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Epping DoCS Stole my Autistic Child When I Went to them For Help

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on Sun, 08/05/2012 - 08:08
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Epping DoCS NSW Stole my Autistic Child When I Went to them For Help

Below is one of the most disgusting displays of DoCS bullying and mismanagement of families I have come across. A mother who went to DoCS NSW Epping office for help. Never, ever ever ever, never go to docs for help. This poor woman has never abused or neglected her son. Epping DoCS need to be fully investigated. How many families are Epping DoCS terrorising?

"My child (Epping Docs victim) has autism with behaviour to say the least 'outrageous', though (Epping Docs victim) is very cute kid and very bright. There is no history either implied or actual of abuse or neglect, nor have I been accused of it - yet - however the problem with (Epping Docs victim) is lashing out at other people, high anxiety, and pervasive control issues. I was told today that the "best" people to contact for respite were Docs.

Within a few hours he was removed from me involuntarily under a foster care order. To be honest the situation isn't a protection issue unless you count me as the one needing it. I am now in doubt that this was the best course for him (they told me to tell (Epping Docs victim) when I said goodbye that it was 'respite' instead of 'foster care' as it would have sent him ballistic). They've refused (Epping Docs victim) usual respite service being involved and have said he'd be better off with an unknown foster family. They also said that I had no valid reason for respite unless I could provide them with a 'plan', and that respite 'wasn't what I really wanted'.
Docs have, however, accused me of a curious term called 'doctor shopping' because I've asked his paediatric doctors to medicate (Epping Docs victim) for the aggression, and I wasn't previously aware that asking for such was reportable. They have also said that I have been reported for buying street drugs for him (which would actually defeat the purpose of asking doctors for meds, but let's not let logic get in the way of a good accusation). I was totally unaware until they informed me today that there was actually a market for kids drugs on the streets (but now I know!)
I'm unsure as to what streets drugs are sold on, but they will know sure enough when they do the tests on (Epping Docs victim). They're also going to be 'surprising' me with a random urine test. Yes, they're going to that extreme despite no history of drugs with anyone in my family. They refused to specify what ominous substances they were referring to, so I'm completely in the dark as to what they're supposed to be, or in what form etc. I used to work as a pharmacy purchaser (which required criminal checks in order to work there) so if only they would tell me I could find out if in fact whatever it's supposed to be is a street chemical or not.  
They've also said they'll be 'requiring' me to reveal his fathers name which isn't on (Epping Docs victim) birth certificate. Is this legal or relevant? Shouldn't they be supporting single parents with autistic kids instead of hounding them?    
My own father was a Docs Manager until he was forced out (of which I could tell you quite a few stories which would have resulted back at that time in all of the workers from 20 years ago having all of their own kids removed... ah, what a funny contradictory world we live in). I used to think of the workers being like children with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, because anything that makes sense they mangle, and anything that's clearly illogical they'll say it makes sense).
However, having been told recently that the culture and professionalism and training/experience of docs had changed and not really having any choice with respite care, I made the awful mistake of believing the mental health 'expert' that calling docs would give (Epping Docs victim) some well-deserved respite without any fear of recrimination. I was told that respite would be given immediately and non-judgmentally. 
How wrong I was. The two childless 20-something girls with zero life experience grilled me for three hours, reducing me to tears with threats. I've never been accused of anything to do with drugs, taking or buying. 
After breaking me down, they made me sign a piece of paper giving them temp custody of (Epping Docs victim) and a statement that I'd done so 'voluntarily'. Crock of pure BS... They said if I didn't sign they'd take (Epping Docs victim) 'involuntarily" and I'd be issued a court summons. All this drama over asking for respite! THIS WAS NOT "VOLUNTARY".

So, scammed by the system and (Epping Docs victim) is now paying for my stupidity. I was even 'supervised' when I gave (Epping Docs victim) a hug goodbye. The lessons: never ask for a child to be medicated, don't mention aggression and don't admit to stress- the perception of an idyllic life is what you need to project, in order to stave the criminalisation of the 'cattle classes'. And why most Docs workers are female twenty-somethings: firstly because they're malleable (think of that old saying of 'not being young enough to know it all') and secondly... just because they can (inflict pain)."



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I am an onlooker with a story.

I asked for help with an epileptic child, actually I asked how could I bring services for epileptic children to Coffs Harbour, that is how I "came to their attention". The child ended up refusing her medications and smoking pot given to her by family members who told her I was giving her dangerous drugs.

