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Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continues

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on Sat, 05/17/2014 - 14:13
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continues

Department of Community Services

Vicki Reimann: Suspected by many to be a corrupt DoCS Worker

Hi Michael
I would like to say A big thankyou for your website. I was once a Caseworker in the Atherton Office of Communitites. I left because I was bullied myself and I know of many other caseworkers who have left of the same reason. Atherton Office has a huge turn over of staff and the staff they have now are NOT QUALIFIED to be making life changing choices for these families.
Children the victims of Vicki Reimann from the Atherton Department of Community Services and Minister for DoCS Phil Reeves

Vicki Reimann is the cultprit in this office . I have seen myself file tampering and files going missing all of a sudden.
It was the worst thing I have ever done was becoming involved in Child Safety, specially Atherton.
I dont care Michael if you put this letter on the web, so many of us need to take a stand against them.
They do treat carers badly and accuse them of many things. This is why there aren't any carers and these group homes have been opening up everywhere in the Tablelands and Cairns area, they treat their carers like s***.
Carers do get bullied, accused of false allegations to every degree known. Constantly. Unfair treated on Parents and children and also Carers and their kids.
There are no Children Rights for these kids in care, absolutley no childrens rights. Never seen any while working there.
Keep fighting Michael and keep exposing please.

Department of Community Services Atherton Corruption continues because people are too afraid to speak out against them, like the Department of Community Services offices around Australia, thes people operate on fear.

The fear that you will not get your children back, the fear that legal action will be taken with the courts giving every right to Department of Community Services, parental rights ignored, foster carers rights not even considered, the whole system is a shambles, and a blasphemy.

Pat Anderson, who could have saved my son Luke Borusiewicz, was moved to Atherton Department of Community Services and now is back as manager of the Department of Community Services in North Cairns.

Pat Anderson is an evil whore, she deserves a nest of man eating ants under her chair, for all of the children whose lives she has ruined, the families she has ruined, the parents who love their children whose lives she has devastated. She will never ever leave her position, as this would expose the corruption she has mentored, creating department of community services in Cairns North which is a rotting cess pit of evil banshees, a stagnant pond with Pat Anderson and her Chronies the poisonous algae at the top of the pond, causing death and destruction to all in their midst.

It is lucky for Pat Anderson that the only chance I have of seeing my son again is in heaven, or I would personally end her reign of terror, with my bare hands, slowly, the same fate that the manager of the Atherton Department of Community Services Vicki Reimann, who has been exposed for the heartless crimes against families she has consistently unleashed on all in her path, in my opinion deserves.

Why must I be the only one to speak of these atrocities??? I am not. Most still do not know of this site, many are to scared, but many are coming to realise the evil which they face, there is no chance of having your children returned, and the so call best interests of the child are represented by a bunch of lesbian, man hating, marriage, opposition hating, Luke's Army hating women, who politicians, the media, the legal system, are unable to reign in. It has been this way for decades.

Pat Anderson, and Vicki Reimann, you evil banshees, you cannot hide under your slimy rock forever either. You both have the blood of many many children and parents on your festered hands. The only way to have you removed is with a royal commission, because there is no way you and your grim reapers will ever stand aside, this would allow the corruption you have sowed to be exposed.

I am one of the few who has nothing left to lose, cannot be bullied, and can tell it like it is.


Phil Reeves too Busy to Stop DoCS Corruption

In his maiden speech to State Parliament in August 1998, Phil Reeves vowed to continue to fight for all Queenslanders and to protest against the wrongs that have been done to them.

Eleven years on, he is now a minister in the new Bligh Government, responsible for Child Safety and Sport, a position offering an annual salary of $205,000 and many perks.

A family involved in a complex adoption case desperately wants to speak with Mr Reeves before new legislation goes before Parliament this week.

The family has made repeated attempts to contact Mr Reeves since he was appointed in March, but telephone calls, emails and letters have been ignored.

He has not been able to find time to talk or meet with them. However, he did attend State of Origin, the V8 Supercar race in Townsville, the Gold Coast Marathon and other major sporting events as part of his other role in Cabinet.

Mr Reeves said he was ready, willing and able to help people.

It is a message maybe he needs to be reminded of.

The Sunday Mail (Qld)
August 16, 2009 12:00AM

Gutless Mr Reeves Minister of Child Services

Well I done a bit of research on Mr Reeves after being notified about your website Michael. Has he ever made a Speech about doing the right thing by children & Parents? I have not seen one as yet. I seen many news articles about sporting he has supported but nothing REAL about Child Safety. No minister EVER who has taken this role has had the guts to EVEN TRY doing the right thing for Families. It's too big for them and out of control NOW to be able to pull the reins in. They like to have their faces splashed all over the news when opening a brand new office of Child Services, Money made from taking innocent happy children.
Michael I work for a supporting agency who deals with Docs ~DCHS~ Department of Communities in helping parents try to achieve the best outcome to getting their children back. Michael I have had two families been reunited since being in my role . Im talking about Tablelands & Cairns Region QLD too.
Doesnt matter how hard these parents try and how many times we try to help them get their family back. We are also up against the Departments, we report on progress and its a waste of time. They have no interest AT ALL helping families achieve the best outcome for the children. Reporting for the Departments is a waste of time , we mean nothing to them either. It all about showing the Courts they did the right thing by putting a referral to a agency and making it look like they have done everthing in their power to HELP. LIES & more Lies.
Tableland region would be the worst dept to be working with. This Child Safety Agency works on Twisting truths & telling complete lies. I refuse to even help NOW when a referral comes in from Atherton.
Many carers are the same. You see their frustrations and hear the complaints about staff ( Senior staff). It should not be like this . Im not surprised one bit that the carer children ( in these web blogs) have been threatened. Think its common practice in Child Safety to scare carers children. They use this to get back at the carers. I dont encourage anybody to be a carer, its dangerous and a set up from the begining. Husbands are the number one person who will be pointed at if you complain about them. Common knowledge if you ever work for the Department.
I bet if someone interviewed every carer in the Region they will tell you so many stories with dealing with the Child safety Atherton. Every carer will be Investigated at some point being a carer & their own children. Not once or twice many times over.

Thank you ******y & Michael for sharing your life stories to me. This country needs more people like you. I will be telling people about your website Michael. Spreading the word for you also.



Queensland Minister Phil Reeves makes 25 speeches in a year

BLIGH Government minister Phil Reeves has made the fewest speeches in State Parliament and less than half dealt with his controversial child safety portfolio.

The Child Safety and Sport Minister – appointed to Cabinet after Premier Anna Bligh won the March 2009 election – has made just 25 ministerial statements in his first year.

Is your MP working hard for you? Have your say.

Only 10 of those were related to his controversial child safety portfolio. The other 15 had a sport connection.

Mr Reeves, who represents the Brisbane southside seat of Mansfield, is paid $211,327 a year, plus a $36,653 electorate allowance.

A Sunday Mail survey last year revealed Mr Reeves was one of the least recognised ministers in Ms Bligh's Cabinet – with 48 out of 50 people not knowing who he was.

The closest he came to being identified as a public figure, was when one person recognised him as a game show host.

In a fiery estimates committee debate last year, the Opposition's Jack Dempsey accused Mr Reeves of being "all play and no work", and more interested in his sport portfolio than child safety.

Several of Mr Reeves' ministerial statements dealt with the A1GP motor racing debacle on the Gold Coast.

Child Safety has been a major problem for successive Labor Governments, with former premier Peter Beattie going to an election with it as the key issue.

Ms Bligh appointed eight new ministers in her first Cabinet and four of them made fewer than 30 ministerial statements in 46 sittings days of Parliament.

Just ahead of Mr Reeves were Infrastructure and Planning's Stirling Hinchliffe (27), Community Services and Housing's Karen Struthers (28), and Tourism and Fair Trading's Peter Lawlor (29).

Experienced ministers Stephen Robertson (32) and Tim Mulherin (29) were not far ahead of the rookies.

The other newcomers stood out, however.

Transport Minister Rachel Nolan (35) was busy after a nervous start, while Disability Services Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk (33), Attorney-General Cameron Dick (32) and Climate Change Minister Kate Jones (31) were also prominent.

A Sunday Mail report last week revealed that four Liberal National Party backbenchers had not asked a single question of ministers in a year. Six other LNP members had only asked one question each.

None of the 10 got to ask a question in Parliament last week.




Dont take crap from people who think they are higher of yourself

Im a carer, I just want all parents and kids to be able to have a say what happens with their own kids lifes. It stinks it really does and it's only getting worst.

As a carer I have been threatened with my own kids, and I dont take it lying down and I voice my opinion very loud and clear to them.

Dont take crap from people who think they are higher of yourself . Most of these people who makes these decisions have no life skills or even been a parent. They are the lowest scum on earth. Jennifer Cook






Coming for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are some names people and I will jam their computers up for you???????????????????? I know this girl and I dont F*****G like it .
Bringing you down like a dead dog.



New carers dont know any better

I joined this group to see if I can help and support as many as I could. I have had a lot of angry people on here bag me for what I do and tell me I only do this to get money. But please this is so wrong in my case. No amount of money is worth doing what I do as I have also put my own children in the firing line for Docs. And thats my fault totally. I am a fighter and so are my kids as most of you know. New carers dont know any better yet, but it wont take long for them to be accused of horrible things. Im one of few carers who will stand up and not take any crap from the Dept, and I will question their questions when it comes to them not making the right decisions for the kids in care and their own parents. Im all for parents to get there kids back as soon as they can. I encourage it . Dept arent the ones who have to look after the kids when they have been ripped from their families. I do and Im the one that has to comfort these kids and help them understand its not there fault. Im the one who cries with them day in day out because they just want their Mums and Dads and siblings. Im the one that gets furniture smashed in the house because sometimes kids cant explain how they are feeling and thats how they react. But I dont care if they have to do this, they are children who are hurting so badly. All i can do is tell them I LOVE THEM and so do their parents very much.
It is a very hard job being a carer. We have to change our whole lives to suit the Dept and we are suppose to jump when they tell us. But I do not. LMAO.



Everyday in Our Country families are facing false allegations

Brittany Skye-Louise Sawyer

Everyday in Our Country families are facing false allegations of child abuse, & innocent children are unjustly ripped from their families & placed in foster care. Families are suffering from trauma & depression in their attempts to be together again. The reason of me doing what Im doing , I cant silently ignore anymore because I have felt their sting too many times. I hope oneday as an adult i can devote myself and time to helping to reunite families attacked by these Banshees.


Nice people out there

Thanks Lukesarmy for showing me the corruption in Australia. I was given one of your flyers in Hawaii USA from Cabin Crew off Virgin.
You guys stand tall and dont ever be scared for standing up for yourselfs. Michael so sorry for your loss. This should'nt be allowed to happen and someone needs to be put into Jail for this. You have a warrior with you Michael and she is getting her word out for you all.

John Petersen 34, Hawaii USA


Phil Reeves Answer the Question

Mr Phil Reeves
Minister for Child Safety
Level 7
111 George Street
Queensland 4001

Dear Mr Phil Reeves

Thank you for your letter of reply on 16th December 2011.

Unfortunately , It did not answer any of my Questions about Atherton Child Safety and the Abuse myself and my sister have received as children or Why our Human Rights as children were breached and why they did not follow procedures they are required to follow by Law being a Government Agency.

Atherton Child Safety has failed their employer, The Commonwealth of Australia by intentionally causing "Harm" to a child's safety and wellbeing.
Atherton Child Safety as an office of The Commonwealth of Australia seriously destroyed the Legislated democracy and substituted " their own personal agendas of abusing children".

As the Minister of Child Safety, "You are required to investigate some REAL facts and not pretend Atherton Child Safety are not Corrupted & did not use Abuse their powers they have."

This is a crime Mr Reeves and you as Minister of Child Safety seems to have failed to ensure staff have made "Government " decisions based on Lawful protocols "Fact and Law" administration.

Unfortunately, When I rang Child Safety Complaints Unit to make Contact with Ms $$$$ on the 9th & 12th December, she was unavailable and has not returned any of my calls.

Although, Mr Reeves the Minister for Child Safety you are responsible for this portfolio area, every elected Federal Politician also has a responsibility as a Law-maker and as a participant in Party Room discussions.

I would also like to know what steps you will take as the Minister for Child Safety, to bring Australia's practice in line with our International Children's Human Rights & UN Convention on the Rights of the Child obligations and our moral responsibility as a developed Nation?

United Nation Convention came into force in 1990 and in doing so committed to protecting & ensuring Children's rights and to held accountable for this commitment.
1- Non- discrimination
2- Devotion to the "best Interests of the child"
3- The right to life, survival & Development
4- Respect for the views of the child.

Over the last few months there has been much Child Safety published issues.
What steps do or will you take to ensure that you have accurate & truthful information to evaluate Child Safety Laws you are required to vote on as the Minister of Child Safety?

I would be grateful for your response.

Kind Regards


Phil Reeves what a JOKE

This letter is great and congrats to the person who has written it well done..
Love your work Michael and more people need to know in Australia what they are actually like . Child Safety is just a name but really they are a pack of mongrels on a feeding safari.
My mum was a carer for nearly 20 years and she is now in her late 50s. My parents moved to North QLD 5 years ago to retire and continued fostering many children in Need. Since they started fostering in North QLD it has been nothing but misery for them and now they have to make a choice to either give it all away fostering or move back to their home town. I dont know why people would even foster in todays society after seeing many many carers go through Lies against their families. It a shame that being a foster carer is so dangerous when you have to deal with personal agendas against you by child safety Managers. Yes it is EYE FOR AN EYE. WHy would you complain about a child safety Department, they just use it against you. One must remember that Complaints units are a smoke screen to set off alarms to that Department you have complained about. Complaints Unit work for the Government and are paid by them , so of course they are all working together against you. Its a JOKE.
North Qld Atherton ,Cairns North seem to be the worst Departments known within the QLD Government.
You are all better to go straight to the CMC with your complaints or Commission for Children. Send it to every Minister or even the Media of your area. Complain People go above the Complaints Units and never complain to the Manager of your service.
Love your work Michael, Mut say you have made me laugh from reading your comments about certain people in Child Safety.
To the Two girls I met , thankyou for letting me know about lukes army. It has been very informative for myself and my parents.




Great carer

Thankyou Carer for sharing your story and showing me from your side of it. I hope my grandchildren have a carer like you.
Im trying to get kinship care of my grandchildren and its so hard trying to get information out of the Department of when Im going to be approved.
Thankyou Michael for sharing your story of your life and exposing the government. Now I know what to be careful of when or If Im ever going to get my grandchildren. I have a lawyer helping me and he also told me to be careful and to record everything.I actually thought he was being to overly paranoid at the time, but after reading all this I now see why, Thankyou so so much.

Michael I became aware of your website from a flyer that was placed in my letterbox on Saturday.

Please keep up the good work you & the girls.
God bless you

Take care

Beatrice spencer 61 Julatten


Tried to not take crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta laugh or you just keep crying . I tried to stand up to Docs Mackay Region regarding my 2 yr old grand-daughter I was to I was being threatening and am no longer allowed to attend meetings they even tried to ban me from visits. PLS tell me how to do this without being banned from visits.



Look out now they are after Grandparents who look after their own grandchildren too. No one is safe not even a child who is being cared for by relatives.
They like to go after carers own children as its there way of making you scared so basically you will talk. NEVER TALK & Most carers already know to train their own kids for when the Departments come knocking.
I know some trainers in Atherton Child Safety over the years always tell the carers to do so. Funny don't you think.

Clean it Up Mr Reeves and Investigate Atherton . And for God Sake give Michael a date for Lukes Inquest


Wow and How wrong

My name is Ashleigh and I'm 55 and work within a Government Department ( Not childsafety) In Brisbane QLD. My co worker told me I must get onto your website Michael and also after reading a Flyer that was given to us all from a Teenaged girl last week.
Wow you have opened my eyes up to a whole new world and I had not idea this happens to Families & Children. The Title "Child Safety" isnt what its all about anymore.
I read your story girls and you have become quite a Warrior for the right things in life. More people need to be shown what actually is going on with "Child Safety"in Australia.
Why hasn't there been a Royal Commission yet? I'd say why it hasn't because our own Government knows its way too big to get a hold of as it's out of control and it pays for there Wages.

