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Families SA - A family portrait of the corrupt baby stealers

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on Sun, 09/22/2013 - 16:41
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Families SA - A family portrait of the corrupt baby stealers

Families SA have the lowest rate (25%) of reunification. Plus a jump in figures of children going into care. It seems that not many parents appeal orders and decisions made in the Youth Court. Someone said its almost unheard of parents appealing and disputing what Families SA say.

Since 1996 there has been 6 appeals against FSA that made it to the Supreme Court. All unsuccessful.

Judge Stephen McEwen terms Families SA officials "Control Freaks"

To all of those who have had the displeasure of having to deal with Families SA.

Familys sa have a lot to answer for.

FSA MT Barker Again.. Lee Mattner she is the one that took my kids and lied her and Nicole Smith

I lived in Qld all my life til my oldest daugjter was 12. I had a 6 year old and an 8 year old and I moved to Adelaide for 12 months to Mt Barker area. I had another child to my then partner of 6 years he was 3 months old and Families SA turned up on our doorstep with 7 police officers saying that I had an outstanding warrant in Qld for centerlink fraud to the amount of 47,000 $$

Patrick Kinnear Manager Families SA Kadina Office - a reign of terror

They took all my kids that day. I was breast feeding my 3 month old son ...they said that my partner was not a suitable carer as he was a member of a bike club...bear in mind that we lived in QLD all our lives and never had anything to do with any child safety dept ever.

Whilst I was sitting in a cell in Brisbane Women's Correctional Families SA took 18 year orders out illegally saying to the crown that this was the only way to transfer interstate orders from one state to another so the kids could go to family in QLD and not be separated.

Families SA Woodville - Jill DeBoo

I was taken on the spot nd my kids were screaming as they were being dragged to the Families SA cars. My children were never a day away from me ever only to go to school.

Also my children are indigenous and aboriginal families in SA went against these orders and also were horrified at how fast they got these orders Now QLD Child Safety are horrified as well as Families SA said to the crown that we had QLD child protection history. QLD DoCS are now saying there is was no history and Families SA lied to the crown to get these orders QLD DoCS are now starting the reunification process with me in October.

I complained to SA health commission and got no results. 2 years now of my children's lives they have taken. I never got a visit for 8 months whilst I was in jail and I have to say this Families Sa are corrupt and even when my kids come home I will not stop at exposing them.

It was less then a week ago that child safety said to me on a meeting that what Families SA have done is wrong and they would never ever have taken such strenuous orders out in Qld and also it is a disgrace that now the orders have been transferred to Qld DoCS there was limited paper work, .nothing explaining why and no evidence of why 18 year orders were taken out.


They thought I'd just give up, well wern't they mistaken...I had 24 year old uni students that worked for Families SA take my children out of my arms.. and a 22 year old pych who worked for them separated my then 12 year old daughter from her brothers and sisters...

I'M never going to stop exposing them till the system down there is changed.

Angie Kim

To all FSA clients in South Australia.

Lee Mattner from Families SA was the was one who decided that my kids need to be with my mother. Jodie Richards who I never met was the one who got all the subpeonas that never gave them nothing ...but they still had the hide to put them in there apllication for 18 year orders.

My story is i was in a domestic violent relationship for 7 years. In 2009. I gave birth to my first son, Reuben at the Rockhampton Base Hospital. I found it difficult after the birth to be happy because of my ex being nasty to me infront of our son. So i left him in Qld and cane back to SA as my mother was encouraging me to live with her.

When i got back to SA i found out i was pregnant with my 2nd son, Ethan. He was born at the Women's and Childrens in 2010. By then my ex came to live in Adelaide and "be a family". He didnt change. He was drinking, i started drinking, i got depressed real bad.

I told him to go back to QLD as i had enough. Mind you, my boys were well looked after and very much loved. At that point I asked to be admitted to Helen Mayo House as I was mentally breaking down. I was there for 2 weeks.

My mother was looking after my boys while i was there. FSA Mt Barker was notified by the ward psych that I had a drinking problem and they need to get involved. I was shocked! They made me agree to a safety plan. My boys had to live with my mother, and if i want to be with them i had to be there too. So i had to break my lease in Bridgewater, pack ALL of our things and move that in storage. Had to change my boys childcare as mother lived in Nth Haven.

Well things just got bad to worse! Living with mother was HELL. She is an alcoholic and so is her husband. They pretty much took over my parenting! Treated me like a child, told me i was a bad mother. I lost my job not long after, i was working for BHP Billiton. Only part time so I could spend time with my boys.

So things got worse. March this year i got admitted to the Adelaide Clinic. My psychiatrist then saw that I was having a crisis living with my mother. After my discharged, i overdosed on Xanax and went to hospital 5 times. I dont remember much. But my mother called the child abuse hotline, even though the children were not in my care.