I had run from DV and had already been to family court to even see my youngest then 3year old again. Long story short the epileptic teen then 14 and smoking pot and drinking grog given by my family instead of her medication, ran away to live with them in Maitland. I asked DoCS to bring her back and the police etc, etc. she had suicide attempts, etc, no one called me to help, she called sometimes to scream or tell me she would kill herself or someone had raped her or she was pregnant. I would ring DoCS and Crimestoppers.

The 3year old turn 4, turned five, in my care as the family court returned her each time her father kidnapped her. Then, I got bashed and DoCS came and took her away. I had spent 2007 in family court because I wanted to just see her but due to concerns about my ex the magestrates gave her to me.

I spent from Nov 2009 until Nov 2010, going to courts sometimes twice a month the whole time thinking that the magestrate was going to realise what a conglomerate of bullies and perpetrators and drug criminals, NSW police and mental health and then DoCS had done to me and my children. I stupidly believed the system was going to see the truth and that I would get better and my family would heal. Even if my teenager was not going to come home. I was a mess and I got no support unlike when the Family Support Service women (all of whom were victims of substantial domestic abuse) were there to "scare" my ex and let the magestrate know that I had indeed been bashed as had my kids.

So my baby got taken into foster care then returned to her dad by DoCS and the Childrens Court and the independant court lawyer she had who had also been involved in the family court situation. I was called a liar amongst other things including a slut by DoCS in affidavits, and dragged through the courts with no counsel who were ever going to help and alone and yelling the truth at the court at times. But I was told I must go, the police came with each new affidavit full of denigration and abuse including that I was a child who was sexually assaulted so this was why I was like this and it was nothing to do with them or what they were doing, it was all me and my fault. The last date was at the Coffs Harbour Family Court to restore my now 6 year old to dad, I was told not to come that day.

Then in 2011, my teen rang and begged me to come get her. She had been taking lots of speed amphetamine and ICE and smoked dope from dawn to dusk, I rang DoCS and Crimestoppers, in 2012 she was subpeoned (?) to appear at Newcastle courts against a child molester for her cousin, the molester was her older sisters boyfriend and they were supplying a lot of the drugs to these kids. I told the cops to fuck off as I had requested help for years and got none for my child and it had taken me a year to get her mental health to the stage of recovery I had they said she would go to jail if she did not give testemony, I told them to go arrest the real child abusers and their own commander who has ignored my complaints about child abusers in Coffs Harbour and previously in Sydney. I rang the crown in Newcastle and screamed at her some more, and the dectective Jason had rung me and I told him the truth as well. We did not go to the court we went to tafe as we have done every day this year, to repair three very damaged lives, as I have a 20 year old son too, and my teen girl is 18 now. A man is in jail for the molestation but my niece consented to it in return for drugs. He is a pretty vile person anyway. My daughters rapists are still out there free to rape again.

My youngest who is now 8 thinks I do not care about her, I dont have the capabililty her dad denigrates me to her and she has a new mother who he used for help with all this because she was the marketing manager for Barnardoes. It is ok to have cancer in his eyes and be around a child even if you are not the childs mother, but if you have anxiety, you are crazy and should never see your child again, in his opinion. This is also the opinion of DoCS and society at large including mental health. People with any mental health problem are considered to be lacking, and often psychiatry has labelled them so much it is super glued on. The rehtoric about treating crazy people as normal people is just rehtoric, crazy is made by society and the horrible way it treats people who are struggling.

So Im just saying that if you get your child back you are lucky, the court is on DoCS side irrespective of circumstances or what is going on. The have one goal and that is to make money from our children and destroy the person they have targeted. You will have to try remember who you were before having a child and becoming paternal. It is bad the way that DoCS treat the disabled children and God help a disabled parent who comes their way, God help you if you have little family support or a child who is not conforming or "sick" or if they have just already decided against you for whateva reason.

The parents that do seem to get support from DoCS that I have seen within housing commission areas where I was unfortunate to live are the ones who need their kids removed, DoCS are known to give kids back to people who kill, lesbians, people who are grooming and abusing them, houses that are filthy horror houses, drug dealers and addicts who give drugs to kids, and this is what I saw before I even had a child when I was young. Twenty five years later nothing has changed and kids are still in danger from DoCS with less support services for parents and from the community sector. It is all spent on NGO's and on the comfort and protection of DoCS staff and foster parents, who all think they have more rights to parent than biological parents. The real cases where kids are in danger are neglected and this is apparent with all the cases where kids are killed by parents and the high volume media circus that surrounds these deaths but never never will they show the abuses and deaths in foster care. WHY?????