Clean it up Mr Phil Reeves you are a family man also, find it in your Heart to do something right for a change. Stop thinking about how big your wallett is.

How can the Government get away with Insulting/abusing children? And about these two girls from Atherton? When is someone going to fix up for what they did to these young people? Shame on you Atherton, Play by the book your a Public Servant.


Aus Help for help fighting DoCS in Australia

Aus Help for help fighting DoCS in Australia is where I collect all the helpful links and info for fighting DoCS in Australia. You can also get a lot of support from the Luke's Army group on facebook.

Send your evidence of corruption to the CMC Qld.

I spoke with the big boy from the the crime and misconduct commission (CMC), asked him has he been on Lukesarmy. He got on while I was on the phone, he is totally amazed with the blogs written, he was quite excited.

Now he told me that everyone we know who has a problem with any depts with kids, we need to complain to them asap, hit them hard with evidence of their corruption because they are also sick and tired of these people.

Talking about Cases after hours

Everything on here is true and correct about how they run Atherton Department.
I worked in this Department many years ago and resigned to take a different path in Life to become a Mother.
I wasnt a Caseworker but I was a CSSO in the Atherton Office.
It wasnt the nicest Job ever and it has scarred me very much so. It wasnt the Parents or kids I had problems with, it was the Staff on the higher level of the Office. I think you know who I'm talking about too.
I was on a plane two days ago and in the back of the chair was a flyer about Lukes Army and the two girls story attached to it. I had to have a look as it was about Atherton and also has to read your story Michael.
Carers were so frustrated when I worked there so it looks like it hasnt changed or got any better. In the staff Room Carers are talked about and laughed about all the time. Parents are talked about how they are the lowest people on earth. Cases are spoken about outside the office, I know I have heard it myself many times when catching up with other staff members after work. This is a breach of confidentiality because I was not aware of the details of cases as I was only a CSSO.( Csso's are the lowest in the Atherton Dept on their food chain).
When getting to my destination two days ago , as I was leaving the plane the air hostess commented on the flyer I had in my hand. She said " Oh you must have a look at the website its really disturbing what the Government gets away with and disgusting how they have treated these siblings.
I no longer live in Qld Im in Tasmania now but lukes army is spreading like wildfire.
Thankyou for telling people your story Michael I remember when that happened,no one was allowed to talk about it.
You are a great Man and father to your son Luke. You did nothing wrong ok. You are very honest about your past life , we all have a past life. I was not a good 19 year old myself and I Have a criminal record too from my past life, But hey I got a Job in the Department. Go figure that one out.
The Atherton Department need to be investigated and also drug tested regularly. A lot of them smoke pot and In front of their own children. But they are under the radar of course. No one would be believed if they made a complaint.
You seem to have a great network of supporters Michael and Girls.
Bring them Down.


Docs on drugs

Well there you go know we all know why they copy paste the wrong reports into our childrens court reports, eg; so that if your child is called Grace and she goes to school in Dorrigo (drug capitol of NSW) and they take her then you get the court affidavits and they say things about Ben in Bellingen who goes to Bellingen Primary School but your thinking my God I really have gone crazy, well relax... you havent it is just that the docs worker was too stoned to realise she copy pasted the wrong information into your court affidavits about what a shit parent you are because you have problems. Not that it will matter if you bring this to the attention of the court because you are told you are crazy and they are docs so the court is on their side mistakes or not.

also.... this must be why drug dealers can look after teenagers who run away from home and freely give a sick child dope and amphetamines with the NSW police consent, plus make the teenager testify about pedos to goal them, without her own parents consent, allow a public hospital to treat the under age child for suicide attempt afterwards and still not tell mum then kick the child out of a foster home and into a docs funded youth refuge, plus have the whole thing ignored by JIRT and docs. and...... not get the child the MRI and help from the neurological specialists that the mum asked for to start with even though its been two years since shes been taken..... because they are all stoned to get the kid any treatment from a doctor or a dentist..... but gee the money was good for the mortgage

I agree with this caseworker, I think if someone who works in the mines or on the road has to get drug tested then surely people who take kids should be tested and I also think teachers need to have mandatory drug testing and submit their levels of alcohol consumption as they are role models to our kids and trusted with their care for the majority of the day and the most important years of their lives, yet the culture of our universities is rife with alcoholism.

The JIRT squad member who came here with a docs worker (who seemed quite nice actually) told me I had no right to complain about drugs because they are everywhere, so I was not allowed to complain after everything what happened to us, about my child spending 2 years on drugs all my pleas to the helpline, police and ministers for help being ignored, it is okay for kids to take drugs and for adults to give them to kids..... when I yelled at her (as I do) for ignoring all this she sent the cops out to me to ask if my child was ok.... seriously these people dont get it I am not the low life who beats and kills kids Im the stupid bitch who was trying to protect her (them) left dv and has to deal with all the damage it caused my children and I, like homelessness, unemployment, and a damaged family.

I get it now why docs never helped and made all the mistakes, because they were too stoned...... and I never had any dope to sell them

The flyers were a great idea.

Sorry Michael but we have to have a laugh now and then,

human is as human does, oh I mean, stupid is as stupid does..... and life really is like a boxa chocolates......


Drug tests on child protection officers

Of course they should be drug tested, everyone else is these days. They take babies off mothers at birth if they have marijuana in their system, then go home and smoke it themselves. What kind of animal would do that, and call themselves child protection. Banshees.

I have a problem

You know what the really funniest thing is Michael?

Although we are the ones who think this way, society still sees us as the ones with the problem. The difference is instead of calling it a drug or alcohol problem, because most of us addressed that at some point in our lives, they call it a behavioural problem, or a conduct problem extending from childhood, ect.

But they have missed the whole concept of what they are on about. And have not addressed any of the issues.

Its all a case of we can do what we want to do and you have to just shut up and take it. While justice continues to be put aside. I mean these are Australian children and they receive no service in the courts. Those responsible for crimes against humanity and Australian children are not served with even a court attendance notice, they are given promotions and pay rises instead for ruining families, and told they've done a good job, while the bloody parents are left feeling suicidal and labelled.

Gracie is in Germany atm, without any parents, for birthday and Christmas, before docs took over the "case" there was an order for her not to leave the country from the Federal Courts, ie; child alert. Now because of docs, it is ok for her to be there with no parents for months on end. I dont see how this is the father having full parental rights they should have gave the rights to his mum, this is what she always wanted anyway. (sorry having a bitch). I guess I should be happy I had the guts to ring him and ask about her and he told me she is not in the country. I just dont see how that is him looking after her, but he said he is too busy working for Julia atm.

I just hope a madman doesnt go off in Germany as well, the Belgium thing was pretty horrible.

Point is I went from full parental rights where I let him see her more than the courts said to no parental rights until 2021, and supervised access because of docs, but its all ruined now. Having a pity party atm, but its whole lot less than what you got. It is so good to see the human movement coming towards you now, things are coming to the forefold and their houses of cards will fall down, it is just a matter of time before the extent of this corruption is fully exposed.... it is in our schools, community services, hospitals, police stations, courts, gaol system and probations and parole, with honest people the ones being persecuted and those who lie and steal for self serving purposes getting ahead by using us and our children often because they view us as the last social rung on the ladder, so walk all over us.

I really feel for the people who are in these lines of work who go into it every day with good intent but get so frustrated with the systems that they just fall into it and forget that everyone is a human being trying to live a life here. Diannas youtube story on foster homes was so spot on, and her darting eyes when you understand what that means, like you are telling the truth and have told it so many times but you are thinking the whole time, why am I telling this again, because it never gets me anywhere but hey I am not gonna stop until someone gets it..... well thats me all over..... I thanx you...

....and people say we have a problem????????


Hi all

Hi All I work as an Airline Hostess for Virgin Blue based in Hong Kong . I got given a flyer from a Captain of Virgin Blue and was told many stories about whats in Lukes Army. It has taken me 3.5 hours to read most things on here today. Wanted to let you all know your flyers are going around in Hong Kong now.

Hope you get an outcome Michael for they did to your son , hope someone goes to jail for their crimes they commited to Luke and yourself. You have two great supporters with you by the sounds of it.

Spreading the word for you also.

Nicole Chinfatt 38


Phil Reeves Reluctant to Act - Is it too late in the day?

Now I aint no fancy scmancy political commentator or journalist, but I do know a couple of things about the politics of the child protection ministerials. Child Protection is the worst ministerial portfolio, and the hardest, I was told that by one of the DoCS ministers in Australia last year when I asked for an amnesty on families for Christmas.

Child protection will never be perfect, dammed if you do, dammed if you don't, but this behaviour has crossed over the borders into their own world, where they do what they want, unchecked. They tell you to ring a complaints line that needs a good audit and public stoning.

These evil little monsters report to the head banshees at child protection who have no qualms about walking over their own staff, foster carers, parents, or destroying evidence, knobling solicitors, obtaining fake psychiatrist reports at the rate of $20 000+ for a single consultation.

So back to Phil Reeves, current minister for the department of community services in Queensland, and Anna Bligh Premier of Queensland.

Phil Reeves is nearing the end of his term before the next election. If you look at Linda Burney who was Minister for the Department of Community Services in New South Wales for many a year, when she lost her position at the last election, she was promoted to the position of Deputy Leader immediately. This is because child protection is the graveyard shift.

If you can survive it, you are promoted to a high position in the party, and will Anna Bligh expose Phil Reeves as the minister running one of the most corrupt departments, public or private, in Australia. I can't see it happening right before an election.

The public, and even DoCS staff, in fact everyone who has the misfortune to deal with them, have put up with this for the whole time Phil Reeves has been minister, and before that, stolen generation, forgotten Australians, migrant children, single mothers.....

So why do anything now before an election? Because you should have got off your ass and done something about it long ago.

I have dealt with three offices, Cairns, Townsville, and the complaints department, and their "Tribunal", on a professional level, and they looked at me with hatred. The complaints department and the minister Phil Reeves, have sent me nothing but insult after insult, and daily my phone rings, the continuos emails, of bewildered, desperate and horrified parents with absolutely nowhere to turn.

Who do you turn to? I am yet to see a minister step in and return a child. Yet they are the first ones on the news, comandeering parental rights, straight after displaying the inhumane absurdity with which they maraud.

Aaaaaahhhrrrrggg ------------------>Banshees.

We have to listen to sorry again

Michael I'm an indigenous Male on the Counsel for Aboriginal people in north Qld Kiuranda. I know this girl personally as she is an half cast Aboriginal Girl of our community of Kuranda. She has done so much for helping our people and our community here in Kuranda. Im glad she is standing up for our people of Australia black or white.
She is compassionate caring soul and the Dept always do this to our people.
Her family and kids have been very supportive since moving to our area and its been a great attribute for our people for people like themselves.
You keep fighting and I will also make sure I will attend the protest too.

From the Kuranda community.



These people are just a pack of wolves and feed off each other. What a disgusting country we live in.
I met these girls yesterday and they are beautiful kind hearted people and doing a good thing for a good cause. I heard their story about there Mum being a carer and that they have been threatened abused and was not giving any respect for being a child. The government obviously didnt care enough that they were children of a carer,and used there questioning to basically get back at them hoping to get answers. What a way to go Atherton . You just proved to everyone you don't CARE for any child unless its providing you an income to your Department. Its all about which office gets more kids in so they get more funding. Disgusting lot you are.
I have been reading that you are all stressed out in your jobs. Haha. What a joke.
Like I promised too , Im spreading the word.

Snr Srgt Butterworth
Gold Coast


Good Cop


A good cop!!!!!!!!!!!

Makes me feel hope for the first time in for everrrrr....

Im crying.................


Yeah there is

There are good cops around, They hate playing games with Child Safety as well and know too well how they play. I know I'm a cop based in Mareeba.
Keep up the Fight Michael and Girls, Expose them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spreading the Word


Ex Caseworker

Hi everyone. Where do I start?
I was once a teacher for about 12 years & decided to have a change of career and work within the Department of Communities. It was the worst career move I ever did & it has changed my whole outlook on life & my mental wellbeing.
Michael I remember when this happened to you & Im so sorry from the bottom of my heart that this happened to your Son Luke.
I had the greatest pleasure of meeting a young female over the week-end at a xmas party. I was having a conversation with her about the whole system of Child Safety & Lukesarmy. She told me I MUST have a look & comment where I can or If i can and support you & the girls.

Please I will be spreading the word for you. What your doing takes a lot of guts & courage. More people need to be told what they are capable of doing to Families.

Atherton used to be one of the worst running Departments back when I was a caseworker.
You keep fighting Families you have nothing to lose.



I really mean it, thanx, docs and others really stuck the cops onto me and I got into such a mess.

Its not fair when you have real police work to do that you are made to waste your time dealing with the mess this dept. and others make for your dept. by claiming duty of care, when they fail to grasp what they are doing to a parent.

It shows real courage to add your support for parents here. This was how I have always seen police being and I really needed my faith renewed, instead of the fear I was given, I want to believe in a society that is safe for all and allows everyone to be treated with some kind of equality.

I really was crying, and I really am grateful to see professionals get on board and support people like Michael.

Can't believe its Atherton Again

LMAO about time Atherton has been exposed and Vicki Reimann and her workers who are in cahoots with her PMSL.
Try Fiona Godfrey as well.
Keep up the GOOD WORK ATHERTON expose expose expose.


As an ex-foster carer I see it time and time again

Please for anyone to believe DOCS workers don't take things personally or have vendettas against families think again! As an ex-foster carer I see it time and time again. They do make mistakes and they do remove children from loving homes for fivilious reasons only to be told by the courts to give the child back to its family. Too late they have taken a perfect package and pyscologically damaged it, then returned the child to its parents when the child should never have been taken or traumitised by being placed with strangers in the first place! They have a lot to answer for!Its a crazy system..


Im a Foster Carers own child 16 years old.

Under unlawful Harassment Act under Federaland state Legislation
Unlawful harassment occurs when someone is made to feel Intimidated,insulted,humiliated,bullied under the antidiscrimination or Human rights legislation.

Bullies usually utilise power attributed to their status,skills or position.

1.Atherton you have YET again made my sister feel Intimidated- which has made her feel timid and frightened. When you ignored my sister constantly asked for her mum and dad.

2. We both have been Harassed by your office- By continual persistant attacks and questions which were unrelated to the situation.

3.We both have been Insulted- Which you have treated us with insensitivity and offended both of us . And ignored requests from my little sister for a parent to be present.

4. We both have been Humiliated from Atherton Dept- which has degraded our character and self-esteem. We both have been disrepected and humiliated that lead more anxiety. My little sister has been Humiliated in public and ignoring her Human dignity. Both of us have had our safety reduced by your intimidation.

5.We have been Bullied by Atherton Dept- which has involved hurtful behaviours that are repeated and are intentional which made us feel unsafe and scared with the questions being asked and refused to listen the first time when we answered.

6.We have been emotionally abused by Atherton Dept- by hurtful questions and comments.

7.We have both been psychologically abused by your staff members of Atherton Dept - by having personally attacked us by humiliating to cause psychological pain. By refusing my little sister to have a parent present and ignored my sisters mood change to extremely upset when it is well known that she already has a mental issues.
Myself I have been psychologically abused by Atherton Dept by making personal attacks onto me.

Breach of confidentially

Under the Public codeof conduct it states-
4.4 Ensure appropriate use and disclosure of official information.

Information privacy legislation protects against the MISUSE of personal information and has an obligation to ENSURE the lawful collection and handling of personal information.
NOT use confidential or privileged information to further personal attacks or interests.( WHICH HAS HAPPENED)

We BOTH have been denied an education due to the emotional, mental abuse from Atherton Dept. AGAIN.




Kind words of wisdom

Dear Mr Reeves & To Whom It May Concern

You might want to throw my letter out Mr Reeves because Im a 16 year old girl, and you may think I'm stupid, BUT I AM NOT.

I have a voice Mr Reeves. It's one of my many gifts and I intend to use it on behalf of myself and my little sister for the Abuse we have endured from your Department of Communities in Atherton. We have been denied any Human Rights within your Office of Atherton.

