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Danger of psychopathy and low empathy in our establishments and States personalities

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on Thu, 08/09/2012 - 21:25
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 

Kevin Bull

  • Hi Michael, i've been rather ill for a year so I have been out of protecting families for the year. I am back now and this TV interview which is a gentle start in explaining the psychology of how our families are harmed and abused psychologically and worse still, is the begging of allot more to come on state and establishment dangerous behaviour.

    Would you circulate this complete post which carry's further explanation and links to other TV documentaries on psychology and neuropsychology from to professors to further back the explanations i give in easy to understand form. This includes blood lines and family linkages of low empathy psychopathy and how this is growing in society reducing caring in the process.

    Important stuff Michael that will as we go forward explain the behaviours of people like those who harmed your lovely Luke. It is understanding their MO, behaviour characteristics that will help us reveal them and eventually stop their bad behaviour. I have posted it on your page as well. I'm back! Very kind regards Kevin.

    Hi, you might find this content interesting and informative for parents, if you do would you please circulate the complete post. Kind regards Kevin.

    Hi, I am limbering up and out of my wheelchair for most of the time now. My energy levels are starting to improve now my heart is more stable. So I am back to the fight to protect children and families after a year off.

    Sorry not to have been available for the past year. But here is the opener for where I am going next:-


    A quote from Dr Paul Rabiak (see below, bottom of the page)

    “Paul then constructs his own study to see how many psychopaths had infiltrated big business.”

    “The answer; Almost 4 times as many as in the general population.”

    Some of you may realise how for several years now, I have presented a picture of the danger of psychopathy and low empathy in our establishments and States personalities through my website and Facebook. Now it is time to move forward further as there are others also doing this important work to build up a picture of where and how threats to our families and lives amass from.

    To launch an awareness campaign in further expanding the understanding of why our families are being so badly affected by the establishment/State decisions, I did a live TV interview on psychology, psychopathy and low empathy disorders in society in general at Brian Gerrish’s invitation on UK Column Television.

    This will be expanded on further with others inputting on Psychopathy and low empathy in the establishment/States and how this is affecting our lives.

    So stay tuned into Brian and Lou at UK Column TV for more in the coming weeks.

    You might find it interesting hearing in this light introduction to the psychology and neuropsychology of where the threats to our family life emanate from, a scientific explanation of how the blue bloods and high ranking families perpetuate their low empathy for society through their generational low empathy, psychopathy and family links across the globe.

    Leading to how we are all affected negatively, by their control of our systems, work place and to some degree our families and lives.

    This leads into why we are seeing increasing failings in large State organisations like the NHS, due to the low empathy and logical decisions made ignoring patients real needs and worse still appeals for help near the time of their predictable deaths. This being current news in UK newspapers.

    More to follow.

    Controversial but interesting.

    I think this was received well even by NHS staff, as you will see, based on the communications coming in both during the show and after, from NHS professionals including psychiatric nurses in agreement from their professional experience.

    One psychiatric nurse goes as far as quantifying the decrease in empathy in society against the low empathy disorder increase she is observing in her professional role.

    Listen to Louise read this comment out at the end of my interview.

    I refer to a number of easy to follow Television information programs that if watched will give you a real feel for where I am coming from as to establishment, state and high ranking business psychopathy being 4 times the level of general population psychopathy.

    Here is a link to BBC Horizon - What makes us good or evil? (1 to 4 Video’s, they play automatically)

    A high quality BBC program presentation of Psychopathy.

    Here are some important points to pick up on to understand that 4 times the level of psychopathy exists within the establishment state and high ranking business sector.

    Dr Paul Rabiak states:-

    At the end of video 3 & the beginning of 4

    “The very image we are looking for in our leaders the psychopath can easily mimic. Their natural tendency is to be charming.”

    “Take that charm and couch it in the right business language, it sounds like charismatic leadership.”

    Tony Blair, fooled everyone???

    Now we are at war!

    Video 4/4

    “Paul then constructs his own study to see how many psychopaths had infiltrated big business.”

    “The answer; Almost 4 times as many as in the general population.”

    Professor Robert D Hare states:-

    “The higher their psychopathy the better they looked.”

    “Look good, perform badly”

    Well worth watching as this helps us detect these charismatic psychopaths amongst us! They are everywhere!

    More information & links to programming forming on Free Thinking Voice

    My fighting gloves are back on.

    I must admit though that I have lost touch a little over the last year with being so ill, so I am catching up.

    I hope you are doing well.

    Very kind regards Kevin Bull

    Free Thinking Voice & International Rescue for Families


    For more TV shows and the TV show archive go to the UK Column website.

    Brian Gerrish, UK Column and UK Column TV can be found at the following web address:-

    Be prepared to become informed!