Simply due to the fact they are then liable for showing the government in a bad light, Julian Assange is a perfect example of this corruption and I have no doubt that Michael also knows that he can become a target any day, as I do myself. When they take away your reason to exist and large parts of who you are it doesn't really matter to you anymore what you come out and say. That is why Michael is a danger to goverrnment, it is sad that with so many victims more folks who have been mistreated this way do not come out and tell their stories. Also that there is a divide in the people who are fighting child protection, with each group running their own fight instead of coming together. This department gets large amounts of fuding and makes a living from it, they have all brand new buildings in cities and towns around Australia with high level security almost like a prison system. For this to happen by government there must be thousands and thousands and thousands of silent victims over many many years, just trying to live their lives even though they are incredibly traumatised, it is a shameful embarressing thing to have DoCS come along and tell you that you are no good. Especially when you have done your very best to look after yourself and your children. The false accusations with no way to defend yourself against their affidavits and not being asked to write an affidavit about what they have done or in defence is criminal. Likewise with the ADVO's that come with DoCS accusations from their witnesses. 

DoCS outright ignore the parent who is distressed because they have seen the abuse with their own eyes and/or had it done to them, this type of parent ie, distressed is a concern to DoCS even though they run the domestic violence program.

DoCS do not give support and it is a shame some misguided person told you to go to them. The name is misleading there is no community service they steal kids and leave a trail of traumatised individuals with broken families and nothing done that is proactive to helping the disabled. IMAO.

I tell myself not to write hear anymore, but these issues are the only thing that goes through my mind on a daily basis, I no longer have a life of any kind because I dont trust anyone anymore. People turn on you in a second. The greed with which society is operating and the lack of care regarding Lukes story is appalling I do not even have any words for Michael, yet I alway have so much to say, but what can you say to him about it when all he and Lukes mummy got was some more of the same, and an attitude of the carelessness of the Australian people towards their own. We care about refugees from other nations and money to build our own mansions, we no longer care about the disabled or made disabled or those who are homeless, there's a lot of talk by governments but very little action that actually helps anyone. We administrate to the death of the earth and at the expense of people and we most definitely as a country and global community have our priorites wrong. At the end of the day accountability is non existant because no one ends up being accountable.

Look after yourself, that is all you can do through the process. It is disgusting that you have been treated like this, autism is exhausting for people. Having an autism type of dysregualtion is also exhausting for the person with the disorder and I am incredibly tired of being treated this way for not being able to regulate myself like the rest of society can, so tired of it. With my kids the ones who were all punished for it by those working in the human services sector. It would have been easier to have been able to just not bother and leave it all behind but now it is too late for anything.

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Note: Will you stand up for this disabled child and her mother. Do you have a hope against docs NSW and Epping DoCS?

Epping DoCS Stole my Autistic Child When I Went to them For Help

Who will help this distraught mother after her only son was kidnapped by DoCS NSW Epping office after she approached them for help?

Politiicians talking bull and turning their backs on families: This morning Jenny Macklin and Jan McLucas released the following media dribble.....

It’s time to stand up for local people with disability
06 August 2012
Joint Media Release With:

Jenny Macklin MP, Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Minister for Disability Reform

The Far North Queensland community has signalled their strong support for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) at a community forum held in Cairns today.

The Minister for Disability Reform, Jenny Macklin, and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Carers, Senator Jan McLucas joined local people with disability, their families and carers, local service providers and advocacy groups to update them on progress towards an NDIS.

“The Australian Government is working to build an NDIS to make sure Australians with disability get the care and support they need, no matter where they live or how they acquired their disability,” Minister Macklin said.

“We want to ensure that accessing services is no longer a cruel lottery depending on where you live, what kind of disability you have and how you acquired that disability.”

“Over the last two weeks, South Australia, the ACT, Tasmania and New South Wales have all come to the table to secure a launch site in their state.

“Now it’s time for Queensland to take up the opportunity to be part of next year’s launch of an NDIS.

“It is clear that local people with disability here in the Far North, their families and carers, and local disability service organisations want to be part of an NDIS.