I will not be Silent till someone is held accountable for for what they have done to my sister and Myself.

I deeply believe that children are more powerful than oil, more beautiful than any river , more precious than any other natural resource that a country can have. We as Children are not just adults in the making Mr Reeves . We are people whose needs & Rights MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY and it seems we as Children have been denied every basic Human Right.

I want to know why your Staff in Child Safety Department, Atherton, are allowed to breach every standard of their own acts ? Why even have a Charter for the Rights of the Children Act? Not one of your Departments use it for themselves when Interrogating children.

Under unlawful Harassment Act under Federal and state Legislation

Unlawful harassment occurs when someone is made to feel Intimidated ,insulted ,humiliated ,bullied under the anti-discrimination or Human rights legislation.

Bullies usually utilise power attributed to their status,skills or position. ( We have recorded all our interviews with our Ipod touches)

1. Atherton staff have YET again made my sister feel Intimidated on the 13th October 2011 - which has made her feel timid and frightened. When you ignored my sister constantly asked for her mum and dad. ( witnesses from School confirmed)

2. We both have been Harassed by Atherton office staff on the 13th October 2011 - By continual persistant attacks and questions which were unrelated to the situation.

3. We both have been Insulted by Atherton Staff on the 13th October 2011- Which you have treated us with insensitivity and offended both of us . And ignored requests from my little sister for a parent to be present. ( confirmed witnesses)

4. We both have been Humiliated from Atherton Staff 13th October 2011- which has degraded our character and self-esteem. We both have been disrepected and humiliated that lead more anxiety. My little sister has been Humiliated in public and ignoring her Human dignity. Both of us have had our safety reduced by your intimidation.

5. We have been Bullied by Atherton Staff on the 13th October 2011 - which has involved hurtful behaviours that are repeated and are intentional which made us feel unsafe and scared with the questions being asked and refused to listen the first time when we answered. ( confirmed witnesses)

6. I have been emotionally abused by Atherton Staff on the 13th October 2011 - by hurtful questions and comments.( confirmed Witnesses) time 2.55 pm.

7. We have both been psychologically abused by your staff members of Atherton Dept - by having personally attacked us by humiliating to cause psychological pain. By refusing my little sister to have a parent present and ignored my sisters mood change to extremely upset when it is well known in Atherton that she already has a mental issues mostly caused by them.( confirmed witnesses)

Myself, I have been psychologically abused by Atherton Dept staff by making personal attacks onto me on the 13th October 2011 , at 2.55pm.

In your Foster Carer and Kinship book it states- An assessment can take up to six weeks. If the process takes longer than this you will be contacted in writing by the manager with the reasons for the delay and when it will be completed. Really???.. Well the letter that was sent it was Dated the 29th September 2011 and it never got sent till the 13th October 2011, after being interviewed. And we recieved it on Friday the 14th October 2011 at 10.37 am.

Also in your Foster Carers and kinship book it states- in a notification response Child Safety Services will commence an investigation and assessment by holding interviews with you and the child within 24hours. Well I think 15 days is the longest 24 hours response anyone could of had.
By my calculations its been nine weeks now and no reply email nor a phone call has been returned.

Also it states a Verbal advice about the notification and Written advice will be provided to you PRIOR to the interview. Really this happened??? , they turned up like Nazis storm troopers on their next mission. ( sorry but this is how I feel and I am a child)

Why is it Mr Reeves when your Departments come knocking we dont get a an ID card shown to us ? Should I be asking all your Atherton staff for their resumes to see if they are qualified to even interogate us? Seems to me they dont have a clue how to talk to children or have any life skills or parenting either. But they do know how to twist words around , so I have to give them some credit. I dont think you could count a 5 day course with QPS on how to interview a child gives them the power or right to be able to abuse us as children and twist our words to make it look evil.

Why I am doing this Mr Reeves, is that about 4 years ago my sister and I were threatened by Atherton Child Safety to be taken away from our parents and leaving behind the foster Children. Keep in mind Mr Reeves, myself and my sister recorded this at the time.( and they denied ever saying it) so proves to me and many others they constantly keep lying . Apparently people are not allowed to do a positive thing in the community by fostering children who are in need of care. Why is it Mr Reeves when an Adult becomes a carer and they have kids themselves , why is it they just played Russian roulette with their own kids lifes as well??? Has Atherton run out of children to traumatise? Which leads to getting carers own children now? Seems like a lamington or pie drive to me Mr Reeves . I do know there are bad cases of REAL CHILD ABUSE and they see bad cases , but we are not abused children Mr Reeves nor do you or Atherton even know us personally. This is purely a target of personal attacks from Atherton and Im sure V**** R******n instigated this . Im sure they think we will go away , but Im sorry we ( myself and my sister) are also coated with Teflon. Atherton always likes to shoot first with threats and allegations before asking REAL questions.

The animals at the RSPCA get better respect than what we have recieved from Atherton as children.

You might think I am an angry person But i am not. I want answers is all and someone accountable for their actions in that Office for causing HARM to us .

This isnt about my parents or any foster children Mr Reeves, this is about myself and my little sister on how we have been treated as Children.

You might think there is no way I can write a letter like this on my own because Im only 16 , Well I did it all alone without any help it took me over four hours to write this. I have been reading and reading Mr Reeves for many years and I have been waiting for this time to arrive again, because we were warned that this will happen again from Atherton for sure. ( from Investigators the last time when my mother was acussed of killing her son when he died from Birth defects 15 years ago ). Well I was ready and now Im older and wiser and I intend to use it for the crimes they have put upon myself and my sister.This is a crime Mr Reeves and I want those Staff members in Atherton to be accountable for their actions of causing harm and degrading our self esteem and for those uncalled questions on who my father really is.


Parliament House

My follow up letter to the one above. Enjoy.

Commonwealth Attorney General
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

The Honourable Robert McClelland

Dear Sir

I ?????? ???? and ???? ??? herein make a formal complaint seeking Prosecution by this Government Agency of Serial Unlawful "Abuse of Office" and other crimes of "Corruption" and "Child Abuse" of Government service deliveries against the following persons being Vicki Reimann and these Commonwealth Public Servants Janine Wulf , Cheryl Kuipers in Child Safety Atherton Queensland.

. Vicki Reimann a person making False Allegations to the Commonwealth of Australia via its agency Atherton Child Safety. To intentionally cause "HARM" to a child/s safety and wellbeing.

. Child Safety Atherton Senior Prac head of failing to ensure staff make and deliver "Government" decisions based wholly on Lawful Protocols of case " Fact and Law" administration.

. Vicki Reimann, Janine Wulf, Cheryl Kuipers have failed their employer The Commonwealth of Australia by allowing such often and previously reported serial failures of "Corruption" and " Child Abuse" to substitute for that as was decreed by The Legislature.
This is a Prosecutable Offence.

. Vicki Reimann , Janine Wulf , Cheryl Kuipers did not follow procedures that were required by LAW.

. These Decision-makers used the decision making power in an improper way and not for the purpose intended by the relevant Legislation.

. They have taken something into account that was not relevant to the situation.

. Made a decision for a different purpose that the one conferred by the Legislation.

. Made a decision involving discretion in Bad faith .

. Made a decision that no reasonable person could have made.

Continuing in the formal line of legal responsibility into The Department Of Communities Atherton

. The Commonwealth directed by the Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia to investigate that Officers determinations did faithfully followed " Legal due process protocols".

. Atherton Child Safety as an office of The Commonwealth instead failed most absolutely and unprofessionally.

. Did not as requested and expected by the Minister investigate some REAL facts at all and pretends it does not exist and made a seriously False Reports & causing Child Abuse to child/s.
Thereby unlawfully " tampered" with the case exactly in line with all other failing officers.

These Public Servants as here seriously destroy the Legislated democracy and substitute " their own personal agendas of abusing Children" they must be identified & counselled , removed or prosecuted.

Please Fix.

Kind Regards

??????? ????????

Both I and ???????? are available to provide any further assistance and evidence that you may seek.
Please contact me at the above email address due to myself being away at the moment.

Please keep in mind Robert McClelland I wrote this by myself without any Adult help, and have studied very hard and hopefully have your job one day . This is in response to my last letter that was sent to you Mr Robert McClelland.


Atherton Managers

Yes you will be in Parliament one day I can see that now. They need people like you to expose the corruption the Government has kept under wraps far too long now. I have contacted a few Media People after reading LukesArmy and I hope you dont mind Michael they might be in contact with you soon or in the New Year. Im very interested in this Atherton Office at the moment. I have a dear Friend who works in Atherton Child Services and is a very good friend of mine through Church, we often pray for her as she has become very stressed from her work.
And I know of a Carer ( was a carer) in Mareeba who has gone through tremendous mental abuse from Atherton. I told them about my Niece who also went through Trauma from being a carer in Atherton years ago. Told them they must take those children back to that office. There was no way I was letting this Family go through trauma like my niece and her family went through. So My dear friends did just that.
This is two families I know of now the Atherton Child Services have told them they have anger issues, and they need them addressed. I have heard many stories about Atherton Staff and its appalling that the Government lets a small town Office run its own show. There rules only, not by the system policies.
No wonder why they cant keep carers on their books.
After doing a bit of research and freedom of information search, Almost every carer has been under investigation of some kind in the Tablelands. Some carers husbands have been threatened with sexual misconduct. It does seem they like to use this against carers as Its must be there way of destroying your family life and getting back at you.
Thankyou to the person who sent me a letter to have a look on
I have photocopied this letter and will be handing them out to everyone i come into contact with.

God Bless you all.

Mareeba 61 .


Lukes Army helping young Australians children

I was given your Website by this beautiful young girl & sister who was handing out flyers in Atherton. Im totally shocked that those Child Safety people do in my Township of Atherton. I took a few more off them and I have printed them out myself and have them on the counter of my shop in Atherton. Iam telling people for you young lass as well, everyone needs to know what you have been subjected too and how low the Government goes.
Shame on you Atherton Managers for putting two little innocent girls through cruelty for your own pleasure. Shame on you. What have they done to you? How dare you use scare tatics on innocent children to get back at the parents for doing a community good. You need to be sacked for the crimes of abuse and mentally abusing two little children.

SHAME ON YOU ATHERTON CHILD SERVICES OF ABUSE . Time for you to start looking at your manuals.



wow for a 16 year old

You are very good at writing Miss. Well done for only being so young. I used to work as a Policy advisor in NT and I must tell you , you are very good. WELL DONE.
You have brought up some very good and strong points and I hope you get some kind of outcome about this from the Government soon.
Im a mother too and I hope one day my children stick up for themselves like you have done . I know I would be proud of you if I was your mother.
Sounds like you should be into politics yourself.

You make sure they give you an outcome and don't let them push you to the side because of your age ok. You can do it .

God Bless and keep Fighting Michael.



Look what they did to that Little Girl in Westcourt cairns. They could of saved her life instead of worrying about personal issues and breaches of standards against GOOD carers. All the time and money wasted , for what ? Well they proved it by killing yet another child who needed to be saved of Child abuse. Shame on you Child Safety.


Motivation of these girls

Thankyou for sharing your stories everyone and thankyou to the girls who have been handing out pamphlets about their own story to the public.
For a start , Im totally sickened by how staff members have treated these girls in everyway. How can they say they have the best Interests in Children? Not likely. Its more about numbers in a book and about revenue for there own interests of looking good.
Are they running out of children in the Tablelands area? Who the hell would want to be a carer in the Tablelands and be threatened with your own children. Sick Sick Sick. Atherton Manager needs her head checked I think.
I agree with everyone here , they are not human to think they can get away with hurting children and carers own children.
Thanks so much for sharing your story with me.

Susan whitehouse 41, Atherton


Just a normal person who didnt know about this

Hi all , Im 55 yr old female and came to two soul giving girls today in my xmas madness in Brissy. I told these girls I would get onto lukes army and have a read about this in the next couple of days. I couldnt help but not think about them driving home and I had to get onto this asap.
What the heck have you done to these girls Atherton and you Managers of abusing children? Innocent children at that. And how dare you use these children as pawns for your personal attacks. You purely did it to get back at the parents and hoping they would react. Well what a surprise it back fired on you. These girls are smart girls now from the last time you did this to the family. They have exposed the whole story to many people. You disgust me Vicki Reimann and your corrupted staff. Yes they exposed your names and which office you are at.

You need to be Investigated Atherton of every parent who has had their own children taken off them. Hope the CMC are aware of this happening to you guys.

Spreading the word Girls.

Edith Spencer Mt Gravatt Brisbane


Girls at the brisbane Mall.

I was greeted today by two beautiful girls today in the Brisbane mall and they have made me aware of your website. Michael. I am deeply sorry for your loss and I hope someone is accountable for their actions in Cairns North Department of Child Safety.
Talking to the girls today I must tell you they are very inspirational, and you are lucky to have two great girls fighting with you for justice.
You have my support of 110% all the way.
I work within the Taxation department and I will be sending group emails tomorrow to everyone to get onto your site.
You three have been treated with no respect or dignity and many more of you out there also. Sorry this has happened to you.
I ask when is the Government going to explain to the public why they have treated you three with no respect. Why every basic Human right has been stripped of you. I thought we were a good country but it seems we are not.
Atherton you have a lot of explaining to do. Just because their parents are Foster carers what gives you the right to breach every standard of your Acts on children? Is it because they are not owned by the Government? So you think you can treat other people like shit? You better answer for your crimes you have put upon to sweet two little Girls.
They told me you have asked them questions which were are uncalled for and nothing to do with the situation. The questions were more like " lets hit these girls with questions that will hurt to get a reaction out of them". Questions that you already knew about too. VICKI REIMANN you are nothing but a dirty corrupted Docs worker and you have gone against what CHILD SAFETY is all about. Remember Google can tell a lot about a person and their own families as well. I would be shamed if you were a member of my family.

Don't worry Girls & Michael I'm spreading the word for you all. I would love to be at the protest with you all.

Hope to see you three on the News one night and shaming this scandal that you have been through.

My vote is with you.

Janelle Dineen 39 Brisbane



Thanks so much for making me aware of the Child Safety System.
I work in the mines fly in / fly out roster out of Townsville . I was given a flyer by two little girls at the airport last night and they asked if I had children and If I did well I needed to get onto Lukesarmy. Very impressed of their marketing techniques from such young children/teens. Signs and all.
Can not believe this actually happens in Australia.
I read these girls story and How can this Atherton Childsafety get away with what they do?
You girls asked me and many more people last night to promise to spread the word for you both, And I will be after what I have been reading today.
Sorry Michael that your son was killed in the hands of these Corrupted Government workers.
Keep the Fight on Girls & Michael.
I will be supporting you by handing out more flyers to every man on the mine site.

Mr Wicks 49. Townsville qld


Airport Security Brisbane

I promised these two girls i would have a look at and read what happens to parents in Australia.
Iam Head of Security in Brisbane Airport and I walked around with these two girls for two hours helping them hand out flyers to patrons within the Domestic Terminal brisbane. I did this as I felt they were doing it for a good cause for our Australia we live in.
These have been Abused mentally~emotionally & etc. I am disgusted that these girls have been victims of personal vendetta's from Atherton Qld Government Office all because they are biological daughters of a Foster Carer. They are right these girls they have been used as PAWNS for Atherton to get back at their parents. DISGUSTING.
I promised also Girls that I would spead the word for you. I have made sure each Airline has a copy of letters & flyers to help you guys out. Best of Luck Girls , don't you ever stop, you both can make a difference in our country for Better Human Rights.

Michael I read your story and I hope they pay for the loss~pain and suffering you have had to deal with.
You have Two great girls helping you achieve goals in our Country. You three will make a difference.
I promised these girls I will spread the word for you all.

Brisbane Airport Security
11 The circuit, Brisbane 4008 QLD


Meeting two young girls

I had the great pleasure of meeting these two young girls today in Brisbane Qld and wow is all I can say about them.
Michael I read your story & everybody's comments and I'm very sorry this has happened to you and your son. Well As I promised to them like everyone has said on here , I will spread the word for you all.
I will be taking my flyers to Hong Kong tonight and I promise to hand out your flyers GIRLS.
Can't understand how these two girls have been treated like a "Nobody" to the Government. Feel really sad & angry that the girls have been treated like this and they have been treated "AS PAWN"S". How dare you , you heartlesss workers in Atherton. I googled you Vicki Reimann and every hit comes up with Lukes army about you.
I would love to help you in anyway I can . This rot has got to stop to innocent children & families
You innocent people out there keep fighting and keep exposing the corruption of crimes they create against you all.

