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Human Rights Violations with the support of CFS (Alberta Children's Hospital / Foothill Medical Hospital / Young Adult Program Unit 26)

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on Wed, 12/25/2013 - 03:27
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Human Rights Violations with the support of CFS (Alberta Children's Hospital / Foothill Medical Hospital / Young Adult Program Unit 26)

Alberta Children Hospital  never cleaned the urine cups

The room was a mess

The bed sheets were never changed

The child has milk allergy but no one cares

Monitor was off though our child suffers under Brady cardia

We re not allowed to take him to another doctor 

The child has not seen fresh air since weeks

He was jailed in Alberta Children's

Their reason: the child suffered under weight loss

They do not know why so they assume the child has eating disorder 

Asceticism... yes that was what Dr Pinzon from Adolscent medicine who

specialized many weird stuff incuding gays and transgenders said that it could be

our son's practise

CT scan for the lungs was never done

Medical papers have been sent to people who do not belong to the team

 Privacy was never respected

But we are also not allowed to take our child home who is allergic to milk, dirt and many others 

But his room was also not cleaned 

Since the apprehension from CFS, calagry children's hospital did what they wanted with our child

He was treated like ED kid

They transferred him to YAP program in Foothills Medical Center without our consent

The child is still treated like Eating Disorder child without any proof

There is no scientific proof so Drs implied stuff with the help of Child Service Calgary

YAP program is for Youth with mental issues and children are not allowed to make pictures of that Unit

They re not allowed to have cell phone

No internet

Doors are locked 

Security is sitting inside

Every article is checked

Raizors are not allowed

Bath rooms are locked

We re not allowed to hold our child in our arms( they call it inappropriate)

Every piece of book or quotes we want to give are searched

Some bible verses even were told as inappropriate

ACH even said Bible Verses contradict  with their treatment

 The Spiritual Service Chaplain Marcel supported Drs more than the spiritual belief of our son

God was not welcomed in that hospital

Believing in God means, hearing voices and it was interpreted as mental illness

Unconditional love between child and parents was seen as perversion

Our child is now kept in Jail( YAP program FootHills Medical Hospital/Unit 26 in the Special Services Building)

A Dr named Dr Blair Ritchie wrote that our child is harmful to himself and others( after seeing 10 minutes)

Our child is a strong God bleiever and surrounded by many people who sees him as a little angel as he helps the homeless and food bank even when he is seriously ill

But to keep our son in this YAP program they gave him Mental Health Documents. To get these documents they must write lies and they did

Our child has lungs problems but no one cares

He can not even have a bath when he has cold

We are not allowed to make pictures there

We wonder what are they hiding?

Why no one is doing anything against such programs?

We know the answer

The Alberta Children Hospital , Medical Team, Foot Hill Team, they are all too strong and Child Service has the power .

The Calgary Court supports these corruptions

It isX mas... 

Our child is not allowed to be home with us

Cus  he could lose weight at home( that is what they say)

We wonder... if they keep also a child who broke once his leg at home, away from home... as they assume it can happen again??

We wonder..................when this will stop