“The Queensland Government could put in as little as $20 million to help fund an NDIS launch in the state. This investment would be matched with at least $40 million from the Australian Government and would ensure that people with disability in Queensland can start to benefit from an NDIS from next year.

“The offer for a Queensland launch site is still on the table and I encourage Premier Campbell Newman to listen to the strong voices of people with disability in Queensland and get involved.”

Senator McLucas today urged local MPs in Far North Queensland to stand up for local people with disability.

“I have had countless phone calls, letters and emails in the last week from local people – people with disability, mums and dads of children with disability, carers, families, disability service organisations, the list goes on – expressing their desperation for Premier Newman and his Government to join with other states and be part of an NDIS.

“I urge the Member for Cairns, Gavin King, Member for Barron River, Michael Trout and Member for Cook, David Kempton to listen to their constituents and tell Premier Newman that the time is now.

“Our government is making a $1 billion investment in the launch of an NDIS; we are prepared to do the heavy lifting to get this done.”

Will anybody help?

There isn't a politician who will tell you they don't have perfect policies, but who are they really there to help? This mother asked for respite for her autistic son who also has aspergers. She has always paid for respite, but has however fallen on hard times like many, and decided to approach the govt (Epping DoCS NSW) for help. Rule number one in my guide for dealing with child protection, is NEVER EVER EVER EVER ASK DOCS FOR HELP.

Rules of Engagement for Parents Dealing With Child Protection Authorities in Australia

Parents in Australia need to be warned about this evil authority posing as child protection.
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Those who follow Jenny M may just be hoodwinked because reality is that since federation it is the Commonwealth of Australia and not the States that should cater for disabled and so any disability scheme.
As such pretending the States need to fund part of the insurance cover is merely a elaborate swindle as it should come out of the Federal consolidated Revenue funds!
Those who support polityical nonsense may do better to read up on the constitution and find that age and dissability pensions are all along the responsibility of the Commonwealth!
Don't be a stooge for the Government and support the dissability scheme without political motives and demand that the Federal Government provides for it all!
Mr G. H. Schorel-Hlavka O.W.B.
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it is not for all disabled people anyway its only for the people who are severly physically impaired,

and most of the funding is going to administration jobs, its another bogus feel good to employ people in the human services that really offer no human service.

its not housing disabled in the correct type of housing, it is not getting the mentally ill into supported housing

it is not helping kids see their parents who are disabled from being treated like crap from human services in the first place.

but what do i know???

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Im disabled, freezing, was homeless last year, had my baby taken cause I am a bad mother in DoCS eyes, my ex hates me and DoCS love him (well he's a pretty amazing charming person he did father my beautiful daughter) my other adult kids are all confused as to why I am a child abuser and why I keep telling them DoCS say I am and that they dont get it because I was their mum and now I am just the person who abused them, ......

yes, where was I freezzzingg because the government doesnt care if we can affort heating,

ummm, i have multiple skill but jobnetwork says i am unemployable,

errr gave my life to bringing up my children and taking them to afterschool and weekend activities, daughter was a sports champion, fitter than most kids but yeah that was me committing child abuse.

oh where was I JENNY????? I am disabled from you and your boses ideas about human services to our beloved Australian COMMUNITY who you SERVICE and your mate BILL SHORTEN who is meant to help AUSTRALIANS get jobs, but I am freezing because you all have made our standard of living out of reach of the poor who are homeless because your FAMILIES AND HOUSING doesnt provide housing for poor families oh sorry politically correctness low socio-economic families but none the less "the poor" or rather those of us living in the 4th world under your cosmopolitan and outdated political ideas.

my son seems to have pneumonia, my daughter and her partner had it too this year because we are FREEZING..... and can no longer afford to heat our homes...... because we are poor.....

I guess this all helps you with your climate change policies and your sustainability practices..... when the poor dont put the heater on because then they cant pay the rent and the street is colder than the expensive private rental roof over your head.... I guess this helps the climate, it will be even better for you when my family are all dead from freezing to death as that is a decrease in population which will help the us depopulate.... MEANWHILE YOU KEEP PUSHING PAPER AND SLEEP IN YOUR AIR CONDITIONING SO YOU DONT GET SICK....

this country is FAILING THE PEOPLE and only supporting those who it chooses to the rest of us it seems can go die and its all ok, because policy dictates so...

PLEASE VISIT: and have a look at the amounts of money spent on climate change and the many other SMART government policies out there.... they are administrating the disability scheme with most of the money yet spending billions of dollars on SUSTAINABILITY.....