I PROMISED YOU GIRLS . PLEASE KEEP ME UPDATED LUKES ARMY on the progress of these two innocent girls.

Take Care

Melissa Monroe, Brisbane 28


Re words of wisdom

Hope this has been sent to every Media source Guys. This needs to be exposed NOW. Well done .


Let it be known

I will let it be known for you all. Im a pilot for virgin( Overseas) and I will be taking my flyers with me and handing these out for you and your sister.
Maybe you could be a Union Boss for the FAA one day you have a lot of people supporting you atm.

And I will stick to my promise and that was , Im spreading the word for you too.

Captain Andrew Rookwood , Sydney 4


Public workers

Its not hard to get a job in Atherton Child services. They havent been able to keep staff for many years because of Vicki Reimann and Fiona Godfrey. Why do you think staff leave from this Agency? I can tell you. Every staff member or ex Staff member has been bullied or in some way threatened by Vicki Reimann or Fiona Godfrey. These two , are the two, who have the final say in cases, they feed off each other and the more they feed the bigger the false allegations become.
Dont know if anyone has noticed , but really when you look at the staff members now , they dont have any qualifications to be even working with Child Safety in Atherton. Most of us know they have hired Locals because they are the only ones who would stay because of having their own families in the region. Basically it's there last resort .
I know first hand they take kids from carers and place them with other carers, because the carers have complained to the complaints unit about concerns of the bullying or the decisions been made about the children. There is No respect for any carer or respect for any child/s needs and wants. These kids are just files with numbers and all about how much money they would be getting having more kids on their books. Most caseworkers hands are tied as the Teamleaders and Senior staff have the final say. Caseworkers are basically the Teamleaders pen pushers. They too have been bullied as a member of Atherton Team child safety. Every single ex caseworker that has ever worked within Atherton needs to be interviewed about "WHY" they left their jobs. They place gags on there staff , why is this? Encase they disclose corruption & what REALLY goes on . If they do they will never get another job working within a Government Office again. YES BRING ON A ROYAL COMMISSION.

My wife worked there for over a year In Atherton so I know what happens.


I was once this girls teacher

Hi all , Being a teacher in qld I have seen the Government Departments come into schools and do their dirty work of using threats towards the children. They come into schools make their present known to the children and leave again. Seen it happen a lot in Atherton while being a teacher here for a while now. I was once this girls teacher so I know this family well and I know these two girls .
Well when I was handed a flyer from them , there was no hesitation from me to get onto Lukesarmy and comment as well. I know ******** and I know she will not go down with the sinking ship. I have always told her she would be a politican one day and it looks to me she is heading on the right track to getting there.
******* has always argued good points in her assignments of Human Rights and was very devoted to everyone in our country to be treated with respect and to be treated fairly, Black or White. This is what I loved about her, so compassionate about People and how they have been treated.
Now this has happened and what they have done to them, I dont think she will ever be silent till somebody is accountable for their actions of abuse towards them AGAIN.
Don't worry I will be doing my bit ******* to help you spread the word for you and your little sis.
Keep up the Good work my straight A student. Your going to go far in life.

Mr ******


Complaints Unit Zonal

Dont even bother complaining to the Complaints Unit, its a smoke screen. This gives them time for the Atherton Dept to get there files into order. Then the carer will all of a sudden have a complaint against them. Eye for an Eye in this place. Then they wait for you to get cranky, then say you have anger issues and are doubting your Ability of being a carer and not be able to work as a team with them. Send you off to a Shrink to be evaluated which is a best friend of the Manager or Senior Prac . The shrink is then paid by them to make a false report about you. Remember when there is a rotten apples there are rotten police members who are screwing someone in that office. Yes it is a small town Atherton. My best friend (was a best friend ) is working in Atherton and happily had an affair with my husband who is a local cop in Atherton. I know what goes on as my ex best friend used to happily tell us about cases.
You know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happily to expose you , your full name and the rest if need to be.

Great Job guys Keep it going i totally Love what you are doing on lukesarmy.


Lukes Dad's picture


Oh my dear children!!

I will honestly admit I could not read your entire article because it was like hearing the words of my 2 boys crying out for help, however the words I did read was enough to bring me to respond to you in kind.

I am so very sorry for what you and your sister have been going through. Every child protection agency in every country around the world have issues and lack the ability to PUT YOU FIRST.

As once being a father it breaks my heart to see children suffer who I am unable to protect whether they be mine or not. As I am in Canada I cannot even offer to help you in your time of need tho I wish I could.

I am sure that many parents reading this article would love so badly to be able to go get you out of that hell and take you some where safe. Unfortunately we cannot. However what I can do is offer to be available on this site and by email, to provide a way for you to say what you feel with out worrying about being judged. This I can provide.

In my own country I am attempting to adopt children from the CAS who are in bad situations and give them a new life of love, and compassion and place to call home. A loving father who will charish them forever and their paternity means nothing when it comes to these things.

Many would love to accept this but the system is hard and just like with you and your sister it beats on them hard. It is not right and it must stop.

You are very brave and so is your sister. Remind her to not loose hope, to hang in there and if there and when she feels like she has nothing to grab on to, to remember that it is when you are at the end of your rope that you find god. HE is always there and will help. He made it possible for Michael to be able to have this site and the passion to do what it right. He brought us all here by our suffering, the very suffering he did not give us and which pains him to see. SO he has empowered many of us with the passion, the ability and the will to stand up for people like you and your sister.

For people like Michael and myself there is no greater pain to be felt that to loose your child especially to death. We have both loved and lost. But did we truly loose? No we didn't because we are still loving and still fighting.

IF I can find a way to get to Australia to help with your fight to protect this girl and her sibling and all the others who need protecting believe me when I say I will help where I can.

When I fight for something I fight with all the passion, and the ability I can muster. I use all my energy to do what I must to protect myself and those I care about.

Keep protecting your sister, stand up and speak up, don't be afraid of them, FIGHT THEM!

God Bless and Good Luck
All are allowed to see and to write me at this email address.


Re: Oh my dear children

Most of us are too scared to speak up Phil in Atherton. They have done many things to us carers in our area for speaking our minds or even standing up for the children. They are always quick to tell us , we have no right to stand up for the children in care they are under Orders of the Government. Time means nothing to them in Atherton , it doesnt matter how long you have had the child for in your care. Doesnt matter if you have had the child since birth and they are now 12 or 15 now, they will come back at you with an allegation or a breach of standard of care against you. Myself as a carer I have been the one to nurture care protect any child that I have looked after. Most of these children that are placed are so traumatized from being separated from their families , we are the ones that stay up late at night soothing their cries because they are missing their mums and dads and completely dont understand what they have done to be taken away. Carers in Atherton have been separated from ever talking to other carers about anything. They hate us talking to each other, if they see we are they will tell us we have been breaching confidentiality by talking about each other children. We only have each other as carers and we all have the same problem and that is Bullying and threats against us. We are alone up here. And they love knowing that, makes them feel they have power over us and laugh.
Phil if we make a complaint against a Team leader the zonal office turns it around and uses it against us. Caseworkers leave from here because they try and do the right thing for the Children and their families and the carers. Many caseworkers tell us before they leave they are powerless because the Team Leader and the Senior Prac make the decisions, and there is no hope trying to help . The Manager Victoria Reimann is the one that NEEDS to be sacked, power has gone to her head. Its her way or no way!!! and thats how it is. We all know it and ex staff Know it. My own files have been tampered with, I have documentation that I have signed and got a copy of it from staff before they left. When they make an allegation they bring everything up and investigate you. I have copies of everything. Anything with my name on it or I have signed I get a copy everytime. For some reason there file system doesnt exist, and I call it file tampering. Arse covering all the way. No doubt next I will also be accused of Fraud like many others have.
They threatened us all the time and Fiona Godfrey is a perfect Rat of doing this. This is Victorias right hand man. Corruption all the way. They are well known as Man Haters. The only way they know to bring carers down is by accusing their Husbands of sick dirty acts. Then they go on a fishing trip to prove anything against you. VERY WELL KNOWN THEY DO THIS.. You can ask any child in care in Atherton and they will tell you they hate these women, the two names always pop up in a conversation.
Lucky for us, there are leaks from Atherton Child safety, we all do know who they are and we keep them close by.

As a carer we are NOT allowed to protect or stand up for the kids rights we look after. We will be investigated and treated with NO RESPECT as a human being. Fiona Godfrey is good at making sure you know we are worthless to the Government and she will make your life hell and your own kids as well.

Thankyou guys for sharing your stories


you sound as tho you have given up hope

Your words sound like there is no hope left for you in atherton. There is always light somewhere you just need to know where to look. You guys are not alone believe me many of us see what is happening and are trying. As a canadian there isn't much they can do to me other then kick me out of the country and that of course has its own process where both countries are involved and I doubt even they are that stupid as to involve another country in their little mess over there. With that being said perhaps a few more willing people like myself should come to atherton and check things out. What are they going to do make false claims against a 100 or so people at once who are all from outside the country? HA I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT WORK.

I looked into this trip to atherton and it seems doable. Don't have a passport yet as I never travel so I gotta do that long part first but I am already on it. When thats done I get a 3 month visa and come to atherton to watch, to learn and investigate. I Will bring my findings back to my country to some very concerned people over here. You will find that these people and the involvement of my country may or may not have an impact but its worth trying. Perhaps if australia doesn't have a big enough hammer then mabe a bigger country does ;) Don't you worry we will all make some noise. IF there is anything I am good that making noise would be it :)

Stay strong and stand up, don't be scared for if you care enough then any risk to you is worth it in the end. I Would gladly give my life to protect a child in need. I would gladly go to jail due to false alligations for a child in need, I am willing to do what ever it takes to protect a child in need, the question is how far are th erest of you willing to go? THEY CAN'T PUT YOU ALL IN JAIL AND GET AWAY WITH IT REMEMBER THAT!!




Bring on a Royal Commission. This country is a disgrace. Another Stolen Generation has been created again. These comments are very interesting about Atherton as well. It will never change while certain senior staff members are still there. Keep up the fight you Tablelands people , you know and I know who the vermin are in this place. Get rid of them Phil Reeves clean this mess up in Atherton and Cairns North. Piss off Pat . Piss off Victoria. Come on girls your family must be proud of you right now , dragging their names through mud because of the lies you create. NICE.

Hopefully for you Michael , justice will be served from the inquest mate. We will all be watching for the outcome mate. Im behind you one hundred percent and so many more.

Jason gough ,47( Cairns region)


Eye for an Eye in that place

Once I was a carer for Atherton and got the hell out real quick and went to another Department in Cairns. Soon as I saw and heard what other carers had been going through, that was a sign for me to get as far away as possible.
I only just moved to Atherton at that stage and was a carer else where. Soon as I saw what was happening there was no way I was going to be putting up with threats of abuse or setting myself up for disaster of false allegations. All you carers this is a warning get the hell out of there NOW, you will be falsely accused sometime soon ,more to the point think of your poor husband and kids. This Woman is pure evil Vicki Reimann and she wont stop till someone does. As for Fiona Godfrey she is now in Edmonton spreading her hatred of love to everyone in Cairns.
God its good to have friends in High places who know people in the Departments and know their historys.

Warning Get Out NOW.. Save your husband and your own kids.


Foster child here i have complaints too

Im a child in care too and i have been bullied and threatened and treated like I dont have a say. I was living in Atherton for a few years but now I live in Ravenshoe . I dont like Vicki either and she doesnt like kids and never cares about what we want . Why is it they use all these standards of care and childrens rights acts against our families and carers when they dont even let us use them ourselfs against them. I have been denied having any contact with my siblings because its to much for them to organize, the only time i really get to see them is at the christmas party.
Two more years and im out of foster care and I will be taking legal action against the Atherton Safety for my denying my human rights and anything else i can get them for. And i will be taking it mostly against vicki and fiona. Im glad other people record them i do too and have been for a while now and i have had a lot of case workers over the years and some of them have agreed to the things i have asked for but they told me they have to pass it by vicki and fiona first. yeah right. It's there way or no way ,no playing by the book at all.
Im so so so so so glad i recieved a pamphlet michael about this website.
And i will be spreading the word too for you and luke.



Come on everyone lets join together and help this girl out. I see a civil lawsuit and anti-discrimination lawsuit here and other lawsuits under the disibilites act. They have been treated like animals( these girls) from Atherton . They have breached every standard of the rights for children act.
What the hell is going on ? Lets all make complaints!!!!!!!!!

Collette 35


carers young daughter

Well it has taken a young child to finally expose the corruption and heartache of Child Safety. They have breached every standard of their own act , who is going to explain this? They are always quick to use standards against you but they never use it themselves. This is discusting that the Government let them get away with so much. These carers children have been ABUSED in everyway under their own act. Your a very smart girl and you will go a long way. You must keep exposing them love and let everyone know what they have done and what they can do to families.
I work in the cairns hospital and have dealings with Foster carers on a part-time basis, I know way too well what the Dept do to kids in care. This isnt right at all that a carers own child has been treated in this manner. The person I work for always tells me the Dept never run by the book and their own Legislations and we always have to be careful what we tell the Dept . The kids are traumatized when kids get ripped from carer to carer because of a personal vandetta's against the carer/s. This happens a lot with carers. No thought about the child in care and what they want or who they want to live with.
I have heard many stories from children and carers about the Depts of communities and I wonder why people even become carers in the first place. I know I wouldn't. NO WAY!!.

Asking my superior about these blogs on here , he hears so many complaints about Atherton. He is very careful about what he discloses or writes in the files. Even a doctor can see that there is something wrong with the system, but most of us are aware of what they do in the medical profession.
The government does has a lot of explaining to do . Come on everyone stand up and tell everyone your story,you can't be silent because of what might happen.
Since working in a government dept myself I will be forwarding this link to the website . Exposure is what everyone is needing. Letting you know Michael that I have forwarded this link to over 400 people in the Medical profession.
Thankyou young lass for letting us all know what it is like for you.

This is for you Lukey.


What the???

What the hell is going on in the same town I live in ? I cant believe this happens to people. I thought Child safety was a place that saves children from harm. How can the Government even get away with this sort of behaviour, boggles my mind.
No wonder why we see Foster caring ads , but maybe they should tell everyone how you will be falsely accused and how they rip your family apart also. My mind is blown away from what I have been reading about the Government Departments that you all have had to deal with. I had no idea either that this even happens in our country. Too many complaints on here and on other sites, of people complaining about what has happened to them or know of someone that this going through it.
I agree with everyone on here that something needs to be done ASAP , Royal Commission is what you are all needing. What does Mr Phil Reeves actually do? Nothing and walks away. Sounds a bit fishy to me. He must know what happens. You are a coward Mr Phil Reeves start cleaning up your act and clean these Departments that people are talking about. Atherton and Cairns North seem to be a start for you. CLEAN IT UP and re-investigate these departments Mr Reeves.

Matilda Hall , Atherton 42


I say WOW too

Thankyou I thought I was the only one being treated inhumane by the Department of Communities. You have have showed me that what Iam doing isnt a positive venture and I need to get the hell out of caring. Thankyou.
This has been a big wake up call for me and realizing Im playing with Fire by being a carer. No wonder why they are desperate for carers, we are treated like nothing.
My sister is a carer in Mareeba through Atherton of Communities , she has been treated so badly over the years of being a carer. Didn't really know to what extent though till I rang her today and asked her about Atherton.( after finding this website)
Speaking for her right now ( she doesnt have a computer) she has endured abuse and bullying from the Manager and other staff members over many years. She cant even count how many caseworkers she has had for the same family. They have a high turnover of staff in Atherton. She says that she has had many problems with Victoria Reimann too and she is the main problem for this office. Doesnt matter what the caseworkers think should happen with kids , at the end of the day it's Victoria who makes the final call about cases. She has been there way too long and everyone in the Atherton wants her out. Seems like the Government needs to investigate every case in Atherton.
I live in ACT , but I dont have the amount of problems Qld are having, specially my sister who is through Atherton. She told me she is even thinking of quiting due to the stress she has endured recently.

