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Fighting with child safety cairns north and one case worker Faith Strong

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on Wed, 11/14/2012 - 13:51
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Fighting with child safety cairns north and one case worker Faith Strong
Faith Strong: satan's concubine works at Department of Community Services Cairns North DoCS

Hi all, I'm a mother of three children and for the last ten months my partner of 14 years and I have been fighting with child safety Cairns North DoCS and one case worker *Faith Strong.
My children have been placed in foster care 8 times. While in the care of this department my 9 year old girl has been placed with the same family for the last 5 months and my boys have been placed in alternate care for about the same time. During that time my boys, one 6 and the other 4, they were placed with children twice their age, During the time of the boys placement at Yorkeys Knob both my boys were continuosly abused by the older kids also placed there. My 6 yr boy was also sexualy abused by an older boy named Luke.
This boy Luke aged 12 to 14 had tied a rope around my 6yr old boy's neck and pulled it so so hard down to where his manhood was and told my six yr old boy to kiss it and God knows what else. The father of my boy was told by my 6 yr son and the father passed the information on to the Cairns police who to their ability investigated the matter and then passed the information onto Faith Stong, a case woker at Cairns North child safety DoCS. 
Cairns North child safety DoCS were supposed to investigate my six year old son being molested in foster care futher, this did not happen.
They would rather put it the too hard basket. My 4 yr old boy has also come into contact vists with me with bruises on his body. When asked Were did you get those bruises from?", he told me one of the older boys did this to him. I had told Faith Strong about this and yet Faith Strong did nothing.
At the same time the placement where my 9 yr old girl is placed, she has been bullied and once again we told Faith Strong that our daughter was being  bullied and still Faith Strohg did nothing to address this. This department has f***** my family and i need your help to make this right my next court date in cairns is 29/11/12 to saw your suport please turn up and let make it clear that we as parents hay something to say about the currption that is riping your family my family and anyone esle that it is not ok to take ckildren away from loving homes. 
*Note to parents unfortunate enough to deal with child protection social servants: It is not unusual for case workers and senior child protection staff to work under a false name, such as "Faith Strong" would suggest. If you spent your time stealing children and ripping apart families, wouldn't you hide your true identity too?
These monsters have got sweeping the dirt under the carpet down to a tee, with no accountability, media laws to keep their atrocities quiet and an unlimited legal fund, with all the "independant" assessors willing to cash in on the money train by supplying whatever outcome or assessment is preferred by the good folk down at the office of child protection.... what could go wrong?
You can get away with kidnapping! You can get away with murder! Falsify reports, make false statements, destroy evidence, lie in court, disobey direct court orders.... Geez, if your a pedeophile, you have more chance of getting away with violating children as a staff member of child protection than if you were a cop. A law unto themselves. A parasite on loving families. An organisation that lucifer satan prince of darkness himself would be proud to be a member of.


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Michael... your writings to date are so excellent in content and profiling every thought and emotion that parents can relate to . God bless you for that. You must surely be aware that this issue is right on the cusp of change...and this is the time to have a strong united voice that follows the ethic that both you and Velvet espouse to...a sane , strong voice in the midst of psychotic bizarre practice from those the " system" pays to ?serve us. May all your work and those in the same ranks, soon see a victory! I am working and praying my best for the success that belongs with your passion and perseverance!
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This was posted on another site where Child Protection Professionals discuss Child Protection Reform...

Again, we all know that the "system" is in a dilema... one simply needs to peruse the comments on this venue to see that. Of course the "money" thing is so necessary and should be paramount in our law makers eyes... Unfortunately, every aspect of government is now suffering from the monetary shortages. I've always thought that there have got to be certain priorities within our system as far as where the funding should go as opposed to which political party is funding their constituents clamoring and trying to ensure the continued support for their next election bid. Therein lies the crux of the least as far as funding goes...
(Personally, I've ALWAYS thought that of all the things our government funds and shepherds, what could be more important than our children, our elderly and our disabled?)
I must, however, comment on Michael Bs' statement above regarding supervising entities neglecting or denying families the same help as foster carers.
I have been a "Treatment Foster Home Parent with Volunteers of America since 1986. Although I have worked for many counties and with several other agencies here in Minnesota as well as Wisconsin during the last 35 years.
Volunteers of America instituted a program a few years ago that specifically works on the problems mentioned in your discourse. That is, VOA began a program which works hand in hand using a Team approach which includes the family, the county social worker or workers involved and a worker from VOA trained to work in a family setting to specifically identify problems within the family nucleus and attempt to keep the family together by solving difficulties PRIOR to the family having to be broken up and children sent to foster care. Family Unification is not always easy simply because there is not one simple reason nor just one child involved... at least not in most of the cases. By focusing, through intensive in home therapy on the "mechanics", if you will, of the homes logistics, plans are made, funding is made available and monitoring to make sure that the entire family is "safe" and "on track" towards continuing to be a happy, healthy environment for all involved.
I'm fairly certain that there has to be other agencies and governmental parties which also must be doing this.
It is time consuming and it is a difficult task but there is a genuine and caring population out there who are doing all they can to help families stay together. The days of just "grabbing" the children and stickin' 'em in foster care are pretty well gone and over with. I know of no agency nor governmental unit which will do that without a good deal of hard, incontrovertible facts to shore up their case against the family. I know, I know.... yes, I'm sure it still can happen... but it is no longer the prevalent panacea it once was thought to be.
I believe now the model "motto" is: "It takes a whole village to raise a child". That axiom, if you will, harbors much knowledge and hope for all.
Patrick McLafferty

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"The days of just "grabbing" the children and stickin' 'em in foster care are pretty well gone and over with. I know of no agency nor governmental unit which will do that without a good deal of hard, incontrovertible facts to shore up their case against the family." Patrick McLafferty

Patrick is either extremely well-paid or should be drug tested.