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DCFS Government Exploitation False Allegations against Children, Parents, Love in Family Home

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on Mon, 03/19/2012 - 12:56
DCFS Government Exploitation False Allegations against Children, Parents, Love in Family Home

"DCFS Government Exploitation False Allegations against Children, Parents, Love in Family Home"

You will learn through my blogs how this works, and hopefully I can help to make the process a bit easier, giving you some tools that might assist you. I also have grouped with other people who know how the law works, what your rights are and how to use them.

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children I love. I love and care for each child, being a parent, just as all parents have. Still teaching my children the love, manners, care, I learnt from my parents as a child. Children and parents form a social group, to care and protect the home and family from exploitation, I was raised in a family group with parents rights to love and protect, children help their parents in the home.

I protect and love my children with a parents love for their child, and protect them from exploitation, false people, but false government exploitation a parent does not expect in the family home, or in a parents social group, false allegations for government exploitation of parents, children, families, the family home, when these false allegations against parents, children and family are made by a government group, say goodbye.

Goodbye to your child or children people, children say goodbye to your parents, to the other children, to love, the family home, your social group.

DCFS exploitation and false allegations introduces children and the family to false governement help, this group performs no action showing love, care, no respect for children, people, parents, parents rights, DCFS false government allegations cause exploitation of the family home, DCFS services are false government care.

I have learned many people are pushed into humiliation through false allegations and even arrested upon false reports from the government group DCFS services.

I have dedicated my life now, educating myself as well as others on Child Protective Services and how false government allegations in court are written falsely to justify the wrongful and traumatic taking of children.

My dedication to help protect parents and children, and inform them that they are not immune and are in fact in jeopardy, as well as their precious, very well loved children who come from a family home filled with love, help, parents who care, family who care, people who care, for each child, for all the children.

It is time to take action for each child, parent and family. Action against the government, and the false people at DCFS who make false allegations against children, parnets, it is the exploitation of a parents rights to love, help, protect the family home, family rights, and the rights of children.