Keep Fighting and exposing the corruption the government has created . Phil Reeves, well your useless you are too busy worrying about what next football oval you need to create. Everyone knows you have no balls and your weak as piss as a Minister. Maybe you would take notice if someone from your family was experiencing false allegations from an unknown member of the public. It that what its going to take Mr Reeves? If it wasn't for carers , you and your public servants of Child safety wouldnt have a job.

I agree CLEAN UP ATHERTON MR REEVES. You dont seem to mind cleaning up Ovals and wanting your face all over the news. Is that why the Media have a gag on them? because the Government knows what goes on in these Departments? Or is this the only way by putting kids into care ( who dont need to be) paying for the Politicains wages and ovals ?
You and your Public Servants have created another Stolen generation of Black and White. And what, we all have to listen to another fake sorry from the Prime minister . You are a joke Mr Reeves.
You, Victoria Reimann your not even human and dont have an ounce of blood running through your veins. Cant you read what people have written about you? Do you even know what people do to Vermin? Most likey NOT because your too wrapped up into whose kids you are going to get next.

Barbara, 52.


Was A Carer once for Atherton Child Safety

Hi Everyone and thankyou for everyone who has shared their own personal stories on here about Atherton. I was carer myself for years in Atherton and simply gave up after getting personal attacks onto me from Senior Staff . I'm now living in NT and I am carer again. I have been a carer for most of my adult life and I have never felt so disrespected as a carer for Atherton Child Safety. Everything on this website is so correct and true about Atherton Child Safety. I was once threatened by Fiona Godfrey , that she would make sure my Carers license would not get renewed due to me refusing what was asked of me. No point putting a complaint into the Zonal office they turn it around on you and personally attack you with it. They are always fishing. Its true its just a smoke screen for them. It got to the point they started doubting my own parenting to my own children also.
I know of a carer in the Tablelands who had a child and died a few days later from Birth defects. They went on a fishing expendition. Now when the carer refused to present a birth cert or death cert they acussed the carer of fabricating that he wasnt even real to get attention. Then they asked her what his plot number was and who buried him and who was her counseller when he died. And the story goes on with other allegations about her own family and children. I know this was taped on a mp3 player at the time because I heard it myself. The investigators lied about ever asking the carer these questions. When the carer made a complaint about the threats being made against her and her children, the manager than sent her letter stating that she doesnt appreciate lies being told about her staff members in question. During the interviewing stage they even threatened her and her kids that they would take her own kids off her and leave her the foster kids because of all this. Her kids were very smart they taped them saying this. But they kept denying ever saying it. Thats ok she informed them that everything that was said to her and her own children that it was taped by an audio device. My point is being that Atherton is abusive and lie all the time. They use everything they know about you and use it to personally attack you. They say they don't , what a load of Poo.
Vicki Reimann , I cant believe she is still there. When will someone start realising they DO really need to start looking at the senior staff members in that office. Yes they need to ask every ex staff member why they left. Every caseworker I ever had left because they were bullied by her,some caseworkers even tell carers why they leave.
Glad I have nothing to do with them ever again. This office is the worst I have ever been involved with. I now have a great team of Child Safety workers who i work with in partnership for the kids in care, the way is should be.
Atherton about bloody time your walls came crumbling down around you and your finally getting exposed of your bullying and abuse you put onto carers and parents.
And also about time Vicki and Fiona your names are getting dragged through mud. Dont they say what goes around comes around, Gee Karma is a b***h hey?.

Sorry Michael for has happened to your son Luke, and you keep up the good work of exposing the corruption and naming and shaming these Depts. You have my backup of 110%.

Margaret NT 42.



Most carers are too scared to stand up and tell people they are being treated inhumane by the Departments. Atherton is a perfect example of bullying tatics they use , corrruption has been seen many many times , discrimination against carers and their own children are being seen , personal threats are common in Atherton , breaching their own standards are always seen , private and confidential information about carers are not being protected from other staff members. Retribution is a common practice in Atherton towards carers if any complaint has been made against them. Under the carers rights it states:- Any complaint is to be taken seriously and to be dealt with fairly ,promptly and without retribution towards the carers and the carers own family. Be treated in a non-discrimination manner. As a carer ( carers own child/s) , you have the right to :- feel valued, be treated fairly and equally, be respected , feel safe.

The Atheron Dept have breached their own statement of standards towards this young girl above:-
1. Never punish the child in a way that humiliates , frightens , or threatens the child's emotional wellbeing.

Under Convention on the rights of the child it states;-

No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel , inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
This also is under the child protection act part 2 , section 10 .

And in the child protection act it states:-
What is Harm:-
(1) Harm, to a child is any detrimental effect of a sign nature on the child/s , physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing.

Harm can be caused by;-
(1) physical , psychological or emotional abuse
(2) exploitation

Abuse/ bullying tatics is also been seen and heard from this Atherton Dept. These children above have been humiliated by the things been stated to them.
They have made threats,obscene gestures and saying things to make them feel scared.
Belittled your abilities.
Been made fun of .
Under Lawstuff for children and their rights;- bullying is when another person behaves in a way that is cruel or hurtful towards you. This includes making threats and harrassing you .

I have not got enough fingers and toes to count how many breaches they have done themselves.

Steven Amos


I counsell many Carers in Atherton

My role is to help people who have experience trauma and everyday issues in life. Majority of my clients have dealt with Child safety in some way or another.

I do have a lot of carers who are Foster Parents through Atherton Child Safety on my books. I do not know WHY they even keep fostering sometimes with the bureaucrat they deal with from Atherton. Many times I shake my head and wonder why people would even put themselves through what carers have to deal with. Many of my clients have had to deal with their own family being threatened by Atherton Child safety, this is becoming a bit of habit and it has been happening for a long time now. I have done counselling for previous workers of whom had to deal with working in Atherton Child Safety. I agree this Child Safety needs to start really thinking about what they are doing to clients and past staff. It looks like higher management to me is the cause of the problem with this Government office. They have caused a lot of pain and suffering to many.
The Government has caused a Stolen Generation of Black & White.
Thankyou too many who have sent me emails to voice my opinion on Lukes Army and opened your hearts too many being abused by Atherton Child Safety.

Should be more people like oursleves.



re. 16 year girl.

Wow Wow Wow!!!! You are an amazing young girl and you have been treated in a way of being disrepected as a Child. It sounds like these animals have NO REAL interest in children, they don't even run by their own acts AT ALL.
Under the Convention on the Rights of a Child states-
No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, in human or degrading treatment or punishment. It's hard to see how the Human Rights were not breached with you and your sister.
I think they have breached every standard of their own policies. What a Joke. No wonder Atherton has a bad name for themselves.
Your a very smart girl and you keep going till someone is accountable for their actions towards you and your sister. People need someone like yourself who are not scared of standing up and telling people what they have done . Your a very smart strong young lady and you will go along way.
Someone needs to make a formal complaint and seek discipline or prosecution by this Government Office ( atherton) for the abuse against you and your sister. I will look into it more for you ok.

I hope one day you will work in My lawyers office , I could do with people like yourself.


Email to Phil Reeves Regarding Atherton DoCS Corruption

The following is the letter I just sent Phil Reeves, the minister for the department of community services in Queensland which is responsible for the Atherton office of the department of community services in Atherton. It also went to about 100 other politicians, including the prime minister. Please note that I did not vote for Phil Reeves, I have never voted. The day I vote will be the day they have a box I can tic for the politician who disgusts me the most, today that would be Phil Reeves, minister for the department of community services in Qld.

Another Bushfire Started by Luke's Army. Watcha gonna do Phil? I am coming for you all banshees :)

Att: Phil Reeves Minister Department Community Services Queensland (QLD DoCS)

Please Note: No doubt, this email will instigate another insulting reply from Phil Reeves, not directly but from his henchmen. Phil Reeves is too busy, Phil Reeves has asked me to reply, we act in the best interest of the children, ring the DoCS complaints line, due to confidentiality, this subject has already been addressed by the department of community services complaints and will not be reentered into... What will it be this time Phil Reeves? Phil Reeves takes this matter very seriously but Phil Reeves cares more about avoiding confrontation and hiding from the media than he does about children or fixing the department of community services in Qld.

1. Let me start by asking Phil Reeves, minister for the department of community services in Queensland;
what have you done to bring positive outcomes since you became minister?

2. Seems you have another bushfire starting in the department of comminity services Queensland branch of Atherton (I know you many more offices which are corrupt, Stones Corner Department of Community Services for example, Cairns Department Community Services, Townsville Department Community Services), perhaps we could shorten this list considerably if we just listed the Queensland department of community services office which weren't corrupt, if any?

My question to you minister, is are you going to continue hiding like a snake in the grass, from the media, from the public, from your fellow politicians, or turn this into an opportunity to show the rest of the world how to fix a corrupt child protection system? Sack Vicki Reimann, and her cronies. Reinvestigate all complaints made by them, hand some of the children wrongly removed back, send out letters to the DoCS staff who have quit since she has been inflicting her reign of terror from that office, apologise to them, asking them to come back to an office which will be run by the book. What sort of sick individual lies, destroys evidence, manufactures evidence etc, all Queensland department of community services standard procedures, what sort of people do this to steal people's children. It is no wonder they are losing staff, and foster carers hand over foot. What are you going to do about this problem, Phil Reeves, minister department community services Queensland?
3. Will you make a public apology on behalf of department of community services Atherton office to the community of Atherton and surrounding areas, the foster carers, and all mistreated ex and current staff from the department community services office in Atherton?

My learned friend,
I consider this to be the equivalent of a game of chess, you are the black pieces, to denote the black heart of yourself and your evil minded banshees, I am the white, acting from the good of my heart, unlike yourself my goals are not motivated by money, political power, personal gain, public image, whatever.
You are the king, weak as piss, but in control, the director general your black hearted queen. When I was ten years old Phil, the headmaster had run the chess club at my school for twenty years, and I was the second student to ever beat him, winning a double chocolate coated icecream with peanuts on top. I can win nothing from this, I will never get my son back, but I am playing as if my life depended on it, and my life aint worth living.

Have you seen the movie "Law Abiding Citizen" Phil? WATCH IT!
Life's misfortunes fall disproportionately upon the young


WOW!!!! Sickening !!!! I'm

WOW!!!! Sickening !!!! I'm sure you have been called many names aka unfit, we'll just leave it at that( thats what CPS uneducated pay check seekers have to do). A Friend told me they hunted their CPS worker down and found out they were a tad beyond scum. Now the real problem is like the banks.....why is the gov wanting to hurt families? This is a serious question.....evil evil......think about it when ya vote and polish your gun.


Atherton DoCS Exposed by Google Search

Hahahaha, just did a search on google for Atherton DoCS. Guess when people look on google to find them they will find out the real truth now.

Luke Borusiewicz 22.09.06-18.01.09 The legend Grows

Please do not thank me for any of this. Luke died because or how badly the child protection services have deteriorated. I am just doing what every father before me should have done, and this would not have happened. Luke did not die for nothing, and neither should all the thousands of other children whose deaths in foster care have been covered up, average age....4 and under.

Life meant nothing before I had Luke, he showed me what love is, he showed me everything, and still he keeps giving me life. I am no angel, I have done wrong in the past, and will make mistakes again in the future, no doubt. But I love my little boy, more than I love my own life, as most parents who have lost a child would know.

I cannot get Lukey back, but I promised him in his coffin I would do something about what they did to him, and about the system, and that is one promise I am willing to sacrifice everything for, my life, my future, my freedom.

Luke is the hero, he was so brave and copped it on the chin. I thought I was hiding how much it hurt me being apart from him, but in hindsight, I know he was hiding his pain from me, he could see how much it hurt to have him taken away. I would fall to the ground after every visit, in front of the playground, and cry and cry and cry. It didn't matter what I did, they just wouldn't give him back.

One visit supervisor went straight back to the docs office and demanded they hand Luke back to me. They told her their reason for not giving him back was that I was paranoid. Needless to say she never supervised another visit.

Does this sound familiar? Please, post your comments on the site and expose these kidnapping, murdering bastards, that's all I ask, and say a prayer for my Lukey Pookey. Love you more than anything in the world, forever and ever Lukey Pookey, love Daddy. God Bless You Eternally Son.

Im spreading the word too

Im not a carer or have a part in anything to do with the Department of Welfare, but I have been reading everyones posts. It really has opened my eyes up to what this country has come too. I got sent an email too to have a look at what goes on, WOW I am totally shocked about the whole entire system. I did not realise this actually happens, had no idea at all. Well I am now and I will be spreading the word also to everyone I know.
Who the hell would want to even be a carer or even have kids of your own in our own country. What a disgrace!
The little girl that people have commented on must have a really caring little soul and have a very kind heart. Good on you love. I have no idea what the little girl wrote, but it must of been good for everyone to react like this on here.

God bless you luke & Michael and thankyou for sharing your life with me


Im a foster carers Son also in Atherton

My Parents are foster carers as well and I can totally relate to everything that is being said on lukes Im proud of my parents for being foster carers but we all know too well being a carer and carers own child is a loving hell having to put up with atherton child safety or maybe any child safety in QLD.
Myself I have been also interviewed by these so call investigators of Atherton. I know now that I MUST never answer any questions that they ask me as it has been twisted into lies fabricated by Atherton child safety staff. I have also been threatened by them and bullied by them in the past. My only crime is that Im a biological child of Foster carers. I know heaps of children in foster care from being at high school in Atherton , plus them knowing me from my parents being carers too.
I hate Atherton Child safety too and that woman Vicky whoever, they have made my life living in fear too . But hey thats what they are good at , scareing children with questions and lies and threats. They get off on making threats to carers and kids. Every child I have met in care have been traumatised by being taken off their parents and have no say what happens in their life and they have no intent ever to help the parents to get there kids back. They make parents do courses are courses on how to be a parent, but thats to cover their own butts when it comes to court time, showing them they have tried to help them, when they have not at all. Its all about money to them and statics for their books.
Im not taking it anymore nor will I be silent anymore about what i have endured being a carers son. It s not safe for any child anymore in this country. I'm going to tell everyone ,even foster kids i know of to get on here and blog away about Atherton child safety.
Im over it and im exposing it too.



Atherton Child Safety Practice Manual on how they will treat you.

Remember whatever you say WILL BE twisted pulled apart and Disceted and left opened for you to rot.
You will be set up as a Child Abuser , Drug User , or maybe you might just get accused of killing your own child who died from Birth Defects.

1. If you ever S****** your pants - you must of been sexually abused.
2. IF you ever P***** your pants - you must of been sexually abused.
3. If you wear black shoes- you have been sexually abused.
4.If you dont answer questions- you have been sexually abused
5.If a child has a mental issue- OMG you have been sexually abused.
We will make your life a living hell , falsely accuse you of everything, tamper with files and shread them.

This is what we think of you and your job as a PUBLIC SERVANT.

2.Soon as our files hit your desk- WE ALL JUST GOT SEXUALLY ABUSED FROM CHILD SAFETY.


Child safetys workers own child.



WELL SAID !!!!!! This is so so true, totally love this comment. Its great to see that a Child Safety's own child can see what goes on.
Thankyou Lukes Army for exposing Atherton Department. At least Im not the only person from this Area having trouble with Vicki Reimann and her staff.
Do any carers in Atherton have a Caseworker at the moment? Asking because I dont ,all I have is a CSSO who is not a qualified to make any decisions. I dont actually think there is anybody in this office who is a proper caseworker or has done any training to be one.
Looks like the Government has created another Stolen generation. What are they going to do , say sorry again. What a joke.
To me the Atherton Office needs to be cleaned out.
Confidentuality does not happen in this office at all . Many CSSOs i have dealt with always leak information to me about other carers and the children's parents. I could write a book about what I have heard coming from this office.

Thankyou Michael for sharing all this information to me and others. I thought I was alone. And thankyou for everyone who else has shared their own thoughts about Atherton.

You have been exposed Atherton.