THE WHOLE OF AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERNMENT NEEDS TO BE REFORMED FROM THE GROUND UP. they should be looking for parasites ie: those feeding of others to survive and getting rid of them (with ivermectin LOL) and the replacement which would really be sustainable would be to see good policy and good practical works put into action to help those in need and to start to build up infrastructure for the millions of climate change refugees who will come here looking for homes and food in the future. Or simply, build housing for the poor and the refugees they want to take, start building up the country areas, support farmers and new green farming practices instead of selling our country to overseas interests, and fix schools and the TAFE system, the roads and public transport......

why because we are freezing

why because the government promises sustainable green future jobs and then doesnt really even have them for people

and.... get rid of the lazy fraudulent jobnetwork who take credit for getting you a job when you actually have to find one yourself and they do nothing to help you....

and if you fix the families you broke then probably a lot of people wouldnt be so disabled, not so much as an apology while your caseworkers watch a person completely breakdown after asking for help and your government taking kids away and actually believing that this helps,,,,,, FYI doesnt

what a humanitarian caring loving environment to offer the Australian COMMUNITY..... what a wonderful human service......

Oh sorry, yes I said WHAT HUMAN SERVICE????????

LOL...... ROFL.... to try to keep warm!!!!



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Why aren't they giving the parents the same that they are giving out-of-home foster carers for the kids? If they gave the same to the parents NO family would break up in THE FIRST PLACE... or is this TOO LOGICAL??

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After witnessing the behavior of these animals, the staff and management of DoCS Epping, I would have to say they are no different to child protection all over Australia, UK, US and Canada.

There is no accountability for the families, the parents, the children, the community they are destroying with their arrogance and unprofessionalism.

Never approach Epping DoCS for help with your child or family.

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The Docs complaint line established with the militariat  that we were to communicate daily as there are NO 'supervision orders'. That didn't eventuate despite the complaints section being told that it was happening.

Today, yet again, I was promised a phone call from my son at 3.30pm by John White at Epping Docs. My recording of the conversation shows that it started at 9.35 am this morning. I waited until 4.25 this afternoon for my sons call which didn't eventuate.

I was shuffled around the case workers until one stated that no such agreement existed between them and head office. Then I was told that John White never told me to expect a call at 3.30pm. Oh, the baldface lie which I can easily discredit.

When I also enquired about my son's welfare the reply was: 'why do you want to know? You'll be told next week' accompanied by the classic telemarketing line: 'this conversation isn't achieving anything' (see the Docs dictionary to see why this fob-off is so predictable). 





whiteLion's picture will be castigated and humiliated until the cows come home.

Just don't ask.

If you really need help it would be better to ask a friend or relative no matter how desperate- at least they wont lord it over you. My son has been in no less than four homes this past six days that someone can establish, however they are calling it 'a routine'.



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Was also told today by Epping DoCS that kids need to be adaptable... newsflash, breaking news: he's autistic. They do not cope well with change, especially when their base environment is constantly ripped away. Its terrifying and will cause them to 'retract' into themselves even more, act out of character one way or another (ie, either misbehave or frightened into submission, the effects of which can be longlasting and even transposed into future behaviours). Its ASD 101, not rocket science!

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I'm particularly angry hearing about this conduct of DOCS Epping office..I worked for seven years in  a group home administered by Epping DoCS office and had my career destroyed by Epping office DOCS management when I tried to stop staff in my workplace abusing, assaulting and neglecting the defenceless disabled residents.

DOCS Epping office Management successfully managed to cover up this criminal misconduct  with the full knowledge and assistance of DOCS Head Office and beyond that the Ombudsman, ICAC, the Attortney Generals Dept and worst of all the NSW judiciary up to the level of the Supreme Court.

The cover up of criminal misconduct included destroying records and evidence.

DOCS Epping Office Management have no moral authority to accuse anyone of being an abuser as they are the worst abusers of all and thoroughly evil. I am so sorry that they are still making new victims.

I fought for years to expose these monsters and had to leave Australia for good to survive.

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I have forwarded your post on to have it investigated. Looks like it did the rounds and ended up with this DoCS manager. Would you like to contact him? Here is what I was sent with regards to your post which has been forwarded on to him.

Grant Marley (FACS)
13:46 (31 minutes ago)
to me

Good afternoon


Your email below has been referred for my consideration.


