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on Sat, 05/12/2012 - 04:19

Legal Representation

1. Your STATE offers Legal Assistance to Help Lower Income Families find Legal Representation. Click on the link Below.

  • Click on your State
  • Then click on the link on top "Find Legal Assistance"
  • Enter your Zip Code or County with a description of your issue and submit your request.
  • A list will come up with your local States Legal Help

NOTE: Sometimes the searches will come back with ZERO results. In that case you can do the following step.

2. DIAL 211 NATIONWIDE for local community support and speak to people who assess your needs and link you directly to the resources that will help, in this case, attorneys who specialize in Family law and cases.

3. List of Attorneys who may be able to Assist. Eventhough the attorneys listed below are listed as Divorce or PAS (Parent Alienation Syndrome) they still specialize in Family Law and Courts which means they can Assist you.

References from:

  • If you are going Pro-Se (Pro se legal representation means advocating on one's own behalf before a court, rather than being represented by a lawyer.), the following is a good resource:
    Scott Goldman
    314-308-9021 work
    314-322-5556 mobile
    314-872-9381 work fax
    Available (virtually) 24/7, allowing his clients full discretion as to what they would have him do and how their money is spent (after fully clarifying their options), do not require a retainer, charge 12% the U.S. median fee of an attorney, will not accept any money if he does not believe he can win, so far, he has always won if given carte blanche from drafting the petition to settlement/verdict, he intentionally keeps the costs as low as possible. He will be honest about your case.

The attorneys listed below are all attorneys that members have had a good experience with. If we do not have an attorney in your area, please read the following advice.

An attorney can be good or bad. The problem is if you do NOT ask them the right questions to clarify if they know how to handle high conflict Divorce or PAS, you may end up with an attorney who does not know what to do when it hits. The point is NOT to be afraid to ask the hard questions that you know will come up.
Questions to ask an attorney might be:

  1. Have you ever handled a high conflict divorce?
  2. If so, did it involve a case where children were being alienated from the parent and their relationship destroyed with a parent?
  3. Did the following situations occur such as badmouthing, slander, false allegations, visitation issues and so on? How did you handle these?
  4. What books have they read or seminars on Parental Alienation have they attended?
  5. Overall, how was this previous case handled and what was the outcome?

If we do not list an attorney in your area, you can also check the following resource site under professionals for your state.

AZ- CA - CO - CT - FL - MI - MO - NJ - NY - OK - OR - PA - UT - DC - WY


Matthew Schultz
AZ Family Law Firm
1834 E Baseline Road, Suite 203
Tempe AZ 85283
Telephone: 480-730-5400
Telephone: 866-929-8227
Fax: 480-730-5404

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David Karabinus. Attorney at Law
2001 21st St.
Ste. #200
Sacramento, CA. 95818
Family Law and Criminal

Deborah Ditter
4540 Kearny Villa Road,
Suite 118
San Diego, CA 92123
ph: (858) 292-0900
fax: (858) 292-0100

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Divorce Matters
Glen Goldman
5600 South Quebec St., Suite 220A
Denver, CO 80111
(720)542-6142 phone
(888)240-0958 toll free
(720) 488-9587

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Robert L. Fiedler
40 Grand Street
Hartford CT 06106
(860) 525-7300 office
(860) 527-5112 fax

Roland Mandel
112 Prospect Street
Stamford CT 06901-1207
203-353-9489 Office
203-973-0489 fax

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Leigh, James and Associates
Men Only, Family Law Only
414 Old Hard Rd. #201
Fleming Island, FL 32003
Telephone: (904) 541-1252
Fax: (904) 541-1256
also at
301 W. Bay St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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PAS Attorney
Detroit Metro
214 N. Fourth Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
Tel: 734-637-7112
Fax: 734-327-5032

Richard Trost, Attorney and GAL
Trost & Wolfer, P.C.
8004 Grand River Road
Brighton, MI 48114
Phone: 810-229-6332
Fax: 810-227-0286

Douglas L. Toering
Sebastian Grassi
Grassi & Toering, PLC

888 W. Big Beaver Road, Suite 750
Troy, Michigan 48084-4745
O: (248) 269-2020
F: (248) 269-2025
(2 Christian attorneys

**Dennis Lawrence is from the Michigan Parental Rights group

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Scott Goldman
11930 Barkman Dr.
St. Louis MO 63146
314-308-9021 work
314-322-5556 mobile
314-872-9381 work fax

Beth Lewandowski
Attorney at Law
2010 S. Big Bend Blvd.
St. Louis, Missouri 63117
Phone: (314) 540-1018
Facsimile: (314) 351-7006

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Steven M. Resnick
Law Offices of Budd Larner
150 John F. Kennedy Parkway
Short Hills, New Jersey 07078-2703, (Essex Co.)
office: 973-379-4800
Fax: 973-379-7734

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Stuart Meltzer, Esq. Attorney at Law
Criminal/DWI/Family Law
32 Court Street, Suit 506
Brooklyn, NY 11201
24/7 emergency service
member of equal parenting party org Chaim Steinberger, Attorney at Law
Author of the article, Father? What Father? Parental Alienation and its Effects on Children

331 Madison Avenue
2nd Floor
New York, NY. 11017
212-964-6100 office
212-500-7559 fax


Bonnie L. Mohr, Attorney at Law
236 W. 26th St. Suite 303
New York, NY 10001
212 736 2624 x 13 office

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Amy McTeer
Civil Attorney but may also handle Divorce and PAS
Oklahoma City, OK
Cell: 405-213-9863

Terri Craig
Attorney at Law
P.O. Box 991
320 E. Cherokee
Wagoner, OK 74467
918-485-9559 fax

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Tiffany Davidson
6650 SW Redwood Lane
Suite 195
Portland, OR 97224
phone: 503.347.9684
fax: 503.345.6802

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Richard Bost
1515 Market Street
Philadelphia PA 19102


Kelly J. Smith
Olson & Hoggan, P.C.
130 South Main Street, Suite 200
P.O. Box 525
Logan, Utah 84323-0525
Phone: (435) 752-1551
Toll Free: (866) 752-1551
Fax: (435) 752-2295
Certified to Practice in Utah and Wyoming

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Farrah L. Spencer
Park City Office:
us mail: P. O. Box 684249
Park City, UT 84068
courier: 1245 Deer Valley Dr., Suite 3B
Park City, UT 84060
Phone: (435) 214-5048
fax: (435) 214-5049

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PAS Attorney
Washington, D.C.
Republic Place
1776 I Street, NW, 9th Floor
Washington, DC 20006-3708
Phone: 734-637-7112
Fax: 1-888-995-7868

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Farrah L. Spencer
Evanston Office
us mail: P. O. Box 1040, Evanston, WY 82931
courier: 724 Front Street, Suite 200, Evanston, WY 82930
Phone: 307-789-6300
Fax: 307-789-6333

Bill Kable, BA LLB (Syd) MIAMA FDRP
Mediator & Conciliator Solicitor Notary Public
13 Mitchell Street
St Leonards NSW 2065 (Australia)
02 9438 1914 tele
0409 833 523 mobile

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