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Gastonia DSS Kidnapped my Grandson Please Help

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on Thu, 08/16/2012 - 23:50
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

My grandson was legally kidnapped on august 9th 2012 by DSS of Gastonia, NC.  I've heard so many diffirent lies from these people I really don't know the reason.  But, they told me that it was because of his behavior. There not telling anybody that the social worker new back in May that he was diagnosed with ADHD and did not inform me about it.  I had to bring it up in july that I was going to have him checked for it and then she told me after I took him to the doctor and told her that he was diagnosed with it and then she said she knew that back in may.

Also, I heard that the thearapist that I was taking him to had only seen him and me four about an hour said that he was disassociating from himself because he likes to pretend he is spiderman. Then he told them that my mental state was affecting him.  I was upset because his mother and his other grandparents had abused him on there visits. He is only four years old and I thought at that age all kids liked to pretend to be super heros.

But, I reported the abuse and thats when they lied to me and asked me to come up there for a meeting about their visits and when I got there they put him in another room and told me that he was'nt going back home with me that he was going to a level II foster home.

They will not let me see him or even talk to him  and wont tell me who or where he is. It feels like he has been kidnapped and I can't find him. It is the worst thing i have ever been through in my life. I don't know what to do.  But I am having a rally 8-17-12 at the gastonia dss.

If anybody has any answers please let me know.  



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You told DSS that he was abused at visits they themselves supervised?  How much did you try to convince the CHILD that he was abused?   Did you raise your own children?  Have you ever been addicted to prescription medications?  

Did the childs mental state since you started taking care of him get better or worse?  

Im not really asking any questions.

Just google Hembree.

If you truly cared for this child you would stop lying about his mother so he wouldnt have to be with strangers.