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Corruption in Health System Canada

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on Wed, 12/25/2013 - 03:36

Our child is 16

He wanted to be at the court and wanted to be the witness

But the Drs and nurses at the Alberta Children's Hospital are scared of the truth he will reveal

So they attested that: he can not think for himself or

His mental ability is like 5 years old

The teacher said: he is doing his schooling like a high school kid and is doign well 

But physicians at the Alberta Children's Hospital does not want the truth to be revealed so they work together as team with Psycologists and assessed our son as developmental delay and takes away his rights


Their comment: the child is protected and loved so much by the family that he just does not want to grow up and wants to stay baby and that is why he lost so much weight

The Drs assume something and Child and Family Services support them

Drs can say whatever they want and their comments are never questioned

But parents ... well parents ... who cares about parents... they re all liars and know nothing about their children( that is how Canada Child and Family Services and Medical Professions treat parents )


And why should Drs be afraid not to do such mistakes!?

College of Surgeons and Physicians support them

Same with Defence Ministry and Cadet programs

There were many rapings in summer camp

But why should these officers afraid of the punishment

Child and Family Services protect all officials always and ever

Amensty International says its not their job....

Well it sounds like Dr Mengele Days.. no one dares to do anything to help our children.....