I hope that others have found his words enlightening. Thankyou so much Leonard, your a legend my friend, Michael Borusiewicz.

More About Leonard Henderson....

I was born in 1950. I grew up the REAL OLD FASHIONED WAY on a ranch in Eastern Oregon. We had a wood cookstove, wood heat, and an outhouse. Hot water was generated with water pipes in the firebox on the cook stove that heated water in the tank behind the cookstore. By the time the meal was cooked and eaten, the water in the tank was hot so we could do the dishes. Baths were taken in front of the cookstove in a large laundry tub. There was no such thing as sitting down in the tub- you used a washrag. You learned really quickly to pay attention where your wet "buns" were when you bent over! I probably still have some scars on my rear end from those learning experiences.

Everybody in the family had important chores to do. They weren't "busy work" chores. The little kids were supposed to feed the chickens and gather the eggs. What happens if you don't feed the chickens or gather the eggs? The chickens get sick and quit laying. We didn't live out of the grocery store. Not having eggs is a bigger problem than you think it is- practically everything that is good to eat has eggs as an important ingredient. Ungathered eggs aren't too pleasant when they are broken into a frying pan full of good eggs, either. Older kids got more responsibilities until they were driving a tractor alone, by themselves, all day long.

You learned quickly that a dumb decision could get you hurt or killed. So you learned early to THINK AHEAD- "What are the possible consequences if I do this?" No, I'm NOT talking about today's decision whether to steal or misbehave! I am talking about working on the hay baler while it is running, or something of that magnitude. A hay baler will suck you in, and chop you up into several unliving pieces. I DID NOT say "might" or "could".

There was no such thing as "deciding" whether to cheat, steal, lie, or misbehave. This world was a world of ABSOLUTE RIGHT and WRONG. Try it, and you went to the woodshed. No, NOT FOR A 'TIME OUT". A few healthy, meaningful swats with a piece of kindling wood put the idea of EVER TRYING THAT AGAIN faaaaaar from your mind.

Adults were all perfectly interchangable. Grandma or Aunt Mildred, or the school teacher, School Principal, preacher, or sunday school teacher- were all AUTHORIZED to freely administer a "good whipping" if you happened to "try it out" somewhere besides home. Then you would probably get another whipping at home when your folks found out. We cared about bringing "shame on the family".

What was the result of growing up this way? A 16 year old boy was perfectly capable of taking over the operation of the farm business. We didn't go tearing around much in the pickup because we had to fix it if we broke it. We didn't fool with booze much because we still had to work tomorrow. On a farm, it doesn't matter how rotten you feel, the chores have to be done or SERIOUS consequences lay ahead- like having to do without some essential foods, or GOING BROKE.

Growing up on a farm prepares one for just about anything life tosses his way. You learn how to be responsible for, and take care of yourself and everybody around you. You learn how to operate all kinds of machinery and trucks. You have to learn some medicine, mechanics and welding.

I ended up having to go to Alaska in 1985 to save our farm from foreclosure. I worked as a professional welder and heavy equipment mechanic, because there was lots of demand for those skills, all the hours you could stand to work (325 hours a month), and BIG PAYCHECKS.

But unfortunately, this is a young man's world and about 4 years of super-human performance was all there was in me. I ended up disabled with Chronic Bronchitis from welding smoke. No, I have NEVER SMOKED. Perhaps I burnt up a couple tons too much of 7018 welding rod in unventilated shops.

No, not disabled enough to get Worker's Comp (Alaska logging companies OWN the insurance company, and Alaska logging company owners are the chairman and board of directors). They pay LAWYERS not claims.

No, not disabled enough to get Social Security Disability because there are alleged "employments existing in the National Economy". Who will hire somebody who historically spends October thru June ill?

So, into this backdrop comes the Oregon Services to Children and Families. I was 49 years old, a "daddy" to 10 children aged 22 to 3 1/2 years- and I find myself thrown in with the 19 year old "Doper Dads".

After this kind of life and experiences, yes I DO think I have some comments to make.
    I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG. I know a thing or two about babies, adolescents, teenagers, and adult children.

The New Age PUKES at Childrens Protective not only don't know right from wrong, but they force wrong as RIGHT.

Nationally, the entire network of New Age, New Class, morons in power need to be CLEANED OUT. They are the CPS, the DEQ, the EPA, the NEA, psychiatrists, and obviously, THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (The Party of Satan).

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