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Help to Fight Minnesota CPS

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on Sat, 03/08/2014 - 15:45

I am in college for Human services so I am Familiar with human service policy and state laws for Minnesota. I recently became aware of cps and the crimes they commit against parents and children. I  know that other county and state entities are  also involved in what I can only describe as organized crime against parents and children. Meanwhile public defenders walk parents  in to the slaughter. I also educated myself in codes of conduct for lawyers judges and Guardian Ad Litems so complaints can be filed for individual investigations. When these individuals violate the rights of the people they should be protecting its important that we do what we can to remove them. Filing these complaints will start individual investigations of those who are hurting people.

I will not judge anyone who ends up in this mess. I can see through the false allegations when there is no supporting evidence and we can work together looking for solutions for what they do have supporting evidence for.


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I have a daughter who will be 18 in August. I was coherced into signing my parental rights away when she was 12. She was adopted and it was closed, yet she contacted me anyway. She knew I loved her and as her mother I was not going to turn her away no matter what any judge ordered! A little over a year ago she suddenly stopped contacting me, this is not like her. I am not sure what is going on, if the adoptive parents have anything to do with it or if she is angry/ hurt emotionally, I am so fearful. I have looked at obituaries and so on, this is been nightmare for both of us. I pray everyday that she is alive and not in any emotional or physical harm. I have just recently discovered all of this evidence of corruption, (Senator Nancy Schafer, and read about funds received for NOT reunifying children etc,)  I read about other families who described the exact same treament and tacticts that were used on me, and how the public defender told me I had no chance of winning in a tiral so I should just sign the papers.I am in  recovery from substances and some depression  for several years now. Back then I desperately needed help, I wanted the best for her, they told me they were helping us! How is taking a child away for 6 years helpful to the child? Especially when I am sober now? Would they treat a cancer patient or any other ill parent that way? No! The Law would allow that child to see their parent (s) when they were well enough.  I can't do anything for my situation now. but I want to help others. Stigma will exist people will always judge others, but the politicians, lawyers, social workers etc. need to leave at home or church or wherever, not in the law. A medical illness is a illness  period. When a person recovers the child should be allowed to see their parent, perhaps supervised, drug tested, whatever, but taken for years. that  is only punishing the child and can create more illness. How do you go about making changes in the law? or advocating for change? I want to help I don't know where to begin.

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I am so sorry you were manipulated like that. .It most likely set your recovery back . They robbed you of your hope and your family support which is esential  for every  recovery. It is so important to take that tragedy and turn it in to something good by wanting to help others. I am so glad you gotten to that place.Have you checked facebook for your daughter.