Vicki Reimann (Corrupted)

Iam also a Carer in the Atherton Dept of Commumities. Well done everyone for exposing this Dept. We all know as Carers that files get tampered with, files go missing and get accused of many allegations from Atherton Staff. In my whole entire Foster Caring , I have only ever seen two placement agreements. A placement agreement is a written agreement between the Dept and carers for a child in an placement. It provides relevant information that is known about the child and it allows the carers to provide adequate care and ensure the safety of that child and other members of the carers household. HAHAHHAHA what a joke Atherton. Why is it when I talk to other Carers in Cairns and Townsville, they all have placement agreements???? You are trying to set us up as bad carers.
What about the staff that you need to clean up Vicki ( Including yourself) ????? Do you really think your staff likes you?? Well they don't .Why do you think they leave Vicki? It's because of you and Fiona Godfrey ( Teamleader). You bully them and intimidate them. Is it because they have a husband and you cant get one? well have a look at yourself.
Why are there so many workers in your office who are not qualified and their spouses have police records???? mmmm this seems a bit strange. Yes us carers also have contacts in high places too.
I also know who is leaking information from your office, seems you never believe anyone when you already know who they are. Your whole entire office needs to be investigated top to bottom, including yourself.
Im so happy your office has been exposed, and it's only going to get worst NOW, everyone is receiving emails and phone calls and we all are going to be spreading the word. YES Carers talk.. Something you hate. Well too bad for you we all are.
You need to be sacked Vicki , and I bet then the HIGH staff turnover would stop and maybe the Tablelands Area will have more carers.

Thankyou to the little girl and Michael for sharing this information with us. Time to take a stand to these man hating lesso's.

T.B ( have a guess )


Have a guess

I think T.B is short for Total Bitch. Hi Sharon :)
J.B (have a guess)



PMSL. Thankgod you have been exposed Vicki. About bloody time this happened, I think Im going to celebrate with a bottle of wine tonight with other Carers and talk about you, like your staff do to US.

The complaints line is a smoke screen for Depts to hurry up and cross their "Ts" and dot their "I's". I think we have all used this service to complain about Atherton one time or another.

Get the hell out of Atherton Victoria way too many people HATE you and the news is spreading fast throughout the fostering community. Which you hate. Great for all of us though.

Foster children are complaining past & present,carers,parents, ex staff workers, even a carer who is a police officer, WTF is going on Atherton Child services?
Royal commission is what we are needing and a whole new office of staff in Atherton RIGHT NOW. We all know you and your staff use personal information to attack us with. CORRUPTION!!!!!!! Use and abuse carers own children for personal attacks. Yes Vicki we have all heard what you have done recently to a carers own child, mmm wonder were i heard that from ? Yes from your staff members. Never going to disclose ever who the culprits are in your office, its really useful for us carers to have these moles. Have a look at your CSSO's Vicki and a few of your caseworkers too, or maybe teach your staff to shut their mouths in public when they are drinking also. Could be a start. We live in a small community Vicki, everyone is friends with someone.
Everyone who has commented cant be lying about this office, we all have been threatened and abused with threats from you and your staff at sometime. I know I record every phone call and every threat that has been made. Maybe I should load it up on here and You Tube as well.
Iam going to tell everyone tonight ,carers parents and children in care I have to expose the crap you have put all through over the years.




Send recorded conversations of DoCS

Please contact me with recorded conversations Thankyou everyone for so long I have felt like I am doing this alone.

Lukes Army, Don't Forget Fiona Godfrey

Hi Michael
Im about to turn 18 soon and i have been in care for most of my life in the tablelands near atherton. Everyday i torture myself and beat myself emotionally after being a foster child for so long. I hate it and i hate the dept of atherton.

Every couple of months they come and see me at school and ask me questions about my carers and my mum and dad. I cant even talk civil to them anymore because they have destroyed my life in every way i can think of.

Sometimes I dont want to live anymore because I have nothing left in my life not even a soul left, iam numb and have been since being in care. I have lost my family's trust and love because of the dept twisting my words around to make out that what i told them . I did not.

They have no idea what it is like to be ripped from your family and loose your siblings because we were never given the chance to bond over the years. My parents have lost everything because of them and its something they will never get back or never forget.

I have been to so many carers in my life and its isnt because I was a bad child its because the dept put carers through hell and give up caring.

I know if i ever get married or have children they will look at my parenting and no doubt take my own child off me because I was once a foster child. At the end of the day its all there fault , they have destroyed my life and many other kids and families.

I dont like Vicki either she is a fat lesbian bitch. She comes across nice and tries to be your friend, but as i have gotten older i know this isnt the case. She is a nasty dog and should be put down or run over and over till there is only blood and guts left behind. There are others in there too who are two faced.

Thank god Fiona Godfrey has left atherton now she is terrorising another town as she has threatened everyone in atherton that there isnt any left for her to pick on.

I hate you Atherton one day your going to be on the Karma bus and everyone will be there laughing at you .

Eat s##t and die Vicki.


I want to offer my support to you. God Bless Luke.

I want to offer my support to you. God Bless Luke.

Hi Michael,
I came across this website by accident. Was looking for something unrelated but was directed to your site. I then viewed your site, looking at pics, videos, and read a few sections. Nothing has touched me so deep before. Your love for your son is amazing. I dont have any words to describe how sad I am at your circumstances. Luke looks like a beautiful young kid. I am a father of two and I cant imagine what I would do in your situation. But I admire your courage and intentions to do what your doing now. I dont know you and I cant judge you as to why this kid was taken from you in the first place and placed in foster care. I hope to God that your pain and suffering be eased and God willing you b reunited with Luke in Heaven. I really dont know what to say, but I want to offer my support to you. God Bless Luke.



God Bless Luke

You didnt come across this website by accident , you were meant to find it . Gods way of telling people our own children are not safe in this country. Im only 16 years old But Michael is my hero and justice needs to be served for him losing lukey to the Dept Of child stealers. No one listened to him when he feared his son was unsafe in the hands of Foster Care. Look what happened. Everyone has a past. Michael and Lukey were punished for Michael having a past life he left behind. I bet there are a lot of Case workers and Managers in these Depts that had a past that they werent too proud of.
I dont know how these people sleep straight at night knowing what they do to Parents Carers and the children.
Spreading the word....
GOD BLESS YOU LUKEY you would be so proud of your Daddy right now..


I am a Caseworker's childs friend in Atherton

I'm telling my story of the events of what has happened Atherton Child Safety. With the Child Safety's own child present while writing this email. Also want to state that the Child safety's own child hates their mother being a caseworker as he/she doesnt have many friends when they find out who their mother works for.

My friend rang me ( case workers child) rang me and asked me If I knew ******** . I stated yes Why? Well my friend just heard something about her and her mother ( carer) through a get together at a case workers house discussing case files with each other and laughing about it. ( keep in mind all their own children were present throughout the discussions).

I have been told from the workers own child that not one staff member even likes this manager ( Victoria) of Atherton. Of course they keep the peace because it's their only way of earning a living and apparently no ones complains about Senior staff or else they get pushed to the side or there contracts will not get renewed. I didnt know this till today about contracts.

We live in a small community and people talk and this kind of slander is damaging . It is discusting that workers even talk about cases at home with other people in the house and laugh about it. I dont find it funny at all.
I have spoken to my friend ( carers daughter) when I heard about it and told her everything what was said . She recently contacted me back and told me I should have a look at lukes army and maybe think about telling them what I know. Iam surprised by what I have been reading so is the case workers own child.

I have been in contact with the Carers daughters legal firm and they know what has been said and i told everything, names of people and who was present and what was said. Thanks to case workers own child.

I wont be giving up names to anyone and who my source is at the moment. This case workers own child has also been in contact the legal firm of this carers child.

The carers child has now be informed that the Manager is doing Forensics at uni, and is learning how to interview people specailly children and on how to get information out of them to make a case against parents and carers. And this carer should be looking an assigment that she has just done recently she would find it would be about her and her family. ABSOLUTLEY DISCUSTING ATHERTON CHILD SAFETY.

I am doing this off my own back and I have just been contacted and this really needs to be exposed . Corruption Corruption Corruption.


Comment to young girl who was bullied by Atherton DoCS to remove

Thankyou young lady for the courage and the strength to speak out. Good on you. I'm also a foster carer in North Qld area Tablelands. I know exactly what your talking about and many more carers will also know what your talking about. I have also been harassed by the Dept and also my own children. So many more of us need to speak up as carers also and tell everyone we also get treated like dogs . I have also been threatened by the Dept with my own children because I questioned their Questions. I feel we have a right to question their questions as carers , we are the ones that comfort these children when brought to us in tears and crying at night because they miss their parents so much and missing their siblings.
Also agree Piss of Pat, you have been exposed. Also Tablelands Child Safety.


Dont worry I also get bullied and I work for QPS.

My wife and Myself are also carers. I work for QPS from Cairns Region to the Tablelands. I am also a Father.

Being very new to fostering I can see why so many of us are complaining and so many Carers pull out of being a Volunteer within the Child Safety QLD. It seems that everyone including children and Parents get bullied Intimidated and get verbal aggresion from the so called Department of Welfare.
We are being harassed being controlled and there is abuse towards Carers parents and children in care .
The things I see from Caseworkers/Managers
Verbal Aggresion
Intimidating Behaviours
Excessive scruntiny
Being controlled
Abuse /Harassment
Foster Carers are placed in situations where they were not informed of any history of the child.
Has anyone heard of R.A.D????
Carers get falsely acussed of many things from past foster children because
Changes in their primary caregiver/s
Factors that put a child in high risk is sudden separation from the primary caretaker,frequent moves and placements.
Department put carers in risk of this because Kids with RAD make false accusations of abuse against caregivers because they were ripped from their safe environment and they finally felt a part of a family, then BOOM they are moved again all because the Dept dont like you. Seen it and heard of this happening way too much.
Department workers only have to do a 5 day course with QPS on how to interview parents and children. Come on Child safety you wouldn't even have a clue which kids are placed with who.
I know this girl very well who started this ball rolling, good on you. I am proud of you. I know which workers in Atherton Office are leaking information to others, Im sitting back and keeping it for a rainy day myself.

Fight on Michael


Atherton Dept are the perpetrators

While working with this Atherton Dept Once, I left after 3 months. I have worked in many Child Safety Dept and I cant help but say" ATHERTON IS THE WORST".
While working with carers in Atherton I always told them to document everything record~ record~ record ~ record you must have a paper trail. For some reason this Dept has trouble with misplacing paperwork or simply tell you they were not aware of it. Passing the buck down to the carer is common practice, specially in this Dept of Atherton.
Atherton Staff are actually the main perpetrators of child abuse in this region. Files do go missing. You are rotten to the core Victoria Reimann . You need to be investigated & dismantled and never put back together. For god sake go back to Toowoomba and remain there. Victoria Reimann needs to be investigated and be banned from having a blue card.
I would never let this woman near any of my own children and I am a caseworker. Do not trust this woman she is pure evil.
Never walk into this Office for a interview NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck Guys.


i was once a foster child in the Atherton Department

I am nearly 19 now. But i was also pulled into Foster Care by Atherton Child Safety and my siblings too.Thankfully for me I hit the 18 year old mark and Im out of that Area now. I had the best Carer anyone could ask for in the Tablelands. I hated Atherton Child Safety and also Vicki Reinmann and her staff. They always twisted our words and made my parents life a living hell and also my siblings. I have lost my connection with my family after they stopped us having visits with them, we could only talk to them on the phone while it was being listened to on the other end.
The Department doesnt know how we felt being away from our family, they keep suspecting things and if you say anything they did twist it into something bigger. Everything we ever said was not what we were trying to say at , they just think what they thought we never got a say AT ALL. By the end of it all, I was sick of questions questions questions and lies they had fabricated to make my parents look like sexual deviates. Which is not true.And the lies they told my parents that we had said.
Lucky for me I had great carers who loved us and pointed us in the right direction in life after being traumatized for many years without counselling offered from the department. My carers had to organise counselling for us off her own back. If they ever thought about the welfare of the kids at all they would offer all Kids in care counselling of some kind. If they did offer counselling it was someone that USED to work in that office or someone they knew. Conflict of interest if you ask me. So i decided not too accept their services because of anything i tell them will go straight back to those animals of Atherton Child Safety.
I loved my parents ,they werent rich and we lived an easy life. They worked hard for us kids . We always had clean clothes and we were always fed and schooled and always had a roof over our heads .Isnt that their role as parents??? My parents didnt have enough money to get themselves a good lawyer to fight Atherton so we all were put into care till we are all eighteen. No once did they ask us what we wanted at all.. I thought we had rights as children,but not when it comes to Child safety.
My eldest sister had a baby a few years ago ,now the Department are always looking at her and her baby because we were in the system once. Why because they doubt her parenting because we were in care. WTF!!!!.. She is a great Mum.
I think I had about 12 caseworkers in 6 years and everytime a new one came onboard there were new rules.
I agree Vicki Reimann needs to be sacked. Why is it Vicki every staff member that had worked there has complaints about you??? You did bully them and act like you run the show. Nice as pie to our faces of course,thats how you always are. Soon as we turn our backs you were complaining about us and my parents and my Carer.
Atherton needs to be cleaned up, and there is so many leaks coming from that office then and still.. So someone knows what is going on in that office because I hear things of what has been said, still till this day.

Fight On Michael love your work. Exposing is the best medicine for us all who have been hurt from these people.

Ex Foster Child from the Tablelands now living my life away from Atherton ChildSafety. I will be telling everyone that I have met in care to get onto this site and voice their opinions too. We all need answers.


Im sick of being moved from carer to carer

Hi Im a foster child too and I have been separated from my siblings too. I was taken into care from Atherton in 2006. They told me back then Thats I had to tell them answers to the questions that they asked me, then they would let me go back to my mum and dad. The lied to me and I hate them so much. Everything they asked me i tried to answer but they used it against me and my siblings and then told us that we can never go back to our parents again.
They told my mum and dad that they couldnt provide us a house to live in or provide us with clean clothes and now we have to take all your kids off you both. At the time of the dept coming to get us Atherton just had a cyclone so we had no power or running water so we looked grotty i suppose. Us kids loved playing in the gutters with the water running in it then we would get mud all over us and this all happened right after a cyclone. We could not help it that a stupid cyclone came and no one could do washing or even flush a toliet . Iam half cast my mum is white and dad is black. We lived with our relatives and they had a huge house and we all fitted in well. My mum and dad lost their house from housing commission because we didnt mow the grass alot and we had a few broken windows from us kids kicking the football into them, so they kicked us out so then we moved into one of our families houses in Atherton.
I only see my parents once a week for two hours and thats when I get to see my other sisters and brothers too. I have been moved from one house to another since 2006 with carers. I am a very mad child because I have been denied any say to were I want to live. Most foster kids i know are angry with the dept , they make out that our parents have no idea what they are doing as a mum and dad. So what that my mum and dad are poor , they loved us and we always had food and we love them very much. When ever the Dept want to talk to us they pull us out of our school class and embarress me alot, they forever ask stupid questions about our carers . When they do this I know i must be going to get moved again. I hate it why cant they just leave us alone when we are happy, we are old enough to know what is wrong and right and if i had a problem with any of my carers I would tell someone.
My sisters and brothers also hate Vicky and her caseworkers she has told people that my parents are bad people, ive heard my teachers over the years tell me this themselves telling me "oh you poor thing you have had such a bad up bringing" its ok the Dept have told me what they can so everyone can work together and make your life happy and safe again .What the hell????? These kind of adults make me more angry when they tell people shit like this. Its all lies. Im hoping one day that every kid that has been in care and denied to have a normal life that we can sue the Departs for what they have done to us. The best caseworker I ever had was Janelle in Atherton, she cared about us kids . She didnt last long either she left after a year or so. I see her alot when I walk down the street and I always hug her.
When my little sisters got interviewed years ago one of the questions was to them was
Your mum and dad smack you dont they? and of course my sisters say Yes , they are little .
and then they asked them " They hit you really hard dont they and make you cry sometimes"? and of course they are going to say Yes. I was smacked also when I did something wrong. Whoopy doo dah thats wat being a mum and dad is about. When I go to my couseller which the dept have no idea about i told her what they asked us kids. She tells me is was the way they asked you and your little sisters and they tricked you.
My mum and dad got told by Atherton that they have anger issues and need to do a course about having anger issues and taking it out on us kids. Hello is anybody out there listening to us at all. They never hurt us or flogged the hell out of us till we screamed or anything. Everything we say gets screwed up too. Im not very good at expressing what Im trying to say but all kids arent and atherton always thinks the worst. I hate you so much Vicki , i hope one day if you ever had kids that someone dobs on you, your not perfect no one is and if you think you are your so very wrong. Your not even human like. The name we call you us foster kids in Atherton and that is Vicki needs licky because she cant get dicki.