Your email contains limited information upon which I can consider taking any action or investigating your claims. If you are able to provide more specific details about your complaint, I will be able to consider these matters more closely.


The additional detail needed would include identifying those staff you believe may have been involved in inappropriate conduct and providing information about any incidents in which these staff did act inappropriately.


In the absence of this information it is not possible to take any further action about the concerns that you have raised.




Grant Marley


Professional Conduct, Ethics and Performance

Department of Family and Community Services

Ph: 8270 2210   Fax: 8270 2163

A Level 5, 83 Clarence Street Sydney


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Hi Michael,

I am very sorry and I could only imagine the pain and heartache you feel. I believe that everyday that I too could be subject to what happened to you. Actually any parent could be. "In the best interests" is subjective and interpretative of the person making that call. Child services gets to be the judge and you are on trial from the moment you are on their radar. Only problem is you are guilty until proven innocent and it is a common day witch hunt with a "abuser" around every corner. I swear that child services is a religion and we are looking at the Salem trials on a large scale. However, the accusers are exempt from false reports or damages that they cause the family. And there is a profit and secondary interests for the "judge" to find a parent abusive.

I want to help change how destructive the world is getting towards families and diversity. I live in the US and I have started looking for Parental Rights groups. Do you have a group that you are organizing or that you are connected with to help preserve families?

I look forward to your response.


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Hello Amanda,

Please keep posting on the site to show your support and to give others the courage to speak out against these atrocities. There is also a Luke's Army Group on facebook and At the mercy of the state is another group from the US. I look forward to hearing more from you,
kindest regards,

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Update: Despite our case working relatively co-operatively through the system the workers still consider that respite care achieves nothing and that 'most people don't use respite to cope'. Well blow me down, how come the rest of the world takes weekends off from work and has holidays?

Multiple placements over past two weeks (eight so far), no medical assessments, no continuous schooling and no contiguous 'plan' ;)

Basically just a peripatetic ad hoc approach mostly sanctioned against by those with any idea of ASD's, but hey what would the parent of a PDD'd child know?  "Its not rocket science"... or is it?  

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Within the guidelines of the NDIS, respite is seen as a VALID OPTION to helping carers care.



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This is the Tuesday, July, 31 appearance that I made on Autism Live! which is an educational show that is focused mainly on Families who face the challenges of living with a loved one, especially a child, with any form of autism. In this show, the focus is my petition. Even if you have sign and shared that petition, or live outside the US so you cannot sign it, please view this video and pass it on! Thank you.

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Update for those who have been asking... although home, my son continues to be stressed by the two weeks in care- he would have been much better off going to his prior regular respite facility with known staff and familiar routine. But heck, what would the parent know about their autistic child that the experts don't know better? They can and do over-ride every piece of the evidenciary handling of autism- ignorance is bliss.

The involvement of the militariat encapsulates most facets of our lives- further adding to his stress and his comments of 'why can't they just leave us alone?". Well, aside from their job justification, we're an easy mark with no defence. He is still not allowed to attend any doctors visits or have medication.

We have a 'meeting' at the end of this month- which means I now have eleven days to bend over backwards and come up with a cure for autistic behaviours, or face further restrictions on our lives (more stress). It will be less of a 'meeting' and more like a rote-list of instructions for naughty parents. Surprised that they even require the presence of the mother- this is not about us or his well-being- its about control. The stupidification of Australia abounds and continues. Will update you all after that again (if I'm allowed un-monitored access to the internet- ha!)

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I am just looking forward to the parliamentary enquiry and eventual apology in about thirty years time when the govt says something like: "so sorry for blaming the parents of autistic kids- we now know we were wrong, wrong, wrong in our harsh and un-necessary judgments, and that autism was and is an actual medical condition".

Anyone interested in the treatment of mothers of autistic children can look HERE ON THIS LINK  to find the out-dated reasoning that many experts still use to varying extents, if not by direct terminology then certainly by their actions towards us. All adding to the stress.

I'm looking forward to that apology. Your shout at the bar in thirty years' time, Juliar, Pru, K-Rudd, et al.

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Introduction to Autism in France: A Really Silly Psychiatric System !

By David Heurtevent, MA Georgetown, Asperger,

France is a very odd country in the world of Autism. Autism is viewed by many mainstream child psychiatrists as a psychosis, not as a Pervasive Developmental Disorder. The “frigid mother” theory of Bruno Bettleheim still is mainstream. Therapeutic laissez-faire is the norm. Many children are “packed” in wet clothes as cold as 50°F (10°C) several times a day.

