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Haig Report Exposing Corruption Now on Twitter

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on Tue, 08/06/2013 - 04:37
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Haig Report Exposing Corruption Now on Twitter

DoCS is only part of the problem.  The Big Problem is the "government mafia" aka the "public sector mafia". Judges, the courts, lawyers, police, parliamentarians, DPP, public defenders, RSPCA,  and other "entities" are part of this "government mafia".  These entities are invariably part of the public sector, or are connected in some substantial way to the public sector.  The government mafia occurs in so many different jurisdictions, just as DoCS does.  The individual parasites in each, are all the same  The nature of each government mafia in each jurisdiction is very similar; effectively exactly the same.   The government mafia and the public sector mafia is all about law and Regulations.   I'm Russell Mathews and I have an LLB, but I would never seek "admission" to the courts as a practicing lawyer.  Lawyers kowtow to corrupt judges, or those judges would never let them win so they would have no clients.  I have been an accountant and Tax agent in my own practice as I have a BCom, BSc and BA as well.

Using websites and the Internet is effective for organizing, but it must be well known by as many people as possible.  That means publicity.  Publicity is the answer. In just the last century, Television has developed from nothing to become the major publicity machine in our global society, and even more so recently with the advances and convergence in digital communications.  Television corporations had become large enough pre-WWW to have "critical mass".  Hence, if we want publicity, we must attract the TV cameras.  To attract television coverage, it is necessary to have images out of the ordinary and so worthy of being videoed and telecast.  Now, with international telecasts, we are not reliant upon just the Australian media and television corporations, to telecast to Australian Residents.   We now have global media organizations such as the BBC and Aljazeera [Al Jazeera] telecast into Australia. 

One needs watch the BBC and Aljazeera [Al Jazeera] for only a short period to realize the type of images that will attract world television coverage.  The images are large gatherings of people demonstrating  in parks and protesting in marches.  Australia is already attracting much international news coverage with its brutal actions directed against refugee boat people.  The world media is already interested in Australia, abrogation of Human Rights and further, Australia defiant breaches of its international Human Rights agreements with the International Community is the way in which the Commonwealth of Australia rides rough shod over the Rights of Disabled Persons in total disregard of Australia's agreements in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

I believe we need protest meetings and marches in each jurisdiction.  Imagine the news impact, if the protest meetings and marches are synchronized in each jurisdiction; in each state of Australia and New Zealand, at precisely the identical time, and in many other countries/jurisdictions, on exactly the same day.  I believe that Twitter can be the way.   I have established a Twitter Account for just this purposeI suggest  that anyone who wishes to fight DoCS, and other parts of the government mafias, joins this HaigReport Twitter account.  These marches and protests covered on international media will definitely attract odium and contempt from the International Community towards the upper levels of the Australian public sector mafia.   Consider what has happened in Tunisia and Egypt, and what is happening at present in Egypt.  The upper levels of the Australian public sector mafia will not be pleased.  They are likely to first try attacking me and the Twitter account.  That is nothing new for me as these parasites have been attacking me for decades.  They will then realize they must bring the various DoCS to account.  Some of the greater parasites may be sacked or "redeployed".  We have to do more than we have been doing to date.