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The Face of Evil - Mandy Seyfang Families SA Hitman

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on Tue, 12/18/2012 - 12:12
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
The Face of Evil -  Mandy Seyfang Families SA Hitman

Families SA Mental Health Stole Our Baby

The state of child protection in Australia by the Evatt Foundation

Hi Mandy,
wondering if you had anything to add, or if you would be bothered making a response now...

Merry Christmas from myself and all of those who can't have their children this Christmas directly in relaiton to your reports submitted to Families SA.

Best Wishes,
Michael Borusiewicz.


Mandy Seyfang has an alcohol problem, but while she keeps covering up for the wrongful removal of babies by Families SA, she will never be short of work, right Mandy?

Do you work for Families SA and need a fake psychiatrist report to steal a baby, or keep the baby from it's mother. Here is another psychiatrist with a black heart and no soul willing to sell out to Families SA, filthy rich from the money taken for psychiatrist reports taylored to suit the needs of Families SA, all designed to steal babies, or to keep them away from their parents. Look into the eyes of an assassin.

Mandy Seysman Families SA Hitman Freely Admits to Being an Alcoholic


My email to fake psychiatrist for Families SA, Mandy Seyfang

Hello Mandy,
my name is Michael, Luke's Dad, I believe you know of me. I thought it would be only fair to introduce myself to you and inform you that I have been gathering information to write a blog about you as you are working closely with the parents who have had their children taken by Families SA and I believe that there can never be enough transparency attached to those with such enormous responsibility.

The Luke's Army website is hardly a concern for you with only 50000 people a year visiting the site, so please don't take this as a threat or any other form of harrassment. I try to show the public what the true system is like.

My first thought after reading about what you do is that you claim to help mothers to build a bond with their babies and work with issues surrounding mother and baby, but you work for the department who takes these babies away much of the time with little reason, and they make it impossible to get the babies back. So how can you say you are helping when you haven't got a say in it, unless they choose to listen to you, or do they really base their decisions on what you say? I am highly doubtful but open to enlightenment.

I went away and thought about it and came to the conclusion that this would be the right way to go about it.

I am not out to make enemies, I would prefer to make friends who are genuinely intent on creating a better system to improve the lives of those who come into contact with Families SA, instead of permitting Families SA or assisting the in intimidating parents, bullying them, terrorising them, dismissing them as parents and rendering their children orphans.

All I ask is that you acknowledge me in some fashion, such as a simple reply to this email with your thoughts, on or off the record.
If you could give me something for the blog, something positive you believe you are achieving that would be more than I could expect, maybe your views on how the system could be improved?

I believe you are witness to exactly how the system fails parents and children, not every time, but not exactly only every now and then.

It would take much courage to speak out about what you know. It would mean a large slice of your income would disappear should you go all out and turn whistleblower, it would not be a career move, but everyone who works on a professional level with Families SA needs to come out with the truth, but that is your decision. Tony Tonkin did it...

If you truly believe that families are not being failed and mistreated by Families SA, I would like to hear about that also.

Kindest regards,

Michael Borusiewicz.


Looks like you are getting fat off the fruits of your corruption Mandy Seyfang.

Alcoholic by night, child stealer by day. Do you keep a bottle in your top draw Mandy Seyfang?

Live is so funny when it is not your baby being stolen isn't it Mandy Seyfang?


Mandy has over 25 years experience working with individuals, couples and families as a therapist working in the mental health area. For the past ten years her focus has been to work with women and their infants supporting their relationship during times of great stress.

What is Mother Infant therapy?

Mandy  works with mothers during pregancy, around birth and in the first months of a babies life to support the relationship between mother and infant. This work may also involve working with their wider family system and can be done with ach individual family or in groups.

Who would benefit?

Mothers  who may  benefit from mother infant therapy include those with:

  • unsettled babies
  • babies with feeding and sleep difficulties
  • mother child dyads with attachment difficulties
  • women with antenatal anxiety  and/or depression
  • mothers with postnatal anxiety and/or depression
  • mothers with birth trauma
  • mothers with unresolved past trauma
  • those struggling with life transition

Other services available

  • therapy services for foster parents and infants
  • training programmes focusing on working relationally with families with new babies
  • supervision for workers- individually and in groups
  • community public lectures eg managing your toddler, healthy beginnings, getting to know your baby








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hahaha! SUCKED IN Mandy Seyfang! it's about time someone exposed you for what you truly are, an EVIL home wrecker!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you ROT IN HELL for what you did to my family destroying it the way you did!!!! I hate you so so much!!!!!!!!!