BTW for the foster kids christmas party this year we all want better presents for our ages and not something from a lifeline shop or overflow shops and how about supplying something for teenagers to do so at the party instead of getting our faces painted or jumping castles and a stupid slip and slide. I know your people have heaps of money because everytime a child goes into care the dept gets extra money. You might think we are stupid kids with stupid parents and we have no idea what goes on, hate to burst your bubble we are not. We can read also and get told by others about the atherton dept and what our rights are too.
And Im also thanking my teacher for helping me write this letter and i have been aware all the whole time about lukesarmy thanks to my wonderful carers i have had over the years and also my couseller for letting me know that there has been many posts on lukesarmy about Atherton.
I feel so much better that I have finally got to say my bit.
Mwah Mwah..


I self place myself after being taken off my parents

Im a kid in care too. Im a the oldest of six kids from atherton to. I moved back with my mum a few months ago and i love been with her. I was with many carers too over years and years. Then i moved into my uncles and aunties house with my other family as kinship carers. We were taken off them too as they didnt like them anymore too. Im an aboriginal girl and it is how we live, we lived with my rellies and 9 other members of my family including my cousins too. Then we wrer placed into a rented house atherton department rented for us to live in , every couple of days we had differnt people look after us. I loved being with my family of uncles and aunties and cousins. It wasnt my mum and dad but it was the next best thang to us. Everytime we are placed with carers they took us away from them and we loved them so much. I hate them becuase they kept asking us silly qeustions about our carers. When we answered them they turned it all into sumethang bad and made our carers bad people and they arent. My mum and dad didnt have money anymore and couldnt save us from being in foster care in atherton. I hate them too and imgoing to tell my other sisters to get on here too and write about themselfs too. I hate vickki Rieman too she is a nasty dog who hates everyone but herself and also those aboriginal workers that work in that place who say bad thangs about my mum and dad and my carers that i live with.

Peace and im telling everyone to


Indigenous youth worker here!!

I have had at least 12 emails so far sent to me to get onto Lukes and to have a look. Gee Whiz could I tell you a few stories about Atherton and the current staff.
Group homes are just another name for Orphanages/institutions. Group homes happen when a foster Child has exhausted all other options. This happens as C.S move children from carer to carer. Of course these kids will only get worst behaviour , and the more they do it the worst the children get. Children are moved all because they dont' like the carers or maybe the carers ask too many questions. See this all the time. This is why there arent many carers around anymore they get treated like dirt. Now there are group homes popping up everywhere. They rent houses in Atherton and I also know sometimes when they are full they then rent motel rooms out. No thought at all about the childrens wellbeing, they might as well be with their parents at least they will have a stable home.
I have not heard one positive thing about Atherton C.S and not one child that I have looked after even has a nice word about them either. Ms Reimanns name has popped up alot from children and also from my working partners.
Carers that I have had dealings with are at their wits end with Atherton.

Im spreading the word.


about time!!!!! You have been exposed ATHERTON..

About time someone Exposed this office..HAHAHAAA. You have been Exposed Victoria Reimann.
God Bless you Lukey's Dad and God bless you whoever this young girl is.
Should be more of you. Best of Luck..


Re: About time you have been exposed.

As an ex worker of recent Iam too going to expose a few others from this Atherton Department of MAN HATERS.

Vicki Reiman ( manager) Man hater.

Fiona Godfrey( Team Leader) Man Hater . Doesn't like it when Carers husbands knock her sexual advances down.

As for the leaks within Atherton have a look at :-


interesting content

Well this would be the perfect time for you to make an Official complaint to the Ombusdman that is concerning them selves with child related issues. But i would suggest that you supply a little bit more evidence of their negative attitude or negligent practices. Almost every one that works within the child realted indutries know that Child saftey has some very serious issues to deal with that they are doing their best to ignore, stonewall or intimidate any accusers.
This website is great to vent but from conversations with others in the industry it has been indicated that this website due to its inflammatory nature, and copious amounts of abuse and un evidenced accusations, that they can easily ignore it.

contact the ombudsman the website is this

yes i know that these two organisations have their own faults, but if both these agencies were flooded with well documented, supported requests for investigations then something will happen.

I send my deepest condolences to the people that have been so horribly effected by the sad state od Queenslands child saftey department...its not about getting angry it is about getting it right......


Quote: This website is great

Quote: This website is great to vent but from conversations with others in the industry it has been indicated that this website due to its inflammatory nature, and copious amounts of abuse and un evidenced accusations, that they can easily ignore it.

It is those others in the industry that need to pull their heads out of their asses, at least people are finally coming forward and speaking out. It doesn't matter what happens, those "others" in the industry will always be negative so....

Let all the cynics laugh, they'll be the first to leave. Everyone has tried everything to scream out how unjustly they have been treated, at least the corruption is now beginning to be exposed. Those "others" should be the first to leave, and a new guard brought on. Bring back all the DoCS workers and foster carers who quit in disgust.

Imflammatory Nature

The Industry has made people like this. Like it has been stated " The parents ARE treated like trouble makers", so it only leaves it to Carers and Ex Staff and foster Kids and sometimes carers own children to vent their concerns. If it wasnt for a young girl voicing her opinion of concerns of what the dept did to her and her sister , NO ONE would have a clue what is actually happening in Atherton.
Thankyou young girl for doing so you have started the ball rolling amongst the Community , more and more people are coming forward NOW because of you and people are telling their friends and it goes on . You are a very strong girl and dont you EVER be silent. So many people are receiving emails to get onto to Lukesarmy. All this has taken off because of a foster carers own child who clearly has had enough herself and is sick of being abused and accused and bullied from Atherton Department of Communities. There are so many other Carers own children who experience this also, this has got to stop NOW. How dare you treat children this way Atherton Department of Communities and other Offices you have no skills or life experiences to when it comes to children AT ALL. You treat all kids as a number in a file , you arent Centrelink.
A bit of advise for everyone dealing with the Departments:-

1. Since they are a government Dept ask for a reciept number when your finished talking to them, this is what Centrelink does and Telstra.

2. Or never engage into a phone conversation with them , get them to write an email to you if they want communication with you. Because they cant delete emails off there system. Paper Trail...

3. If they turn up to your house make sure you ask for their FULL NAMES and ID NUMBERS and also there Government calling card. If being interviewed ask to see their resumes to make sure they are qualified to be asking questions, most of the time they are not.

4. NEVER EVER go into the office to be questioned. Make them come to you ALWAYS.

5. Better again don't answer any questions at all. Because anything you say "IT" will be taken the wrong way. Parents panic way too much when it comes to Child Safety and interviewing processes and they stubble over their words and when this happens the Dept WILL twist it. So say NOTHING is your best option. At the end of the day nothing you say will ever be right in their eyes. In their eyes you are a child abuser or sex offender and etc. Get legal help ASAP before EVER answering to them. PLEASE!!!!! This goes for Carers as well and their own children.

6. If you need to be Interviewed, always try and get LEGAL AID to go with you or your LOCAL MEMBER. ( local members In atherton are very well aware of the system as they get many complaints about their service) and also in Cairns. The Department dont like it at all.

7.Always record your conversations with them. ALWAYS PLEASE. Most parents have caught onto this way already.

8. If you write an email to them and they don't reply RECORD IT , and the same if they never return your phones calls. Write the date and time when you rang and always ask the for the receptionist full name that is suppose to pass the message on, they are suppose to send an internal email to the person you needed to speak too.

A few tips for you all

Good Luck and keep fighting

Legal Firm Cairns.


Good advice

No matter what their intentions are, Child Protection works in a adversarial system. That means every time you talk to them or give them information they will use it against you. No matter what the information is they must take a position against you, and will spin everything. That is the nature of the system.

Do not talk to them or give them any information at all. They will threaten you to cooperate, but in the long term it will work for you. A good strtegdy is to shut up and take a record of what they say and do.

I know its hard not to panic when they are terrorizing you. If you think long term success, long term success will come. You are good enough and you can prove it.

I won my case, and I continually said to them, "I don't care what you say, I have nothing to talk to you about." In the end they had no defence, when I did lay my cards on the table in court.



Amazing relevations are made every time on of the child protection banshes have something to say.

Its a industry that has some serious issues they say.
They do their best to ignore stonewall or intimidate they say.
The industry ignores this site by aggrieved parents (because they don't matter) they say.

And none of them have the courage to do anything about it, BUT, they all the courage in the world to kidnap and murder children. There is one way to fight against them. Attack them with the white hot rod of anger we hold and watch them fall like the cowards they are.


Hats off to the DoCS workers who are coming forward

We must remember, it takes a lot of courage for DoCS staff, current and previous, to come forward in this environment of bullying.
It is the same for foster carers, and parents who are still fighting the corruption.
It is easiest for people like myself, who have nothing left to lose and don't even want to live anymore, but these people have put their future in jepardy by speaking out, and that takes balls.
Only by DoCS workers and foster carers alike coming forward, can change be achieved, parents concerns have always been written off automatically with the result of them being labelled as trouble makers, as stated in the wood report.
Blind Freddy could see a royal commission is needed. Thousands of children are dying, how many more Lukey Pookeys or Tanilla Warricks more have to die til something is done.
If it was the police something would have been done about the corruption straight away. Instead it is babies and children being legally kidnapped, abused, tortured, molested... murdered. Why is that allowed????
Royal Commission into child protection Australia wide.... NOW!



Please explain Mr Reeves

This site has opened my eyes to Government Dept of Child Safety have gone absolutely stark raving MAD!!!!! I have heard of a few things about Child safety over the years ,but this is crazy.
Royal Commission will fix these immoral, unethical and negligent practices of insanity by our so called members of Parliament. And you Mr Phil Reeves your an embarrassment!!!
People power is the only way to achieve this.
Carers are being crucified for speaking up against Child Safety??? Crazy.. They have taken away their rights as carers. Plus bullying carers own children, what a disgrace we live in.
There is no way I will be ever moving to Atherton or Cairns.
Thankyou everyone for not being silent and opening my eyes right up.

About time Mr Reeves you got your hands out of your pockets and start investigating these Depts mentioned above. You wont have any carers left to look after the children you have destroyed. You wont have any staff members or carers left in Atherton either , till you sack that woman who is manager.
What kind of people are you employing to run these shows? Uneducated ones and ones who have personal vendettas against anyone who has made a complaint against them. And what's with your staff attacking innocent carers own children?? As Pauline Hanson would say " Please explain"?

Never be Silent

Donna Williamson ( Brisbane )


Come On Mr Reeves

Enough is enough Mr Reeves, do the right thing and start doing something about these Departments. What's it going to take kids placed in care and their families to do a non- peaceful protest? They wont be the only ones Protesting with them Minister of Child Safety. Stand up and be a man and be the minister to actually change something in the Department Of Communities NOW.
These Departments are way too busy looking for Breaches of standards that they can get carers on instead of SAVING the little girl that was just Killed in Cairns. I bet there was a notification out on this family already before she was KILLED. And we all know how the system plays, all arse covering will be going on now. paperwork will be going missing now.
Atherton they only way you are able to even stay open is thanks to carers own children or making false lies about parents and carers. We have all seen it and heard it in your Department too many times. This is a small town and everyone does know someone in this place or their own kids go to the same school as our own. Some of you should be investigated also with your parenting skills and some of the conditions you live in. Stop blaming others for your stuff ups in that Department.


This is great but direct it to the right people!!

I too work in the sector and am favour of these people and the entire department of Child Safety offices in FNQ being investigated......but these complaints need to be directed to The Commsion for Children and Young People other wise nothing will be done! The Children's Commision require you to let them know about your particular experiences so they can investigate and actually DO SOMETHING about this corrupt system!

07 3211 6700 or 1800 688 275 (Free call)
International: +61 7 3211 6700

Fax us on:
07 3035 5900
E-mail us at:

For all media enquiries from accredited media outlets or journalists:
Phone: 07 3211 6700
Mobile: 0422 005 563


Former Community Visitor CV

I was a CV for The Commission for Children and Young People (CYPCG) in QLD for a few years. I left because I realised that the entire CV set up is political, created by former Premier Peter Beattie in response to the recomendations from the Inquiry into the deaths of Children in care in QLD. While many Ministerials were generated by CV reports against DOCS to the Commissioner, they amounted to NOTHING but a waste of time because the corrupt managers within DOCS answered the Ministerials with the same lies and cover up as they use with Children in Care, Parents and Foster Carers. CCYPCG answer only to the Labour Government and critical information is kept secret from both the opposition and the public. CCYPCG will not help you solve the problems of corruption in DOCS QLD. I know I tried for years and became an enemy of DOCS in the process and was then targeted by them and my life destroyed in revenge all for trying to do what I was employed to do...Advocate for the Children in Care in QLD and report abuse and corruption to the Commissioner Elizabeth Frazer...A Royal Commission will take time but may uncover and expose the corruption we all have experienced.


I was contracted for 3 months in Atherton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im an ex employee of Child Safety of about 2 years , left as I was too stressed out working with Managers who really don't care about the kids welfare and how its affecting the child in care. I did sometime within the Atherton Department on a 3 month contract for backlogs. I can say I have never experienced or felt so much hatred before from an Office of Child Safety like I did while working there. I agree Atherton is running it's own show. Vicki Reimann is the Person that the Government needs to be Investigating in this Department. Every case she has dealt with needs to be reviewed . So many staff workers in this office complain about the Snr staff members and don't agree with the decisions that have been made within cases. In the backlogging of Notifications , I have NEVER in my whole career seen so many carers up on MOC's in one department. Personal vendettas against carers were seen very clearly from myself and two other contract workers from Brisbane. All I can say is , I was so glad to get out of there. I do not know how they even have carers left in this region. Everytime Vicky spoke, You could feel and hear the sighing from other workers.

Mr Reeves , Come on mate. Too many of us coming forward now something needs to happen. Clean this mess up now..

chair rail's picture

I just could not leave your website before suggesting
that I extremely loved the usual information a person supply to your guests?
Is gonna be back regularly to check up on new

Lukes Dad's picture


I agree, there are some

I agree, there are some foster carers who go in with good intentions.

The sad thing is the good ones are disregarded by Doc's/Cp's/Dhs etc & are played like pawns in their game.

The system is shocking & needs to be fixed, they are kidnapping children & especially babies from birth from caring, loving parents, yet consistently failing to take them away from bad parents... (I feel they do this as an "I told you so" scenario).

It's pathetic & to many children's lives are being destroyed due to this.

It's all about federal bonus's & monetary incentive, it's not about child "protection" anymore.

The system is fake, devoid of it's true meaning, & extremely corrupt.


They are too Busy finding breaches of standards against people

Not one Teamleader in Atherton has ever truely cared for the "Best Interests of the Child". Its a purely a game . These women wouldnt even know how to change a nappy or to even talk civil to a human being. Unless you play there game , you will definately be used as a pawn. And there will be many false reports made against you and your family. Its not SAFE for any carer who has a husband or has their own kids. Your Husband will branded as a Molester and your own children will be used as pawns against you. This is what they get off on.
Sick of hearing ads about needing foster carers. ALL they have to do is to start treating people with respect and maybe this wouldnt be a problem. Take some simple advice Atherton, its very easy.

I have & still worked at the Atherton Neighbourhood centre, they use this organisation to help parents to become better parents. I have heard so many complaints from carers over the years and we all have our issues with dealing with Child Safety Atherton.

This Department is needing to be Investigated ASAP , this rot has got to stop now.