Then FSA Woodville got involved.My ex and my mother used to HATE each other. Next thing i knew, i was homeless and the most 2 narcissistic people I know were pairing up and gladly used FSA to their advantage. He consented to everything FSA wants to do. He is happy as he doesnt have to pay child support while my boys are in my mothers care.

I get 1hr access at home and 1X2 hours in the office. All supervised. Reuben ALWAYS says he wants to live with mummy. All of this has been a result of living with nasty controlling and abusive ppl

They made me sign a Voluntary Custody Agreement first then they did the 42 day investigation order, NOW they want to do a 12mth order. Mind you my ex is agreeing to all of this. My psychiatrist and psychologist are going to back me up.


I want to hear your stories with Families SA. Court outcomes, if you fought or not, if your kids were returned, who was/what was your workers like. There doesnt seem to be many people who say much about Families SA, I'm fighting them.

Taken it to Supreme Court to appeal against an interim order.They have NO grounds to keep my children away from me whatsoever. Filing an interloctury application in the Youth Court. I am contesting FSA's efforts to do a 12mth care & protection order.


I want anyone with children under FSA to speak about it. If it was unfair and they had no grounds to take your children from your care. They got a 42 day Investigation and assessment order. I complied completely. My case worker, Sarah , said they get reports etc during the 42 days.

Their excuse for going ahead with the 12 month was that my length of stability hasnt been long enough. If after the Investigation and Assessment period it is assessed that the child still cannot return home, Families SA may apply for a 12-month Care and Protection Order to help the family resolve their issues and where possible try to reunify the child with their parents.


My kids arent indigenous, but i dont think that makes a difference does it? All i know is that with indigenous kids they HAVE to go to great lengths to place them with family before resorting to foster care.

This is what gets me!? I resolved my issues! They know that too. And they say that "im doing SO well.

FSA lie on their reports. They dont have factual evidence. The Crown use this to their advantage to win cases as the Youth/ Childrens Court is the only court that can make their decisions based on HERESY. Thats why I am taking my case to the Supreme Court. Because they cross reference reports, witnesses, statements, letters etc...

Ingrid Marie

The laws that Families SA twist and use to their own advantage to steal innocent children from loving parents


Care and protection orders Application for care and protection order
(1) If the Minister is of the opinion—
(a) that a child is at risk; and
(b) that an order under this Division should be made in respect of the child to
secure his or her care and protection,
the Minister may apply to the Youth Court for an order under this Division.
(1a) If the Minister—
(a) knows or suspects on reasonable grounds—
(i) that a child is at risk as a result of drug abuse by a parent, guardian or
other person; and
(ii) that the cause of the child being at risk is not being adequately
addressed; and
(b) is of the opinion that the most appropriate response is an order under this
Division for one or more of the following purposes:
(i) to ensure that the parent, guardian or other person undergoes
appropriate treatment for drug abuse;
(ii) to ensure that the parent, guardian or other person submits to periodic
testing for drug abuse;
(iii) to authorise or require the release of information regarding the
treatment or the results of the test to the Chief Executive,
the Minister must apply to the Youth Court for such an order.


(2) If the Minister is of the opinion—

(a) that proper arrangements exist for the care and protection of a child (whether
pursuant to a decision of a family care meeting or pursuant to an exercise of
administrative powers under the Family and Community Services Act 1972 as
in force immediately prior to the commencement of this Act); and
(b) that the child would be likely to suffer significant psychological injury if thearrangements were to be disturbed; and
(c) that it would be in the best interests of the child for the arrangements to be the
subject of an order under this Division,the Minister may apply to the Youth Court for an order under this Division.

Care and Protection Orders can be made for either a period of up to 12 months, or for a period until the child reaches 18 years of age.

There are also certain circumstances where another person can become the child’s guardian instead of the Minister.

To find out more go to the section Other Person Custody and Guardianship

12-Month orders
Custody Or Guardianship Orders
12-Month Care and Protection Orders are most often used to ensure a child’s safety and wellbeing while Families SA continue to help the parents address outstanding child protection concerns, improve their parenting skills, and ultimately have their children returned to them. Families SA refer to this process as reunification.

Families SA often apply for Guardianship of the Minister during this period, but in some circumstances it may be appropriate for the parents to retain the Guardianship and that the Minister, or other, have Custody of the child.

An example of this is where a parent is incarcerated longer than the legal period for a Voluntary Custody Agreement (6- months) and there are no other concerns for the child.

Supervision Orders
Sometimes the Youth Court may grant Care and Protection orders that direct parents to participate in services or programs to improve their parenting and protectiveness of children, but still allow the parents to retain full parenting rights and responsibilities (Custody and Guardianship). These orders are often called “supervision orders”. In these cases, the child remains at home with the parents, but Families SA has the legal mandate to be involved with the family for a period of time.

