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A Father's Fight For His Daughter In Sacramento, CA

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on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 19:10

A Father's Fight For His Daughter In Sacramento, CA

A Father's Love for his Daughter Stolen by Child Protection Services

I met a girl and fell in love. As most people, we spend all of our time together. In a very short time we found out that she was pregnant. I was very happy and I decided to ask her to marry me. She said yes and everything was great. I went to every doctor’s appointment with her and I moved from my one bedroom apartment to a two bedroom as we had decided that she would move in with me because as soon as her dad found out she was pregnant he would kick her out of his house that she was living in. She moved in and everything was good.

When she was between 6 and 7 months I had caught her drinking a few times. When I would say something to her she was get mad at me and leave. So at the next doctor’s appointment I told the doctor about what she was doing. Of course after doing that she left told me to leave her alone. I left her alone but I knew when the next appointment was so I showed up. She got mad and told me to go away and leave her alone. I knew it would be best if I did as she asked.

I went to the Sacramento courts and filed for joint custody and a paternal test. In return I was served with a restraining order. When we went to court the restraining order was dismissed. When we went to court we were ordered to return to court after the first of the year.

This was due to the fact that she had not had the baby yet so I would have to wait for the paternal test. I was informed by her lawyer that she would be putting the baby up for adoption. I did not think that she could do that without my consent.

On Jan. 1, 2010 my daughter was born, her name is Hailey. She was taken at birth by the prospective adoptive parent’s right after birth. It was kept secret from me that she had even had the baby.

When I went back to court I was informed that the case was being transferred to Placer County because that was where the adoption was taking place. I requested the judge order a DNA test which came back 96.9%. I got an attorney, I have spent $70,000.00. I lost my attorney due to cost. During all this time it came out that the perspective adoptive parents were getting a divorce.

Now the perspective adoptive mother is trying to do it as a single parent. Back when they were together the judge deemed me as unfit because I had a drug problem in my past but have sense completed the Salvation Army’s 12 month live in program and have been clean for almost 7 years.

I had a problem long before I ever even met my daughter’s mom. One of the reasons the judge decided that it would be best if they raised my daughter was because there was two of them and only one of me. When the judge was told about the divorce he put a stay on his decision until he could find out details.

A deposition was done with the perspective adoptive parents and the facts of why he was divorcing her came out. She had been cheating on him with six different people sense the court hearings had started, two being women and four guys. One of the guys was their best man in their wedding. She also has a 215 card for anxiety.

I was given visitation of my daughter when she was five months old. I see her every Tuesday and Thursday two hours each day. And have not missed one of them. Come May 1st 2011 I am unsure of what will happen. I pray I do not lose my daughter. I was appointed an attorney by the courts.

They want to take away my Rights to be Hailey’s father, they say I’m unfit. I did drugs for 12 years and got into a lot of trouble during my addiction. I have been clean for 6.5 years. The courts deemed me a “Kelsey S Father”.

My attorney told me I don’t stand a chance, if I had 20 years clean, maybe but 6.5 years I am not sure. One parent with a record in the past –VS- One parent with no record, And what has change with the other party. She is my daughter, I Love her with all my heart.

She was 5 months old when I first laid eyes on her. She is my heart, she is my daughter. I never turned my back on her. I believe I should be able to raise my daughter but at this point I do not know what is going to happen.

This case is very unique due to the fact that there has never been a divorce while in the middle of an adoption. I do not believe there is any reason I should lose my daughter, I have wanted her sense the beginning.

I would like to get my story heard because I feel it may be the only way I might be able to get my daughter, And be apart of her life not a weekend father etc. I feel like the judge in my case is not making very good decisions and hope that someone might agree with me that could help make that difference. Whoever reads this please pray for us.
Anthony Lingle

As Of MAY 2nd 2011 The Court Terminated My Parental Right To Be Hailey's Father I Am Appealing This As We Speak

I Am Loosing my daughter completely, Maybe the adoptive parent will move away and never tell her about me. I will say I have been keeping everything that has anything to do with Hailey and court in a safe place.

One day she will ask and someone will tell her the truth or tell her a lie. She will look for me and she will find me, I will then pull that box out and
share it with her, and tell her I never wanted to give her away and that I have always Loved her.

A Father's Fight For His Daughter In Sacramento, CA