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I Am Forgotten Australian Raped And Abused By The Goverment Childrens Homes

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on Tue, 08/07/2012 - 14:49
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Who wants to meet me in front of New South Wales Parliament House Re;

I Am Forgotten Australian Raped And Abused By The Goverment Childrens Homes And Catholic Priest And Curch Of England I Protest For Royal Commission Into All Goverment Childrens Homes And All Other Childrens Homes As Well As All Churches And Catholic Church

We Are All Victims Of The Same Abuse And The Goverment Is Just As Corrupt As The Catholic Church Schools There Should Be A Royal Commission Into All Churches Charities And The Goverment Childrens Homes As Well Stop The Coruption And Cover Ups Of Us victims Survivors Before More Lives Are Lost Due To Suicide Or Ill Health And To Fight For Justice For Those Who Are No Longer With Us And Who Never Survived The Life Of Growing Up Laying In Unmarked Graves.

These Pedophiles And Predators And Abusers Need to Be Prosecuted And Those Who Have Covered Up For Them By Destroying The Records And Log Books Proving Our Cases To Be Prosecuted As Well By Protecting The Pedophiles And Abusers And Predators That Raped And Abused Us In The Childrens Homes And Schools Wether It be Catholic Or Any Other Churches or Charities And Goverment Institution Where Child Were Being Abused

We Were Given Apolgies And A National Apology But The Pedophiles And Predators And Abusers Still Roam Free Un Touched By The Law Being Protected By The Churches And Those Of The Goverment Childrens Homes We Want Justice For All Victims Survivors And Those Who Are No Longer With Us.

Its Just Not The Catholic Churches Who Rped Abused Children It Was All Churches And Charities And Goverment Facilities Where Children Were Suppose To Of Being Caring For Us Not Preying Upon Us Using us For Their Pleasure To Do What They Wanted By Sexually Abusing And Physically Assulting Us Making Us Their Slaves And Torturing Us Starving Us We Were Their Prey And They preyed Upon Us Until They Did The Crimes Against Us When We Were Children Under Their Care Churches Or Goverment Or Charities

We All Suffered The Same Crimes Some Worse Than Others But We Stll Suffered The Crimes , Of Which The Catholic Church And Goverment And All Other Churches And Charities Continued To Cover Up About We Are Real And Won't Go Away Unless I Become Another Suicide Victim of Goverment Corruption And Church Corruption And Cover Ups We Want All The Pedophiles And Predators And Those Who Have Protected Them To Be Prosecuted As Well

We Are The Survivors of These Crimes And Want Justice Before We Die And For Those Who Have Died Who Never Had The Chance To Fight For Justice And Of Those Who's Lives And Families Have Been Destroyed By What We Have Suffered As They Live Our Truma And Pain As Well And Has Caused Many Family Break Ups And Divorces And Has Tortured Them By having To Listen To Our Plight For Justice

They Have Suffered And Our Children And Grand Children Because We Have Given All Our Time To Fighting For Justice And We have ignored Their growing Up Due To What We Suffered And Have Been Trying To Do And That Is Getting The Pedophiles And Predators And Abusers And Those Who Have Protected Them Prosecuted As Well Its Not Only Us Who have Suffered It Has Been Our Families As Well Along This Journey Of Justice A Real Forgotten Australian Micheal Brown Of Goverment Childrens Home Abuse And catholic Churc Abuse And Church Of England Child Abuse And To Those Who Are No Longer With Us R.I.P As I Will Still Fight For You All For Justice Even If Its Just A Voice And Protest

They Will Read My Banner Knowing They Have Been Covering Up About Our Crimes We Suffered By Their Hands Of The Churches And Goverment And Charities Who Did These Crimes Against us When We Were Only Children


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When r the Forgotten Aus going to stand up tog & be politically inncorrect in stating that "The Stolen Gen" do get & have priority over White F/A. R we still too afraid to say "Hang on where is our checked box on legal forms etc"? R we so intimidated by Aboriginal society that we deny our needs? The powers of been have to put into action what they say!!! 3 Years since the appologie & people still assume we r "The Stolen Gen" When will this change?Do I have to remind the public that the G'ment took 500.000 whites to 13.000 Aboriginals! R u all afraid of being labbelled racist? SBS & the ABC r always doing stories on the "Stolen Gen" but never about us When, r we going to rectify this injustice??? I am not a racist but c'mon in a social setting people always assume I'm from the "Stolen Gen" It is time to fix this more publicity, more communication get our stories out there Surely I am not the only one who feels this way? Or maybe I've had enough of not ticking any box!!! R people not fed up with "R u Aborininal or Torres Strait Islander?" I refuse to tick any of them as that is called rasict C'mon stand up for us