If during the 12-month Care and Protection Order, the family are addressing the safety and harm concerns that led to the Order, and the child is in the process of being reunified with their parents, Families SA may apply for an extension of the Order to help complete this process. However, if it becomes clear that the family issues will take a
very long time to resolve then Families SA will need to apply for a Care and Protection Order until the child reaches 18 years.

Lodge Complaint Regarding Families SA to SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Health and Community Services...

Expression of Interest
Classification :     AHP1
Department :     Education and Child Development
Closing Date :     04 Jul 2012
Description :     

AHP1  Social Worker

The Social Worker is a role within Families SA and is accountable to the Supervisor for: Undertaking child protection investigations and assessments; working in partnership with government and non-government agencies and with clients; assisting families who are unable to effectively and safely care for their children to work towards a safe return to their care; working with children who have entered into the care of the Minister so that their development, stability and security is assured and  responding effectively to children who are unsafe.

Essential Minimum Qualifications: A degree level qualification in Social Work leading to eligibility for (full) membership of the Australian Association of Social Workers. “Pursuant to Section 65 of the Public Sector Act 2009, people of Australian Aboriginal descent applying for roles within Families SA who have the appropriate background, knowledge and skills, but not the listed formal tertiary qualifications in social work, are eligible to apply for this position.”

Special Conditions: Successful applicant will be required to satisfactorily complete a Background Screening and National Criminal History Record Check (NCHRC) prior to being employed and every three years.

Role Status: Term for 6 months (more than one role)

Remuneration: $52,535 - $64,475 (AHP1)

Location: Mt Barker

Enquiries to: Lee Mattner, A/Supervisor, Families SA, email

For assistance with any technical issues please contact the help desk on 1300 733 056 or

Telephone: 7424 7888

Note: Safety is a core value of the South Australian Public Sector. Please note you are not required to address the Role Description criteria. You must complete the questions from the On-line Application Form. For further information and how to apply for this role please visit our DCSI Website.

All applications for Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) roles must be submitted online through the DCSI Careers website. To find this role use the 'Vacancy Search' function and type Expression of Interest in the job title field.


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2008 my son was removed from my care as he received injuries from his violent father.

A few months later at youth court meeting FAMILIES SA child protection and child advocate of SA all signed reunification contract with me as they were pleased with me being sole carer for my son Jason. He was 3 years old at the time.

My ex's mother knew Jason was to be returned to me and just before that she gave my son to my ex and hid him for weeks on end.

i had to take it to family court and five years later i lost my son. They said they didn't wan to move him and unsettle him from his father.

My ex's parents poured thousands into lawyers. My funding from legal aid ran out. My ex won in 2011 and i got 6 out of 24 visits so i took it back to court.

My ex falsely accused me and 15 others including his own mother and father and most of his mothers side of the family. All contact was stopped and I didn't see my little boy for a year and half.

My ex never turned up to court again after his allegations. Detectives agreed that my ex and his gf coerced Jason into the allegations. My ex's gf's brother was charged with molesting my son.

My ex dumped my son at Elizabeth shops with a suitcase and told him he's not his father. His parents picked my son up from the shops. They then contested custody and won two months ago.

Now she wants to take him to England and wants me to sign for his passport. i wont. If she takes him she'll never bring him back.

Jason said his dad and his gf beat him and regularly made him eat n drink from dog bowls. Locked him away.

The child psychologist has been manipulated by my ex inlaws and sees them but not me. i get 8 hours a fortnight seeing my 8. This court system is corrupt and so wrong.

My ex's mother knows ppl in families sa and the cops. She is ill. She lost a baby before i had Jason and she is sickeningly obsessed with my son. As if she has replaced her loss with my boy.

I'm going to get an inquiry started into my case. It's no more awful than anyone elses Families SA story that is here. I'm about to file a complaint against the child psychologist (court appointed) and meeting someone on Wednesday who is going to help me get an inquiry started.

The state is not going to like me at all! Justice and my son is what I'll be doing it for, as well as the many others who have been shafted by the corrupt officials at Families SA and the family courts. Any good on me has been completely ignored.

Tthe inquiry will also include legal services commission. Funding ran out twice?? Yeah right. My ex's mother used me being a previous state ward 80's) against me. As i said she knows friends in high places.

My only guess is Barbara knowing the ppl involved in Families SA. Considering i reported how her son suggested some horrific things to do to his son and she weasled him out of it by getting help from her friends on the inside so to speak.

Nan is very manipulative. No way would sweet little nan be lying. That was in 2008. Since it was my ex's family that took him it was a legal abduction. That's what they said anyway. i guess ill find out when i relentlessly move forward with inquiry.