Prosecutors seeking the death penalty for a Florida couple accused of abusing and murdering their adopted 10-year-old daughter have released details of the tortures she and her twin brother were subjected to.

Nubia Barahona's decomposing body was found wrapped in plastic in the back of her adoptive father's pest control truck on Feb. 14, 2011, while her twin brother Victor was found in the truck alive, but doused in a chemical, badly burned and suffering from seizures.

Shocking details of what the twins had been subjected to came to light for the first time Monday in an audio statement made by Katia Garcia, the foster mother who took care of Victor after the boy was released from the hospital last March.

Garcia said the boy recalled his adoptive father Jorge Barahona wrapping a plastic bag around his head and choking him, gluing his eyes shut and forcing him to eat a cockroach, the Miami Herald reported.

Both children were bound in the bathtub of their Miami home and doused with ice water or bleach by their adoptive father, Garcia said.

Victor recalled that "his father used to pour hot sauce in his eyes, nose and mouth," she told investigators, and dipped his sister's feet in "Clorox or Pinesol."

The siblings were only given bread and milk to eat about once a week, and were verbally abused by their adoptive mother Carmen Barahona, according to the statement.

The abuse went on for months, the Miami Herald reported. When Nubia disappeared in February, Garcia said, he was simply told that she had moved away.

Jorge and Carmen Barahona each face one count of first-degree murder, seven counts of aggravated child abuse and seven counts of child neglect.

Their two other adopted children, who were reportedly not subject to abuse, were placed in protective custody after they were arrested in February 2011.

Victor, 11, now lives with biological relatives in Texas, the Palm Beach Post reported.