In France, Autism is viewed as a psychosis, not as a PDD

In France, most psychiatrists refuse international classifications such as the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM IV or the World Health Organization’s CIM10. As a result, Autism Spectrum Disorder is not perceived as a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), but rather as an “infantile psychosis”. As shown in the documentary of Sophie Robert “The Wall: psychoanalysis put to the test for autism”, many French psychiatrists consider that there is a continuum between autism and schizophrenia or “disharmonic development”. There is even public research financed to evidence these links.

As a result, the mainstream theory in use in France is psychoanalytical with a strong influence of Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud. While this body of knowledge has been debunked almost everywhere else, French consider it as “the” explanation of autism. Even though many psychiatrist oven pledge for an integrative view of autism, reality is different. France only has 23 schools specialized in Autism !

The French view is well described by Henri Rey-Flaud, Psychoanalyst, distinguished Professor at the university of Montpellier in France in his book “The children of unspeakable fear, a new look at autism” (2010). A book reviewer wrote:

“The thesis of this book is simple: autism is a withdrawal reaction shown by children who, at birth, have been the victim of an unspeakable fear that has developed and has maintained them over the years in its grasp. This fear, Henri Rey-Flaud has identified it: for the child, it is the fear of being destroyed if a relation to the Other (originally, the mother, but later extended to all others) were to be established -through the eyes, voice or touch”.

Formulated psychoanalytic theory

The current psychoanalytic theory is well explained in the documentary and by other sources such as this nursing course states:

“There is no one cause for autism, but rather a ” telescoping”between factors from two sources.
As for the mother, we can see a non-postpartum depression-contained for not perceived by those around. This causes a non-investment psyche of the baby;
With regard to the child, we may retain organic elements, or excessive sensitivity. The child feels as soon as another detached from its mother, is confronted in this case, failing which a mother can count on him to restructure.
One function is to restructure the baby her mother. The depressed woman who finds a smiling baby on the way home (a baby responds and asks his mother), can count on the relationship induced by the child to restructure the ego fails to repair itself. Gratifies the baby, the mother meets narcissistically depressed. We can therefore speak of circumstantial events that result in autism”.

The dramatic consequences of the theory

Those with autism and their families are facing many adverse consequences of these crazy theories.

Refrigerator Mothers

In France, many mothers are blamed still for the autism of their child, despite the genetic and neurological factors discovered in autism. This theory is derived from the work of Bruno Bettelheim’s 1967 book The Empty Fortress: Infantile Autism and the Birth of the Self1, which promoted the “refrigerator mother” theory. Yet, the work of Bettelheim has been debunked by authors such as Richard Pollack2


The second idea advocated by many child psychiatrists and psychoanalysts is a form of « Laissez Faire ». The child is supposed to develop his/her language alone and to find his/her way out of autism with minimum intervention. This theory goes against numerous findings showing the benefits of early intensive intervention in autism.

This « Laissez Faire » has very serious implications in terms of the ability of the children to acheive autonomy and to develop substantial self-care skills. As a result, most end up institutionalized for life from birth in Hopitaux de Jour, then in Psychiatric Wards. France has already been sentenced by the Council of Europe in 2004 for its education segregation:
“The Council of Europe has just made public the decision taken by the European Committee of Social Rights of 4 November 2003 whereby France was found to have failed to fulfil its educational obligations to persons with autism under the European Social Charter.”

Yet, fundamentals have not really changed since. Today, 80% of the children with autism don’t go to school in France, despite a law voted in 2005.


Packing Torture


Packing is probably the most symbolic aspect of the consequences of the psychoanalytic theory of autism in France. The proponents of this “packing therapy” wrote in 2008:

“This method consists in wrapping the patient with his under-clothes several times a week, using towels previously wet in cold water. The patient is then wrapped with blankets to help the body warm up in a few minutes.”

Imaging being forced to be wrapped several times a day in wet clothes as cold as 50°F (10°C) and you will understand how abusive it is.

Our Mission: Force France to promote immediate autism care reforms

Our organization SUPPORT THE WALL and our sister organization SOUTENONS LE MUR are committed to force France to really change autism care and to respect the dignity of the autistic and their families.

Feel free to spread the word. We truly need your support.