Comission for children do nothing

Obviously you are from the commission for children, who I rang many times, before Luke died. You could have saved him and did nothing. I have spoken to plenty people who have contacted you and you have helped none of them. Sure, if you would like the commission for children to tell you how good they are, how concerned they are, and how much they are there to help, give them a call.
When it comes down to it they are just another government department, and powerless against the might of the child protection banshees. Give them a call if you want them to piss in your pocket, or keep posting here on the site and expose the corruption publicly, maybe then we might see some real change, when it is too much to hide.
Acredited media and journalists, that wouldn't be me would it. I am just a failure of a father who loved his son, and could do nothing about the way he was treated by people who didn't know him, didn't care about him, and now want his death covered up.
Commission for children has the blood of Luke Borusiewicz on your hands just as much of the rest of them, you had your chance, and did nothing. Don't come on Luke's site deceiving people how good you are, I have heard enough of it.
Have you had your son kidnapped and murdered by government imposters posing as child protection, only to be sent disgusting insult after insult direct from the minister himself and the complaints department of the people who killed my baby? Do you know more than me because you did a university course?
Do you think I am relying on the ombudsman, the media, politicians? It's all been tried before. I may as well ring the DoCS complaints line.
What we want to see is some real action, not people in suits, driving flash government cars, sipping on cappucinos and having meetings in flash conventions at government expense.
First they stole all the aboriginal children, then they stole all the immigrant children, then they stole the single mothers children, now this evil has refined itself into a well oiled, government sanctioned baby stealing abomination. The new stolen generation by DoCS, they don't even say sorry anymore, they send you insults and move onto the next family.

Come back when you are in the real world.



Discusting behaviour in Atherton

I came across this site Michael on google and been reading everything that contains in this website. I am discusted that Government People actually act like this and was not aware the Foster system is so bad. This is another stolen generation of Black and White people/children.
This does need a Royal Commission. It seems also the Atherton Child safety needs to be investigated. After reading the blogs about Atherton, there is way too much evidence for someone not to start questioning about this Atherton. God there are foster children , carers , past staff complaining about the bullying etc. This Reimann woman everyone is complaining about NEEDS to be investigated herself, to me after reading everything, it's her that is the main problem.
I can not believe they take children off carers all because they dont like you all of a sudden. Absolutely no respect for the children/s needs and no respect for the Carers or Parents. Does anyone in Department of Child safety care truely about these kids besides treating them like furniture or a number in a file.?????? Do they even have any kind of heart or motherly instincts at all???? Not by the sounds of it.
You have to start questioning when a Child Safety's worker own child/s even sees and also "heard " comments being made about other case files being discussed in an home environment. These people have no respect for anyone but getting thrills for themselves of damaging reputations of families carers and children.
Im going to be telling everyone to get onto this website and to make sure people are aware of what goes on in our own country.
I wish also I got to read the little girls letter that has been mentioned on here.
I agree Atherton needs to be cleaned up.

Cheryl Cook , 52 yrs old.


This is GREAT Fiona Godfrey Who are you terrorising now?

I was a carer in Atherton for many years and left . I was sick and tired of fighting with that Office and getting accused of False allegations and blamed for their filing stuff ups. I actually came across this website by accident also as I was thinking of going back into being a Foster Carer. For most of the day I have been reading blogs on Lukes Army and also on other forum sites. All I can say is , Well I wont be EVER again become a carer. The system is worst than before and there will be NO WAY i will become a carer in that Atherton Office ,knowing that Vicki Reimann is the Manager. I heard that Fiona Godfrey team leader had left and thought it would be ok now. I also know what Vicki Reimann is like and I had made many complaints about her in the past to Brenda Campbell in the Zonal Office . I think most Carers and Parents have complained about her over the years , if they hadn't its because they are too scared as most of us know how they work.
Im not afraid and never will be.
When I was carer I was told in pre training , that you treat Kids in care like you treat your own to make them a part of your family. But this is not the case. Your not allowed to involve them into anything unless you get permission in writing.

Why is it that there are lots of group homes now popping up everywhere? Well I can tell you it's because the Departments treat carers like unhuman people and accuse them of anything, so they leave being a carer. Can not blame them one bit. Then you see news articles about teens on rampages, Yep foster children gone wild again. Why is this? The system has let them down with the choices they make. The kids are not allowed to be attached to their carers, soon as they see this they get taken away and placed with another carer. What they cant see that this is harming the kids more emotionally by taking them away from someone they feel safe with and finally feel apart of a family.

I wish also I got to read that blog that little girl wrote on here. It's good to see there are other out there who feel the same.
I will be telling everyone I know about this website.

Another one bites the dust.

Glad you have been exposed Atherton Child Safety.


Fiona Godfrey

Oh I have come across this Fiona already from Edmonton department she is working in the reunification team . Thank you for warning me , i thought she was going to be bad news by what she says.

Thank you so much


Atherton DoCS Bullies Girl to Remove Blog from Luke's Army

Little girls letter

God bless you. Unfortunately there will be repercussions for this poor girl and her mother ( foster Carer) and any kids in her care. No doubt they are having meetings and a plan of attack for this all because of a little girl voicing her own opinion. Its sad because they wont be thinking of the kids or the carer/s all because this little girl has written a letter of concern. It really sounds you care so much about your sister and how it has affected you , you have a very kind heart and sounds to me and no doubt to others as well you really care about kids in care and also your family.
Just remember you have done nothing wrong but voicing your opinion of concerns.


My post to the Family of God PRayer Forum

Sorry its been a bit since I last posted everyone.

I have an urgent plea from a website called lukes army. Not sure if I can post the link so just google luke army . com and you will find it.

There is a huge amount of suffering there for children in atherton. The abuse is tremendous and its not getting better.

I joined the site looking for support in my loss. Only to find a passion to truly have and a place to share my story where it can benefit others. Through the canadian side of it I Was able to share and have been in constant contact with the founder of this site.

They need your help in many ways. Please visit the site and pray for those in pain, I am doing all I can from here and that isn't much but perhaps if we all pitch in a little mabe the family of god can be one more resource for these hurting parents and children.

I provided our link to them so those that need a safe place to go for prayer and friendship then they can come and have one more place to go.

The last few days have shown me a great deal that I didn't think could be anymore but it is. My willingness to love and my passion to help others has given a little more strength to a few who needed it and I am happy to be of help to them.

Lets see if we all can't add a little more to their spiritual and emotional batteries so that they can stand and fight just a little bit longer.



Forgot to add the link for you all to visit as well

Here is the link to the prayer forum. You are invited to come and speak to us. We have people from all over the world and we welcome all to our home of love and compassion. We will welcome you all with open and loving arms. When you get there speak to Mandy she is my friend and the admin to the site. She will spend 1 on 1 with anyone who needs it as will others who are also part of the site.




Racism In atherton Office

After recieving a joint email yesterday i thought I'd better have a look at your website Michael. Thankyou so much Michael for exposing these Departments and helping other Australians who are in need of help. And a big thankyou to this little girl who has spoken up told her story of what it is like. Your right Michael you have nothing to lose , you have lost your lukey pookey to the corrupt system. I am a foster Carer too in Mareeba and Im also sick and tired of Atherton Office treating us human beings like we are nothing and get accused for everything that they should of being doing themselves to help us carers and the kids in care. So many carers do have hearts and truely care for the kids and dont do it for the money,no amount of money is enough for the suffering and bullying and the threats you endure being a carer. The Atherton Office is a Racist operation. I know of carer who had 2 Indigenous children for 5 years got them taken off her because all of a sudden they said she wasnt doing enough cultural needs for the children. Did they not notice she wasnt Indigenous??????? Us carers can only do what is available to us within the communities for children with cultural needs. Department NEVER tell us or point us in the right direction for children with cultural needs, we are on our own. There are so many carers with the same problems. After reading these posts and news articles on here Im thinking I no longer want to be a carer. Imagine if every carer stood up and told these Departments they no longer can be a carer because of bullying tatics and accusing carers of false allegations this office would have to be closed down. Maybe we all should.. Piss Off Atherton you have been exposed.


Atherton Department Community Services Foster Care Bullies

foster carers

Well said!!!!! I was once a community Visitor in North QLD left because of the way things are done. I have seen too many good carers leave under the negative impact the Dept put onto Carers and children.
Atherton would have been the worst office I have ever had to deal with being a CV. The management in this office needs to be looked at. Bullying is a number one complaint I used to hear about from carers and how phone calls are never returned or questions are not being answered. Don't they say they have the best interests in the Child in care? They falsely accuse many carers all because they don't like you . SO TRUE!!!!!!!


CV Atherton

Wouldnt it be great if someone actually did a survey by asking Carers and Ex Carers In Atherton if they have been bullied - harassed or Falsely accused or threatened with their own children. I think if someone did this they would find EVERY carer up there would have at some stage, and I can tell you who the culprit would be. MANAGER.SENIOR PRAC.TEAM LEADER. I really loved what that little girl wrote to you Michael. Absolutley loved the bit about the shreaded paper. You can see that little girl was concerned about her own family and also the kids in care, should be more like her.
GOD BLESS YOU YOUNG GIRL AND MICHAEL , fighters like you two on the frontline would be great for this country.


I'm an ex cso

I would like to say Yes this office needs to be looked at. I left as I was bullied from superior staff members myself and left as I could not stand it anymore. Atherton IS THE WORST!!!!!! I am now helping parents and children so they wont get into situations of getting their children taken off them. The Way it should be..I'm glad someone has finally exposed Vicki Reimann and others. This Government Should be looking at ways to help families of keeping them together. Children are the ones who get hurt from getting taken off their families.
Carers are treated like nobody's in Atherton Department of communities and I hated it. I went into being a case worker thinking it was about abused children and not about politics and blaming others for the department stuff ups.
Today I still hear leaks from Atherton of communities about carers parents and children from current Cso's and CSSO's.
Come on people we all need to expose them.


The Young Girl Whose Blog About Atherton DoCS Was Removed

What an amazing young girl

What an amazing young girl you are! Your mother must be so proud. You are an inspiration to me and i am 37 years old! You will go a long way my friend. Never stop, Never quit, Never be silent. People like you will and do, make a difference to our world. Thank you Lukes Dad, For sharing this remarable girl with us. Thank you. God Bless Lukey and all the other "angel babys".


Oh I missed reading it

Just want to say Michael you are a very big inspiration to me and others. Thankyou for sharing your life and exposing us to this so called Child Safety system. I didnt know this kind of stuff happened in our country. I have read everything on your website and many other things as well, including FOI information i got my hands onto. I feel your pain Michael you are a very good person and a total inspiration to me . I have spreaded the word for you to about another 200 people. People with children themselves really need to read this ASAP. You keep fighting Michael and dont you ever give up, there are so many people who have stories to tell and they need to be told.
I wish I got to read the little girls letter she wrote. There should be more people who should stand up and not be afraid.


atherton Carers daughter

Yes you are an amazing young girl!!! I got a quick look what you wrote and I feel very sad for what you and your sister have been through again!! Your mum must of rattled their cage and Atherton thought this is a perfect way to get back at her. For what !!!! being a foster carer who clearlys loves what she does. Bloody corruption sticks out a mile away. You seem like a very nice caring girl. I know of that Vicki Reimann and heard many bad stories about her. You seem like a fighter and you keep going . You are telling people from what it looks like from your mothers side of being a carer and Im sure there are plenty more carers on the Tablelands who will be behind you.
Anyone thinking of doing a protest on the Tablelands yet?? I will and many more would.
Chin up girl . Stand up and make a difference .


carers daughter

Michael I have been reading all about Lukey and what the Dept Cairns North did to him and yourself. You starting this forum/website has been a blessing and hopefully one day someone might actually listen . I think if anyone who is thinking about being a carer should check this site out first, i dont think they would become one.
I'm going to be telling everyone about your site .No one actually knows about the corruption & lies unless they have had their own kids taken off them ,been a carer or knows someone who is or was a carer.
This little girl who did write something on here must of touched a lot of people's hearts, just by the comments been written on here. I wish I had the chance to read it. Sounds like you might have a little helper Michael. Great News!!!!!
. My friends (carers) live in Herberton Ravenshoe Mareeba Chillagoe has been accused abused threatened bullied and kids taken off them in care all because she doesnt jump when they say.If it wasn't for foster carers the Department wouldn't have a job and that office should be shut down!!!! This office needs to be Investigated of leaking information missing documents lies false allegations. Needs to be investigated also of their staff, we live in a small town so most people know somebody that's connected to that office.( believe me there is NO confidentality) one staff member husband is a criminal and has been in and out of lotus Glenn( I know him well ) and another who has had their own children taken off them in another state and is working as a child worker in Atherton QLD.( she has openly admitted to it to many carers in the past) Who does this?? sorry silly me ATHERTON does. Why? they are bullies to everyone including their own staff members so that means they have a high turn over of staff, so they are desperate they hire anyone off the street. These people will Lie and cheat and destroy families and the children in the process.
COME ON CARERS PARENTS CHILDREN come forward and expose these so called human beings. This little girl on here spoke up because she cares what happens to other kids. Your mother should be so proud..


I am a foster carer and am disgusted with Pat Anderson

It is about time people were listened to, foster cares and the few good DOCS workers who qit because of the abuse. I am a foster carer in NQ and I have to agree, PAT THE RAT MUST GO. Thankyou for givin me the courage and strength to speak out, I am 3 times your age, but you have shown the way young lady. It is people like you who aren't afraid to speak out and have a good heart that should be working for docs. Piss off pat, you have been exposed.


In addition

In addition to taking part in your site as I have over the past several days and the offer which I took to tell my story and have it placed on this site which I did. I am now going to provide the link to this site to a prayer forum I have been part of for a very long time. These people will pray for you and perhaps some are from your area and may be able to help, I will bring it up at church sunday to my father who is the pastor of the church, and to the entire church during prayer, I will be sure to make it clear that this is a real issue not just in CAnada but in ALL countries!! I will make it clear in my home and add to Lukes Army!!

I have friends from all countries, I will be placing a SOS to ALL OF THEM!! some of them live in your area/s I will be sure to get the word out loud and clear and more will come to your aid!!

I will be in touch with my embassy about adopting some children out of Atherton or however you spelt it. I am also now looking into a trip to see for myself. For if law cannot protect you children then perhaps a few bloody fists will!!

I have never in my life seen such a disqusting display of unwillingness to do the right then when it comes to children then what you are dealing with in your country, it is far more worse then in mine.

I will keep you up to date as to who I have been able to get to pay this site and your atherton center a visit and lets see if we can't make some fucking noise for these children!!

Phil Culp of Canada


Thankyou to the Young Girl for sending us a letter about this

I own a Business In Atherton and Iam very disgusted of the Government letting Childsafety Atherton to get away with all this.
I must admit I never knew any of this was going on in our Country of Australia, more so in my own town. I feel like walking into this office myself and asking to speak with the Manager. How do you get away with threatening young children Atherton Manager? Im sure you are reading whats being told about you. You should be SACKED and investigated.
I do feel Very Very Sad for all you Carers with your own children and sad that Government use them as pawns to get to you. Thought it was about the CHILDREN, ALL CHILDREN in care or not.

Speak up Atherton

Cuda , Mareeba

ChildProtection NonExistant's picture

Thank you for this site, I just wish I had read it before becoming a Foster Carer in NSW.We have been subjected to Bulling, Harressment and belittlement and accussed of the most outrageous things.

The children were "removed in everyones best interests"and the fact that I was to return to work-which apparently meant that we no longer wanted the children with us. The workers lie, and make slanderous allegations.

My advice to everyone -Do Not become a Foster Carer -Your life will be ruined"

The agencies are making money. Huge amounts, whilst the children are shuffled around in placements. The workers will tell you "they are the most important people in the childrens lives." 


Lukes Dad's picture

Thankyou so much for sharing this on the site, it is a tragic reality. The best thing a parent can hope for when their child has been legally kidnapped is a decent, caring foster carer. This is so sad, but definitely the case for most honest people dealing with these corrupt departments.

meatloaf's picture

Yes we know what Atherton Child safety office is like. Carol Phillips is there as manager and has NO qualifacations at all, and has no children of her own and makes out she knows what it likes to be a parent. The lies she tells and writes about people is just disgusting. What a power ego bitch she is. Side kick Francesco Valastro covers up her lies and conceals it all. What a piss weak wimp he is.

yes bring it on Royal commission put these monsters in jail were they belong.  Justice will be served upon you soon.