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FACT - Families Against CPS/DCS/Court Corruption in Tennessee

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on Fri, 03/22/2013 - 02:21
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
FACT - Families Against CPS/DCS/Court Corruption in Tennessee

Cass action lawuit preparation meeting

FACTS is a support group that formed as a result of the duress so many parents and their children have suffered at the hands of Tennessee Department of Children Services. We can no longer give in to the threats and abuse at the hands of persons hired to protect.
Sadly, the cases filter through the system with little or no opportunity for Due Process to substantiate or negate the facts presented. Tennessee is in America isn't it? We do still have rights under the Bill of Rights, the Constitution right? Can someone please explain why so many elected/sworn officials have tolerated this behavior for so long? Well parents, children, families, even CASA's, former case workers and attorneys have had enough.

Our group is working with an experienced attorney in TN to gather enough information from victims of TN DCS/CPS/Court corruption to file a Federal Class Action suit against the Tennessee Department of Children Services. If you feel you are a victim of abuse by TN DCS then please register privately on our Contacts page - your information is kept PRIVATE. Please indicate in the comments field if you want to attend our April 5th, 2013 meeting in Kingston, TN. Either way, if you are a victim then we want to hear from you too. 

If you are a victim, please contact us:  423-228-7024  or email  - we want to provide you with emotional support and share the processes/avenues we know about to effect change, to save your family.

May God bless our journey to truly save and care for children and families.

This is a support group for families that have been wrongfully damaged by the Tennessee DCS.

To help and support the children & families of Tennessee

Company Overview

This is a support group for families that have been wrongfully damaged by the Tennessee Department of Children's Services. DCS is not following their own policies and procedures. DCS is not following the law. DCS is not properly training their employees. Civil Rights Statutes are being violated concerning our children/grandchildren.
Various solutions are being considered including a Class Action Law Suit.

We are parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles fighting to get our children/grand children out of the system. DCS is often not helping the children that really do need help but is instead targeting innocent families with false accusations, false documents and lies in court. The families then lose their children/grand children and have their rights terminated. DCS gets bonuses of thousands...See More
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2006 - present Tennessee Supreme Court Trainer for Guardian ad Litem
AFFILIATIONS: affiliate attorney with The Rutherford Institute, Pacific Institute, the American Center for Law and Justice
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