1 Bettelheim, Bruno: The Empty Fortress: Infantile Autism and the Birth of the Self, The Free Press, New York, 1967
2 Pollak, Richard: The Creation of Dr. B: A Biography of Bruno Bettelheim, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1997.

whiteLion's picture

Well so much for our concerns... meeting went fine and it looks as though my son's school is stable for two more years with no more funding cuts and frantic searches this time around. Can't believe but this is a good news story- he has been in school full time this year for the first time in his life and its going to stay that way.

I know its not going to magically change the autistic behaviours especially when he's had a long day there or needs to vent or goes somewhere unfamiliar at other times etc, but its fantastic news for him in the long term. Yes, its looking OK for him now- someone has listened. All the rest can be sorted now. Cheers + hugs for Michael

Lukes Dad's picture

Good to hear Kimba, they may have had to get over themselves to finally start concentrating on what was actually best for your son. They need to know they are God when it comes to your son, and then stuff him around, placing him in all of those foster homes, all the while telling you how much of a failure you are as a parent and how little you know, and giving themselves a big pat on the back. Am I wrong?

So now they have finally worked out the obvious, which was what you went to them for in the first place. Pity Epping DoCS couldn't just have listened to you, worked with you in the first place, but they have to let everyone know they are boss.

Bunch of idiots playing Hitler with children's lives.

whiteLion's picture

Could not agree more with everything you have said Michael, you know we love you. Though its good news that it wasn't about 'oh lets focus on the mother until she cracks'... I have said for ages to every dept to please think of what they can DO for him action-wise, instead of wasting months on incessant crap trying to find something bad about me...

Yes, they and the dept of ed have worked a BIT of it out (not all of it, not yet), that my son has his own  ways about him that may or may not change with age and its best to take action to help HIM, rather than destroying ME.

I still haven't forgotten how we were treated (hideously). I still can't understand how crushing parents then making them perform like circus animals under a spotlight is good for anyone- though its a lesson that the child never forgets (ie, how anyone can get away with bullying mothers).

And yes it IS a pity they never listened in the first place- tens of thousands of dollars wasted now, money that really could have helped him.

He had so many changes (eight) in two weeks.

I also can't understand why they don't employ parents of autistic children as consultants to learn how to handle the behaviours- we're the ones in the front line who really do know everything and know what can and what CAN'T be changed. At the moment they're trying to teach parents of autistic kids- and it should be the other way round. These parents simply need respite now and then, its as simple as that.

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No matter how bad the stories become, no matter how many children are murdered, beaten and molested, CPS refuse to offer parents the same assistance as foster carers. This is expecially immoral when it comes to children with a disability. Parental rights and the benefits of a child growing up with both parents have been altogether dismissed by most "in the know."
Foster care is a dangerous lottery. What right does any organisation have to judge at a glance (due to staffing shortages) weather a child has been abused when they can't guarantee a child will be safe after being removed.
A child does not even have to be abused, no, they may be "at risk of being abused." They are at risk the moment child protection comes into their lives.
Not a word a parent says is given any creedence. If a child is so devastated after being removed they have a meltdown, there is no thought that a mistake may have been made. No, CPS do not make mistakes. They would rather drug the child up to the eye balls than consider returning them to the normality of their family home.

I deeply appreciate being given the opportunity to provide a different point of view here, that is what makes for a good debate.  I hope together weI can perhaps show things from a different perspective,
kind regards,

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hello, your story sounds very much like what I am going through in wondering how you have survived the docs ring road so far. I have except i have 2 child victims of docs. both boys. one is autistic and one has spina bifida.

my eldest child has issues to infact all three were born with a fare chromosome abnormality which affects growth. that does not seem to matter....i feel for you, it seems docs invent things to back their claim.....

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 Donna sent me an email on her last day as manager of FACS NSW complaints unit. She was one of the few people I trust in the department, and personally went out of her way to follow up blatant abuse and negligence by FACS NSW managers, and I witnessed her being powerless against the manager of Epping DoCS, still she did all she could. This particular story can be found here...

When I referred this mother to the complaints department they refused to put her through to Donna so I had to email her personally, and Donna investigated the complaint personally.

She was always kind, professional and caring, more so than I have ever seen in my four years of dealing with departments purporting to be acting in the best interests of children world wide.

It is a great loss to FACS NSW to have lost Donna Howard and I believe her efforts should be rewarded.